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Hesitation costs lives

By Patrick Van Roy On September 14th, 2014 at 1:48 pm

The Obama Administration is “building a Coalition” to fight the threat of IZZY.  In the meantime IZZY laughs and cuts off another head for a commercial. “Welcome to the vacation land of IZZY you’ll have so much fun, you’ll lose your head”

First I’ll state what should have already been done, then I’ll breakdown what has been achieved so far.

What should have been done is as the President was speaking the other night announcing his plans for cleaning up the mess he has created, Air Strikes should have been taking place.  Due to the lack of ground assets in the area the Aircraft that can be used for bombing are limited.  A larger majority of our planes still only drop guided missiles that require someone on the ground to light the target.

That leaves a select group of Aircraft to hit precise targets without massive collateral casualties,  Cruise Missiles, and Drones.  The group could have been decimated in a single strike in less than an hour.  It wouldn’t have destroyed them but it would have incapacitated them for the 2 years that Obama needs to leave office gracefully. He blew the first opportunity.

The current opportunity and the real problem is IZZY is making $97 Million a Month selling Oil at $40 a Barrel. That makes them a threat that has brought the Arab Nations to draw lines. IZZY controls 3 Oil Fields, 2 in Syria 1 in Iraq. This could be squashed in less than 30 minutes with a Cruise Missile attack.  What is Obama waiting for and why?

If we strike the 3 oil fields we screw them logistically. IZZY is not Al-Qaeda, they are a State and must be dismantled as one. This is the threat that has pushed the Saudis to drag it’s Arab Allies to the Table. The lines that are forming are the same ones that formed under Saudi Leadership in WWI.(The Turks have withdrawn from the group)  The Egyptians are taking the lead in organizing the front against the actual terrorist personnel.  The Saudis are playing the Americans exactly as they played the British to protect their own interests that coincide with ours.  Money over Religion.

As we dither IZZY is moving assets into the heaviest populated areas it can. (They learned from your reaction over Gaza). They can not however move Oil Fields. The only committed ground Forces are the Iraqis and the Kurds. That means until the Egyptians organize an actual Assault on Libya and wherever else they feel a threat the only ground fighting takes place in Iraq. The only two Nations to commit Air Power at this point are France and Iraq, so we will be doing all the bombing. Add to that the Russians have threatened that U.S. attacks in Syria would be a “gross violation” of international law.

A Russian foreign ministry spokesman said any such action, without the backing of the UN, would be “an act of aggression”. (so what?)

The longer the first strikes drag out the more civilians will die.

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose,

By Mike Cunningham On August 30th, 2014 at 10:14 am

When I wrote that short piece about ‘Freedom’, in which I quoted my own small post about the probabilities of the family of the dead ‘gentle giant’ Michael Brown generating a sanitised and fabricated ‘history’, I thought that we had probably heard all the news  about the news; of the ‘family’s’ tales of a religious conversion, of visions in the sky, about all the self-serving sob stories destined to cover up the fact that this huge black man was a criminal, a bully and a braggart: and the fact that the police officer’s bullets were in fact fired as he had claimed, in pure self-defence.

But now, with the American Press being so free, under cover of their admirable Constitution, and demanding that the juvenile records of a probable 2nd degree murder charge be unsealed after his death, there may be a whole new chapter unfolding, with a few more nuggets of truth being unveiled into the harsh light of day.

Seems as though the ‘lovable rogue’, the ‘gentle giant’, the ‘candidate for at least beatification if not sainthood’, has turned out in the end to be just another in the never-ending statistic of black criminals as an ever-higher proportion of total crime in the black-dominated inner-suburbs and ghettoes of many American cities.

And are we all surprised?


Not really!


H/T to Duff and Nonsense, whose comment upon my own post gave the link.

‘Freedom’ is more than a state of mind

By Mike Cunningham On August 29th, 2014 at 10:56 am


I wish to claim a new British and all-comers world record for the shortest time that a comment has been up on a Guardian website before being removed for not abiding by ‘Community Standards’; which of course is Guardian code-speak for obliterating any comment which they do not agree with.

My comment was on the article which covered the funeral of the black bloke shot in St. Louis, and the attendance of the rabble-rousing Al Sharpton at that funeral.

My comment, taken from my own site’s comment upon the stories surrounding the ‘alleged victim‘ was actually visible for forty-nine seconds, which, by Guardian standards, is actually pretty good!

and I have seen the coming of the Lord: Hallelujah!

By Mike Cunningham On August 27th, 2014 at 3:56 pm

So there lives in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri; a very large young(ish) black man. He is indeed a handful, and few in his ‘hood dare come up against him, mainly because he is so big. But, and of course it is a very large ‘but’, his ‘family’ has stated he was changing. According to his ‘family’ he had seen a vision, a vision of an angel, being pursued by Satan, but the angel sought protection in the clouds which were the features of God. He was said to be studying religion, and the Bible; and was said to be struggling with life’s mysteries. From being a big bully, a drug-user and petty criminal, his ‘family’ stated that he was turning his life around, as he had taken a picture of the sky, and told them that he ‘believed’; at least, this is what we are told by his ‘family’. He was known to be a ‘prankster’, and this I believe, because if you are big enough, and say you are just joking as you steal two boxes of cigars from a corner shop, and when the shop assistant protests, that assistant is slammed into a display stand; that is indeed a joke. He was said to have a smile which endeared him to his neighbours, but these stories have strangely emerged some weeks after his death at the hands and bullets of a white policeman.

So, who do you believe, the words of a huge black thug’s ‘family’ memories, of how he was just misunderstood, how he had, conveniently for those same memories, ‘found the Lord’, how he was just ‘joking’ when he punched a fellow black youth in the face, how he was a drug user and oh, I forgot, a ‘rapper’ who sang glowingly about his stepmother, but who also liked lyrics which ended ‘when the bodies hit the ground’: or do you believe the white policeman who wanted this hulking black man to get onto the pavement instead of swaggering down the centre of the road, and who, after being attacked by this extremely large and strong man, and suffering facial injury, was once again confronted by this six-foot four inches-tall black man, and shot him in self defence! If you believe the ‘family’, I reckon you will believe anything, inclusive of the CIA plot on 9/11, the ‘faked’ moon landings, and the fact that Jack Kennedy was a good man and a great politician, instead of a philandering liar and serial fool.

Oh, and as a simple explanation, it is oft asked why I place quotation marks such as those adjacent to the word ‘family’? I do this because I disbelieve the statements entirely, believing them to be purely self-serving embellishments, generated by groups who detest the very idea of black people being in the wrong at all;  with absolutely no evidence of their being truthful at all!

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There, but for luck, or the grace….go I.

By Mike Cunningham On July 10th, 2014 at 9:29 am

I often ‘click’ on links just to see what they hold in the way of explorers the world over, and it is rare when I am not rewarded by an item whjich displays the true foolishness of the human condition. Some amuse me, some annoy me intensely, but some times, perhaps too rarely, I come across an article or opinion piece which does make you stop, and think, and even occasionally say, as does my heading, “There but…….”.

So I would ask ATW readers to perhaps ‘click’ to find an article by a once-affluent lady, who found that sometimes you do have to swallow your pride, just to get by; before grasping the ladder back up once more.


I know just how she felt.


I simply ask, who could forget tiny Cooper?

By Mike Cunningham On June 27th, 2014 at 11:01 am

gonebut neverforgotten


Is this man entitled to call himself a human being, never mind an allegedly-absent-minded father?

He left this child, strapped into a car seat, for seven hours in a hot Southern summer’s day.

He didn’t just leave the tiny boy alone for a chance visit to a store for something forgotten from a previous shopping trip: no ways, he left the 22-month toddler in the car to go to work. He also returned to the car once during the day; but also drove away with that tiny lifeless form strapped in beside him: only stopping  at another shopping centre to seek aid when he states that he just found that small boy dead.


Policeman; Phone Home?

By Mike Cunningham On June 26th, 2014 at 10:09 am


I am encouraged to read that the Supreme Court in D.C. has, by a unanimous ruling, reafirmed the right to privacy in respect of a cell- or smart-phone by stating that, once arrested, a suspect’s cellphone must remain inviolate without a search warrant issued by a member of the judiciary. In many recent cases, the police have moved to examine the contacts and calls made by the suspect immediately upon arrest, claiming that speed is of the essence; and evidence may well be remotely erased if the search is not promptly carried out.

I am no friend to the criminal class, but, in asserting the right to privacy, the Court has once more demonstrated that America is still a country ruled by Law, and if  ‘probable cause’ is shown the judge will be happy to furnish such a warrant.

My only hope is that we, one day, will follow in the footsteps of ‘The Land of the Free’!


how do you mean; ‘off message’?

By Mike Cunningham On June 3rd, 2014 at 9:03 am



“Please, Mr. President, let me go. I hadn’t finished my remarks in Pashtu and Arabic which welcomed my son home, even though he deserted from his unit. I also wished to condemn all the attacks on the Afghan nation carried out by both your Administrations as well as as by the previous President. I hadn’t even got around to attacking the puny things which you have got around Congress by issuing Executive Orders, mainly because there haven’t been enough of them, as I totally agree that Congress is irrelevant, and should be ignored! I also wanted to congratulate you on your complete backing for Hilary Clinton, despite the fact that she lied through her back teeth about the deserved deaths of Americans in Benghazi! Please Mr. President, stop pushing me towards the gate!”



and then they move them…..again!

By Mike Cunningham On May 31st, 2014 at 8:00 pm

With the majestic truth revealed regarding the vast amounts of taxpayers cash steadily being poured down the drains of Great Britain to the tune of £120 Billion, I honestly thought that we were, at last, the world’s leader in one field at least.


But then I read this, and realised that, when it comes to wasting Other People’s Money, we are just rank amateurs! Read the whole document, if you would, and then the scale of true incompetence can be fully understood. But hey; it sure makes for full employment statistics in Boyers, Pennsylvania.


….I didn’t know, and no-one would tell me……..

By Mike Cunningham On May 23rd, 2014 at 3:46 pm

Many state that the allegations of widespread misuse of Americans’ data, as exposed within the files and statements of Edward Snowden, damaged the security services of both the USA and the UK. As to the extent of that damage, as Chou-en-Lai famously stated about the French revolution of either 1789 or 1968; ‘it is too early to tell’.

But here is yet another branch which is now exposed which has alarmed America more than any individual allegation from Snowden; it is the exposure of secret courts, and secret laws operated by those courts, which America never knew about, and if Snowden hadn’t jumped the fence, they still would not know.

A classic case is the action by Microsoft in Federal Court to be allowed to publish the fact that they had been served with a National Security Letter demanding that they allow access to a customer’s files and work, stored in the Cloud servers which are operated by Microsoft, and at the same time were forbidden to publish the fact that they had been forced to hand over access to those files, and also the very existence of the Letter.

It is entirely possible that the FBI had good reason for wishing access to the ‘Cloud’ files; it is possible that they knew of the existence of documentation which would prove the guilt of this nameless customer, but fortunately, the very fact that the judge told the FBI that news of this action was to be published, as well as the fact of the National Security Letter’s existence, was sufficient to make the FBI withdraw the demand; because at the end of the day, America has the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ as far as legislation goes, and that ‘jewel’ is of course its Constitution.

Fishing, even in a ‘cloud’, is apparently not so good when the lure has been exposed to the bright sunshine of publicity.