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sign here: and die there!

By Mike Cunningham On December 19th, 2014 at 12:51 pm

Several newspapers carry the news about the help given teenaged muslim girls by the terror group Islamic State to travel to the newly-established ‘Caliphate’, and there to breed, as usual, like rabbits whilst ‘marrying’ their ‘jihadi’ heroes. The Times (paywalled) splashes it Front Page, on top of the fold, as it tells of the ease with which they were to ‘infiltrate’ the jihad’ network, and how gullible young muslims are attracted to the messages of hate spewed by these murderous clowns. The newspapers all demand that ‘something should be done’ to stop the exodus of suicidally-inclined muslim girls and women; supposedly dazzled by the glamour of blowing either themselves, or someone else, into myriad pieces of bloody flesh and mangled bone.

Well, surprisingly enough, I do not agree with this policy of obstruction. After all, they haven’t committed any crime within this Kingdom? So what I would propose is, if these stupid brainwashed clones all want to travel to meet with their heroes, we should expedite their travel, give them a speedy run to Luton, and organise a big band send-off to their sandy cemetery.

We should also commence an advertising campaign telling these truly silly people that they WILL be joining the seventy-one, and as soon as they sign on the dotted line stating that under no circumstance would they be returning, and paying over the cost of the plane fare, we could get many more rag-heads to join the circus, and in a very short space of time, our own terrorist problem would have been significantly decreased.


The wrong trousers?

By Mike Cunningham On December 19th, 2014 at 10:02 am

Apart from the fact that the wrong man died, what does this small, dreary tragedy say about the state of mind of the grinning perpetrator, apart from the obvious truth that he will probably spend only two years in jail over the death of a dupe?

But we can all at least comfort ourselves with the truth that his grin will not be present when his fellow cons. realise who and what he is, and what he has done.



By The Troll On December 19th, 2014 at 9:41 am

I didn’t do a Christmas Song last week due to family matters, so this week you get two. I hope you enjoy them. The first one is a new group I just heard.

YouTube Preview Image

this one has some great pix in it

YouTube Preview Image


By Pete Moore On December 18th, 2014 at 7:49 pm

Talking of fat dollops; yeah, because government is so well qualified to nag everyone thin. So who’s the fattest in the United States of Awesome? Step (or waddle) forward the heroic doughnut-munchers:


(h/t zerohedge)

The thought has just struck me. No wonder the doughnut-munchers keep shooting everyone over there. They must be too fat to run after criminals.


By David Vance On December 18th, 2014 at 3:55 pm


You couldn’t make it up.


By David Vance On December 18th, 2014 at 2:51 pm

It must be tough working in the public sector given the savage cuts that so distinguish the heartless Conservatives. Right?

Virtually all staff in the Northern Ireland Civil Service received pay rises in 2013/2014. The average full-time salary increased by 3% to almost £24,728. The details are contained in a report from the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency. It said 97% of staff benefited from a raise “attributable to new pay scales” that followed a review in 2011-12. The average salary compares to an average £21,345 in the private sector, according to the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment.

That means that at this time of alleged austerity, the AVERAGE civil servant here has managed to get an inflation busting wage increase AND ensure that he/she is paid 16% more than the wealth creating sector. This is deemed austerity and an outrage – hence their need to strike.


By David Vance On December 18th, 2014 at 2:38 pm


Cosmically stupid, of course, but not surprising when one considers the EU.

Obesity can constitute a disability in certain circumstances, the EU’s highest court has ruled.

The European Court of Justice was asked to consider the case of a male childminder in Denmark who says he was sacked for being too fat. The court said that if obesity could hinder “full and effective participation” at work then it could count as a disability. The ruling is binding across the EU.

I am hoping that retail stores take note of this important decree and create parking bays for the obese. As far away from the stores as possible – let’s face it, the fatties need the exercise :-)  Of COURSE being morbidly obese COULD hinder “full and effective participation” in the workplace but only the EU would then see this as a ‘disability” thus conferring extra rights and privileges upon the FAT!

Lights, Camera….No Action

By Mahons On December 18th, 2014 at 1:43 pm

SONY has pulled the distribution of a low brow comedy that mocked the North Korean leader.  Not for good taste or lack of laughs, but because of ha ker threats.  I recall Christopher Hitchens excellent essay on North Korea – A Nation of Racist Dwarves.  I wish he was around to write his reaction.  However moronic the movie may be it is terrible precedent to shelve it because it upsets that foul regime.

I suppose we can now get their cigars

By Mahons On December 17th, 2014 at 5:29 pm

I welcome the reduced tensions between Cuba and the US and the news that real progress has been made in the diplomatic relations between the two nations.  An embassy could open shortly which is good for Cuba and good for the US.  Castro (the elder and the younger) are still not any sane person’s choice for a statesman, but I think at this point in our history more freedom in Cuba will be accomplished by trade and interaction than by embargo.

Swing low, sweet chariot….

By Mike Cunningham On December 17th, 2014 at 5:01 pm

Human Rights Watch, Reprieve, Iran Human Rights, the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty, Harm Reduction International and the Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation, all noisy do-gooders together; all chant in unison about the dreadful Regime in Iran, and their habit of executing drug smugglers.

Now I haven’t got a great deal of affection for the mullahs who lead Iran, and I definitely dislike their way of executing homosexuals for being homosexuals. I am no great fan of shirt-lifters-anonymous, nor of the female equivalent; but I would maybe ban them from all public places, and if they wish to parade their ‘lifestyles’, or experiment with whatever it is they actually do, they should be allowed to do this only on, say, Gruinard Island; or else somewhere equally remote and unfriendly.

But when it comes to the treatment of drug smugglers, I am all with the Iranian Regime, for I am firmly of the belief that a drug trafficker is no better than a murderer, because the slow death caused by their product is just as certain as a bullet, or a knife. Hanging is really too good for these murderous clowns, but the problem is that their employers, the money men, keep well off the trafficking routes, so they will hardly ever be trapped.