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now you see it; and now you don’t

By Mike Cunningham On March 11th, 2015 at 9:50 am

Leading every News broadcast on the BBC this morning was an item telling of Babies been literally sold on line in China to childless couples. The ‘shocked and disturbed’ reporter stated how they had called the woman who had advertised her child on the Internet, and after confirming her story was correct, contacted the authorities. Other instances of this practice were also related, and everyone agreed how terrible it was, and how sad, and how lucky we were to live in a country where that sort of practice wasn’t tolerated at all!

Sad and nasty this story mav have been, but has it crossed anyone’s mind that we have heard very little, after the first outbursts of ‘shock and horror’ were broadcast after the truly scandalous tales of Child Rape, torture and Child prostitution emanating from the Paki Muslim stronghold in Oxford. Those stories of horrific acts of brutality against girls as young as eleven, were consistently brushed aside because the girls ‘asked for it’, or were considered ‘streetwise’; or simply ‘too much trouble to check properly’. In a city where one of the most prestigious Universities in the world is sited, where liberal thought reigns supreme; over 370 children were sexually abused, raped and trafficked with complete impunity by a gang of Muslim Pakis who live in Britain but actually believe that they could import their Pashtun tribal beliefs, where women are considered property, where any white girl or woman is considered fair game because they are ‘unbelievers’: and they were allowed to get away with it for over a decade!

Instead of commenting upon a story, however true about child trading in China, perhaps our oh-so-impartial BBC could concentrate upon things that matter in Britain. Perhaps they could write a story about the fact that the Chief Constable, a woman named Sara Thornton repeated her apology to the victims for failing to stop the abusers earlier; but had in fact resigned once she knew the report would be so damning of her Force, and had been appointed to run the National Police Chiefs’ Council, the successor to ACPO. Now that would be a story: you are the Chief Constable of a Force which failed its youngsters so miserably, and you are rewarded with a plum new job, with a great deal more cash, and a better uniform.

The Spike is rather sharp today

By Mike Cunningham On March 9th, 2015 at 7:58 pm

As I am a firm believer in spreading the good news when I read it, I hope that ATW readers both read and digest this commentary piece from the pages of ‘Spiked’.

The man has a point, and as I stated in the comments section ‘ they cannot do any worse that the shower which has run this country into the ground since they shafted Maggie!’

Signs of the times

By Mike Cunningham On February 16th, 2015 at 10:32 am

So this man enters a Tower Hamlets bookshop, window laden with Islamic texts, ‘visit Mecca and lose your head’ signs and other Muslim paraphernalia. He says to the bookshop owner, “Have you got that new book about UKIP, can’t remember the title; the one about how UKIP will triumph in the British 2015 Elections?”

The bookshop owners shouts, “F@*## Off! Get out of here immediately. Don’t ever come back!”

The visItor says, “That’s the one!”


h/t to Oh what NOW!

and now for something different:-

By Mike Cunningham On January 13th, 2015 at 4:56 pm

One of the blogs I read regularly is Paul Staines’ Guido Fawkes. Naturally, I do not agree with all the stances and positions he espouses, but enough to warrant an extremely regular return to his viewpoints.

As I said, not all our good ‘plotting’ friend Guido writes is of the best, he tends to concentrate a tad too much on the bubbling Westminster village for my own taste, but, once every so often, his blog comes up with the goods. As in this small treasure from the UKIP conference, and the fascinating video posted within the comments section; reproduced below.

As for the lady speaker, absolutely great. I would hope to see and hear a great deal more from this superb example of a truly-majestic politician!

and just in time to ruin it all………

By Mike Cunningham On December 26th, 2014 at 10:14 am

At my ever-advancing time of life, when I had thought I had truly seen the worst of all human lies, chicanery, and of self-serving falsehoods of the worst kind, we now are able to read, in all their tarnished glory, the words of ex-prime minister Tony Blair as he bestows his words of wisdom upon an awaiting and eagerly expectant world; when he talks and ruminates upon the Democratic Process.


And the worst part about this truly cynical and vastly-deluded person is that he believes that he was doing the right thing; all along!


Rapist; thief; liar; fraudster; bogus asylum seeker………Good enough!

By Mike Cunningham On December 11th, 2014 at 4:04 pm

British Citizenship & Passport eligibility >>> Tesco shopping list

There are more checks done on an online shopping list than those applied to the issue of a British Passport.

And just to make things worse, guess where the people work who decide who gets a British Passport?



Moreover, far too much reliance was placed on self-declaration by applicants so unless an applicant declared financial problems or that they had practised tax avoidance and benefit fraud, no other checks were made to verify this. In some cases, applicants who had very poor immigration histories over long periods, including during the qualifying period for naturalisation, were granted citizenship. The poor histories included having no leave to enter or remain for long periods, working illegally and absconding.

“The granting of British citizenship is a profoundly significant step for both the individual and the UK,” said Vine. “Therefore, I was concerned to find that nationality casework [part of UKVI] had not struck the right balance between this and the need to scrutinise applications thoroughly to ensure that decisions to grant British citizenship were evidence-based. UKVI guidance which allowed case workers to disregard evasion of immigration control during the qualifying period, where there was no other evidence to cast doubt on an applicant’s good character, had resulted in a ‘blanket approach’ being adopted.”


to each, his own…

By Mike Cunningham On November 29th, 2014 at 12:33 pm


Some may argue against his statement; and some may well argue that Mr. Darby doth exaggerate, both from a political viewpoint, as well as from the actuality, which is that the school in Market Rasen has just been the subject of an unfortunate choice of words from a Government Quango which has been forced to alter its inspection arrangements: but do we really accept that a small school is failing because there isn’t enough contact between the children, and  the wonderful world of Multiculturalism outside their walls?



Down amongst the dead men

By Mike Cunningham On November 15th, 2014 at 10:35 am

I note that the Telegraph Leader this morning praises the ‘returning jihadi prevention and detention’ law as proposed by David Cameron. This proposed Law will give the police yet more powers to grab the passports of people (mainly young men of ‘Asian’ appearance) who are suspected of heading towards Turkey and then on to Syria or Iraq to join the fanatical imbeciles of Islamic State. It also proposes to keep those who have been fighting, and of course killing, out of the UK for two years, unless they agree to ‘De-Radicalization’ at some secure facility; until they see the error of their ways.

I have an alternative suggestion as to how to welcome these returning killers; which is to bring them out of the airport, then gather a sufficient number together in a large container truck, and then detach that container at a suitable location, and tip it into deep water. Just think of it; no fuss, no muss, and a sure way of making damn certain that they will achieve their twisted dreams early; which is that of a sure and certain meeting with those alleged 72 virgins.

True, there must be a certain cost to pay, but, hell; we can afford to pay for the containers!


We have made a Covenant with Death;………..

By Mike Cunningham On November 12th, 2014 at 10:28 am

…………………….. and with Hell we are at agreement.


Just a few days ago, we watched as the British Army sneaked quietly out of Camp Bastion, out of Helmand, and of course out of Afghanistan. We shall then see what we have bought with 453 British lives, along with some £30 billions in treasure. Will we see another ‘Peace in our time’, or will we see yet another sad truth that, having blown away the Taliban in double-quick time, we should have then said to the Warlords who have actually governed in that sad, sandy hell-hole, “Its yours now; you wanted it, you run it, because we are leaving now.’ But we didn’t.

We stayed, and we spent 453 lives, the flower of British youth, volunteers all, whether Regular or Reserve, in a veritable splurge of utter stupidity, much the same as the thinking which brought on the utter catastrophe of the Somme in 1916.

We have watched as the poppies were planted, ending just yesterday when the last of 888,246 ceramic memorials were planted in the grass of the Tower of London’s moat; but I still do not believe that most of this nation understands or even accepts the carnage which was the First World War. The Battle of the Somme, on the first day alone, cost some 58,000 British casualties. Some of the Pals’ Battalions, by the end of that Battle, had virtually disappeared; and for what, it may be asked? The trench line; established in the early days of the War, hardly changed. What was lost in one charge, was gained back in another. It was all a waste, of life, of treasure, of the very spirit which kept men fighting despite the loss of everything.

But what was perhaps the worst loss, out of all the casualties, all the change, of the revolutions and of the vast change resultant from the War to end all War, was the loss of the very spirit which may have kept an Austrian corporal from mesmerising an entire Nation into a belief that they could win that Second War, and wipe out the disgrace of the First.

I leave you with one final statistic; when the Taliban, evil and savage though they may be, were in power,another poppy; the Heroin Poppy was virually eradicated. Today, the Poppy fields have given the production of heroin a boost to eighty percent above the line when we went in!

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

By Mike Cunningham On November 7th, 2014 at 9:55 am

Probably the most over-quoted phrase in the entire English history of lawyers, legal stratagems, Security spooks and snoops is the term; ‘who watches the watchers?’

In Great Britain’s legal systems, which vary in details between the four Nations of our Isles, we have built up a trust, almost a standard, which states, in no uncertain terms, that if a person is accused of any crime, he is entitled to a fair hearing, in a properly-constituted court, either by a Magistrate or by a Judge. He is supposed to be represented by a lawyer, paid by Legal Aid if he or she has not enough funds to obtain such representation privately, and ALL discussions between the accused and legal representatives are, and always have been, privileged. That means that if ANY news, discussions, hints, gossip, interpretations, ANYTHING concerning the discussions between the lawyer or solicitor and the person they are representing, is barred from the prosecution.


Or so we have been led to believe.

So, after the revelations concerning the oversight and deliberate leaking of Defence discussions to the Security Service and M.I.5, the new caution given to all criminals, of whatever standing, nationality of gravity of crime will have been modified:-

“You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in Court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.”
The person cautioned is then asked “Do you understand?

You are also advised that recordings may be taken of everything that you say, copies of everything that is written may be made, and all may be given to the Crown Prosecution Service, The Security Services, and interested Parties to aid them in the charges brought against you!