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Friday Night is Music Night!

By Mike Cunningham On December 15th, 2017 at 4:59 pm

I know of, and remember, very few ‘pop’ music records; as opposed to my normal fare.

But remembering this small gem brought back memories of schooldays in Newcastle, Byker, Jarrow. 

The artist remembered in the music needs no uptick from me, but the record was true to the scenes he lived in, and the lyrics came over so memorably.

It Was Christmas Eve Babe

By Mahons On December 14th, 2017 at 10:03 pm

The odds that the Pogues would create one of the greatest Christmas songs ever were much greater than the Eighteen to One odds on the horse mentioned in Fairytale of New York. I need not belabor how great the song is as someone has previously written eloquently about the song on ATW (I was that someone).

Shane McGowan reaching his 60th birthday this coming Christmas Day is even more improbable. The genuis-imbecile own drinking life gives the song its reality vibe, which is an accomplishment for a fairytale. Shane’s few teeth may look like they were tossed one by one into his mouth by a blind man from across the street. His weezing laugh might scare a coal miner with end stage black lung disease. But no one can touch him on this song, or the haunting voice of the departed Kristy MacColl who was perfectly matched with him for this duet of faded dreams.

The song itself turns 30 this year. Perhaps to climb again into the UK charts while heroically never reaching the top. Some songs and artists seem more personal to the listener for NOT winning it all.

Hope those of you celebrating the Christmas Season take the time to enjoy it fully. We are here for a while, not forever. As the old man says of himself about Christmas in the song, some folks won’t see another one. My humble advice – take those people’s dreams that you put with your own and keep living a life worth living.


By Pete Moore On December 14th, 2017 at 6:52 pm

This’ll put the EU-extremists in a quandary, given their sudden new love of parliamentary sovereignty.

95 per cent of Hungarian Parliament votes against more migrants and “Soros plan”

Hungary’s Parliament adopted on Tuesday a resolution proposed by ruling Fidesz rejecting the European Parliament’s November 16 decision on mandatory quotas on the relocation of asylum seekers.

The resolution was adopted with 142 votes in favour and 3 against. The Socialists, the leftist Democratic Coalition and green LMP did not vote. Jobbik voted yes, three independents voted no.

Such beautiful news. We note in passing that the commies sat it out, the pitiful creatures. But that’s that. Given this overwhelming vote in parliament, we can expect EU fans to demand that Brussels leaves Hungary alone, yes?


By Pete Moore On December 14th, 2017 at 6:44 pm

By some staggering coincidence, it emerges that the valiant heroes who mounted their spirited crusade to save Parliamentary sovereignty last night were the same people who have repeatedly rebelled or threatened to do so on more or less every major Parliamentary vote on Brexit and generally attempted to slow down and delay Brexit at every opportunity available to them […]

Their claims to be fighting for Parliamentary sovereignty while attempting to throw every possible hurdle in the way of the UK leaving the European Union – the origin of 60% of the UK’s laws, the overwhelming majority of which have been written onto the statute book without even a nanosecond of debate in Parliament – are simultaneously arrogant, patronising and disingenuous, but are ultimately fooling no one.

The BBC has led the charge today in pushing the line that (treacherous) Tory MPs were “standing up for parliamentary sovereignty” last night. Oh please. This is a flat out lie in the service of the purest hypocrisy.

These stalwarts defenders of Parliament were nowhere to be found as more and more of its sovereignty was shipped abroad for four decades. Their sole contribution now is to do everything they can to prevent Brexit – and the resurrection of a meaningful parliament – from ever happening.

Nationally, only some 15 per cent of people want to reverse Brexit. It’s now a small, fringe opinion. But that opinion is disproportionately concentrated in Parliament and the media. There’s a real rift in British politics, and its between the people and parliament.

Je ne suis pas ‘Charlie’!

By Mike Cunningham On December 14th, 2017 at 12:59 pm

It is an accepted fact of Western Life that we all exist under a definite level of Censorship. No Western publication, in fact no world-wide Publication, will print or publish anything which is contrary or condemnatory to Islamic thought, Teaching or Beliefs. Why? Because the truth, which we all accept that if a Muslim tenet, or belief, or one of their prophets is ridiculed, even if true; will turn the killers loose upon the Publishers, the Printers or those allied to the first two groups. Charlie Hebdo printed a lampoon of Mohammed and his twisted theories, and, as a direct result of that publication; twelve died and eleven injured, by machine gun and automatic pistol fire. The world united, and all the usual bullshit erupted of ‘Solidarity’ and ‘We shall not be divided’; along with all the other liberal crap spouted by virtue-signalling idiots. They marched arm-in-arm down the Champs Elysee, and everyone felt really good about the response: and the Censorship grew ever tighter!

But we now see the first co-ordinated Censorship of an American professor with Right-Wing views, who had the extreme audacity to publish an essay entitled The Case for Colonialism, published in academic journal Third World Quarterly. Immediately, the battalions of the Left rose up and demanded that not only should the article be withdrawn, the professor should be summarily fired from his University post, and eviscerated publicly for the terrible crime of offending decent people who suffered for decades under Colonial Rule. The avalanche of criticism succeeded, the article can no longer be seen online, the professor has been muted, and all can now relax: or can we?

The publisher writes:-

This Viewpoint essay has been withdrawn at the request of the academic journal editor, and in agreement with the author of the essay. Following a number of complaints, Taylor & Francis conducted a thorough investigation into the peer review process on this article. Whilst this clearly demonstrated the essay had undergone double-blind peer review, in line with the journal’s editorial policy, the journal editor has subsequently received serious and credible threats of personal violence. These threats are linked to the publication of this essay. As the publisher, we must take this seriously. Taylor & Francis has a strong and supportive duty of care to all our academic editorial teams, and this is why we are withdrawing this essay.

The essay has been deleted. I cannot locate it at all: it seems to have also been obliterated from web-cache streams, which is most instructive, as it is usually extremely difficult to scrub everything from Web-based memory, but, there again, if the Publisher has received real threats, one can but understand that the ‘Charlie’ scenario could be easily played out again, only in America, where semi-automatics are easily available to all who qualify


Muslim ferocity: or Left-wing fury; they are both the same, and we give in, because we as a Society, will not stand up for what is right, under the Law!



By Pete Moore On December 13th, 2017 at 9:11 pm

I said that the Tories will screw it up.

Parliament voted to give the people a referendum on whether to remain in the EU or to leave.

Parliament voted to accept our decision to leave the EU.

Tonight, 309 MPs voted to renege on that deal, defeating the government by four votes. They created for themselves the power to cancel Brexit and cancel any meaningful democracy.

These political prostitutes can have no complaints if civil unrest is the response to their mendacity.


By Pete Moore On December 13th, 2017 at 6:20 pm

We know the score: Britons were going to vote to remain in the EU. Then Putin and his henchmen fiendishly concocted an online campaign to brainwash us into voting to leave. That’s what we’ve been told happened. Even MPs are saying so in the Commons. So what happened? How widespread was it? How many millions were duped by those Russian bots?

Facebook: Russians spent just 73p on adverts during Brexit campaign

“Responding to the Electoral Commission and to Mr Collins’ separate inquiry, Facebook said that during the official referendum campaign, between April 15 and June 23, just three adverts were seen a total of 200 times.”

Wow! The Russians poured 73 pence into three ads, seen a whopping 200 times on Facebook? Stop Brexit! We’ve been had!

Far indeed from the madding crowd.

By Mike Cunningham On December 13th, 2017 at 4:05 pm

I have written before of remembrance, and of cemeteries; I have been involved in my fair share of burials and cremations; and, fairly obviously, have noticed how cemeteries, both public and in church grounds, tackle the tricky subject of grieving relatives who cannot say goodbye, as the soil rattles down onto the coffin in finality. I have written of the salute we three brothers made to our dear sister, as we decided that the best obelisk, the best vase, the best angelic statue would simply not do for the memory of one so alive in our minds, so the memory of our sister is the simple green sward which covers her final resting place.

But our choice is but one of a thousand, and perhaps that is the best example: for we are all different, and we react to great loss in a thousand times a thousand differing ways. So it was for Stephanie Brown, whose son Oskar was stillborn in 2010. She has made a feature of her son’s gravesite, and every year on his birthday, she ‘goes a little mad’ (in her own words). But this Christmas holiday’s efforts went a touch too far for the Council; who gave her ten days to remove the six-foot tall white-needle decorated tree as shown in the photo, as it was ‘inappropriate’.

But take a look beyond the ‘inappropriate tree’ at the other gravesites in the photo: and then ask yourself; ‘What is inappropriate about a six-foot white-branched tree in the memory of a beloved son, set for the Christmas period only; when the rest of the graves in the immediate vicinity make the tree look reserved and almost genteel’?


By Pete Moore On December 12th, 2017 at 6:54 pm

Q: Did the Bangla-jihadi (“pious muslim”) who attempted mass murder in New York enter the US, when Obama was president, because of chain migration?

A: The attempted suicide bombing in New York early Monday would never have happened if President Trump’s immigration policies had been in place, the White House said after it was revealed that the terror suspect had entered the country via chain migration.

Hours later, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed to Fox News that Ullah was admitted to the U.S. after presenting a passport displaying an F43 family immigrant visa in 2011.

What a great piece of radical Left policy-making this is.

And where Bermuda leads: hopefully others may follow.

By Mike Cunningham On December 12th, 2017 at 5:21 pm

We are informed in the Catholic Herald that the first chink in the ‘Homosexual Marriage’ farrago has occurred in Bermuda. Seems as if the People, when asked, definitely said ‘Thus far; and no Further’ to the ‘same-sex’ battalions in that definitely-conservative (in the truest possible sense of the term) British Overseas Territory.

They had a Referendum, asking the question if the Islanders wanted to legalise Homosexual Marriage, and the Island stated “No”; but the vote was queried because only 47% of voters went to the polls.

A homosexual Bermudian and his Canadian “partner” went to the High Court, and a single judge overruled the Parliament, and stated that the pair could ‘marry’. Loud scenes of jubilation’ no doubt.

A subsequent election led to a change of government, and last week the House of Assembly passed a measure restoring the traditional definition of marriage. Domestic partnerships, a form of civil partnership, will now be available to same-sex couples instead of marriage. This is significant and encouraging news. Same-sex marriage is not irreversible. Determined public pressure can influence politicians to restore the traditional definition of marriage.

Unfortunately for we Brits, we have a Education Secretary with her own homosexual agenda, a weak Prime Minister who couldn’t stand against a 2 m.p.h. Breeze; a polyglot mob of homosexual clowns in Westminster; and a dearth of politicians who would act in concert against the ‘PinkMob’. So, in the meantime, congratulate Bermuda for seeing a return to traditional values, where Marriage has regained the lustre shed with the judgement of one man!

And the best bit? The first ‘Homosexual Marriage’ cruises were scheduled for January. A change to the law in Bermuda could be a major spanner in the works for cruise liners based in Bermuda. Bermuda-based cruise line P&O Cruises has already begun taking bookings for same-sex weddings at sea, with ceremonies beginning in January 2018.

As the company’s fleet is primarily registered in Bermuda, it was able to offer legally-recognised homosexual unions at sea under Bermudan law. No longer. Good news!