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Not one bullet; not one bomb!

By Mike Cunningham On September 15th, 2014 at 9:54 am

We are informed that the UK Government are actively considering direct air strikes, and even infantry action, against the Muslim terrorists  of Islamic State. We are told that, partly because of the murders of two Americans, and now two British hostages, military coalitions are being formed to fight and to destroy Islamic State. Now as to the motives, stated or otherwise, of the politicians who are pushing or discussing this bombing campaign, we are only informed that such matters are ‘under consideration’. Whether the UK Government would like to be involved, despite all the ‘hawkish’ war-talk about the ‘evil’ men who killed in the name of their religion, is one question. Whether Parliament, who fortunately enough now holds the ultimate power to send our Armed Forces to war or not, will assent to yet another Arabic adventure which has the capacity to turn into Libya (squared) is yet another question.

But we shall leave the geo-politics to one side, and concentrate on the two British individuals for whom, if we surmise correctly, this nation is preparing to go to war. First we hear of Mr. Haines as a man who was ‘helping resolve conflict’ in Croatia, and then in Africa, Libya and the Middle-east. We are also told that he was an independent ‘consultant’ working with a French NGO. We are also told that he worked for a civilian outfit named Non-violent Peaceforce in the Sudan, before leaving for ‘greater freedom’ in yet another job. Now, if we ‘read between the lines’ as it were, he comes across as an idealistic fool of the first calibre, always wanting to ‘help others’ where there was suffering; but a slightly more cynical mind might even find him heading out in a series of ever-more well-paid positions, and ‘helping himself’ more that the people he was supposedly protecting or helping. Then we hear of the second hostage, who travelled out in a ‘mercy convoy’ to Syria because he ‘wanted to help’, and hope was expressed that he would be freed because he was a volunteer. How daft can you actually get? Just examine, if you would, the track record of the fools who ‘help’. Have they succeeded in Libya, or Sudan, or Syria, or  Afghanistan, or Iraq? Of course they haven’t; but they keep on going out, because they just ‘know’ that they will succeed, because they ‘know best’!

As I have maybe stated before, how is it that these clowns, and I do consider them all as true clowns, think that they know better by going against all sane advice into the most dangerous territories on this Earth? Just remember that the Islamic State bunch are, first and foremost, fundamentalist Muslim, and therefore enemies of all that is Western. They hate us because we have free speech, they hate us because we believe in the rules of Law, and they hate us because we are not Muslim. So why do these lunatics, idealistic or otherwise, think that they know better than people who have lived with these problems for a very long time? Ignore the newspapers, ignore the television commentators and pundits; concentrate on reality.


Was he just a ‘fruit-and-nutcase': or

By Mike Cunningham On September 6th, 2014 at 9:14 am

was he a Muslim fruit-and-nutcase; or was he just a Muslim being a Muslim, acting to Muslim traditional behaviour.?

Freda Odame, 30, a supermarket worker who lives a few doors from the house where the woman was found beheaded, said she looked out of her window and saw the man wielding a machete with a “crazed look” in his eyes.

She said: “He was waving a huge machete around like a madman. He was shouting stuff. It didn’t make sense, it was like he was speaking in tongues.

“His eyes had a fury in them, lots of anger and hate. He was shouting and screaming, thrashing around.



My opinion, they are just plain stupid!

By Mike Cunningham On August 22nd, 2014 at 10:45 am

When I hear the calls for retribution for the murder of a photographer in Iraq/Syria, when I read of the ‘hostages’ held by this group of psychopaths calling themselves ‘Islamic State’, I am certain of only one thing; these people, the hostages, the murdered man, they all brought their fate upon themselves.

Whatever their reasons, which range from ““Can you change your daughter, who has these values and has strong ideals about solidarity and human empathy?” or “I go to help the sick and injured” or “I report upon disaster” or any other of the silly and self-serving reasons which placed them in grave danger; they simply cannot state thet they were not warned. For whatever reason, they all went into the deadliest place, at least for Westerners, and they all got caught, or abducted or whatever. It serves them right for thinking that they knew better than anyone.

I am reminded of Alan Johnston, the ‘reporter’ and firm friend of all things Palestinian, who was kidnapped by those same Pallies, and only released because they were afraid he might actually bore them to death with his voice.

It is all very well saying ‘These actions, by these murderous men, are against civilised behaviour’, when everyone accepts that most of these terrorists, and probably all of their supporters, don’t accept Western values or behaviour at all. They think us decadent, they think us immoral, they think us foolish. So why even bother to help, when the helpers will no doubt be treated the same as they do to their other enemies and captives.

It is all very well for Lord Dannatt, he of the smart uniform and totally-closed mind, to state that British soldiers should go and fight in that sandy shit-hole; but I notice that he wasn’t volunteering his services.

As I stated before, they brought their fate upon themselves, and not a single bullet, nor a gallon of fuel, nor a drop of blood should be spilled by America or the United Kingdom to rescue the fools who knowingly went into Bedlam!


Not only ‘shocked’, but ‘Appalled’!

By Mike Cunningham On July 30th, 2014 at 12:37 pm

Seems as though HSBC, the giant banking and financial group, has at last got its firepower together and closed FOUR accounts held either by Muslim ‘Charities’ or Muslim individuals.

Jeremy Corbin, the local MP for Finsbury Park, pronounced himself  shocked and appalled at the decision of HSBC

“Over the past 10 years, it has developed into a superb example of a community mosque supporting local people and providing facilities for all faiths if they need it.



Come on, HSBC, couldn’t you at least make it FIVE?


and break the glass, so the flames may spread!

By Mike Cunningham On May 18th, 2014 at 4:28 pm

If there had been a fire-bomb attack on a school bus full of sixth-graders from a Catholic or Church of England school  in Barnsley, or Bruges, or Boston, or Bain-de-Bretagne, the headlines would have jumped off the pages of both the British and Amnerican broadsheets  and red-top tabloids alike. If four muslim fanatics had attempted to kill, in the most savage manner possible, that same busload of young women near any of those four towns or cities; the newsrooms of the BBC, of Sky and ITV, the very news websites of our nations would have crashed under the weight of interest in the abortive attack; on whether the perpetrators had been caught, or executed if caught in France (the old idea of ‘an eye for an eye’ being quite prevalent in La Republique these days). As when four murderous Muslim ‘shaheed’ fanatics threw London into paralysis just a few years ago, the tumult would have been truly deafening.

So I am indeed forced to wonder, to speculate why such an attack, which really did take place when a bus full of Jewish schoolgirls, on a trip to the site of Rachael’s tomb was the target of four terrorists when they attacked the bus with firebombs; why this deadly attack was not even mentioned on page 47 of the Guardian, or even further back in the Times, or the Telegraph, or the New York Times or the Washington Post? I mean to say, news from Israel is often promoted to the front page for lesser stories, such as Jewish teenagers spray-painting or tagging the sides of a building, or Palestinian homes being demolished.

But a bus-load of Jewish girls attacked with firebombs? Not a word; not a link; not a single paragraph: except in the pages of Arutz Sheva. Was it because the bus was literally armoured against such an attack, and so when the driver accelerated away, the murderous flames claimed not a single victim? Was it because the Israelis know their enemies just too well, and plan for such an attack to be repelled and escape all too easy? Or was it simply because the heroines were just that, young Jewish women who had escaped from a deadly attack because of good planning and expensive but necessary protection and armour against an enemy which knows no limits of debauchery in the depths of their hatred for both Israelis, and the very State of Israel?


The extra ten fingers ? Just don’t worry, its normal.

By Mike Cunningham On March 17th, 2014 at 11:34 am

Members of a so-called broad-based Muslim bunch named Conservative Muslim Forum are said to be urging members of their ‘community’, otherwise know as the local Muslim rabble, to avoid marrying cousins, as this practice is known for producing children with birth defects; which of course is the usual generalisation which translates to ‘if you marry a first or second cousin, your kids will be either mad, bad, or both’.

Strangely enough, I am all in favour of this disgusting practice, but only for members of this religion, which is in fact almost incest by another name. I am totally in favour because the sooner this ill- and in-bred bunch reach the tipping point where they will no longer survive, and hence die out, the better.

Hell’s gates, I would go so far as to make it mandatory that they only marry their brothers of sisters, so that the whole bunch could be set on the road to extinction a great deal faster than by normal evolutionary methods, and as all muslims reject the whole theory of evolution anyway, so much the better.

Of course it could all be just a sinister plot to ensure that they win lots more medals at the paralympics, but somehow; I dunno’ about that.


Forgive? You must be joking!

By Mike Cunningham On January 4th, 2014 at 10:11 am

I listened yesterday to the widow of Alan Greaves, murdered in a truly random act of savagery just a year ago, as she told how she had forgiven the killers of her husband, as it was the Christian thing to do.

This morning, I heard two more confessions surrounding the idea of ‘forgiveness’, one woman was the mother of a daughter murdered in the July bombings in London, ands the other was the daughter of one of the Brighton bomb atrocity’s victims. One stated that she could forgive her daughter’s killer, the other stated that whilst she had not forgiven the bomber, she had actually become friends with the man who had casually slaughtered her father. This was all told, and of course received by the presenter, as just the way things should be; lions lying down with lambs etc., and all the rest of the total tosh spewed by the fraternity which populates the BBC studios, and certain parts of our political structure.

If I was ever placed in a situation where someone close to me had been the victim of a murderous attack, politically inspired or not, I would be striving to have the privilege of tearing the very heart out of the killer’s body. I would also attempt to cremate his sorry remains and scatter them to the wind, burn his home and possessions; and obliterate his very memory.

But hey, thats just me! Christian values? There wasn’t much Christianity around when Patrick Magee planted his long-delay bomb, nor when those murderous ‘British’ killers got on the train heading towards London; nor when those two men chose Alan Greaves as a target a year ago. Hang them all, and then burn their remains; and leave nothing for the followers to admire or remember!


and it is with you still!

By Mike Cunningham On December 23rd, 2013 at 9:39 am

So, you are a practicing member of the Jedi faith, and as everyone knows, the very thought of being near high-strength adhesives, impact glue and other sticky materials is anathema to your very existence. This is because the ‘Force’ rules everything, and if something refuses to stay put on a wall, or a bookshelf fails, the ruling is that because the ‘Force’ did not allow the shelf to exist, or the mirror to be hung from a bracket stuck to the wall in the first place, they should not continue, or something like that.

Your work, strangely enough, is at Home Depot, Corner Hardware, B&Q, or even Homebase; so in pursuit of your religious rights and freedoms, you state that you will not sell any adhesives whatsoever to any customer.

So should the management be suprised when reading headlines like this?


A definition of ‘Tragedy’

By Mike Cunningham On November 30th, 2013 at 12:27 pm

I am always quietly amused at the self-righteous protests afforded the Gaza population by the vociferous bunch of fruit-loops on the Left. Israel must immediately do this, or that, or indeed t’other; because they (the Israelis) are terrible people, capable of genocidal tendencies, or worse. The Left protests against the Wall, the check-points, the border fences; everything which the Israelis have done to stop suicidal Arab murderers killing Israelis. They protest almost in reflex action at whatever Israel does, because, so they earnestly believe, Israel cannot be trusted; because Israel should be smashed into the dust.

So when the Gazans fall on harder times than usual, with hospitals offered only intermittent power, because the generating stations don’t have fuel to generate electricity on a continuous basis, the ever-ready reflex call is for the Israelis to repent, to lower the drawbridges, to ease the blockade, to let the fuel in, along with the building materials which are said to help rebuild homes; but strangely enough end up going to reinforcing Hamas strongpoints.

The story in the Telegraph lays out the tale of this Palestinian woman badly hurt and disfigured allegedly by a faulty home generator, whose medical treatment is imperilled because her skin grafts cannot be done on a routine basis, mainly because of the regular power cuts, caused by the Generating Stations’ lack of fuel. The blockade certainly does not help, but the new clamp on the fuel is caused because Hamas, the terror group which runs Gaza, states that Fatah, the group which runs the West Bank Palestinian Authority, has made the purchase of fuel too expensive by withdrawing tax exemptions for the badly-needed fuel.

But the real source of my smile is sited right at the end of the Telegraph piece, where the allegedly heart-broken and anguished father of the burnt and disfigured young woman states that :-

“We’re ready to take help from anywhere because the treatment and technology isn’t available here to repair the effects of the burns,” said her father, Abed Rahman Mraleel. “Her beauty has been damaged and it could make her less attractive to marry. In our culture, not being able to marry is a big problem for her.”

Major advance in Arabian medical technology!

By Mike Cunningham On October 8th, 2013 at 5:03 pm

The homosexual lifestyle, habits, proclivity for self-publicity, the whole ‘Pride’ thing: I just don’t get it at all. There again, my lifestyle, which has always been that of a totally heterosexual and monogamous man who has morphed into a grandfather who has just celebrated his forty-sixth wedding anniversary, along with three adult kids and three grandsons, probably doesn’t appeal to them either; which is how the world is.

As long as they don’t bother me or mine, as long as their craving for ‘equality’ and ‘acceptance’, and all the other catchphrase slogans used so often by homosexual campaigners doesn’t intrude or impinge upon my family or mine, I am not all that bothered. Camp Cameron may have made homosexual marriage lawful, but it doesn’t make it any more acceptable to the millions who just don’t believe that Steve is the equal of Eve.


But I don’t believe that their homosexual lifestyle can be detected by a medical test, which is what the  Gulf States Governments are proposing to do. I mean, are they gonna’ subject everyone coming through the ‘Arrivals’  door at the airport to a lie-detector test, or check them out for HIV or AIDs infections? Or are they just going to hold three different coloured shirts up and ask which one appeals to the viewer? And if the answer is ‘pink’, …back on the plane!