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By Patrick Van Roy On June 13th, 2019

One Response to “nightwitches”

  1. Well said, Paul. And fine lasses those two are. I didn’t know about these women bomber pilots. The reckless bravery of the Russians on the eastern front continues to amaze.
    A good question is whether the SU would have been able to resist so stubbornly if it were a democracy. What dya think?

    The Red Army also apparently had many women snipers who also helped shorten the war. These Annushka Oakleys played an important role in the Battle of Stalingrad. One of the most successful ladies even went on a tour of the US during the war.

    Mind you, the Luftwaffe fighter pilots were by far the most successful of the war in terms of numbers of kills, and a list of the top aces looks simply like a list of top German aces.

    It’s hard to credit, but of the top 300 air aces of the war, not one is from the western Allies.

    (scroll for list)

    There are many reasons for this. But one is that the Red air force used women pilots, who were often badly trained and let Luftwaffe pilots fighting on the eastern front ramp up their tallies pretty quickly.

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