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A Special Prosecutor is needed

By Patrick Van Roy On May 11th, 2017 at 8:41 pm

Needed to investigate why Comey did not Proceed with the Investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

There is a List as Long as Your Arm of people and Nations that had Business before the State Department and Donated 100s of Thousands to 100s of Millions of Dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

Comey refused to investigate the Obvious Quid Pro Quo’s that were taking place. These Charges of Corruption are still being made Today as just happened with the Prime Minister of Bangladesh….

When will we see the Clintons Held to Same Law as EVERYONE Else?

Bangladesh prime minister says Clinton personally pressured her to help foundation donor

While secretary of state, Hillary Clinton made a personal call to pressure Bangladesh’s prime minister to aid a donor to her husband’s charitable foundation despite federal ethics laws that require government officials to recuse themselves from matters that could impact their spouse’s business.

The Office of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina confirmed to Circa that Mrs. Clinton called her office in March 2011 to demand that Dr. Muhammed Yunus, a 2006 Nobel Peace prize winner, be restored to his role as chairman of the country’s most famous microcredit bank, Grameen Bank. The bank’s nonprofit Grameen America, which Yunus chairs, has given between $100,000 and $250,000 to the Clinton Global Initiative. Grameen Research, which is chaired by Yunus, has donated between $25,000 and $50,000, according to the Clinton Foundation website.


The Story that won’t go away

By Patrick Van Roy On December 9th, 2015 at 12:48 pm

In spite of the continual cries of there is NO here, here the attack in Benghazi that killed our Ambassador and how it was handled or more precisely NOT by Hillary Clinton keeps coming back.  The Left and the Clinton campaign can keep crying what difference does it make all they want. With each terrorist attack taking place not just around the World but here in our own country her actions continue to hang from her neck like a lead weight.

‘Spinning up as we speak’: Email shows Pentagon was ready to roll as Benghazi attack occurred

As the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was unfolding, a high-ranking Pentagon official urgently messaged Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top deputies to offer military help, according to an email obtained by Judicial Watch.

The revelation appears to contradict testimony Defense Secretary Leon Panetta gave lawmakers in 2013, when he said there was no time to get forces to the scene in Libya, where four Americans were killed, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens.

“I just tried you on the phone but you were all in with S [apparent reference to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton],” reads the email, from Panetta’s chief of staff Jeremy Bash. “After consulting with General Dempsey, General Ham and the Joint Staff, we have identified the forces that could move to Benghazi. They are spinning up as we speak.”

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Hillary Clinton demands Free Speech must come to an end

By Patrick Van Roy On November 19th, 2015 at 1:35 pm

hillary-rodham-clinton-2In what appears to be a first for a serious presidential contender, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going after five comedians who made fun of the former Secretary of State in standup skits at a popular Hollywood comedy club.

A video of the short performance, which is less than three minutes, is posted on the website of the renowned club, Laugh Factory, and the Clinton campaign has tried to censor it. Besides demanding that the video be taken down, the Clinton campaign has demanded the personal contact information of the performers that appear in the recording. This is no laughing matter for club owner Jamie Masada, a comedy guru who opened Laugh Factory more than three decades ago and has been instrumental in launching the careers of many famous comics. “They threatened me,” Masada told Judicial Watch. “I have received complains before but never a call like this, threatening to put me out of business if I don’t cut the video.”

This woman that wants to be President has demanded the Names and Addresses of Comedians.  Why?

She has threatened to Shut Down a Mans Business because of a Comedy routine. When GW Bush was President there was a film made about assassinating him and no one was threatened. The writers names and addresses weren’t demanded, no one tried to stop it from being shown.

This behavior is no different than any third world dictator that shuts down dissenting newspapers and has people arrested for dissent. And she is the person the Democrats say is the best person for President.

and all Organized Crime Members plead the Fifth

By Patrick Van Roy On September 3rd, 2015 at 2:41 am

bryan-at-party-300x225A former State Department staffer who worked on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private e-mail server this week tried to fend off a subpoena to testify before Congress, saying he would assert his constitutional right not to answer questions to avoid incriminating himself.

The move by Bryan Pagliano, who had worked on Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign before setting up the server in her New York home in 2009, came in a Monday letter from his lawyer to the House panel investigating the 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

The letter cited the ongoing FBI inquiry into the security of Clinton’s e-mail system, and it quoted a Supreme Court ruling in which justices described the Fifth Amendment as protecting “innocent men . . . who otherwise might be ensnared by ambiguous circumstances.’ ”

Sorry Bryan you can play that in the Press, but we all know it means your guilty, but they will have to prove you guilty without you doing it to yourself. As the FBI investigates Hillary Clinton for Gross Negligence in the Handling of Secret Documents more and more staffers and other underlings are being called to testify. Not just at Congressional Committee’s but before Criminal Prosecutors at the FBI.

Mishandling of Classified Documents even just through Negligence carries a 10yr Sentence. Hillary will never serve a day, but how many of those under her will be willing to do the 10yrs for her?

Taking responsibility by Lying

By Patrick Van Roy On August 30th, 2015 at 1:12 am

The following is a set of Lies that Hillary Clinton and the New York Times are spinning to try and convince people that the FBI investigating her is all just a misunderstanding and is no big deal

Hillary-Clinton“I know people have raised questions about my email use as secretary of state, and I understand why,” Mrs. Clinton said Wednesday. “I get it. So here’s what I want the American people to know: My use of personal email was allowed by the State Department. It clearly wasn’t the best choice. I should’ve used two emails: one personal, one for work.”

She added: “I take responsibility for that decision, and I want to be as transparent as possible, which is why I turned over 55,000 pages, why I’ve turned over my server, why I’ve agreed to — in fact, been asking to — and have finally gotten a date to testify before a congressional committee in October.”

“I’m confident that this process will prove that I never sent, nor received, any email that was marked classified,” she said.


Ahh excuse me Mrs. Clinton, but the State Department didn’t approve anything. As Secretary of State you approved it for yourself. There is an Inspector General in each Major American Government Division. It is their job to keep tabs on their respective Departments to make sure Laws aren’t broken. During Clintons run as Sec of State the State Dept. didn’t have an IG and her whole term she refused to allow one to be appointed.

The new IG looked a small sample of the e-mails she released. Only 40, out of that 4 contained Classified Data. 2 of those contained Signal Intel.  Intelligence information that originated from NSA Surveillance, and Satellite captured Data. Both those things are not just Classified but need to know Top Secret. The information isn’t just classified it’s very existence is classified. For it to be sent as anything other than Top Secret the Classification tags and headers had to be removed.

So her claim that she sent or received nothing Classified yet the Data was found means that a crime was committed, a Felony. Removing the Classification Headers and Tags is a Felony.

And these were found in just 40 of the 30,000 that she has released. The 32,000 that she erased we can only guess at what her incompetence put into the hands of the Russians and the Chinese.

For whom the bell tolls

By Patrick Van Roy On August 25th, 2015 at 2:28 am

Hillary-ClintonThe Clinton Campaign is putting out stories and talking points on her upcoming Benghazi Hearing appearance. The Hufpo says Out of Touch Punditry Should Get a Grip — Hillary’s Email Is Non-Story I loved this paragraph:

In fact, no one outside the chattering class — and right-wing true believers — could give a rat’s rear about this story — and there is a good reason: there is no “there” there. If someone really thinks the great “email” story — or the Benghazi investigation — are going to sink her candidacy, I’ve got a bridge to sell them.

and I’m sure he has a Bridge to sell. He bought one when he bought the bullshit he’s trying to sell in his story.

The best one I heard was the spokesman for Hildy’s campaign saying that they are looking forward to her testimony before the Benghazi Committee. It will be the best day of her Campaign.

How sad. Your candidate has been subpoenaed to testify before a committee that was established to unravel and expose her Incompetence and Dereliction of Duty in letting our Embassy be overrun and getting the Ambassador and 3 others killed.

They think they are going to do a “Vast Rightwing Conspiracy” Spin that will propel her into the White House. Trey Gowdy a Professional Prosecutor who has been gathering the facts on this incident for months has called her to testify to hold her accountable.

Gowdy’s Legal Chops

Following law school, he clerked for John P. Gardner on the South Carolina Court of Appeals and United States District Court Judge Ross Anderson. He then went into private practice before becoming a federal prosecutor in April 1994. He was awarded the Postal Inspector’s Award for the successful prosecution of J. Mark Allen, one of “America’s Most Wanted” suspects.

In February 2000, he left the United States Attorney’s Office to run for 7th Circuit Solicitor. He defeated incumbent Solicitor Holman Gossett[5] in the Republican primary. He ran unopposed in the general election. He was reelected in 2004 and 2008, both times unopposed. During his tenure, he appeared on “Forensic Files” twice, as well as Dateline NBC and SCETV.[6] He prosecuted the full gamut of criminal cases including 7 death penalty cases.

When the state faced a budget crunch that forced many employees to go on unpaid furloughs, Gowdy funneled part of his campaign account into the solicitor’s budget so his staff could keep working.[7]

Gowdy has pursued the Benghazi Incident as a Professional. There have been no leaks from his investigation, it has been methodical and thorough.   Even if he doesn’t get the server that is in FBI custody his investigation will prove her either clear of all charges or guilty of a laundry list.

The feeling that it will be the later is not just my view it’s her own campaigns. To state ahead of time that they believe what is going to be brought against her will be able to be used to spin a vast rightwing conspiracy charge against not just Gowdy but the whole Republican Party tells you what everyone already knows. She’s Guilty.

After meeting first with Princess Sitting Bull Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden it has been rumored has been given Obama’s nod that NO ONE will stand in Biden’s way if He decides to run. Even to the point that he is meeting with top Democrat Donors. Could we have a dream ticket replacement ready? Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren…. Uncle Joe and the Princess. Reality can be the greatest comedy.

Liberalism looks Smart to Stupid People

By Patrick Van Roy On August 22nd, 2015 at 3:15 am

Slowly the screws are turning.

Each day more and more is exposed on the flagrant idiocy of the most intelligent Woman in Politics. I mean that’s what we’ve been told since Bill & Hill left the White House. That she is the most intelligent woman in Politics.   I would say the most arrogant, but hey since when does my opinion count.

In the US Government there are 8 People that can classify something as Classified/Secret with just their say so. the Secretary of State is one of those people, yet she is going to play dumb. The Law’s and it is Laws plural are setup that possession of Classified Material whether you distributed it, received it, discussed it, or even if it just passed through your hands, if you were not specifically authorized to do whatever with it you can and quite often do go to Jail.

Over the years hundreds of employees of the intelligence community have lost their jobs, been fined, and sent to prison for exposing ONE Document. General Petraus lost his job and almost went to jail because they found ONE CLASSIFIED file in his desk at Home and he discussed it with someone that had a Top Secret Clearance, but she wasn’t cleared for that particular item.

If Biden, Warren, Gore, Kerry, or Joe Blow doesn’t enter the race before November the Democrats are going to windup with Bernie Sanders as their Candidate. That’s how McGovern got it. Ted Kennedy was supposed to be the Nominee but for the Scandal of the Chappaquiddick incident and then the party tried Muskie, but McGovern’s restructuring of the Democrat Campaign Commission and selection of delegates torpedoed Muskies already flawed bid. This could be the repeat scenario the Democrats face now.

The Title of this post was a quote I heard earlier today. I liked it, but I would change it just a little.  “Liberalism looks Smart to Stupid People” should read “Liberalism looks Smart to young and inexperienced People”

For 40yrs our institutions of Higher Learning have been dominated by and have taught nothing but Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, and Radical Activism and they have been taught as what they are, the same thing.

That is why Bernie Sanders is getting huge crowds. He spouts what the academics have been spouting as Gospel for 40yrs. It is the philosophy of the inexperienced. It looks good and sounds righteous, but it’s pure bullshit. It doesn’t work. Anyone older than 30 and anyone that has worked for a living knows it just doesn’t work.

This election gets better everyday.

These people need to go to jail

By Patrick Van Roy On August 9th, 2015 at 12:40 am

Politics aside the behavior of Hillary Clinton and her aids is criminal. Organized Crime bosses go to jail for what the Clinton Team is publically stating that they are doing.

A Democrat appointed Judge has DEMANDED that Clinton and her Team testify under threat of Perjury what Documents they have, and have been ordered via Subpoena to turn over. They simply REFUSE. which MEANS THEY NEED TO BE ARRESTED!

This is Today’s revelation regarding ALL of Clintons State Dept Work.

This all just surfaced in State Department’s status report filed today in response to Judge Sullivan’s order. Yesterday evening, State finally produced some correspondence between it and Hillary’s right and left hands—Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. It has not produced its correspondence with Mrs. Clinton, and it is now clear that Mrs. Clinton, Ms. Abedin and Ms. Mills plan to thumb their noses at the Judge and the State Department. No one is “cooperating,” despite their empty rhetoric to the contrary. The correspondence that has been produced verifies that the State Department itself has not been forthcoming with Judge Sullivan, with Congress, or with anyone else. It allowed Mrs. Clinton to use an off-the-grid system for her entire tenure in the Department, and it kept that startling fact a secret as long as possible. It is simply shocking that the State Department did not immediately inform Congress, the Court, and Judicial Watch that Mrs. Clinton operated solely on a private email server and that the State Department did not have her records. It took months even to discover those crucial facts. And as Judge Emmet G. Sullivan bores toward the truth, more revelations continue to surface.

That is against Federal Law and Regulation, but could be spun to avoid prosecution as it has so far what can’t is this.

In a letter sent to the U.S. State Department and just filed today with U.S. federal Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, the counsel for Cheryl Mills wrote: “Ms. Mills does not believe that she has paper copies of potential records in her possession. Following our production on August 10, 2015 [of the defense counsel’s version of the electronic records], we have instructed her to delete any and all electronic records in her possession.

Ms. Mills needs to be taken into custody and charged with Destruction of Evidence and Obstruction of Justice. These are the actions of a Criminal Conspiracy.

Conflicts of Interest, Bribery

By Patrick Van Roy On April 29th, 2015 at 12:50 pm

HilllaryWhen you give someone money to do a “favor” for you it’s a Bribe unless of course your last name is Clinton. The following is the first couple of paragraphs and a chart from a story on the Clinton Foundation. Please go read the whole story HERE. I don’t see how the Beast survives this, but then again it’s the Clintons, and the Democrat voters don’t really care about integrity.

181 Clinton Foundation donors who lobbied Hillary’s State Department

The size and scope of the symbiotic relationship between the Clintons and their donors is striking. At least 181 companies, individuals, and foreign governments that have given to the Clinton Foundation also lobbied the State Department when Hillary Clinton ran the place, according to a Vox analysis of foundation records and federal lobbying disclosures.

The following chart shows entities that donated to the foundation and lobbied the State Department during Hillary Clinton’s tenure. The totals include funding from both the corporate and charitable arms of listed companies (the Gates and Walton foundations are named to illustrate that point). The chart does not account for contributions made by executives, and it may omit some companies who made contributions or lobbied through subsidiaries.


List below

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The beast is is going to change your religion

By Patrick Van Roy On April 25th, 2015 at 3:00 pm

Now I am a pro choice anti-abortion person. I think abortion is wrong on every level. Life begins at conception. I do not however believe I have the right to tell a woman what she can and can not do to the life that she is carrying. It is her moral crises if she chooses to not carry that life to birth.

I do not believe government has a role in this topic or the topic of Gay Marriage.  Both topics are bullshit. They are useless tools used to destroy or pump up a candidate on two subjects that in the grand scheme of things will never change.  Woman have aborted babies since we were created and homosexuals have been with us just as long. Get over it.

On the other hand you do have the right to speak against both topics. I am Catholic, abortion and gay marriage are not condoned by the religious code I was raised under.  If those things are choices you choose to partake in that is YOUR choice.  Go right ahead I’ll pray for you.

However on the same token It is my choice to say that it I don’t approve and discourage the activity. It is my Churches right to say it is a sin and forbid it to members of it’s congregation.

If Hillary is elected she wants to use the power of Government to change that.