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Not often…..

By Mike Cunningham On November 2nd, 2014 at 11:49 am

………..do I detect a thin sliver of admiration when considering David Cameron. After all he brought in the gross and thoroughly perverted Same-Sex Marriage farrago, and now pushing the line that all Faith Schools should support f***king Gay Marriage and Gay Sex; as well as continually lying to us when stating that the whole Nation needed a short sharp dose of ‘Austerity’ under the Chancellor’s plan, so as to decrease the massive Deficit in public spending/borrowing, and then finally having to admit that we are borrowing literally Billions more than we did five-odd years ago. He also throws Billions more of our ‘borrowed money’ in Overseas Aid, which of course is a code-word for handing it over to totally corrupt foreigners, who then stash that cash in their Swiss bank accounts.

But I digress; on to that sliver of admiration. Remember when he was challenged to be photographed in that ‘Feminist Tee-shirt’, and, unlike Millipede and Clegg the Cnut, declined to accept the challenge? Seems as though ‘Our Dave’ dodged the bullet for once, as those Tee-shirts have a dark and stealthy past.

Well, it has emerged that those same Tee-shirts, sold by Whistles for £45.00 apiece, were manufactured by virtual slave labour in a sweat-shop in Mauritius owned by Mauritian entrepreneur Francois Woo, boss of CMT. CMT has an annual turnover of £125 million. It produces 40 million T-shirts a year for clients including Topshop, Next and Urban Outfitters.It employs 13,000 staff at its factories and about 4,500, all foreign, are housed on site. Migrants come from countries including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India and Vietnam.

There are around 2,800 female machinists. Workers are expected to produce around 50 shirts a day and face discipline if they do not reach their target.

Mr Woo said: ‘The Mauritian government has set out a minimum wage that we must pay and we abide by their rules.

‘I am like a parent to the workers. They are free to come and go as they please but if they go out on a weeknight I will not be happy because then they will turn up for work the next day hungover. If people didn’t want to work for us then they don’t have to, nobody is forcing them. If they have the chance to earn more somewhere else then they should go elsewhere.

See what I mean, a real Samaritan, ain’t he?

But seriously well done to Dave, probably because he can see a trap coming, especially if Cleggy and Millipede had already signed up!

“pushing the line that all Faith Schools should support f***king Gay Marriage and Gay Sex;”

I would really like to be a fly on the wall when Stormont, and esp[ecially the DUP; debates the curriculum requirements for that little lot!

and I will walk away from all ‘photo opportunities’

By Mike Cunningham On November 1st, 2014 at 10:41 am



Ever had one of those moments when you wished you were about five hundred miles away, with no bloody photographers around?


Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition…….   

By Mike Cunningham On October 29th, 2014 at 2:17 pm

……………………had a full Day to discuss, in Westminster, in the Commons, any subject under the autumn sun.

They could have chosen

  • The Economy, inclusive of the enormous deficit that the Labour Party bequeathed to the Nation.
  • Any of the multiple choice arguments within the umbrella of the Europe Union, such as Immigration, Asylum Seekers, Human Rights.
  • Ebola
  • Devolution
  • English Votes on English Laws.

So what did they choose to witter on about?

The 1984 Miners’ Strike, the so-called Coalfield Communities, and how unjust it all was, and how it was all a Government Plot, and everything nasty which has happened ever since was down to: Guess who?

Politicians? They’re all the bloody same: all Mouth and no Trousers!


We have ways of making you believe!

By Mike Cunningham On October 15th, 2014 at 10:03 am

One of the more fascinating pieces of knowledge to emerge when World War Two was finally over were the listings of titles which had been bestowed upon grossly ordinary men, serving the Nazi State. Stützpunktleiter, Ortsgruppenleiter, Kreisleiter, Stellvertreter, Gauleiter, formed the political elite; and the military hierarchy were similarly named, with titles such as Obergruppen-Sturmfuhrer and Sturmbanfuhrer. These men, quite possibly sociopaths all, were given titles, uniforms, positions of power and influence far outweighing their intellectual capacity, because they were all essentially weak, wished to be associated with greatness, and they all saw the supreme greatness of their Fuhrer as the salvation of Germany. They saw nothing wrong with the ‘idea’ of Jewish Genocide, mainly because that idea, without being actually spelled out, had been espoused and enunciated by their Leader; and because the Fuhrer can do no wrong, neither could they.

So, based on the premise that because an idea cannot be seen to be challenged, cannot possibly be wrong, what do ATW readers think of the proposal from the Health Nazi Gauleiter ‘Lord’ Darzi that smoking be banned from all of London’s parks and public places. This proposed ban is not to alleviate the old canard of ‘passive smoke inhalation’; but instead is to make the ‘smoke-free places’ a Role Model for the young, for the easily lead, for the weak-willed.

Now I haven’t smoked a cigarette for thirty-odd years, to me it is a filthy, dangerous, disgusting, smelly, ludicrously expensive habit, and a habit which will kill you; but to ban the use and enjoyment of a perfectly legal product in The Open Air: Stalin couldn’t do it, Hitler couldn’t do it, so will Boris bloody Johnson, his mate Darzi, and all the other Health Nazis succeed where mass murderers failed? I fervently hope not!

We’re tired of lies we want the truth!

By Mike Cunningham On October 12th, 2014 at 10:44 am

As can be seen in the Telegraph story regarding Owen Paterson and the truly awful Climate Change Act, he is calling for the repeal, or at least the suspension, of this Act which promises to be THE most expensive legislation ever saddled upon this benighted Nation of ours. He states that the absurd levels of the so-called ‘Decarbonisation’ demanded by this Act will cost us £1,100 Billion in terms of cash we cannot afford, and after the disastrous damage wrought by the ‘Decarbon’ process, we will not have altered the Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere by one ounce. Click on the Link, and read the story for yourselves.

Now speaking and writing personally, as I always do, I had a fair amount of time for Owen Paterson as a man, but probably a bit less for him as a politician. He was, in many respects, the typical old-time Tory from the Shires; his background was rural, his values seemed to be based in the English countryside. He voted against the truly ghastly Same-Sex marriage farrago, and he also, happily, came down like a ton of bricks on the limp-wristed Chris Smith in his disgusting and disgraceful actions when the Environment Agency’s wholesale abandonment of decades of sensible flood management systems resulted in the worst flooding of the Somerset Levels since records first began.

But I think that Owen Patterson ought to state why he has come out against the Climate Act only now, when on the back-benches, instead of when he was in Cabinet, and in a much higher profile position than now, when he could have stood up and denounced this Act for the ‘Green Crap’ it so soundly endorses.

Why did he keep quiet, if he believed that the Act was so wrong for Great Britain?

Why did he not threaten to resign if no-one took any notice of a countryman standing up for the Country?

Why did he stay in the Coalition Government if he felt that this policy, and this Act, was so wrong?

Why did he allow the Environment Agency to continue for so long with the perverted schemes of Chris Smith, when it was plainly obvious of the damage they were doing to the landscapes of England?


Or is the simple truth that he is, and always has been, just another greasy bloody politician, out purely for his own purposes, and ever ready to ditch a long-held belief for his own advancement?


An old problem returns.

By Mike Cunningham On September 29th, 2014 at 7:50 pm

I have often felt that the old adage ‘There is no fool like an old fool’, and the name ‘Jack Profumo’ ought to be cast in bronze, in letters approximately two feet high, and positioned above the desk of every male Member of Parliament within the House of Ccommons.

Times without number, we read of ‘stings’ perpetrated upon gullible clowns in Westminster, with monetary gain usually at the core for Labour, and sexual favours, of one sort or another, for the Tories. If it isn’t homosexual perverts trawling the bars (Tories), its the fools who wish to be consultants for (disguised) newspaper reporters acting as shills for companies supposedly wishing to gain ‘influence’ within Whitehall (Labour & LibDim)

But when an allegedly nubile young woman sends a balding middle-aged man a photo of herself, virtually unclothed; and asking in return for a ‘sexy’ photo, did the same balding, middle aged Minister not think it just a tiny bit strange that he was being targeted by this young Tory supporter whom he had never even met!

And, as I have maybe asked before, whats with this strange compulsion to send explicit photos of yourself to a perfect stranger?

Are they all thick, or is it that they all reckon that ‘It couldn’t happen to me’?


Somewhere, over the rainbow; there’s a laser-guided bomb.

By Mike Cunningham On September 26th, 2014 at 2:58 pm

In the discussions, at present interminably rolling on in the House of Commons, regarding military intervention in Iraq, but never, of course in Syria, against the murderous clowns of Islamic State, which I have been watching, I was reminded of only one man.

He was an explorer, a believer in trade routes, and he had persuaded the Spanish Royal family of the existence of untold treasures beyond the ocean’s horizon. He sailed, he discovered the New World, he returned. But, the sad truth was that:-

Christopher Columbus; when he sailed, he did not know where he was going.

Christopher Columbus; when he returned, he did not know where he had been.

Christopher Columbus, canny and shrewd man that he was; did it all on borrowed money.


Remind you of anyone in our close-knit political world?

A Letter to an M.P.

By Mike Cunningham On September 25th, 2014 at 12:39 pm

The following is the contents of an e-mail letter sent this morning to my own MP, Roberta Blackman-Woods, a Shadow Minister in the Labour Party:-

Thursday 25 September 2014

Dear Roberta Blackman-Woods,

I write in connection with the forthcoming proposal of the Prime
Minister, scheduled for debate in the Commons on Friday, to allow him
to add the R.A.F.’s bombers, equipment and personnel to join the action
against Islamic State’s operations in Iraq. I realise that you, as a
Shadow Minister, have undertaken to act in a concerted fashion with
most of your Party Colleagues, and to vote as required, again in
concert with your Party; but I am writing to ask you to consider what
you are being both asked and required to vote upon. It is just about a
year since the scheduled vote, put forward by the Prime Minister, where
Parliament was asked to authorise attacks on the Syrian Regime as they
had allegedly deployed chemical weaponry; and of course, due in a large
part to the considered thoughts and votes of the Labour Party, that
vote was defeated.

You are now being asked to vote, once more, upon this issue, but this
time to act, in concert with a ‘coalition’, in degrading and destroying
the infrastructure of the people who fight under the black flag of
Islamic State. You are being asked to authorise a Western element which
will actively intrude into a religious and civil war in the Middle
East. You, as a Member of Parliament, are being asked to authorise
exactly what was sought just a year ago, but this time, you are being
asked to have our Forces fight in only one part of the conflict area,
namely Iraq, against a Force which is, itself, fighting against the
very people, namely the Syrian Government, you were asked previously to
bomb and attack.

It is not often that I find myself nodding in perfect agreement with a
Guardian writer and journalist, but what Simon Jenkins said when
interviewed on the BBC was perfectly correct; air strikes alone do not
work; you have to defeat an army with another army, and if the Iraqi
Army cannot fight, with all the weaponry at their disposal, maybe it is
about time the Arabs realised they have got to sort out their own
problems. We should not get involved with a religious dispute in
Islamic countries; if the West needs a memory jog, just check out what
happened in Libya. Maybe Gaddafi was a very bad man, but just look at
what that unhappy and terror-torn nation has inherited after we, the
French, the British and the Americans ruled the skies above Tripoli and
allowed the opposition to steamroller the old regime into the ground!

We should not be in that theatre of war; we should not even be thinking
about it. Please use the information available to you, so that you
might advise your colleagues, many of whom still remember what the end
result of our last adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan actually turned
out to be, and then vote down any idea that British jets should once
again strike at the behest of a Prime Minister who might sound as
though he knows what is going to happen, but has not yet considered the
long-term results, which may well turn to be even more disastrous than
the previous follies pursued by your own predecessors!

Yours sincerely,

Mike Cunningham

I would urge all British ATW readers to contact their own MPs, by means of
‘Write to Them’, or by any other means available, because Parliament needs to be aware of the perils of sleep-walking into a disaster area!


And the difference between him, and him; is…

By Mike Cunningham On September 24th, 2014 at 10:16 am

We get the government we deserve. We also get, by that same definition, the Opposition we deserve.

But consider, if you would, the two men who claim to have all the answers, all the routes to economic and political success in and for our Nations.

Cameron, in both his speech to the Conservatives before his election as their Leader, as well as major speeches since becoming Coalition Prime Minister, gave those speeches from memory, without teleprompters or speech notes; and those speeches were considered a great success partly because they seemed, but of course were not; from the heart.

awallaceMilliband, unfortunately, during his keynote speech to an audience who were just waiting in breathless adoration for their ‘anointed’ leader, tried to deliver both, which was a memorised speech, combined with written ‘bullet points’ to give his memory a jolt.

But Gromit forgot to talk about THE most important point of all, which of course was the huge Deficit in Great Britain’s current accounts; and also didn’t say a single memorised syllable about Immigration, the other thorn in the foot of every practising British politician.

So there we have it; Cameron………….at least he does remember what he is supposed to say, whilst Gromit just………………………………………………………doesn’t…………………………………………..recall!


Cameron’s English Votes for English Laws

By Mike Cunningham On September 23rd, 2014 at 11:48 am

Away from the ebb-and flow of noisy political debate, a group of people asked a very simple question; ‘would things have been THAT different if Scottish MPs, and of course this really means Scottish Labour MPs, had been excluded from voting on English matters’?

They got busy chewing thorough various spreadsheets and listings, and came up with a very interesting conclusion: there have been twenty-one Bills which may have been affected if Scots MPs had been excluded from the Commons Chamber for voting purposes; amongst these are:=

  • We would have seen the ‘Bedroom Tax’ bill probably amended before Assent.
  • We may have seen Syria bombed by British aircraft
  • The Review of Parliamentary Boundaries would have proceeded.
  • We would not have seen a call for a real-term cut in Euro Budget
  • We would now see Halal meats labelled as such.
  • We would have seen further Generating Station CO2 cuts.
  • We would NOT have seen Inquests replaced by an Inquiry.
  • We would have seen an immediate Inquiry in to the seizure of Damian Green’s files.
  • We would not have allowed detention times for terrorist suspects to be 42 days
  • We would not have seen a security screen in the Commons’ visitors gallery
  • We would not have seen the huge rise in University students’ fees.
  • We would not have seen the abortion which goes under the name of NHS Foundation Trusts.
  • We would have seen an 80% elected House of Lords.


Reading through the lists, would Great Britain, or indeed England, have been any different? I think so, because we would have been inveigled into bombing Assad’s Syria, and that would have been the biggest mistake of Cameron’s oily existence!