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Its a Dog’s life!

By Mike Cunningham On July 28th, 2014 at 5:24 pm

As many ATW readers know, my knowledge of, and interest in, all sporting endeavours is close to absolute zero; so you can possibly guess my joy at unearthing this evidence of the f***king Muslim attitude towards the organisers of the Commonwealth Games, and especially the Scottish symbols therein!


Many Muslims refuse to have direct contact with dogs, which are considered by some to be “unclean” in Islamic culture. Some overseas Muslim groups have reportedly previously called for a jihad on dogs.

Possibly making matters worse was the fact that Jock, who was supposed to lead out the Malaysian team, sat down and refused to move as soon as his coat was put on, meaning he had to be carried by the team representative.

Mohamad Sabu, the deputy president of the opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party said: “Malaysia and all Islamic countries deserve and apology from the organiser.

“This is just so disrespectful to Malaysia and Muslims – especially as it happened during Ramadan. Muslims are not allowed to touch dogs, so the organiser should have been more aware and sensitive on this issue



By David Vance On July 28th, 2014 at 10:31 am

The question is  this:- Does a mother have the RIGHT to take illegal drugs that will harm her baby whilst it is still in the womb? The ACLU say yes, I say no. First the background…

Mallory Loyola of Madisonville, Tennessee, arrested and charged with simple assault Tuesday, is the first woman to face prosecution under a new state law criminalizing drug use while pregnant. Loyola and the daughter she gave birth to on Sunday at the University of Tennessee Medical Center both tested positive for amphetamines, according to officials with the Monroe Country Sheriff’s Office, who say Loyola admitted to smoking meth just a few days before her daughter was delivered.

The chemical cosh that Loyola she has given her unborn baby is indeed assault on a defenceless baby and she SHOULD of course be charged. Possession of crystal meths IS  crime and she must be charged. Further, given this egregious child abuse, the greater question is she should be sterilised… but read on…

The ACLU along with NAPW, a host of other healthcare and women’s organizations have come out against the legislation, noting the law discourages addicted mothers from seeking medical care and possibly encourages some to seek care from unlicensed providers. In addition to viewing punitive measures against addicted mothers as draconian, a waste of tax revenue, and ineffective at addressing the underlying addiction, critics also point out the legislation unfairly targets minorities and lower socio-economic groups which have statistically higher rates of addiction.

Sorry, this is nonsense. In the first instance, the mother is criminalising herself by choosing to take an illegal and highly dangerous drug. In the second instance, the baby has rights too – and not having crystal meths in its little body is a primary one. in the third place, a mother who shows such blatant disregard for her child is unworthy to be a mother.


By David Vance On July 28th, 2014 at 10:22 am

Given what happens to Christians in Iraq under the CalipHATE..


…one wonders why the POPE has been so subdued in his response?


By David Vance On July 28th, 2014 at 10:17 am

Ever since Israel has started defending itself, we seem to be witnessing a proliferation of these..this time on walls in London. Always good to understand the mindset of your enemy…



By David Vance On July 28th, 2014 at 10:15 am

Please please. Take a moment and share the pain of these poor oppressed people living in horrendous overcrowded conditions that reduce them to little more than cattle. Have mercy on the people of….Paris.


It’s just them evil Jews

By The Troll On July 28th, 2014 at 12:13 am

None of the Anti-Israel crowd mentions the Other Front in the Gaza War…. so I will.

Here is an article about what has been occurring on the other side of the Gaza Strip.  The Egyptians are Jews also aren’t they?  They must be since they feel the need to do the same thing the Israeli’s are doing.

Egypt army destroys 13 more Gaza tunnels

Cairo (AFP) – Egypt’s army said Sunday it has destroyed 13 more tunnels connecting the Sinai Peninsula to the Gaza Strip, taking to 1,639 the overall number it has laid waste to.

Cairo has poured troops into the peninsula to counter a rising insurgency since the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi last year, and its security operation involves the destruction of these tunnels.

The Palestinian militant group Hamas, which is the main power in Gaza, reportedly uses the tunnels to smuggle arms, food and money into the blockaded coastal enclave.

Israel has been waging a military offensive on Gaza since July 8 to halt rocket fire, and it launched a ground assault on July 17 aimed at destroying the network of tunnels.

It accuses Hamas of using the tunnels to attacks on Israel.

Ties between Hamas and Cairo have deteriorated since the Egyptian army deposed Morsi on July 3, 2013. Hamas is an affiliate of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood.

Cairo also accuses of Hamas of being involved in militant attacks inside Egypt, which have multiplied since Morsi was toppled.

Militant groups say their attacks are in retaliation for a police crackdown on Morsi’s supporters. The crackdown has seen more than 1,400 people killed in street clashes.

A Palestinian man is lowered into a smuggling tunnel beneath the Gaza-Egypt border, in the southern Gaza Strip, on September 11, 2013

Maybe all those around the Palestinians know they’re a threat that must be destroyed….

100 days to go

By The Troll On July 27th, 2014 at 1:42 pm

I saw this announcement this morning. It’s 100 days till the U.S. Midterm Elections.  The big chat is whether or not the Republicans will gain control of the Senate. There is no doubt they keep the house.  They need 6 seats to take the Senate.

It is going to be close, 3 should be shoe ins and 3 are a flip of the coin.  Personally I hope they don’t get control.  The best thing for the longterm outcome for Conservatives is 2 more years of the same.  If the Republicans gain control nothing will be able to be passed that will change a single Obama or Democrat Policy.

They will lack a veto proof majority, and Obama will veto everything that is passed.  No matter who controls the Senate nothing will change except that the Press will blame every problem the Nation is going through on the Republicans.

So here is to the Democrats, May you succeed in keeping your majority.  God bless Gridlock.

Do not stand on both sides simultaneously!

By Mike Cunningham On July 27th, 2014 at 11:29 am

I was listening this morning to the various themes on the BBC Sunday religion programme, and suddenly I realised that I was truly in the strange world of BBC-biased-righteousness.

The bloke being interviewed, if you can call a one-sided diatribe an interview, was a member of the rapidly-decreasing Christian population of Iraq, and of Mosul, now of course ruled by the thugs of the Islamic State. He was complaining that he and his fellow Christians were forced out from their homes and jobs because they were Christians, and because they would not accept f***king Mohammed and become Muslim. Fair enough, he may have had a point, but only maybe; after all, what business is it of mine what God you pray to?

But then he whined off on a three minute diatribe about how WESTERN governments should allow them into their borders, and give them cash, and food and everything else, because it was the fault of the WEST that the Islamic State cowboys had come so far and so fast, and how unfair it all was.

Sorry, mate, but you are first and foremost Arabs as well as being Christian, and ISIS is surrounded by extremely large tracts of space which are ARABIC, and surely it is your own brothers who should welcome you into their homes, and give you lots of cash, and food, because the last three times the WEST has tried to alter things in Muslim Arabic countries, namely Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, it didn’t turn out so well, so why should the West give you, Christian Arabs; sanctuary from Muslim Arabs?

Revisionist Tripe!

By Mike Cunningham On July 27th, 2014 at 9:38 am

Imagine you are a very successful  ‘Pop Singer’ and you have sourced your songs, your material from not only your own mind, but from friends and from other writers and singers.

You are content that you have done everything by the ‘book’ when making your records, and your fans have responded by making you very wealthy.

Then; Disaster. Your records are ‘soiled‘ by association with a paedophile pervert named Rolf Harris.

And then you get this:-

One fan tweeted: “I feel they (the songs) have now been soiled, and I would like the chance to listen to these tracks without the input of Rolf Harris. “Maybe Kate will do this in future, she has been an avid supporter of childrens’ charities here in the UK (NSPCC springs to mind) so she may want to do this.”

Another added: “Rolf Harris made a significant contribution to The Painter’s Link and every time that track officially down loaded, Kate (via her companies) profits from it. That has to a very unwelcome association for Kate. Although she clearly wasn’t aware of Rolf’s criminal activity at the time the recording was made, she must be well aware of it now.”


Knowing very little about modern music, but a great deal about ‘pressure politics’, I ask the question: Should she change? Hell; No!


By David Vance On July 26th, 2014 at 7:36 pm

This is the inevitable consequence of dismantling the institution of marriage.

The highest human rights court in Europe has told European LGBTs that they have no human right to same-sex marriage, in a case that also shows how complicated sexual and marital norms have become in this new transsexual world.

Now, follow the logic…

The case arose after a man in Finland, who was married with a child, decided he wanted to live as a woman. After a sex-change operation, he attempted to change his governmental “male identity number” to a female one. He was turned down because, according to law, he needed his wife’s consent to change their man-woman marriage to a “registered partnership”, which she had withheld.

The problem in short is that this married man and woman could no longer be considered married in Finland if he changed his sex to female because Finland does not allow same-sex marriage. The couple would be required to accept a “registered partnership”, something they objected to.

The couple sued and told the court that “a divorce would be against their religious convictions” and that a “registered partnership did not provide the same security as marriage” and that “their child would be placed in a different situation from children born within wedlock.”