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By Pete Moore On September 16th, 2019 at 6:41 pm

Last night The Guardian posted a now removed editorial which suggested that the wealthier you are the less grief you feel at the death of a loved one.

David Cameron’s son Ivan died at six years of age. Granted, The Guardian doesn’t like him, but it had this to say about him and what they think he went through:

“Mr Cameron has known pain and failure in his life but it has always been limited failure and privileged pain. The miseries of boarding school at seven are entirely real and for some people emotionally crippling but they come with an assurance that only important people can suffer that way. Even his experience of the NHS, which looked after his severely disabled son, has been that of the better functioning and better funded parts of the system. Had he been forced to wrestle with the understaffed and over-managed hospitals of much of England, or had he been trying to get the system to look after a dying parent rather than a dying child, he might have understood a little of the damage that his policies have done.”

“Privileged pain”, i.e, the softening effect of having money. This was an editorial, remember, not the disgusting thoughts of a columnist. It is the corporate view of the newspaper. It would have been reviewed by numerous editors before being approved.

There is something very rotten at The Guardian.

The Test is about to begin…..

By Patrick Van Roy On September 16th, 2019 at 4:44 pm


Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has officially completed his investigation into alleged Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuses by the Obama Administration.

The FISA court was setup to fight Terrorism. It is a star chamber court used to skirt the due process Laws of the United States.  The Judges of the Court are appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme court.  After 9/11 we needed extra tools to fight the War on Terror INSIDE the United States.

FISA was setup by the Patriot Act.  It is a court where the FBI can go to a Judge with evidence acquired not through the normal due process of Law.  The information although illegally obtained must be accurate and must be sworn to under oath that it is accurate and the threat it indicates is strong enough to bypass Due Process to ensure the safety of America.

When it was formed the Left had a fit and screamed and hollered that it would be abused by the Bush Administration.  In the 7yrs that the court existed while Bush was President the court was never abused, not once.  Under Obama the court was abused to the point that the Judges assigned to it reprimanded the Obama Justice Dept. multiple times.

At the end of the Obama Administration (the last year) the Court was used EXACTLY as the Left had feared. The court was used by the Obama Administration to try and get dirt on a Political Opponent. This was done 4 times.  Using fabricated information created by Russia, England, Australia and the DNC.

The IG report is now being reviewed, the principals charged in the report will be allowed to view their individual sections and be permitted to submit rebuttal statements…. the ones we know about are Comey, McCabe, Yates, Rosenstein, Strojk, and Page.

2 weeks to a Month from now the charges will be filed and after protecting the Brits and Australians with Redactions the public will finally get to see how bad Obama and his minions defiled our system.

Since You’re Gone

By Mahons On September 16th, 2019 at 12:53 pm

One of the tricks Ric Ocasek pulled off is nobody seems to know if he was 70 or 75 when he died yesterday. The lead singer and songwriter for The Cars kept that offbeat vibe until the end.

The Cars were that perfect pop band that blended several genres (new wave, classic rock, punk) without ever fully being pinned down by one identity. Magic, Just What I Needed, Let the Good Times Roll, My Best Friend’s Girlfriend, You Might Think etc have been part of the soundtrack of rock since the 70s. He also was an eclectic producer for such varied bands as Weezer, Bad Brains, No Doubt, Suicide and Black 47.

He was a master of the pop hook. He was off kilter as a pop icon – a skinny, shaggy and weird looking outsider whose sound was instantly familiar yet oddly unique. The Cars first albumn would have passed as a greatest hits record for anyone else. How to measure The Cars impact? Wait until the next time you are driving and one of their songs comes on the radio. Try not to turn up the volume. Can’t be done.


By Pete Moore On September 15th, 2019 at 9:23 pm

This is kind of a big deal.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has blamed Iran for Saturday’s drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities.

He dismissed a claim by Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels that they had attacked the two facilities, run by state-owned company Aramco.

Iran’s foreign minister accused Mr Pompeo of “deceit”.

Saudi Arabia’s energy minister said the strikes had reduced crude oil production by 5.7 million barrels a day – about half the kingdom’s output.

Someone did it once, so someone will try it again. I assume that it’s a Shia, whether they’re in Iran or Yemen. But you can’t be too careful. I’d round up Extinction Rebellion and the Green Party just in case. You know they would.

I’ve been out all day, unfortunately mostly on the M25 so I didn’t pass any garages. Have fuel prices gone up? It won’t take much more of this to achieve a lot of economic damage.


By Pete Moore On September 15th, 2019 at 9:07 pm

This is both Bercow’s legacy but also a consequence of simply being in the EU, which hollows out the institutions because they become meaningless and powerless. Once charged with actually being responsible for something for a change, as Parliament was so charged three years ago, the occupants cannot cope. Forty years of letting someone else do the thinking has left them politically infantilised.

A change is coming, and not just a General Election. Our little vote in 2016 did so much more than order that we leave the EU. It blew a hurricane through the entire political/media nexus which exposed how rotten, corrupt and bankrupt it is.


By Pete Moore On September 15th, 2019 at 8:30 am

These EU fanatics are always banging on about empire ..

It’s not just Leavers who say that the EU is an empire. Guy Verhofstadt is here to meddle in our politics, speaking at the Lib Dem conference. Check the applause as he brazenly tells them that the EU is an empire –

I don’t know about you, but I’m on the side of the anti-imperialists. We need solidarity with poor little enclaves like Switzerland, Singapore, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Lichtenstein, otherwise they’re stuffed.


By Pete Moore On September 14th, 2019 at 7:28 pm

“A Government Minister was booed and heckled as up to 700 people attended a public meeting in Oughterard, Co Galway … He was booed and heckled when he reminded those assembled that Ireland was obliged under EU and United Nations laws to accept and process anyone who could prove they had fled persecution and injustices in their own country.”

That’s a lie. This has nothing to do with (non-existent) UN “laws”. The Republic of Ireland could have resisted the EU too, but Dublin chose to bend over, all the better to earn some little gold stars from Brussels. It’s the locals who will pay of course, in the pocket and with the serious crime that so-called refugees always bring.

I salute every one of those decent people holding the line for their families, their community and their way of life.

I rest my case

By Patrick Van Roy On September 14th, 2019 at 3:05 pm


The man is a total idiot that has no prayer of being elected. That is not the point, the point of course is that Beto is not an outlier on this issue among his Presidential Hopeful Political Peers.  He’s the only one dumb enough to say it national TV.


By Pete Moore On September 14th, 2019 at 1:21 pm

I’m so old I remember when we assumed that Remainers were honest.

Now David Cameron has broken cover to say that a second referendum might be necessary to because the country is “stuck”. No, it’s not stuck. Parliament is stuck, and it’s stuck on trying to overturn our decision.

Yet another referendum is such a bad idea that it boggles the mind. There are no words to describe how bad an idea it is. How can advocates of a another referendum not see what will happen if there is one? How can they be so blind? Or, if they do see, how can they regard that as a desirable series of events? Are they relying on prominent Leavers taking the idea seriously, to mollify a country so outraged that it would be boycotted. Are they assuming that there would be no violence, and that we’d just carry on? I think maybe it’s the latter. I’ve just heard Ed Davey MP, the deputy leader of a small band called the Lib Dems, on LBC. Like all hardcore EU fanatics he knows exactly why we voted to leave. He said that it’s because many people felt neglected, forgotten and left behind by politics. Then in the breath he said that their vote must be nullified and overturned. They really are that blind to themselves and the consequences. The only way – the only possible way – that we can move on is to leave in a manner acceptable to those that won the EU referendum. Those opposed can fight to rejoin later if they like. That would itself be a form of moving on. But first we must leave.


By Pete Moore On September 13th, 2019 at 7:42 pm

Because Friday night is Music Night.

Another week done at the coalface of capitalism, another week of Remain lies, cheating and (probably) looking at dodgy websites. Remember to clean your browsing histories, EU-junkies!

But enough of grubby politics.By this time next week the Rugby World Cup will have started. Blogging might be light, but we will always have the Friday Night Jukebox. Boz Scaggs hasn’t appeared before, so we’ll have some of his toe-tapping stuff now.

Have a good weekend whatever you’re up to. As always, feel free to share your top sounds down below –