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Ah the rabble is howling……

By Patrick Van Roy On March 23rd, 2019 at 1:40 pm

As we all now know the Mueller Report has been finished. After 675 days and $25 Million spent on the Mueller investigation, and over 180 days costing god knows how much spent on the illegal spying on the Trump Campaign NO COLLUSION has been found.

COLLUSION isn’t even a crime.

The Obama administration Illegally used the IRS/FBI/DOJ/NSA/CIA to attack a political opponent. He abused his Power. He ordered the cover up of Hillary Clinton’s Crimes of Espionage and the destruction of a political opposition party’s candidate.

When the witch didn’t Win the FBI/DOJ engaged in Sedition to undermine a fairly elected President and to UNDUE an American Election.

They have all committed Treason.

Now that the fishing expedition is done after destroying the lives of 6 Americans because they had the nerve to work for a candidate the DNC didn’t like. The circus is not over even though they lost. There will be things they try to expand on and make crimes out of from the report, but all the indictments on the right are done…. it won’t stop the Dems from trying.

Now however the Prosecution of Comey, Yates, Lynch, McCabe, Rosenstein and a dozen others in the FBI/DOJ who BROKE THE LAW can begin.

The conspiracy goes all the way up……

By Patrick Van Roy On March 22nd, 2019 at 6:44 pm


Recently declassified testimony/emails/Texts from McCabe and Paige show that the White House and the DOJ/FBI had a major meeting about the grounds for the FISA Warrants.

The FBI was worried about basing everything on Biased FABRICATED stories. The information reveals that not only were they using the FAKE Steele Dossier, but they also were using “blog posts” from one of James Comey’s close friends.

Comey would leak information to his buddy who would then write about, Paige then would use the articles as evidence backing up their suspicions about Trump including them in the FISA applications as if it was corroborating their suspicions even though Comey was the source……

The Senior Members of the FBI/DOJ met with the White House and WH Counsel to confer on how to approach the FISA court with their fabricated evidence to get a Warrant to Spy on a Candidate for President.

This is Criminal Abuse of Power that goes right to Obama.

What did he know and when did he know it?

You can read more here

It’s Called Treason and Sedition

By Patrick Van Roy On February 15th, 2019 at 3:59 pm

Andrew McCabe admits in public and in a book that he is guilty of Treason and Sedition. That he along with the upper echelon of the Justice Department and the FBI conspired to undermine an elected President.

Things must be put in perspective.  First McCabe was Fired from the FBI for Lying under oath, and Leaking to the Press. His violations were so egregious that he was fired the day before his retirement to deny him his pension. He claims that he was doing so because he believed the President may have won with the Aid of Russia.

Now McCabe, Comey, Rosenstein, and Loretta Lynch KNEW that the only “evidence” against President Trump was the Steel Dossier. Even the target they used to get a warrant from the FISA COURT to plant spies and wiretap the Campaign during the Election Carter Page never met with any russian, he met with a CIA/FBI spy and campaign donor to Hillary Clinton who asked him if he knew about the Clinton emails.

Everyone in command at the FBI/DOJ knew the Steel Dossier was not only a piece of fiction but that it consisted of phoney stories created by the Russians and bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign through a Foreign agent. If there ever was such a Crime as “Collusion” that would be it.

There is no other “evidence” against the President.  There is NO CRIME that was committed to initiate an investigation let alone appoint a special counsel. This is a Conspiracy of the highest ranking members of the FBI/DOJ/CIA to cover up the crimes of one candidate while setting the other candidate up for false prosecution. To first undermine the Trump Campaign and if that did not work to create an insurance policy of false accusations and nonstop investigations to undermine his Presidency.

McCabe even admits later in the interview that they tried to see if they could evoke the 25th Amendment to have him removed. Brainstorming with “his team” who in the cabinet they could approach and whether or not they could get the vice president to go along.

That is Sedition and Treason…..

The 25th Amendment was designed for when a President has become incapacitated or needs to be removed after impeachment or in the case of physical or medical impairment.  It’s creation became an apparent need after Woodrow Wilson an already disaster of a President had a stroke in the second year of his second term.

Despite already being in poor health, and against the advice of his doctors, President Wilson crossed the nation by train in the fall of 1919 in a “whistle stop” campaign to win public support for his League of Nations plan. With the nation in a predictable post-war desire for international isolationism, he enjoyed little success and was rushed back to Washington after collapsing from physical exhaustion.

Wilson never fully recovered and finally suffered a massive stroke on October 2, 1919.
Edith immediately began making decisions. After consulting with the president’s doctors, she refused to make her husband resign and allow the vice president to take over. Instead, Edith began what she would later call her one-year and five-month long “stewardship”

What event had taken place? Had President Trump suffered a stroke, been shot, succumbed to pneumonia,  succumbed to Cancer or any major ailment? Has he been seen walking down the hallways of the white house arguing with the Portraits of other Presidents??? Nixon was…. No none of these events have occured.

A group of the Highest ranking members of the American Justice and Intelligence Departments of the United States Government Conspired on how to Remove a Duly Elected President with the 25th Amendment for no other reason than disagreement with his policies.

That is the definition of Treason.

Little Commie Liar

By Patrick Van Roy On February 10th, 2019 at 2:41 pm

On Feb. 5, the congressional office of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted a new blog entry under “energy issues” detailing her “Green New Deal” proposal and answering “frequently asked questions.”

The page, announcing an 8:30 a.m. launch on Feb. 7, is now gone, and a top adviser suggested Friday it was actually authored and distributed by the GOP.

So the crazy commie puts out a manifesto that I think she plagiarized from a kook that used to live in a cabin and blow things up…..  AOCs manifesto was praised and lauded by Democrats and Environmentalists alike. A good portion of the rest of the country peed themselves laughing.

Why 100% clean and renewable and not just 100% renewable? Are you
saying we won’t transition off fossil fuels?
Yes, we are calling for a full transition off fossil fuels and zero greenhouse gases.
Anyone who has read the resolution sees that we spell this out through a plan that
calls for eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from every sector of the economy.
Simply banning fossil fuels immediately won’t build the new economy to replace it –
this is the plan to build that new economy and spells out how to do it technically. We
do this through a huge mobilization to create the renewable energy economy as fast
as possible. We set a goal to get to net-zero, rather than zero emissions, in 10 years
because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and
airplanes that fast, but we think we can ramp up renewable manufacturing and
power production, retrofit every building in America, build the smart grid, overhaul
transportation and agriculture, plant lots of trees and restore our ecosystem to get
to net-zero.

So now Sunday the 10th 3 days later this is the tale….  According to AOC and her people the version SHE put out on the 7th is a GOP conspiracy. The GOP put a fake proposal out from her office from her website to undermine her credibility….

You can’t make this stuff up. I don’t know what’s sadder that this woman is in office or that New Yorkers consistently vote commies and crazies into office…. well they are representatives of “the people”.

The proposal was ridiculed immediately. It’s main proposal was the complete elimination of fossil fuels within 12 years. That to her was the easy part as she says above it won’t be easy to eliminate all greenhouse gas emission that fast, as she states here:  We set a goal to get to net-zero, rather than zero emissions, in 10 years because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast, I am sure politicians will still be able to fly but those farting cows well they’ve just got to go.

God save the Republic.

Her original proposal disappeared from her site, but I copied it first, it’s right here.

Common Sense

By Patrick Van Roy On January 6th, 2019 at 2:54 pm

Here is the full story from NPR about the Report just released. Please read and comment on it’s conclusions and suggestions.

Parkland Shooting Panel Report Calls For Arming Teachers, Chronicles Slew Of Blunders

A blistering report released on Wednesday by an investigative panel looking into the Valentine’s Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida last year, exposes a litany of school security breaches and chaotic protocol leading to the deaths of 17 students and faculty, and it recommends arming teachers to prevent or slow future on-campus attacks.

The probe also tears into school staff and sheriff’s deputies involved in the incident, some of whom it says contradicted “ample evidence” captured on video and audio surveillance footage. The Public Safety Commission argues they either intentionally told falsehoods or offered differing accounts due to incompetence.

“All stakeholders—school districts, law enforcement, mental health providers, city and county governments, funding entities, etc. — should embrace the opportunity to change and make Florida schools the safest in the nation,” the report says in its opening pages, which includes short biographies of each of the victims.

“There must be a sense of urgency—and there is not, across-the-board—in enhancing school safety,” it says.

The analysis, comprising a 439-page report, examines “what happened leading up to the shooting and the law enforcement response.” That includes a moment-by-moment recounting of the shooting as well as a comprehensive scrutiny of the shooter’s life – Nikolas Cruz — from birth through the Feb. 14, 2018.

The report and its recommendations were sent to the governor’s office and legislature for consideration.

“We will not wait, we will be vigilant and we, like the legislature, expect compliance and change with urgency,” the Commission says.

Among the most controversial recommendations for the state legislature is that it should expand the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program “to allow teachers who volunteer,” and get training, to carry concealed firearms on campuses.

Under the program — named in honor of the football coach who died while protecting students during the attack — administrators and other staff can receive training to carry concealed weapons. But only teachers with a military or law enforcement background are allowed to participate in the program.

President Trump has repeatedly called for arming teachers as a means of making schools safer spaces. “We have to have offensive capability to take these people out rapidly before they can do this kind of damage,” Trump told reporters at a news conference in the weeks following the tragedy in Parkland.

He also reasoned that security guards “don’t love the students” as teachers do, NPR reports.

However, the Florida Education Association, which represents teachers, and the Florida PTA, both oppose the expansion of the law believing more guns on campus will make schools less safe, the Miami Herald reports.

Several chapters of the report chronicle myriad security breakdowns, systemic school security failures and the absence of a cohesive protocol that allowed Cruz to easily enter the campus and embark on the shooting rampage: Gates and doors were left unlocked while others were inaccessible just when students needed additional hiding spaces; there were no public address system speakers in the hallways that might have improved communication throughout the bloody chaos.

Additionally, the report notes that a recent shift in policy by Broward Sheriff Scott Israel, telling deputies that they “may” enter a building where there is an active shooter, where previously they were trained to enter, created confusion and led to inaction by eight deputies responding to the active shooter.

According to the report, Deputy Scot Peterson, the school’s only dedicated armed security officer on the day of the shooting, opted not to enter the building where Cruz had begun firing on students and teachers. Instead, he took up what the report calls a “hiding place” at the base of a stairwell for 48 minutes and only emerged after Cruz had run off campus and into the surrounding neighborhood where he was eventually arrested.

The report also notes Peterson was repeatedly untruthful about where he was from the moment he first heard the gunshots through the end of the massacre. In a statement given on Feb. 16, 2018, to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Peterson said that he was in his office at the time he heard what he believed to be firecrackers. But video indicates he was elsewhere on campus.

The Commission also found fault with the FBI for its failure to follow up on tips regarding Cruz and the danger he posed to students and faculty months before the attack.

Similarly, it details several instances in which parents and students allege they approached Principal Ty Thompson and Assistant Principal Jeff Morford with concerns about Cruz’ behavior, claims both men deny.

Still, the report says, “Investigators found Morford to be remarkably absent-minded in remembering details about various events and/or being intentionally deceptive.”

The panel called for a broad evaluation of existing mental health and social services “to ensure they are producing the desired results.” It stressed services should focus on “evidence-based best practices with specific metrics to measure outcomes.

Gov. Rick Scott, whose last day in office is Jan. 8, said he will review the report.

Now the fun begins

By Patrick Van Roy On November 7th, 2018 at 4:10 pm

President Trump’s agenda is Dead. No wall, no Immigration reform, the Tax cuts will not be made permanent, etc etc etc We are now in a state of gridlock for the next two years.

The Democrats ran a great midterm, they had tradition on their side with the fact that except for three times in history the party that won the White House losses seats in the next election, but that’s not why they won. They won because for the most part they ran good candidates. They ran Veterans and some other good solid candidates.

The Republicans blew it. The House Republicans for 2 years have ran away from Trump. They got nothing accomplished in 2 years except one Bill, Tax Cuts. They made their choice to run away from the President and gave no reason for Republican voters to support them, while Democrats motivated their supporters to vote.

Turn out broke records all over the country. My youngest Daughter voted for the first time, a Democrat…. she worked the polls, rang door bells, handed out pamphlets. Her candidate Jess King lost, but I’m proud that she actually participated and more than by just voting. Both my daughters votes cancelled out my wife and my votes.

The newly elected members of Congress take office January 15th 2019. I congratulate them and wish them well in their agenda. May they pursue every campaign promise they made. Impeachment, Subpoenas, and Endless Investigations.


Senate 52 Republicans – 45 Democrats


House 220 Democrats – 197 Republicans 

The Equal Rule of Law……. but not for the Judge

By Patrick Van Roy On September 21st, 2018 at 7:49 pm

Acts 25:16 Context

13And after certain days king Agrippa and Bernice came unto Caesarea to salute Festus. 14And when they had been there many days, Festus declared Paul’s cause unto the king, saying, There is a certain man left in bonds by Felix: 15About whom, when I was at Jerusalem, the chief priests and the elders of the Jews informed me, desiring to have judgment against him. 16To whom I answered, It is not the manner of the Romans to deliver any man to die, before that he which is accused have the accusers face to face, and have licence to answer for himself concerning the crime laid against him. 17Therefore, when they were come hither, without any delay on the morrow I sat on the judgment seat, and commanded the man to be brought forth. 18Against whom when the accusers stood up, they brought none accusation of such things as I supposed: 19But had certain questions against him of their own superstition, and of one Jesus, which was dead, whom Paul affirmed to be alive.

This has now ventured deep into the very heart of the Law.  As shown in the verse above ALL People have the right to face their accuser. To know the accusations against them. Back to the days of the Romans this has been True.

But no longer.

Judge Kavanaugh is not awarded that basic human right. He must defend himself before he has been accused. Before he knows the true and full nature of the charges being brought against him by his accuser.  High officials our stating his Guilt even before one word has been spoken under oath against him. Guilty Until Proven Innocent.

Senator Gillibrand believes Judge Kavanaugh’s Guilty before ever hearing a single word from Ms. Ford and these are her reasons why:

“I don’t think he’s qualified because of his record on women’s issues, specifically. He doesn’t believe that women should have the ability to make decisions about their reproductive freedom. He believes that your boss should decide whether or not you have access to birth control. And if he has this history, then he is unfit for the court, and he doesn’t have the character or integrity.”

Gillibrand concluded by stating of Ford, “I believe her. Her story is credible. If you listen to everything about it, the fact that she told her therapist about it five years ago, a friend most recently, she told a reporter before Kavanaugh was even named to be a nominee. This is a woman who has endured trauma, and — as experts have said, this is what trauma looks like. These — it gets relived much later in time. A lot of — you don’t remember everything, you remember the most poignant moments.”

Christine Blasey Ford and her Attorney are DEMANDING that this is now the Standard of Law. Her and her team state that she will not testify unless Judge Kavanaugh testifies in his defense first.

Not only are you Presumed Guilty and must Prove your innocence, you must do so before you know the nature of the charges.

That is the Standard in a Totalitarian System of Law NOT our Constitutional System.

We must hear the accusers accusations under oath and hear the defendants defence under oath. Impartially judging each on their credibility. That is the basic standard of Law in all civilised nations back to the time of Rome.

However the Democrats NO LONGER believe a man is innocent in regards to sexual misconduct. He is automatically guilty. He must PROVE his innocence.   Why? Because he is an Old White Male and a Republican. A guilty evil predator no matter what his lifelong record shows.

If we have learned anything over the past 10yrs the Democrats support a 2 tier Justice System. One for them and a Lessor one for everyone else. These people are a cancer. If they are allowed to continue this abuse of Basic Human Rights the Republic is doomed.

When Race is the first card you play…..

By Patrick Van Roy On August 30th, 2018 at 10:19 pm

If you are a Black Democrat running against a White Republican it is guaranteed that at some point during the campaign you’re going to throw the race card.  It’s just a fact. It’s usually a measure saved for when you need a bump in your poll numbers or you need to hurt your White Republican Opponent because they are running away with the election.

Well not this time…… The Democrats in Florida have picked a Black Socialist to run for Governor Andrew Gillum.  The Republican is Ron DeSantis a Trump backed Candidate.  In his victory speech DeSantis had the NERVE to use the word Monkey in a sentence. He didn’t call his opponent a Monkey but he used the word….. and of course if your white and you use the word Monkey well you’re calling black people the N word…..

Here is the statement, please give it a listen and tell me if you hear racism in the following comments.

and here is the reaction.

So no racial remark was made, but Gillum plays the race card while then saying he’s above it…..

If you have to start your campaign by playing the Race Card even if you wind up winning you’re a Loser.


By Patrick Van Roy On August 26th, 2018 at 9:22 pm

Senator John Sidney McCain III, served 4 years as a Congressman and 31 years as a United States Senator.  During his time in Congress he epitomized everything that is wrong with the American Political System.

First I would like to give a brief history of his early life.

McCain graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1958 and followed his father and grandfather—both four-star admirals—into the U.S. Navy. He became a naval aviator and flew ground-attack aircraft from aircraft carriers.

He finished 5th from the bottom in his class at Annapolis.

Before I go any further I do want to acknowledge that after his failure on a bombing mission in which he was shot down in Vietnam he was taken Prisoner. McCain’s conduct as an American Serviceman during this time is above reproach. Because of who his family was he could have been released, and could have received special treatment. McCain did neither, he acted with the highest  Honor and deserves nothing but praise for this period of his life.  It’s a shame that this was the only time he deserves praise.

During the course of his flying career with the U.S. Navy, McCain was involved in at least five major mishaps or crashes involving his plane. The most dramatic incidents occurred in 1967.  It is standard policy that if you wreck one plane due to pilot error you lose your Pilot privileges, but when your father and grandfather are 4 star Admirals McCain is proof that rank has it’s privilege.

John McCain was training in his AD-6 Skyraider on an overcast Texas morning in 1960 when he slammed into Corpus Christi Bay and sheared the skin off his plane’s wings.

McCain was “clowning” around in a Skyraider over southern Spain about December 1961 and flew into electrical wires, causing a blackout, according to McCain’s own account as well as those of naval officers and enlistees aboard the carrier Intrepid.

McCain had another accident with a T-2 trainer jet in November 1965, while flying between New York City and Norfolk, Va. The Naval Aviation Safety Center was unable to determine the precise cause of the accident or the degree of pilot error. McCain wrote later that his engine “flamed out” and he had to eject.

After McCain was sent to Vietnam, his plane was destroyed in an explosion on the deck of an aircraft carrier in 1967 that killed 134 sailors and injured 161. Three months later, he was shot down during a bombing mission over Hanoi and taken prisoner.

He was protected, coddled, and given special favor his whole Naval Career. He was a failure as a Pilot and should have never been allowed in a cockpit. I will not elaborate on the damage he caused, the wrecks, injuries, and deaths speak to all that needs to be said.

After retiring from the Military and a few years of rehab and psychotherapy McCain ventured into Politics.

His time in office was spent lining his pockets and promoting himself above all else. He was part of the Keating Five, 4 Democrats and him sold heir influence to stop a regulatory investigation by the Federal Home Loan Bank Board (FHLBB). The FHLBB subsequently backed off taking action against Lincoln Savings and Loan.

Lincoln Savings and Loan collapsed in 1989, at a cost of $3.4 billion to the federal government (taxpayers). Some 23,000 Lincoln bondholders were defrauded and lost their life savings.

At this point in his career after receiving a “reprimand” for his misbehavior and the 1.3 Million Dollar bribe he had received, McCain blamed it all on campaign financing. At this time he went on a holy crusade attacking The exercise of Free Speech. He became a Traitor to his Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. No matter what he did from this point on he always came back to trying to limit peoples free speech in elections because he was caught up in corruption that he blamed the freedom for rather than his own lack of morality.

One of the other disgraces of the mans career was the Gang of 14. The gang of 14 prevented the 109th Congress from ending the modern Unconstitutional practice of the Filibuster for Judges. McCain was a primary organizer of this group to prevent his own party from removing the Judicial Filibuster.

McCain ran for President twice. The first time beaten by GW Bush, the second time he would have lost the nomination to Mitt Romney but made a deal with Mike Huckabee to stay in the race to block Romney from getting the South Carolina delegates which would have given him the best chance to win the nomination.

McCain spent his political career betraying both the people of the United States and his party all for his own self aggrandizement. His last act as a Senator was the perfect  ending and summation of his career. After 7 years of campaigning and promising to end the disaster of Obamacare. The scumbag waited till his vote was the deciding vote and as a last F**k You to the American People he betrayed all those promises and voted against repeal. Once again pissing on everyone for his own fame and bitterness.

Watch his lies….

after all that this is what he did

So as you read and watch the praise lauded onto this man now that he is dead I say it is disgusting to praise a man that spent a Lifetime enriching himself off the American Taxpayer, a man who wallowed in corruption and was a bitter lying scumbag to the end.

Glad to see you go Senator. Thank you for being the ultimate poster boy for Term Limits and giving us 35 years of historical record of everything that needs to be fixed with our elected officials.

What will Trump do next?

By Patrick Van Roy On August 12th, 2018 at 6:30 am


There’s an old rule in American Politics and it is once again proving true.

Whatever the Democrat accuses the Republican of doing, It is the EXACT act that they are engaging in.

The Charge against Donald Trump is that he “colluded” with the Russians to influence the Election.

The Investigation has been going on now for 2 years, so what have we learned? It’s a simple question. Every possible scenario of every possible crime has been speculated about. Every piece of derogatory “evidence” has been leaked to the Press. If they had found ANYTHING remotely criminal on Trump it would have been the club they bludgeoned him to political death with by now.

Despite all the calls of how corrupt and dirty Trump is constantly being accused of, this investigation proves that he’s clean. Other than a taste for the occasional high price hooker (which is morally despicable) not one bit of dirt has been uncovered, and you are not going to undo an election over two hookers from ten years ago. Sorry but that won’t happen.

What we have discovered as part of this investigation is that Mueller is so desperate to get anything he is proceeding to try and put a man away for 320yrs for Tax Evasion from ten years ago. Why? To get Manafort to either tell him something or make something up that they can try and nail on Trump.

Manafort from the looks of it committed these crimes, but he committed them with Tony Podesta and Democrat connections in the Ukraine. Podesta who could also get over 320 years was given immunity for testimony. The guy who testified this week against Manafort was given immunity for a 100 year sentence, and still there is a good chance Manafort will walk.

That is the only “Crime” Mueller has found. Nothing to do with Trump or the Election.

What we have discovered in the course of these past two years and in a large part due to this investigation is a web of deceit, corruption, and criminal behavior that the Clinton Campaign, the FBI, the DOJ, and high ranking members of the Obama Administration committed to protect Hillary Clinton from criminal charges in her multiple violations of the Espionage Act. While at the same time all of the above committed multiple felonies to interfere in a Presidential Election, followed up by acts of sedition against a sitting President.

The Clinton Campaign hired an Ex-British MI6 intelligence agent Christopher Steele laundering the payments through Fusion GPS to gather opposition research on Trump from the Russians. Steele paid the Russians for their “Data” and Steele compiled it into a dossier in the form of an intelligence brief.

This “Brief” was given to James Clapper and John Brennan who then leaked it to Democrat members of Congress, The Press, and finally the FBI/DOJ.  The DOJ gave the dossier to the same team that was in the process of protecting Hillary from criminal charges, but who immediately jumped on it to use the dossier to undermine the Trump campaign. Actually engaging in a Federal Investigation as a tool to stop a political candidate.

George Papadopoulos was the perfect dupe. A well placed person in the Trump Campaign who was not good at handling his liquor and who was riding the high point of his career working on a Presidential Campaign. In a bar in England a beautiful woman started drinking with him. Pumping up his ego while he got drunk in a bar that just happened to have Australia’s top diplomat in Britain: Alexander Downer… who also was a multi-million dollar contributor to the Clinton Foundation.

A drunk Papadopoulos told Downer “that Moscow had thousands of emails that would embarrass Mrs. Clinton, apparently stolen in an effort to try to damage her campaign”. Mr. Downer immediately phoned the FBI.

The FBI then used that bit of information combined with the “dossier” to a FISA Judge and presented this made up evidence as VERIFIED TRUTH that the Russians were working with the Trump Campaign getting permission to “wiretap”, and plant moles into the Trump Campaign.  They presented this falsified information 4 times to the FISA Court. 3 times before the Election and once after Trump had won.

The last time after the election the phoney evidence was presented by Rosenstein to the FISA Court once again testifying that the information was true and verified.

This same phoney info was then used by Rosenstein to appoint Mueller as a Special Counsel. Creating the first time in History that a Special Council was appointed without a pre-existing crime to investigate. Mueller was given the unprecedented mandate “to find a crime”. As we know so far after two years, a 10yr old tax evasion case against a man who was working for the Democrats at the time of his crimes is the only thing he’s found.

The Question what will Trump do?

Until the next election that takes place in less than 90 days – nothing. He can’t. After the election if the Republicans still hold the House and the Senate only then can he act.

The current GOP Leadership hate Trump as much as the Democrats and the Press. They also do not know how to lead or exercise the power they have in controlling those two bodies. This and this alone could cost them the Control of both Houses of Congress.

To counter the GOPs ineptness Trump will spend what is left of the 90 days campaigning for as many Republicans as possible. If they maintain control Trump will start dismantling this farce.  If the Republicans lose he’ll be fighting for his life against impeachment.