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By ATWadmin On November 7th, 2006 at 8:43 am

Following on from Mike’s post yesterday concerning the chaos and incompetency that lies (and lies) behind the London 2012 Olympics, comes the news that Organisers of the 2012 London Olympic Games have discovered they may be facing a huge additional tax bill.  Tory Olympic spokesman Hugh Robertson said the government had assured him the £2.38bn cost of construction sites would not be subject to VAT. But the Treasury is demanding the tax, and has said European regulations state it cannot be seen to be supporting the organisers of the event.

This is but the beginning. Expect to see the costs of this enterprise spiral out of all control.

“now this won’t hurt at all!”

By ATWadmin On November 7th, 2006 at 8:38 am

Heard the new, caring, Gordon Brown illustrate how he’s going to spend lots more of our money on the prompt immunisation of kids worldwide who would otherwise go without! Now, in principle, there’s nothing wrong with the idea that mass immunisation is a ‘good thing’, but, (and there’s always a but;) the devil is in the detail! Firstly, why is it always down to the long-bled and -suffering taxpayers of the U.K. who have to fund most of this burden on ‘hire-purchase’? Then, doesn’t the whole idea of this practice, good though it may be, then allow the feckless Governments in whose countries these alleged kids live to further spend their own money on nice guns, or palaces, or German cars, or other goodies, instead of basic health care for their own citizens?

Further to those queries being resolved, we now come to the thorny issue of what type of immunisation is to be funded? I for one tend to distrust anyone who states, "Trust me, we know what we’re doing" when it comes to matters medical! Go back a year or two, to the rows around the efficacy of the ‘MMR’ or Measles, Mumps and Rubella jab, and whether there was a link between massive assaults on a very young person’s immune systems; and the onset of Autism in numbers of those same children! Whereas the ‘single’ jab, whereby the proven technology of a single dose against a single disease or infexction has been used for many years without problem! Now far be it from me to query those experts who claim that all is well with the ‘MMR’ routine, but there’s an awful lot of cash heading the way of pharmaceutical companies who are pushing the ‘MMR’ route, bhecause they after all, have done their research and produced these ‘wonder’ medications, and we all know that pharmaceutical companies and chemists always tell the truth!


By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006 at 7:39 am

Wonder what you make of the suggestion by the Government’s "Respect Czar" Louise Casey that people who repeatedly flout anti-social behaviour laws should be housed in "sin bins"? Casey, who heads the Respect taskforce, wants to extend family intervention projects to single people who have extremely "chaotic" lifestyles. In an interview with The Independent on Sunday, Ms Casey said that she believed that the expensive boarding-school style regimes were the answer to breaking the cycle of antisocial behaviour.

Pathetic. More liberal doodling.

We already have a place where law-breakers should go – it’s called P-R-I-S-O-N!

Maybe if Government stopped wasting taxpayers money employing the likes of Ms Casey – and started building more prisons with tougher regimes for the housemates- we might actually make some progress.


By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006 at 7:25 am

Is anyone surprised to read that Pumpkin look-a-like (Hat-tip to my friend Alex Kane) Peter Hain would prefer to make "the rich" bear more of the burden for reducing carbon emissions by relating green taxes to income.

The Northern Ireland secretary, campaigning to become deputy prime minister under Gordon Brown, also suggested “innovative ways” were needed to stop the super-wealthy “racing away” from those on average incomes.  Redistribution of wealth or "theft" as it is technically known is never far from the surface amongst our political elite. 

Hain also advocates introducing “progressive” green taxes to hit those on big incomes hardest. So it’s not to do with how environmentally "responsible" one is, it’s to do with how much you EARN?

And therein lies the reality behind the so-called Green Agenda. In the hands of monsters like NuLabour, it just becomes ANOTHER blunt weapon to impose punitive taxation on those people who do not rely on Government for their income.

Hain should be congratulated for showing us all the petty hateful vindictiveness that lies at the heart of this cabal in power.

It looks like Labour and the Conservatives will now compete on who can impose the greatest level of taxation on the British people – in order to save the Planet, naturally. 


By ATWadmin On November 3rd, 2006 at 11:22 am

You know sometimes one focuses so much on the big issues that afflict this world, that tiny tragedies slip by un-noticed. I was reading this news story about how the father of four girls found murdered in their blazing home was concerned about the state of his disintegrating marriage. Friends said Mohammed Riaz, 49, had begun to fear that his Anglo-Pakistani wife, Caneze, was having an affair and it seems one thing led to another and …four young girls lost their lives. Mr Riaz had become devout in his devotion to Islam and centred his life around the local Mosque, apparently.

I have nothing to say about the rights and wrongs of this case other than to observe the desperation, anger and horror that lies behind the headlines. God bless the poor young girls, murdered by their own father. 


By ATWadmin On November 2nd, 2006 at 4:48 pm

We are already one of the most overcrowded countries in the world.  Thanks to the open-door, ‘let any old rubbish that wants to come here settle and  grow wood’  policy of this Labour government, we now have a staggering 1,500 people arriving on our shores every damn day!!  Since this collective monstrosity assumed power nearly ten years ago, immigration has taken place on a scale never before seen.  Simultaneously, indigenous Britons, utterly sick and tired of having to contemplate a country ethnically changing beyond recognition in addition to the appalling weather, are departing in droves. 

Put in simple terms, at the rate of current migration, 10% of the total UK population could be altered in the space of a tad over 5 years.  For Lefties, who love to see the face of our cities littered with every creed and culture you could think of, the idea of the swift death of the UK of old must be a thought guaranteed to warm them through to their toes.  For the rest of us, who totally despise the fact that swathes of our country are now dominated by a mish-mash of different human backgrounds, who can scarcely stand each other let alone the indigenous population, the future is a frightening ethno-vista of ethnic saturation.

For me, this is not about colour, it is about alien culture.  As I’ve said before, you cannot pee in a glass of champagne and still expect it to taste of champagne.  A migratory oversubscription of any group of people will lead to the diminution of a host culture, values and way of life – be it in a swift manner by the stubborn refusal of minorities such as Muslims to integrate, or by the more gradual method of native values diluted by the sheer scale of others who choose to migrate in huge numbers.  A true Conservative opposition would pounce on the facts and pledge to do something about them.  Unfortunately, all three main parties pee in the same bottle of champagne when it comes to dealing with immigration.

A vote for ‘The Other’

By ATWadmin On November 2nd, 2006 at 1:49 pm

Had enough of the main political parties? What I see is pretty pathetic! New Labour has lost all it’s shiny new gloss; is corrupt, truly socialist and dictatorial! Tories are just plain useless! Lib-Dems still with dreams of power; unfortunately, the dreams are wet! They are facing up to, amongst other items, repaying stolen money! Want to see what else is on offer? As any seasoned reporter will do, you go trawling, and see what ends up in the information net! Another blogger has described a couple of the smaller parties as minnows; I’d rather see them as dark horses!

First we have U.K.I.P., which started life as a single-issue protest movement by the anti-Federalist League, has grown to a fully-fledged Party with wide ranging objectives. They haven’t yet made much impression at Westminster, but have a tiny but solid block of ten M.E.P.’s at Brussels. They used to be twelve, but kicked Robert Kilroy-Silk out, and another left of his own volition! The Leader is named Nigel Farage, M.E.P., voted in this year, who was quoted as saying " "Persistent re-offenders should serve longer prison terms and if that means building more prisons, then so be it". Their Party website covers some but not all of the main sectors of political life, but without a big name or a political ‘push’ which might grip the voters, I feel is destined to remain both a Party of Protest at by-elections, and also somewhat overshadowed by the next contender.

The British National Party, successor to the National Front and other allied organisations, rests in the rather canny hands of Nick Griffin, who is just about to face a re-trial on Race-hate charges after a ‘hung’ jury trial on similar charges some months ago! A well-educated, well-spoken and supremely confident man, this leader of the ‘Fascists’ as they are so often called, has revived the fortunes of this cabal, put them on the front pages of newspapers time and time again, pulled senior Labour political figures into a hectic defence of both Council and Parliamentary seats. They really do fear this man, because he is devastating when gripping a microphone, and in these days of a growing protest against the multi-culture ethos so beloved of NuLabour, is speaking the words which many wish to hear. The problem with the B.N.P. unfortunately is that their whole attitude to the ‘Race’ question is akin to the old apartheid’ system in South Africa; a sort of ‘separate but equal’ but ‘we’ll pay you to go home if you wish!’. Unfortunately, one hell of a lot of moslems were now born in Britain, so the question must be asked of the B.N.P. what their attitude is towards these dusky Britons? One item which did raise a whole heap of eyebrows was the reaction to the BNP Election Broadcast entitled ‘Corporal Fox’, which swamped the server on which the website is hosted! I watched it, along with the other political broadcasts, and it beat them all hands down.

We now come to my own particular favourite ‘The Monster Raving Loony Party’! What more can be said about this band of true eccentrics than that they live as they read, and if elected, will go further! For sheer manic fun, there are few things better than to graze through such gems as "We will issue a 99p coin to save on change." and "The Official Monster Raving Loony Party will not join the single European currency. We will invite all Europeans countries to JOIN THE POUND." Simply marvellous; but behind the tomfoolery, there were certain statements made, especially by it’s founder, the late Screaming Lord Sutch, such as:- Demanding to know why there was only one Monopolies Commission, advocating subsidized heated lavatory seats for the aged; lowering the voting age from 21 to 18; legalized commercial radio and all-day pub openings. All but one of these have since become realities. With inspired policies such as "All future Deputy Prime Ministers will be required to be fluent in at least one language to encourage the education system." and "Traffic wardens will be re-named Dick Turpin because, let’s face it, it’s daylight robbery." and the truly classic "All people that think that they have a right to roam will need permission from the Pope.", they ought to be elected in a landslide!