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Tick Tock

By Patrick Van Roy On August 12th, 2020 at 5:08 pm

I feel like Pope Julius II dealing with Michelangelo……. when will you make an end…..

John Durham’s investigation is like sitting in a room full of people with a bomb ticking away right in the center of the table and everyone knows it’s there, everyone knows it’s going to go off but everyone just act’s like it’s not there…. when it blows the carnage will be horrific 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Russia Hoax And Durham Investigation, ANSWERED!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Russia Hoax And Durham Investigation, ANSWERED!


The numerous stories that result from US Attorney John Durham’s investigation would not be made public until after the election was always silly speculation. Attorney General William Barr had stated on the record that it would happen by the end of the summer.  Both he and Durham are smart enough to realize that anything immediately before or after the election would be politically troublesome.  So, sometime around labor day is the likely conclusion.

Yeah we’ve been hearing this all year…. the Chicom Flu put everything on hold, but this bomb is going to go off.

Durham has a reputation for being a serious guy who scrupulously follows the law and ignores politics.  He’s an intrepid investigator.  He has far more tools in his box than the DOJ Inspector General whose powers were limited.  So, Durham has a greater chance of uncovering the truth behind the Russia Hoax.

No he’s a puppet of Trump a stooge like Barr, it’s all a conspiracy fake.

So much of the “collusion” case against Trump was built on the weak foundation of the phony Steele dossier that was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC. Four days after Trump was inaugurated, the FBI debunked it by interviewing Steele’s primary source, Igor Danchenko. The FBI learned from him that it was nothing more than multiple hearsay from “random associates” and his drinking buddies.  The main accusations were all untrue.

Blaspheme…. The Steele Dossier was handed down on the mount written with a finger of fire on stone tablets. 

Comey and the FBI should have ended their investigation and withdrawn their spy warrants against Carter Page.  Instead, they concealed the information from Congress, the president, and the American people.  They escalated their investigation of Trump that then evolved into a 22-month long probe by a special counsel who should never have been appointed.  Thus, one illegitimate investigation beget another.

Trump is a Russian Spy the country must be protected from itself…. the White Knight James Comey will save us.

No reasonable person can look at this and not come to the conclusion that it was politically motivated and driven by anti-Trump bias.  How is it possible that a small group of unelected but powerful government officials could convince tens of millions of Americans that Trump was a Russian asset.  It’s outrageous… and the greatest mass delusion in political history.

Reason left a lot of peoples heads when Trump won.


The Durham criminal investigation appears to be focused on several areas:

Did the FBI abuse their power by launching an investigation of Trump and his campaign in the summer of 2016 for political reasons and without the required legal predicate?

Did U.S. officials out-source intelligence operations to foreign governments to spy on Americans?

Did government officials lie to FISA judges and defraud the court in obtaining warrants to spy on Carter Page?

Was Michael Flynn unfairly targeted for political reasons and was exculpatory evidence deliberately concealed.
Did Obama administration officials unmask incoming Trump officials improperly and for political reasons?

Did people, like John Brennan, make false representations about whether the dossier was used as part of the intelligence assessment?

Everyone of those acts is a Felony, most can also be Sedition, and Treason.


It’s a mistake to automatically assume there will be a “Durham report,” as is frequently stated in the media.  Any report that reveals the conduct of individuals not indicted is against DOJ rules.  So, Durham would have to obtain a waiver.  He may do that.  But it’s more likely that he will issue several indictments that contain information about his findings or issue both a report and indictments.

There will be no report, a summary will be released. Durham is not writing a report he is conducting a criminal investigation that will either produce Indictments or it won’t. He is a Prosecuting Attorney General not an IG Inspector like Horowitz was.  Horowitz referred 15 people for Prosecution that were never prosecuted. Durham does not have to “refer” he has full authority to Indict and Prosecute.

Barr has suggested there will be indictments.  But he also said that not all wrongdoing or abuse of power constitutes felony crimes.  That is a key point often overlooked.  Barr is correct.

The evidence is compelling that Comey, McCabe and Strzok were profoundly corrupt and abused their positions of power.  In a just world they’d be indicted for deprivation of rights, fraud, conspiracy to defraud, and obstruction and/or perjury.   But I’m not optimistic that this malevolent trio will ever be held accountable.  Why?  Their deviousness worked to their advantage in covering up their bad acts.

I believe Jarret’s summary conclusion is wrong. I believe we will have the pleasure of seeing at least Crooked Cop James Comey do the Perp Walk, I believe it will not only be him but several others will be in cuffs right at his side. 

This is about the Republic, about Civil Rights and the Equal Application of the Law. I watched an interview with AG Barr on Sunday night, a full hour with Mark Levin. What struck me as I watched the interview was if I could get every liberal I knew past their bile to sit and listen to what I heard I believe their view in their heart if not in public would be put at ease about Barr. He is everything the 60s protesters wanted an AG that want’s justice treated out equally blindly. It was a delightful recitation of real principals. 

No there are going to be Prosecutions after that interview I have ZERO doubt. That Bomb is going off…..

Trump holds news conference from NJ, signs executive orders on coronavirus relief

By Patrick Van Roy On August 8th, 2020 at 11:14 pm


Announcing the tiring of the Democrats playing Politics with the Chicom Flu, President Trump signed several Executive Orders to start the flow of money and help to people in need that the Democrats let expire at the end of last month and have been holding up for blackmail.

Half this video is Trump listing the implementation of voter fraud , and other goodies the Democrats stuffed into thier 3 1/2 Trillion Dollar “RELIEF” Bill, that less than the first Trillian is even designated for dealing with the issues from the Chicom Flu. 

August 8 1974

By Patrick Van Roy On August 8th, 2020 at 10:47 pm

Left reeling from the Watergate scandal, and facing the looming prospect of impeachment, President Richard Nixon broadcasts his decision to resign. A first in US presidential history, the resignation will become official the next day, ending an infamous chapter in political corruption.


By Patrick Van Roy On August 2nd, 2020 at 3:19 pm

This weeks choice are two songs by an artist I admire and two of his Musical commentaries on life.



Bonus track

The 3 Ring Circus

By Patrick Van Roy On July 29th, 2020 at 1:06 am

The Clown Show was on TV all day as The House Judiciary Committee finally got to grill Attorney General Barr en bloc. There was no rhyme or reason to this show other than bread and circus for the unwashed. The Democrats questioning when they bothered to stop pontificating, which wasn’t often went like this…..

Congress Person: AG Barr can you explain xyz…. AG Barr: Well Congress Person and before the next word could come from his lips. Congress Person: I would like to reclaim my time….

And Barr would not be allowed to answer. This went on all day from the Democrats, they would throw accusations , bark a question and when Barr would start to answer…. I would like to reclaim my time…. never being allowed to be heard in a so called hearing. Par for the course of today’s Elected Officials…. The man asked at one point for 5min to go pee and Nadler told him NO!

Here are the 3 opening statements. That is all anyone had to watch, beyond would be self inflicted torture.







Reclaiming my time

99 Day’s…..

By Patrick Van Roy On July 28th, 2020 at 3:10 am

A beginning of the week musical interlude….. The Election is 99 Day’s away and we’ve got 99 problems but the B ain’t one….. the video is from the Telegraph, the Music is from Hugo……. the rioters are from the Democrats.



By Patrick Van Roy On July 27th, 2020 at 7:46 pm

Context: This arrest came after Molotov cocktails were thrown at the courthouse lighting fires, and multiple explosive projectiles

Let’s go down the rabbit hole…..

By Patrick Van Roy On July 25th, 2020 at 4:52 pm

Drift on into the mind and heart of just an average American shithoarder and individualist, let me give you an unvarnished glimpse into the perspective of this majority of 1……

As I sit hidden away in a tin box on the farm my view is vast and unimpeded filtered, categorized, and interpreted through the only lens that matters… mine.

The world is a mess and everyone is hollerin at everyone. Which is actually a sign of growth. If we were following the trend of human history a collapse of the magnitude the whole world just got hit with nations would be shooting at each other by now, so pat ourselves on the back the species may actually be evolving.

As this is a U.K. site and most of it’s footprint is on that side of the pond those who venture here get the treat of reading the view of the otherside of America. The clinging to our Bibles and Guns side. The view that all Americans know is out here, festering, but really don’t want to gaze at it in the hopes that it will go away…. it won’t. So as Hunter S Thompson used to like to mutter “Lets whip together a few raw facts, some ole negro wisdom, and get this story told”

I don’t like making predictions, my record is atrocious to say the least. It’s why I try never to gamble, but I will be making a few predictions today.

In 101 days we gonna have us an Election….. that is the only thing that matters. Every piece of news and event is seen through that lens and that lens only. The Virus, The Riots, Sports, even the damn Weather….. How’s it going to effect the election. And the view that is projected at us and the rest of the world is slanted.

Joe Biden is going to be the Next President, and the Democrats are going to win control of both the House and Senate…. yeah and pigs are gonna fly, but if you listen to the news, read any paper or Poll that is what you will be told.

The Nation was locked down for 5 months, they won’t let us out of our homes without the leash of a paper mask. Yet they are allowing Animals to riot. They are honoring the rioters in every major sport by spitting on our Flag and our Anthem. Politicians are honoring animals painting their allegiance to them in 30ft yellow letters in the streets while corporations kneel and run ads and add symbols to their products  in support of rioting animals.

If you speak out against this you are threatened. You will be attacked verbally, sometimes physically, people are even losing their jobs for saying they support the President….. you really think this is America ?

Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is a term that is way over used “The Silent Majority” the boogeyman to every politician and every member of the MSM. The unwashed uncouth rude and believed to be uneducated everyday people. Those that cling to their bibles and guns. The thing is though that boogeyman is real. It only rears it’s head on occasion, Reagan’s 2nd Term Election, Bush’s 2nd Term Election, and Obama’s first Midterm Election…. the beast rose and stomped it’s foot.

The beast is rising, mark my words. There will be no words, no hollering, no shooting, but there will be a Reckoning.


101 days and the clocks ticking.


You can’t force someone to wear a mask, you can’t force someone get a vaccination, you can’t infringe on one persons rights and give passes to others…..

The Good Mothers of Portland

By Patrick Van Roy On July 23rd, 2020 at 9:58 pm

The Paper of Record

By Patrick Van Roy On July 23rd, 2020 at 9:31 pm

The New York Times in 2017 falsely reported that the Trump campaign had ‘repeated’ contacts with Russian intelligence officials during the 2016 campaign, and instead of being held accountable for publishing lies, the story’s authors received Pulitzer prizes.

The FBI official who ran the investigation into whether the Donald Trump campaign colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 presidential election privately admitted in newly released notes that a major New York Times article was riddled with lies, falsehoods, and “misleading and inaccurate” information. The February 2017 story was penned by three reporters who would win Pulitzers for their reporting on Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia.