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My opinion, they are just plain stupid!

By Mike Cunningham On August 22nd, 2014 at 10:45 am

When I hear the calls for retribution for the murder of a photographer in Iraq/Syria, when I read of the ‘hostages’ held by this group of psychopaths calling themselves ‘Islamic State’, I am certain of only one thing; these people, the hostages, the murdered man, they all brought their fate upon themselves.

Whatever their reasons, which range from ““Can you change your daughter, who has these values and has strong ideals about solidarity and human empathy?” or “I go to help the sick and injured” or “I report upon disaster” or any other of the silly and self-serving reasons which placed them in grave danger; they simply cannot state thet they were not warned. For whatever reason, they all went into the deadliest place, at least for Westerners, and they all got caught, or abducted or whatever. It serves them right for thinking that they knew better than anyone.

I am reminded of Alan Johnston, the ‘reporter’ and firm friend of all things Palestinian, who was kidnapped by those same Pallies, and only released because they were afraid he might actually bore them to death with his voice.

It is all very well saying ‘These actions, by these murderous men, are against civilised behaviour’, when everyone accepts that most of these terrorists, and probably all of their supporters, don’t accept Western values or behaviour at all. They think us decadent, they think us immoral, they think us foolish. So why even bother to help, when the helpers will no doubt be treated the same as they do to their other enemies and captives.

It is all very well for Lord Dannatt, he of the smart uniform and totally-closed mind, to state that British soldiers should go and fight in that sandy shit-hole; but I notice that he wasn’t volunteering his services.

As I stated before, they brought their fate upon themselves, and not a single bullet, nor a gallon of fuel, nor a drop of blood should be spilled by America or the United Kingdom to rescue the fools who knowingly went into Bedlam!


and finally, Fire Extinguishers checked?

By Mike Cunningham On October 18th, 2012 at 4:37 pm

So, you have just accepted delivery of a brand-new $11.1 million,  high-tech Patrol Boat on behalf of the Indonesian Navy, and all is well with the world. Or is it?

At its launch at the end of August, shipbuilder Lundin hailed the Klewang as “one of the most innovative warships in the world.”

It said the boat “represents a significant step forward in the use of advanced warship building technologies in countries outside of Europe and the United States.”

It added that the use of carbon-fiber foam sandwich composites for all structural elements in the vessel “is unprecedented outside of Scandinavia and is representative of the current state of the art in both maritime composites structural engineering and production technology.”

According to the manufacturers, the boat features “stealth design with low detection signatures,” and can carry concealed missiles and guns as well as up to 29 soldiers and crew.

And all is well, and fully tested?

A Refresher Course

By Patrick Van Roy On June 20th, 2012 at 11:59 pm

Operation Fast and Furious was a Department of Justice Operation that placed 1000s of Guns into the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartels.

Lets review a few things. The Regime says that FF was going to track the Guns they were selling to the Cartels to lead to arrests of High Level members of these Cartels.

That is the Official Line. To this day however there are several problems with this narrative. First according to Attorney General Holder still to this day even after his own Justice Department has been investigating it for 18mths. He has “no clue” who authorized the program. Second it has never been explained by the Atty Gen. how the program was going to achieve this goal.

On February 4th 2011 the Dept of Justice submitted a Letter to the House Oversight Committee stating that “the dept. of justice NEVER allowed guns to walk, and that it is explicitly against the agencies policy to ever allow such action to take place” 3 months later they withdrew that letter saying it was a “mistake” and they never meant to have that Letter put into the record. They did this because they knew the Letter was a Lie and the Oversight Committee had Proof that it was a lie.

The documents that Obama has claimed executive privilege for are the correspondence between the White House and the Justice Department on how this Letter Lie was going to be crafted and and placed into the record to cover up the crimes committed. They didn’t count on the leaked information to the committee.

Now the full background.

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By David Vance On November 5th, 2011 at 9:10 am

It’s a strange world we live in. The head of UK Border control has been suspended because it appears he suspended UK border controls for no-EU Nationals;

Vital border checks for criminals and terrorists were secretly abandoned over the summer. In a major new immigration fiasco, three senior officials – including the £135,000-a-year head of the UK Border Force –  have been suspended.  There are fears that hundreds of thousands of travellers waltzed into Britain without crucial vetting.Unknown to ministers, guards were allegedly told not to bother checking biometric chips on passports of citizens from outside the EU to ensure they are not fraudsters.  More worryingly, staff were also instructed not to bother checking their fingerprints or other personal details against the Home Office’s so-called Warnings Index.

The fact that this could happen, exposing our country to such massive risk, should mean that ALL involved be sacked and then prosecuted for criminal irresponsibility. I have heard the predictable whining that this action was taken “because of cuts”. I say cut the jobs of those who took this decision.

Sucker punch

By Mike Cunningham On July 14th, 2011 at 1:30 pm

When the Government here in Great Britain  decides to do something, whether foolish or correct, it usually decide that we have to pay for it. The Government extracts direct taxes from every working person, through Income Tax and National Insurance, and on companies through corporation Tax;  and indirect taxes through fuel duty, VAT, and a plethora of other taxes. All told it adds to about sixty-odd % of our GNP (Gross National Product), if not more. So it directs the Treasury to fork out so much for Education, Prisons and Justice, these days a lot less on Defence, but you get the overall picture. If the Government decides to do something, it might well have to borrow money to pay for it, but that ‘something’ both gets done, and gets paid for, out of the Public Purse. Its perhaps old-fashioned, but thats the way we have been doing things for quite a while now; and whilst I have many problems with many of the projects and services provided by various British Governments, that is the way we, as a Nation, do things.

Not so for example in India, where stupendous numbers, totalling some 250 million-odd at the last count, are routinely discriminated against to a large if not total degree. The Dalits, or to give them the europeanised title,the ‘Untouchables’, have lived with tremendous discrimination for centuries under the hidden lash of the Hindu ‘Caste’ system. But even the rest of India also suffers through lack of investment in schools and higher education, in a creaking and careworn Judicial system, in a transport system which is set in ways decreed in the days of the British Raj.

But certain areas of Government in India get what they wish, on the spot, and pay top dollar for it. Whether it be brand-new MIG-29s, or a $2.4billion upgrade for their French Mirages, the Indian Government spends the money, even though they cannot afford all those bright shiny new toys.

But wait just a minute, there is a pliant and ready set of suckers who are willing to pay for the educational needs of a fair number of Indians, Untouchable or not! The same set of suckers stand ready to fund all sorts of services to the tune of £245 million in 2009-10 alone. So India can buy their new MIG-29s, and also buy the upgrade for their ageing French Mirage jets, because the suckers are picking up the bill for things which the Indians should be paying for.

The suckers? That would be us!

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President Hussein

By Patrick Van Roy On May 19th, 2011 at 10:55 pm

The Terrorist Sympathizer in Chief today removed any doubt that he is a betrayer of American Standards, a Betrayer of American Allies, and willing to support terrorism, rather than the security of the United States, and her Allies.

In his Speech on Mideast Policy today President Hussein showed his allegiance to the enemies of the United States, and her Allies. He started with this:

That story of self-determination began six months ago in Tunisia.  On December 17th, a young vendor named Mohammed Bouazizi was devastated when a police officer confiscated his cart.  This was not unique.  It’s the same kind of humiliation that takes place every day in many parts of the world -– the relentless tyranny of governments that deny their citizens dignity.  Only this time, something different happened.  After local officials refused to hear his complaints, this young man, who had never been particularly active in politics, went to the headquarters of the provincial government, doused himself in fuel, and lit himself on fire.

In this statement he glorifies the act of martyrdom. He elevated self immolation to the equality of the actions of “the defiance of those patriots in Boston who refused to pay taxes to a King, or the dignity of Rosa Parks as she sat courageously in her seat.” In doing so he is giving the Green Light to Martyrdom as a Noble act for righteousness.

Never mind that he has wrongly interpreted the fires burning in the Middle East as a cry for Democracy rather than the organized turmoil financed, backed, and supported by Iran to create the chaos that it is. He has emboldened the act of Martyrdom.

He shows what can no longer be labeled as ignorance, or naivete, but as a willing betrayer of the beliefs and wishes of the American people. With this statement:

The United States supports a set of universal rights.  And these rights include free speech, the freedom of peaceful assembly, the freedom of religion, equality for men and women under the rule of law, and the right to choose your own leaders  -– whether you live in Baghdad or Damascus, Sanaa or Tehran.

He say’s this as Christians are attacked and killed in Egypt, as Israel is attacked on a daily basis, and as women are beat down and forced into submission.  He said this:

Let’s remember that the first peaceful protests in the region were in the streets of Tehran, where the government brutalized women and men, and threw innocent people into jail.  We still hear the chants echo from the rooftops of Tehran.  The image of a young woman dying in the streets is still seared in our memory.  And we will continue to insist that the Iranian people deserve their universal rights, and a government that does not smother their aspirations.

Yet when those events took place he was silent. Now he proposes to take American Taxpayer money to fund the very nations that wish, and are plotting our destruction:

First, we’ve asked the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to present a plan at next week’s G8 summit for what needs to be done to stabilize and modernize the economies of Tunisia and Egypt.  Together, we must help them recover from the disruptions of their democratic upheaval, and support the governments that will be elected later this year.  And we are urging other countries to help Egypt and Tunisia meet its near-term financial needs.

Second, we do not want a democratic Egypt to be saddled by the debts of its past.  So we will relieve a democratic Egypt of up to $1 billion in debt, and work with our Egyptian partners to invest these resources to foster growth and entrepreneurship.  We will help Egypt regain access to markets by guaranteeing $1 billion in borrowing that is needed to finance infrastructure and job creation.  And we will help newly democratic governments recover assets that were stolen.

Third, we’re working with Congress to create Enterprise Funds to invest in Tunisia and Egypt.  And these will be modeled on funds that supported the transitions in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall.  OPIC will soon launch a $2 billion facility to support private investment across the region.  And we will work with the allies to refocus the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development so that it provides the same support for democratic transitions and economic modernization in the Middle East and North Africa as it has in Europe.

Basically giving $4 Billion Dollars to nations that are plotting and carrying out acts of terror against the U.S. and it’s allies. Now the final betrayal to both an Allie and a country under siege from all sides. He had this to say:

So while the core issues of the conflict must be negotiated, the basis of those negotiations is clear:  a viable Palestine, a secure Israel.  The United States believes that negotiations should result in two states, with permanent Palestinian borders with Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, and permanent Israeli borders with Palestine.  We believe the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states.  The Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves, and reach their full potential, in a sovereign and contiguous state.

He backs the terrorist position to put Israel back into the vulnerable position it was in when every Arab nation aligned itself to destroy Israel in 1967. This is the equivalent of siding with Germany when it was bombing England in WWII, just as the Arabs randomly bomb Israel today.

President Hussein does not speak for the American people, nor does he speak for Congress. This plan to fund our enemies and betray our Allie was not shared with anyone. In fact when it was leaked yesterday that this was what he was going to say, the White House Press Secretary vehemently denied it.

President Husseins actions today are a betrayal of not only our only real Allie, but of the American people, and a further demonstration of his inability to do his primary job, Protect the United States and her interests.

Is he really this stupid, or an active traitor, purposefully destroying our security as he has done with our economic system? I believe both are deliberate.

And how do you pronounce ‘compassion?

By Mike Cunningham On March 23rd, 2011 at 1:30 pm

‘We are arranging a visit to your house. We will view your possessions and list those that we will sell at auction. We strongly advise you to avoid this as it will cost you much more to pay this way and can be embarrassing.’

Suppose you are 95, and then suppose you are frail, confused and ill. You receive a letter like that from HMRC, a government agency with a reputation for arrogant and forceful action. So you contact a friend, who contacts a newspaper; who in turn contacts the charity Tax Help For Older People to look at her case.

After examining her records it emerged that she has in fact paid more than £380 too much tax. HMRC apologises, and says it will investigate.

But no-one will be fired, no-one will be punished, no-one will accept that wrong has been done; and not only to this frail elderly lady, but to many thousands of others who have received harsh demand letters from the Agency which bears  the title Her Majesty’s  Revenue & Customs.

Get a Grip!

By ATWadmin On May 2nd, 2009 at 8:01 am

In 1918, as the First World War was coming to it’s close, the World was hit by a an Influenza variant H1N1, which illness, and the following huge numbers of deaths became known as Spanish Flu. It was highly contagious, and some 20% of those infected died, and died quickly. It raged through Europe, America, Asia and reached as far as remote Pacific islands, helped by the close-quartered conditions of military barracks, refugee camps and comparatively-fast travel by ship.

It was estimated that it killed somewhere around fifty million people ove a two year period, and the number of deaths was more than those killed by the Black Death in the early Middle Ages, and was itself a true Pandemic. People were dropping like flies after a DDT spray, and the mediacl authorities did not know what to do, apart from isolate cases where possible, and bury the Dead.

That, my friends, was a catastrophe!

What we are seeing and hearing about in the long and detailed news bulletins regarding the Mexican Swine Flu variant is not! As can be deduced from the host of detailed information from the ‘Scottish Survivor’, himself a ‘victim’ of ‘airborne transmission’ of this killer disease, it sounded like a variation of what is known in Scotland as a Bastard Hangover!

I would remind everyone that 19 people who are drinking Lucozade as a remedy is NOT a DISASTER, not anything else than a few people who are feeling poorly!

I accept that there have been deaths, but even the Mexican Health Authorities (which is itself a strange misnomer) have downgraded the numbers of dead known and proven from 170 to 119.

Our own wise and wonderful Medical Experts, trotted out with gay abandon on to the airwaves and t.v. screens, ladle out sound advice by the bucketful, but do we really need an advertising campaign costing millions just to remind us all to use a Bloody Hanky!

Poor little self-deluding Paki?

By ATWadmin On April 26th, 2009 at 2:35 pm

She says she was appalled to learn the extent to which they (Pakistanis in general) think it’s OK to bend or break immigration laws.

She says she never realised that she was being naive not to have realised that to her cousin Kamran and his immediate family, a British visa is like winning the lottery. It is a golden ticket to the West.

She and her husband were so taken with him that we promised to pay for him to visit England. He was delighted. Our initial application in March last year was declined because the authorities, rightly as it turned out, suspected that Kamran would not go back. Now what was the clue which told the authorities that he was just another scumbag on the make?

She states thet she became suspicious because of the constancy of her cousin’s father’s entreaties; but still went ahead with the sponsorship because “As the daughter of devout Muslim immigrants, I had been brought up to believe in the importance of the extended family – that it was my duty to help those less fortunate.”


Methinks the lady doth protest too much!!!


A Village Is Missing Its Idiots

By ATWadmin On March 3rd, 2009 at 8:48 pm

Does anyone think this pair have the slightest idea what they are going on about?

Obama: The banking system has been dealt a heavy blow … huge err systemic risks taken by unregulated institutions

What? How can an institution take a systemic risk? By definition, this is risk inherent to an entire order or market segment. Still, good to see him suggesting that Americans take a punt on the stock market, bouncing ‘up and down’ as it is in his imagination. The last I looked, the market was at 1997 levels and heading south.

As for Brown, he’s no longer even talking of recession or depression, but has his mind only on total global government – no doubt with him and his Fabian kind in charge. The markets are collapsing and will collapse further, no matter how many of us these regulatory statists bankrupt in futile attempts to re-inflate a ballon that has long disintegrated.