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Even Adversaries see the Threat

By Patrick Van Roy On June 5th, 2015 at 1:00 am

The story speaks for itself. It’s a shame the fool we have elected is deafened to it by his arrogance and ignorance.

Israelis and Saudis Reveal Secret Talks to Thwart Iran


Since the beginning of 2014, representatives from Israel and Saudi Arabia have had five secret meetings to discuss a common foe, Iran. On Thursday, the two countries came out of the closet by revealing this covert diplomacy at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington.

Among those who follow the Middle East closely, it’s been an open secret that Israel and Saudi Arabia have a common interest in thwarting Iran. But until Thursday, actual diplomacy between the two was never officially acknowledged. Saudi Arabia still doesn’t recognize Israel’s right to exist. Israel has yet to accept a Saudi-initiated peace offer to create a Palestinian state.

It was not a typical Washington think-tank event. No questions were taken from the audience. After an introduction, there was a speech in Arabic from Anwar Majed Eshki, a retired Saudi general and ex-adviser to Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi ambassador to the U.S. Then Dore Gold, a former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations who is slotted to be the next director general of Israel’s foreign ministry, gave a speech in English.

While these men represent countries that have been historic enemies, their message was identical: Iran is trying to take over the Middle East and it must be stopped.

Eshki was particularly alarming. He laid out a brief history of Iran since the 1979 revolution, highlighting the regime’s acts of terrorism, hostage-taking and aggression. He ended his remarks with a seven-point plan for the Middle East. Atop the list was achieving peace between Israel and the Arabs. Second came regime-change in Iran. Also on the list were greater Arab unity, the establishment of an Arab regional military force, and a call for an independent Kurdistan to be made up of territory now belonging to Iraq, Turkey and Iran.

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Two Despots together

By Mike Cunningham On November 11th, 2012 at 11:00 am

In a considered effort to supply the conversation preceeding, during, and of course after the investiture of the King Abdul Aziz Medal on David Cameron by the reigning Saudi King, I would like your consideration of the following sentences:-

“Well, yes, your Majesty, it is true that I am a firm believer and proponent of ‘Homosexual Marriage’ especially in a religious place; but please be assured that we would never comment upon other friendly Nations’ attitudes towards those whom we profess to uplift.!

“The order for those BAe Typhoons has been signed, your Majesty, and the other weaponry orders have all been confirmed. Please ignore any further mention of our tiresome Bribery Laws, we will contrive with the weaponry manufacturer to continue to place the necessary funds into the Swiss bank accounts as usual; less my usual fifteen percent finder’s fee!”

“Human Rights. your Majesty? I don’t allow our lot a meaningful vote on anything, so why should I query the practices of a friendly Nation such as yours!”

“Well, of course I have to spout the usual twaddle for the cameras and this tiresome bunch of media reporters, but please be assured, we never, ever mention the small local difficulties which Saudi Arabia deals with so very efficiently. Thanks for the medal, your Majesty!”

“Well, I know that President Obama kissed your hand, but he is, after all, a fellow muslim, so its only natural!”



By David Vance On August 12th, 2012 at 11:45 am

I see Saudi is striking a blow for feminism. Did you read this?

Saudi Arabia is planning to build a new city exclusively for women as it bids to combine strict Sharia law and career minded females, pursuing work. It is thought the Saudi Industrial Property Authority (Modon) has been asked to bring the country up to date with the rest of the modern world with the controversial city, which is now being designed with construction to begin next year. It is hoped it will allow women’s desire to work without defying the country’s Islamic laws.

Ah, how progressive. A city for women. And in 2015, they will even be able to VOTE. Wow, what progress. (Of course if they want to vote they will need a man to drive them to the polling station since, as you know, women are forbidden from driving.) Saudi is a throwback to the dark ages yet because it has OIL it gets so little criticism that it is truly amazing. Under “strict Islam” women are obviously considered as something no working man should witness.

A riddle wrapped in an enigma shrouded in mystery.

By Mike Cunningham On July 13th, 2012 at 1:23 pm


Syria. The country is in an uproar, the military hardliners of President Assad’s regime send their tank and artillery shells against defenceless villages and suburbs where the opposition rebels have been staying. No-one can be in any doubt that multiple massacres have, and indeed are, taking place. A harsh dictatorship is reacting the only way they know how, because, if they do flinch, they will die!

The West hides behind the UN coattails of clowns such as Kofi Annan, and apart from hosting conferences to ‘support’ the so-called Government-in-Exile, are prepared to do nothing else. Russia stands behind their friend Syria, and since no-one else wants to cosy up to them in the Mediterranean, thats the way things will stay. No Libya-style UN Revolution for Syria.

But just look at who is funnelling arms and cash into the hands of the rebels who fight against the Russian-equipped forces of Syria. Yep, Saudi Arabia; itself a ruthless Monarchist regime, which brooks no internal opposition whatsoever, is paying good money, along with the wannabe Qatarese, to help get ever-heavier weaponry into the hands of the Rebel fighters. Just think about that for a second, if you will. Here is one virtual Dictatorship funnelling guns towards the opposition of another Dictatorship.

And they said that Satire is dead!

‘Baroness’ betrays us.

By Mike Cunningham On June 3rd, 2012 at 8:44 am

Further to the revelations about some dragged-up poser who was given honours as well as a Cabinet seat, I was wondering about the following queries.

  • When she was in Saudi Arabia, did she conform to local tradition by being covered in a large tailored blackout curtain with eyeholes?
  • When she was in Saudi Arabia, did she walk behind her husband in due deference to the other local tradition that women have no place except in the home?
  • When she was in Saudi Arabia, did she actually talk with the Department heads or senior members of the Saudi Government, or was it all window dressing?
  • When she was in Saudi Arabia, did she ask for a female chauffeur?


I reckon we should be told!


By David Vance On May 31st, 2012 at 8:00 am

Give this a listen, it’s very good.


By David Vance On February 13th, 2012 at 9:16 am

The totalitarianism of Islam is manifest in this news;

A journalist could be the first person to face the death penalty for remarks made on Twitter after allegedly insulting the Prophet Mohammed. Hamza Kashgari fled his home in Saudi Arabia for Malaysia after some Islamic clerics called for him to be put to death. It is believed he had tweeted his doubts about Mohammed on the Prophet’s birthday last week.

Mr Kashgari’s controversial tweet caused uproar with more than 30,000 responses and a number of death threats. Insulting the prophet is considered blasphemy in Islam and is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia. It is not a capital offence in Malaysia. More than 13,000 people joined a Facebook page called, ‘The Saudi People Demand the Execution of Hamza Kashgari’.

Where is the tolerance? Where is the pluralism? Where is the freedom? A civilised society must allow diverse opinions but in Saudi this seems to be a real problem.

as we know it!

By Mike Cunningham On January 29th, 2012 at 1:44 pm


Although willingly unknowing of much of what is termed ‘popular music’, I believe that the video posted above gives some idea of the commotion caused by the Saudi announcement that the  Saudi Government is to allow women to go to football matches for the first time.

A new stadium being built in Jeddah will include a stand with private cabins for women who wish to attend games.


By David Vance On December 23rd, 2011 at 10:53 am

Ah, what wonderful news.

Barbaric textbooks handed out in Saudi Arabian schools teach children how to cut off a thief’s hands and feet under Sharia law, it has emerged. The shocking books, paid for and printed by the Saudi government, also tell teenagers that Jews need to be exterminated and homosexuals should be ‘put to death’. Recent editions were obtained by the Institute for Gulf Affairs in Washington, D.C., which says they should raise fears in the West over the use of jihadist language.

Barbaric: These textbooks handed out in Saudi Arabian schools teach children how to cut off a thief's hands and feet under Sharia law

The books were published and handed out to 9th and 10th-graders despite Saudi Arabia’s promises to clean up textbooks in the kingdom.

In some regards, Saudi is as bad as Pakistan.

Free-er here, than over where?

By Mike Cunningham On October 4th, 2011 at 1:19 pm

In purely the interests of Freedom of Speech, along with everyone’s right to know, discuss and criticize, I bring you a small advert promoting a Canadian outfit named Ethical Oil.

Seems as though Ethical was preparing to show the ad on Canadian tv, so the Saudis got lawyered-up, and browbeat the Canadian Broadcasting Company into pulling the advert, because it told nothing more than the truth about this disgusting, tyrannical desert regime.

Hope the replays get out all over the shop, old buddy Abdullah (pboh, which is usually translated as ‘ up yours’ Abdullah!)