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and the sewage-pit to the left? That’s Kabul.

By Mike Cunningham On December 7th, 2014 at 6:06 pm

We were told that our Forces were leaving Helmand, Camp Bastion, and the blood-stained sands of that slag-heap masquerading as the country of Afghanistan.

We were told here, and then there, and finally over there, that we were going; and then, finally, we left, but not without the final measure of corporate military bullshit being spewed by a man who really ought to have kept his mouth shut.

Brigadier Robert Thomson, the most senior British officer on the base, said he was delighted with how the manoeuvre took place.

“This is not an evacuation,” he said. “I am standing here without body armour and we are going at walking pace. This is a deliberately measured transfer of power to the Afghans.”

 That statement was made on the 27th October 2014.

We now read in the Sunday Times that the new Prez. of Afghanistan, knowing that he doesn’t have any sort of an air force, despite the $65 billions pumped into his shambles of a nation over the thirteen years since we went in and kicked the Taliban out, has repeatedly asked Cameron to send the Typhoons, the Tornadoes and the helicopters back in, because the Afghan National army is absolutely useless, with levels of corruption at all-time high levels, and desertion to the Taliban ranks seen as a good option.

So despite those other calls on the 40-year-old Tornados, and the lack of pilots for the Typhoons; 453 dead British just isn’t enough, and that sad number will rise, because that prick Cameron can’t say ‘no’ to his muslim buddies in Kabul.

We have made a Covenant with Death;………..

By Mike Cunningham On November 12th, 2014 at 10:28 am

…………………….. and with Hell we are at agreement.


Just a few days ago, we watched as the British Army sneaked quietly out of Camp Bastion, out of Helmand, and of course out of Afghanistan. We shall then see what we have bought with 453 British lives, along with some £30 billions in treasure. Will we see another ‘Peace in our time’, or will we see yet another sad truth that, having blown away the Taliban in double-quick time, we should have then said to the Warlords who have actually governed in that sad, sandy hell-hole, “Its yours now; you wanted it, you run it, because we are leaving now.’ But we didn’t.

We stayed, and we spent 453 lives, the flower of British youth, volunteers all, whether Regular or Reserve, in a veritable splurge of utter stupidity, much the same as the thinking which brought on the utter catastrophe of the Somme in 1916.

We have watched as the poppies were planted, ending just yesterday when the last of 888,246 ceramic memorials were planted in the grass of the Tower of London’s moat; but I still do not believe that most of this nation understands or even accepts the carnage which was the First World War. The Battle of the Somme, on the first day alone, cost some 58,000 British casualties. Some of the Pals’ Battalions, by the end of that Battle, had virtually disappeared; and for what, it may be asked? The trench line; established in the early days of the War, hardly changed. What was lost in one charge, was gained back in another. It was all a waste, of life, of treasure, of the very spirit which kept men fighting despite the loss of everything.

But what was perhaps the worst loss, out of all the casualties, all the change, of the revolutions and of the vast change resultant from the War to end all War, was the loss of the very spirit which may have kept an Austrian corporal from mesmerising an entire Nation into a belief that they could win that Second War, and wipe out the disgrace of the First.

I leave you with one final statistic; when the Taliban, evil and savage though they may be, were in power,another poppy; the Heroin Poppy was virually eradicated. Today, the Poppy fields have given the production of heroin a boost to eighty percent above the line when we went in!

Four Hundred & Fifty-Three

By Mike Cunningham On October 26th, 2014 at 5:53 pm

To begin, allow me to pass some names before your minds. names of battle honours awarded to the famed and famousBritish Regimental names, illustrious for the places where British soldiers and sailors fought the enemies of the Crown, and; in most cases, prevailed. St Lucia 1778, Egmont-op-Zee, Copenhagen, Douro, Talavera, Albuhera Nivelle, Inkerman, Sevastopol, Kandahar 1880, Afghanistan 1879 -80,Egypt 1882 Tofrek, Suakin 1885, South Africa 1899-1902.

The names of Regiments famed for over six centuries, all of which began from the Fraternity or Guild of Artillery of Longbows, Crossbows and Handgonnes; latterly transformed into the Honourable Artillery company, the oldest regiment in continuous service in the British Army, reel off before your minds eye. The Coldstream Guards, the Irish Guards, the Scots & Welsh Guards; the list of Regimental names, and the Battle honours they fought, won and died for, dazzle the very eye which perceives them. Our history is military, our very Nation was formed in the blood spilled in the dark ages after the Romans left, their own Empire crumbling. We have seen a conqueror come in 1066, but none after that, although many tried.


In the photo, the faded flags set high on the framed wall of the Durham Light Infantry chapel, set within the majestic stones of Durham Cathedral, are held with the mental concrete of martial memory. We revere our dead, we honour those who survived, and the colours reflect that honour.

Will there be honour; will there be flags; for Camp Bastion, for the wounded who survived the roadside bombs whilst being transported in unarmoured Land Rovers and mobile Coffins? Will there be Drumhead Services for the British Army of 2014, as we scuttle away from the place where the very flower of our generation were sacrificed to allay the political pretensions of f***king politicians, one of whom uttered those infamous words “ “We would be perfectly happy to leave in three years and without firing one shot because our job is to protect the reconstruction.” By 2008, 4 million bullets had been fired by the British armed forces; and Four hundred & fifty-three men and women, wearing the uniforms and badges of Her Majesty; lay dead!


The two faces of Bowe

By Mike Cunningham On August 20th, 2014 at 4:23 pm

aboweBowe Bergdahl. Remember him? He’s either the soldier who was detained by the Afghanistan Taliban, suffering through almost five years of captivity before being released; or he’s the deserter/traitor who both supplied detailed information on his own camps and compatriot soldiers which gave Taliban attackers a distinct edge, as well as snuggling up to a smiling senior Taliban who seemingly ‘befriended’ him. Remember his folks, who had to be dragged off the White House pathway, because the ‘Dad’ wouldn’t shut the ***k up about his wonderful creepy son, and of course  some bloke named ‘allah’

Well, it seems he wants to move on with his life, and go to college.

Just imagine his choice of courses at the enrolment:-

How to keep a straight face whilst lying through your teeth.

The benefits of a Koran-dominated education system (only male students need apply)

The benefits of memorising the whole of the Koran, to the exclusion of everything else in literature, in the arts, and of course in forgetting that you were born a free American.

The wisdom of attempting to apply Sharia Law within either the US Army, or the United States, (students must be prepared to give living examples)


from one masterpiece; to another

By Mike Cunningham On June 18th, 2014 at 9:52 am

I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: `Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear —
“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.’

Whilst in contemplative mood, I would ask ATW readers if, in their opinion, Shelley’s masterpiece has its own echo in this Telegraph article about the Iraqi city once described by an American President as a place where he could  “see the outlines of the Iraq we’ve been fighting for”.

I would only comment that if this resembles what all those American lives, as well as the vast amounts of treasure spent upon this ill-conceived and poorly-executed shambles produced, maybe we should have left Saddam Hussein in place, and, once the Taliban were driven from power, left Afghanistan as well.


and sup with a very long spoon.

By Mike Cunningham On June 10th, 2014 at 1:46 pm

When Libya commenced the eruption which ended Gaddafi’s rule in that nation, some nations did more than others to help defeat the Libyans with their heavy weaponry, sophisticated radar and fast jets. Britain and France piled in, bombing targets of opportunity, and America helped with massive logistics support. But America, or rather one small, secretive part of America, did a little bit more than hump bombs and bullets for their Allies to drop or fire at the Libyan Armed Forces.

Seems as though the CIA sent around eighty Stinger missiles to Qatar, their long-time and trusted ally in the Gulf, for onwards transmission to the Libyan rebels who were having a hard time fighting against the fast jets of the Libyan AirForce. The CIA, well-known of course for trusting the wrong people in that truly duplicitous region, forgot that the Qataris are first and foremost proponents of the Wahabbi Sect of Muslim Islam, hard-liners of the first order.

So where did fifty of the CIA-supplied Stinger missiles end up?

Why in Afghanistan, of course!

how do you mean; ‘off message’?

By Mike Cunningham On June 3rd, 2014 at 9:03 am



“Please, Mr. President, let me go. I hadn’t finished my remarks in Pashtu and Arabic which welcomed my son home, even though he deserted from his unit. I also wished to condemn all the attacks on the Afghan nation carried out by both your Administrations as well as as by the previous President. I hadn’t even got around to attacking the puny things which you have got around Congress by issuing Executive Orders, mainly because there haven’t been enough of them, as I totally agree that Congress is irrelevant, and should be ignored! I also wanted to congratulate you on your complete backing for Hilary Clinton, despite the fact that she lied through her back teeth about the deserved deaths of Americans in Benghazi! Please Mr. President, stop pushing me towards the gate!”



Translation not really neccessary

By Mike Cunningham On January 8th, 2014 at 5:45 pm

He updated ministers on his pre-Christmas trip to Afghanistan, telling them ‘there is significant progress being made in the strength and resilience of the Afghan national security forces” and that “the UK’s drawdown of combat troops is absolutely on track’.


Translated from Cameron-speak as :-

We can put the usual garbage out about the Afghans being ready; blah-blah significant-blah-b*llsh*t; and soon we can get those stupid clowns who signed up to serve their country out of that cruddy muslim sh*thole, and back to barracks. Then we can issue all the prepared redundancy notices on a Friday evening, when no-one else is watching.

The Real Xmas Message

By Mike Cunningham On December 25th, 2013 at 10:23 am

acam‘Our Dave’ has sent his Christmas message to the British forces serving in Afghanistan, but I thought you may like to read the version which should have gone out, but didn’t; mainly because any politician runs a mile away from anything resembling the Truth!

“To all British and Allied forces serving in the desert shithole named Afghanistan; this is a Christmas message from your Prime Minister. Speaking purely as a proud European Union citizen, you just cannot know how satisfying it is to be able to make this broadcast, seated in the comfort and security of No. Ten, Downing Street, with all the attendant armed security surrounding me, to you, the serving soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors who are slogging through the silt, dung and rubbish of that unfortunate country, whilst being shot at by a bunch of fanatics who don’t want you in their country because you are the representatives of the Infidel, and thus deserve death.

I know that you understand completely when I state that you are fighting in that country which truly deserves its more informal name of ‘the Arsehole of the World’ to protect us and make us safe on the streets and roads of the British Isles. I also know that you will completely understand that, on your return after this extremely hazardous tour, you will be welcomed home by a grateful nation; and during that extended welcome, a good sixty-five percent of you will receive notices of forced redundancy, as we, being completely honest at all times, feel it necessary to give ten billion pounds to a set of lunatics and dictators, as well as whole countries more prosperous than ourselves; rather than fund and equip a credible fighting force of Army, Navy and Air Force.

Some may feel aggrieved after the recent trial and conviction for murder of a dedicated and courageous serviceman; all I can say about that incident is that he really should have thought about his actions, and made sure there were no cameras. But he didn’t, was caught, and had to take the rap for killing someone who had been trying to kill him less than fifteen minutes previously.

I do recall saying that we would carry on the proud traditions of the Armed Forces under my leadership, and I am indeed happy to state that, once more, as in the Iraq war; we are creeping out of Afghanistan, our tails between our legs, having shed 447 British lives whilst achieving absolutely nothing; so we could state that we were serving a greater good by removing the terrorist Taliban from power, and having fought hard, decided to give the whole shebang back to the Taliban, as they are probably a better bet that the bunch of thieves, warlords and drug barons which are ostensibly running the country now.

My wife Samantha and I just know that you will be proud and pleased to receive this Christmas message, and trust that you will hear it and know that we are always here, just for you.

Merry Christmas!


Say that again, Sam

By Mike Cunningham On December 16th, 2013 at 4:58 pm


Mission accomplished!   Now where have we heard that song before?