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By Pete Moore On April 25th, 2013 at 7:53 pm

The White House says that it believes Damascus has used chemical weapons “on a small scale”, immediately setting those dogs of war, Lindsey Graham and John McCain, on a chase to rattle some spears.


Safe areas for their pet rebels .. no-fly zones .. must grab those chemical weapons .. Russia .. Iran .. blah blah. Never mind that the White House has called for credible and corroborated” facts before acting on that assessment, and that the rebels are full of the types who have been fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq for a decade. One intelligence assessment, one arbitrary red line, and that’s enough: more war.

The more I hear McCain, the more demented he sounds. I thought it made no difference who won the 2008 presidential election, but I’m wondering now just how catastrophic a McCain presidency would have been.


By ATWadmin On November 20th, 2008 at 8:03 am

The war on motorists accelerates!

“Drivers could be banned from the roads after two speeding offences under safety measures to be announced. New proposals from government would see motorists given six penalty points for breaking the speed limit by a significant margin. A driver with 12 points on their licence is disqualified automatically. The excessive speeds could be defined as more than 50mph in a 30mph zone, 70mph in a 50mph zone or 90mph on a motorway. Ministers will consult, however, before determining the exact thresholds. Under current laws, most motoring offences are dealt with by a standard fixed penalty notice of a fine and three penalty points. Motorists are only taken to court if police feel that a stiffer sanction is necessary, because only a court can impose a penalty of more than three points for a speeding offence.”

This government has a driving hatred of the motorist and seeks to punish us in every way possible. Taking away our freedom to drive seems a top priority for the Labour Junta and in using the police to reinforce such draconian legislation it further drives a wedge between them and the public.


By ATWadmin On October 23rd, 2008 at 7:28 am

Well done to Swindon Council which has become the FIRST in the UK to scrap ‘cash cow’ fixed speed cameras after admitting they are a ‘blatant tax on the motorist.’

To the rejoicing of drivers across the land, Swindon Borough Council took the unprecedented decision to ditch fixed-point speed traps and end a constant flow of £60 speeding fines flooding the coffers of central Government. The historic vote came after the council highlighted the excessive revenue being raked in by the Treasury. A nine-strong cabinet of the Tory-run council voted unanimously in favour of withdrawing from the Wiltshire and Swindon Safety Camera Partnership. The partnership, which has been running for five years, operates 16 fixed speed cameras, three red-light cameras and an array of mobile traps. But the council is adamant that the £32,000 it pays into the partnership each year should be spent on cheaper road-safety schemes such as better street lighting and improved road surfaces.

This should become Conservative policy nationwide. It’s time that the war on motorists advanced by the Nulabour car hating zealots was not just one way. I’m all for safer roads – but I agree with this decision to scrap revenue raisers disguised as road safety measures.


By ATWadmin On September 16th, 2008 at 7:31 pm


The war on the motorist in the UK continues with the news that drivers face £20 on-the-spot fines if they leave their engines running
while stuck in traffic.
Traffic wardens will be able to issue the penalties if they spot motorists
idling in jams for ‘too long’. The ‘green’ pilot scheme will be launched in January and will target drivers
stuck in queues in a bid to cut down on pollution. So not only are drivers being punished by being stuck on interminably jammed roads but now they are to be fined if they have the temerity to keep their engines running. The little fascists behind all these wheezes demonstrate the danger of the State. It does not seek to find solutions to problems, it much prefers to admonish, to fine.


By ATWadmin On August 5th, 2008 at 6:05 am

The scale of the government’s war on the British motorist is manifest in the news that revenue from speeding tickets has almost quadrupled to £200 a minute since Labour came to power.

The increase has coincided with a massive expansion in the number of speed cameras. Home Office figures reveal that 1.8million tickets are being issued each year, or 4,850 a day. In 1997, only 713,000 fixed penalty notices were handed to drivers. This is an increase of 150 per cent in only a decade, and it has been compounded by an increase in the value of fines – from £40 to £ 60 – in 2000.  As a result, the total amount of cash raised has rocketed from £28.5million a decade ago to £106.4million in 2006, the period covered by the latest figures.

The government has been milking us motoorists for cash for a decade now, seeing our independence as something worthy of attacking and further taxing . It’s an utter disgrace what has been going on – under the guise of lowering the number of road deaths. 


By ATWadmin On July 25th, 2008 at 7:20 am

Interesting to hear a senior adviser to government state that it faces being kicked out of office by angry motorists if it continues to ‘unfairly demonise’ the car. Stating the bleeding obvious he says that families are ‘rebelling’ against unfair car taxes, restrictions on their freedoms, and  attacks on 4X4s and luxury cars by politicians and campaigners driven by ‘ideological dogma’ rather than hard-facts, Richard Parry-Jones claimed.  Unfair  motoring taxes and attacks of family runarounds were the result of ‘muddled thinking’ based on prejudice and dogma  rather than hard scientific  facts, he said.

‘If you price consumers out of their  cars, they will probably throw you out at the next election,’ he said. He added that Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his ministers must ‘re-assess the political bias against cars’. He accepted that cars did have some impact on climate change  – but pointed out that they represented only 8per cent of the problem while appearing to get 100 per cent of the blame. Tax raised from motorists and motoring was ‘disproportionately high’, he said.

With taxation on cars going ever higher and the smug political elite  doing their level best to TELL US what we should drive I hope that there is an outburst of electoral anger against these hypocrites in power.

I’ll be getting my new car in a few weeks time – a Jaguar XF with all the trimmings – and along with millions of others I bitterly resent the way in which I am being bossed  about and taxed to the hilt. But I will do what I want and not be told be parasitical politicians. Mr Parry  Jones makes many far points but the ideologues in power are not paying attention. 


By ATWadmin On July 15th, 2008 at 6:28 am

So, are you FOR or AGAINST Swindon Council?

Conservative-run Swindon Borough Council is the first British Council that seeks to withdraw the annual funding it pays the local speed camera partnership. Councillor Peter Greenhalgh, who is in charge of the council’s transport policy, said he would rather see the six-figure sum spent on local schemes such as traffic calming and vehicle-activated speed signs, which cost as little as £5,000 apiece to install. The speed cameras cost £400,000

In a direct attack on Government policy, Mr Greenhalgh said local authorities like Swindon did not see a penny of the revenue generated by speed cameras. Instead the money raised in fines went straight back to central government, he argued.

Naturally the local Labour MP is outraged at this and claims that the Council is playing politics with peoples lives, a bit rich coming from Labour mind you! I fully support Swindon Council and hope where it leads today other will follow.


By ATWadmin On May 28th, 2008 at 7:28 am

article-0-0166121200000578-819_468x349.jpgYou know that I consider that the Labour government has been waging a war on what it perceives to be public enemy number one – the motorist. Under the guise of "environmentalism" it has been relentlessly targeting us with all kinds of additional penalties, with planned changes in car taxation and further fuel increases planned for this autumn. But not any longer. After the humiliations of the local council elections, the London Mayoral election and the Crewe by-election, Labour’s rank and file are panicking – justifiably so. They fear electoral meltdown and want to see if they can save their scrawny necks. Hence the chorus that Gordon Brown needs to "defer" (ie forget about) the planned changes. I believe that Brown has no option here and that he WILL get his Darling to announce the policy reversal in due course. That then brings about a real dilemma for our socialists in power for they WANT to pursue the use of the green agenda to tax us ever more – (to save the planet, naturally) – but they KNOW that this will ensure their electoral demise. So it seems to me that we are indeed witnessing real climate change as Labour comes to terms with the reality that people have seen far too many tax increases and will not stomach any further. Even better, the mood seems to be one of demanding tax and price reductions – which is where David Cameron’s Conservatives could really score if they had the cajones to actually come out and say they will cut back on this assault on the private motorist by reducing government cut on the tax-take from every litre of fuel sold at the pumps. It’s a winning policy – and one Labour must fear since it then leaves them exposed as what they really are – the Party of Taxation, till the pips squeak. They’re squeaking now.


By ATWadmin On January 17th, 2008 at 9:13 am

_41263658_ap_seoul300.jpgWhat is to be made of the suggestion that drivers who seek to use the fast lane to overtake queues of traffic could be offered the chance of doing so – for an extra charge?

An extra lane – dubbed a “Lexus lane” because of the perception that only wealthier drivers could afford to use them – would be added either by widening the road or using the hard shoulder. A toll would be introduced to ensure that the extra capacity did not simply fill up with extra traffic.

A few points here. First of all the Lexus is not THAT  an expensive a car but I suppose they were going for the alliteration affect. (Boom boom!) Second,  I can just hear the whines of the socialists demanding that the wealthy be forced to pay an further tax to allow all those in the queues to be also to be able to go in the lexus lane. After all, we mustn’t ever be seen to propagate a meritocratic traffic policy!

In all seriousness, I would favour pay as you drive toll charges as this makes the best sense economically. This should be applied to all, no concessions. It is the only way we can be fair-minded to all motorists. At the same time, however, I would seek for government to reduce its rip-off tax take from the motorist on fuel duty. Traffic congestion is an issue that needs confronted for sure, but this is best done by an examination of the economic of the issue, not the politics.


By ATWadmin On January 12th, 2008 at 8:56 am

cctv.jpgThe British government and its minions in local Councils HATE motorists. I think they hate the fact that we can drive where we want, when we want and in whatever vehicle we want. So they set out to punish us and that is where the CCTV comes into play. As has been noted, the UK has the most extensive CCTV network in the world. We may not have a transport system worth a damn, but we sure know how to place CCTV camera’s everywhere. And so it is that from today on new parking rules are introduced – with higher penalties for those deemed “serious breaches” of traffic regulations. CCTV footage can now be lawfully used throughout the land in order to support these prosecutions.

So it’s no longer a case of having a parking offence document placed on your car at the time of the alleged offence, in future the first you may know about it is when the fine comes through the post. I note that the AA say that this new system will raise even MORE revenue for the Government from the motorist and that, of course, is all part of the plan. The scum in power would ideally like to deprive us of the freedom to drive as we wish where we wish when we wish but in the meantime they will continue to find new ways to hound the car-driver even as REAL crime goes unpunished. Great Britain, eh?