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By Pete Moore On March 19th, 2019 at 7:21 pm

“My only weapon as a single mother, to protect my young children is the police.”

A Glock 9mm would be better. Failing that, pepper spray would do.

Those are the words of Si Piticii, a single Romanian mother of two (bend over further, tax-victims), who was nastily assaulted by a gang of ten teenagers in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. I’m not surprised it happened. The radicals’ war against marriage, Christianity, morality, discipline, self-respect and personal responsibility has been a resounding and overwhelming success. So this kind of casual violence is rampant across the country. I can tell you now that most of this gang will have grown up in homes without fathers but plenty of welfare and and gone to horrible state schools without discipline, where they’d have learned literally nothing. This is the rotten state of much of the country, thanks to radical-left social policies stretching back 70 years now.

I’m not at all surprised either that the police failed to attend or take a statement for days. For the umpteenth time, the police are not on our side. They are not on the side of the decent, the weak and the innocent. They are nothing more than the armed wing of the politically correct state, always ready to persecute the owner of an unapproved tweet but never with the resources to help those who need it.

I believe that women ought to have the means of adequate personal protection.


By Pete Moore On March 19th, 2019 at 2:08 pm

Unroll please –

Interviewed under caution, mandatory under the threat of arrest, for the thoughtcrime of “misgendering” a woman’s son in 6-month old tweets which she doesn’t even remember sending.

Don’t tell me that this isn’t a 1984 authoritarian hellhole for people who transgress the latest thoughtcrimes. And please don’t tell me that the police are underfunded or undermanned. Not while they do this. The government can cut and cut and cut until the last twitter commissar is gone. Then funding can stay at that level.

Tyrant Commands GM to Reopen Lordstown Plant

By Phantom On March 18th, 2019 at 12:15 pm

President Tweeety recently commanded that GM CEO Mary Barra
reopen the recently closed GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio

Previous presidents ( the real ones ) weren’t much into the habit of giving auto execs such specific orders on how to run their business.

Trump has done some good things for multinational companies. He has given them a huge tax break on international profits, which I think is an incentive to continue to manufacture outside the USA.

He’s also kicked GM and Harley etc in the teeth with his steel tariffs. Don’t believe me, read their financial statements.

USA auto production by units produced is way down from 2012-2016, but you’d never know it if you get your news from Hannity.

The US and world auto industry is in a time of great change. In a short few years, we’ll see electric and self driving cars on our own streets. GM wants to be one of the winners in that shift.

But the micro-managing dictator knows best. He knows more about the auto industry than GM and Ford does.

He also knows that Ohio is a swing state. If the plant was located in California, he’d tweet that the plant should have been closed sooner.


By Pete Moore On March 17th, 2019 at 4:54 pm

Normal service shall soon be resumed

Anything happen last week? Can’t say I noticed. I’m gifted with the ability to forget about work as soon as I’m not there, and the world also when I go away. So have yourselves an Open Thread then, one decorated with Tignes in the French Alps, where I’ve been. It’s typical of the French to plonk a modernist monstrosity in that glorious landscape. Just look at it! It’s well above the treeline, so it’s like living on a Moon colony.

Happy St Patrick’s Day

By Patrick Van Roy On March 17th, 2019 at 3:28 pm

New Zealand Terrorism

By Mahons On March 15th, 2019 at 11:31 am

A developing story out of New Zealand indicates up to 49 people gunned down at two mosques in a coordinated attack by several extremists, one of whom live streamed the attack. Welcome to the modern eorld. The warped politics and beliefs of the killers is something I am sure we will hear more about, extremists come in many types. The victims of these shootings however tend to be of one type: innocent and dead.

Caught in the churn

By Patrick Van Roy On March 14th, 2019 at 10:54 pm

As the Mueller Report wraps up 2 things are taking place the first was inevitable the Democrats have gone with the full press. The first volley was 81 Subpoenas they must find a crime if they have to go back to his nursery school. It’s all they have.

The second part is the important piece. It is still not 100% certain that the government will follow through with integrity. We had an entire upper floor of the Justice department and the FBI that actively broke the Law first to cover Hillary Clinton’s espionage crimes while at the same time framing the opposition party in Federal Court with falsified evidence and perjury.

In his April 10 comments, Obama made the obvious explicit: He did not want the certain Democratic nominee, the candidate he was backing to succeed him, to be indicted. Conveniently, his remarks (inevitably echoed by Comey) did not mention that an intent to endanger national security was not an element of the criminal offenses Clinton was suspected of committing – in classic Obama fashion, he was urging her innocence of a strawman crime while dodging any discussion of the crimes she had actually committed.


Ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page admitted under oath Obama’s DOJ ordered no charges against Hillary

The pieces of the coup to undermine the Constitution of the United States of America are coming undone. Evidence from various sources now confirms that Obama’s CIA, DOJ and FBI illegally spied on the Trump team starting in 2015 and then built a coup to prevent him from winning the election and later remove him from office!

BREAKING… CONFIRMED: Obama’s CIA, DOJ and FBI Started Targeting the Trump Campaign in 2015 – Long Before What Comey Claimed (July 2016)!

The Obama Administration used the intelligence and justice apparatus of the United States in a manner no different than a former soviet leader would have used the KGB against a political opponent without of course the killing.

Obama and Clinton will never serve a day in jail, but the FBI/DOJ/NSA/CIA/IRS officials need to be prosecuted. At the very least the FBI/DOJ officials must go to jail or our system has no integrity.


Horse Feathers

By Mahons On March 14th, 2019 at 4:00 pm

We Yanks have been graciously distracted from the President’s ongoing scandals, tweets and setbacks by a still developing story involving College Admissions, Cheating and bribery.

College admissions have long involved illegal and distasteful if legal shenanigans. It has only gotten worse and more costly after time. Money has almost always been a factor.

Now we have a bunch of rich folks (CEO’s, Actresses and celebrities) who have apparently paid lots of money to cheat on tests, bribe college coaches and officials, and conspire to get undeserving offspring into elite schools. They are facing a variety of criminal felonies, ruined careers and national ridicule. The acts are so egregious that the doing what everyone else is doing defense is unavailable.

It is a sad and unnecessay scandal. Not happy with riches and privilege these folks apparently sought to cheat to get even more. Poor man wanna be rich, rich man wanna be King and a King isnt satisfied until he owns everything. Now their lives and their children’s lives are tainted. The damned spot will not out out.
And it could be the tip of an iceberg.

FAA Regulatory Failure on Boeing 737 MAX

By Phantom On March 14th, 2019 at 11:57 am

This past October, a new Lion Air ( Indonesia ) Boeing 737 MAX crashed under mysterious circumstances shortly after takeoff.

On March 10, an Ethiopian Airlines plane of the same type also crashed, six minutes after takeoff.

Both airlines are from ” third world ” nations. Lion Air doesn’t have the best record, Ethiopian is highly regarded.

There is a lot of speculation that the two crashes are the result of problems in the 737 MAX’s new, autopilot flight control system. And there’s comment from US pilots that the pilot ( re ) training recommended by Boeing was inadequate, that the pilot manual was very inadequate.

After two such similar incidents, so soon apart, you’d think that all parties would agree to ground the planes until they figured out what the exact problem was.

I think that it was China that led the way in grounding this plane, followed quickly by most other countries and the EU, followed by Canada, followed, only agonizing days later, by the American FAA.

The Ethiopian authorities sent their plane’s black box to Europe for analysis. That’s unusual when you’re speaking of an American made plane. The thought is that the slow to react FAA might be a little too buddy buddy with Boeing.

Boeing makes the most wonderful planes. This problem will be fixed, with updated flight control software, etc. Flying is safe. I’d board a Boeing today if you asked me.

But-the US should have grounded these craft before China and the others had any chance to.

Bad show, Boeing, bad show FAA, bad show US government.

Bible Blasphemy

By Phantom On March 11th, 2019 at 4:43 pm

Every so often you see something that you would have never thought possible the day before.

This is one of those things.

The other day, in Alabama, Donald Trump was seen autographing bibles for star-struck followers.

Who is more guilty of blasphemy, Mr. Trump or the person who sought the autograph?

“I’d never sign someone else’s Bible,” said Southern historian Wayne Flynt, a Baptist deacon and professor emeritus at Auburn University. “That’s right next to sacrilege. That’s a holy book.”

But Flynt wasn’t surprised Trump was signing Bibles. “There is nothing that shames the president,” Flynt said.

He’s also not surprised Alabamians, who voted overwhelmingly for Trump, applauded the gesture. “He is for many a messianic figure, which is unbelievable – ‘No need for Jesus, we have Donald,’” Flynt said.

Trump Signs Bibles in Alabama