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Sweet Dreams Osama!

By Mike Cunningham On May 16th, 2011 at 1:28 pm


Breaking News……

America has released more info about the raid on osama’s house.

Amazingly his DNA has tested as 52% coconut, 24% cocoa, 18% sugar and 6% milk


CIA experts believe its because of the huge bounty on his head….


News update courtesy of my Daughter



By David Vance On April 18th, 2011 at 8:55 am

Worrying developments in east London;

“Islamic extremists bent on imposing Sharia law have threatened women and told them to cover up their heads, it has been claimed. One woman was told she faced death if she failed to don the hijab, or headscarf, in east London’s Tower Hamlets.

Signs warning the area is a “gay-free zone” have also been seen while posters at bus shelters featuring models and a Bollywood film have been defaced with black paint. Incidents involving posters have also happened in Birmingham. An Asian Whitechapel shopkeeper, who is not a practising Muslim and who dresses in western clothes, said she was told to cover up last month or face a boycott of her pharmacy. When she went to the press a man came to the shop, she said, telling her, “If you keep doing these things we will kill you”. She spoke to police last week.

The news comes after Iraqi Mohamed Al Hakim, 30, was spared jail for threatening to kill his cousin if she didn’t cover her head. He claimed Alya Al Safar, 21, had branded her family as “bitches and whores”. But firebrand Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary insisted the Muslims were only giving “advice”.

The odd thing about leftists embracing and defending Islamists is that THEY will be the first victims…


By David Vance On April 10th, 2011 at 10:12 am

From tomorrow, it becomes ILLEGAL for women to wear the Burqa in public in France.

British Muslim radicals were among at least 61 people arrested in Paris today in connection with an illegal rally against France’s burka ban. They included Anjem Choudary, the radical cleric who advocates sharia law for the UK and who calls British soldiers murderers. Omar Bakri and Abu Izzadeen, who are also controversial figures, tried to get to the event but were stopped by police. Nineteen veiled women were arrested. Women face fines of £130 and will get ‘civic duty’ guidance if they break the law, while men who force their wives or daughters to wear full veils will face up to a year in prison and fines of up to £25,000.

Making Islamists integrate into French society is the aim of this policy – but I wonder will the UK ever follow it? If not, why not?


By David Vance On April 8th, 2011 at 8:29 am

Hypocrite: Rich Dart, who is known as Salahuddin, preached Islamic extremism and branded British troops 'murderers' but lives in a £1,000-a-month luxury flat

It’s simple, really.

“A middle-class security guard who converted to Islam to preach hate towards Britain lives in a £1,000 tax-payer-funded luxury flat, it emerged today. Rich Dart, 28, worked for the BBC(sic) before he became a Muslim and changed his name to Salahuddin to brand British troops ‘murderers’ and peddle Muslim extremism.But he has been branded a ‘hypocrite’ after it emerged that he takes benefits off the same state he claims to despise. The fanatic was pictured hanging out the washing on the balcony of a £300,000 two-bedroom apartment next to a picturesque canal in Bow, East London.

No big surprise. Some of the biggest spongers on our Welfare system are those who most hate us. The fact that Islamic extremists, just like Irish republican extremists take our cash and then deplore us is just one further sickening aspect of how Welfare is administered. It is a scandal.


By David Vance On April 2nd, 2011 at 8:21 am

Is it right to burn the Koran? No more than it is right to burn the Bible.

However the issue is how some followers of religion react. Were I to witness someone burn the Bible – I would feel sorry for them, for their intolerance and ignorance. So how to explain the savagery of those followers of Islam who beheaded two UN staff and sluaghtered 20 in total because of their alleged anger over the burning of a copy of the Koran in the US?

Despite media coverage, I am not sure that the Koran burning in the US was the motivation for the barbarism on display but even if it was it raises some very fundamental questions for Islamists;

1. Will their preachers come out and condemn the savages that carried out these murders? If not, why not?

2. How can any follower of faith use that faith to decapitate other human beings?

3. Why is the Koran SO special that it alone cannot be treated with indignity?


By Pete Moore On April 1st, 2011 at 5:58 pm

Can we now return our people from the 7th Century?

Eight foreign employees of the United Nations in Afghanistan have been killed after protesters overran their compound in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif.

Two of the dead were beheaded by attackers who also burned parts of the compound and climbed up blast walls to topple a guard tower, said Lal Mohammad Ahmadzai, a police spokesman for the northern region [...]

Over a thousand protesters had flooded into the streets of the normally peaceful city after Friday prayers to denounce the burning of Islam’s holy book, the Koran, by a US pastor, and after two or three hours violence broke out.

The chief of the mission in the city was wounded but survived, and the dead included employees of Norwegian, Romanian and Swedish nationalities, he added.
That’s Mazar-i-Sharif, hardly a stronghold of “Taliban extremists”. Yes, Terry Jones might have been rude and uncharitable in burning a koran, but it’s just a book. For burning one book thousands of miles away foreigners are targetted and butchered in Afghanistan. Well bollocks to Afghanistan. For ten years we’ve tipped blood and treasure into that toilet and still they’re whipped into a murderous rage for no reason. If we stay for another fifty years things will not change because they will not change. Leave them alone, bring our men and women home.

Veena Malik for President

By Mike Cunningham On March 25th, 2011 at 10:53 am

YouTube Preview Image


What a fantastic response to one Muslim cleric who must have wished deeply to be anywhere but on that show!

A few more women like her within Islam, and there might be a very different slant upon the Islamic generation today!


By David Vance On March 9th, 2011 at 10:13 pm

I think this is an excellent opinion post from one of my regular B-BBC readers which fits more readily here on ATW…

“BBC Political punditc Andrew Marr (Red Andy, the self confessed ‘raving lefty’) stated happily recently that democracy was over rated…4 or 5 year election cycles meant that governments thought only short term and perhaps a longer term solution was needed….like Chinese one party rule perhaps?

As Marr has said before such an idea might not be unacceptable….”..the final answer, frankly, is the vigorous use of state power to coerce and repress. It may be my Presbyterian background, but I firmly believe that repression can be a great, civilising instrument for good. Stamp hard on certain ‘natural’ beliefs for long enough and you can almost kill them off.” Andrew Marr, The Guardian, Feb. 1999

I think people like Marr show that Baronness Warsi is almost certainly mistaken in her assertion that ‘Islamophobia’ is now acceptable around the dining room table….it is highly unlikely that the social circles that hold dinner parties of a particular kind that Warsi meant are opposed in reality to Islam. It was after all a precursor to Communism, the ‘Party of God’ if you like…one ruler and one set of rules.

Consider this website and the fact that many such ‘professionals’ probably default to the same position of unthinking ‘tolerance’ and support of Islam and condemnation of the West:

Look at the ‘related links’ and read the articles…all in support of the ‘victim’ that is Islam and the Muslim.

Far from Islamophobia you have a positive acceptance of Islam and a desire to further its intrusion into Western society.

Such an attitude will lead to certain conflict as Islam seeks to assert itself as it becomes more sure of its power as more immigrants enter the country and politicians seek to win their votes.

A look at Muslim countries around the world will tell us that non-Muslims are in a precarious and dangerous position…even in Sweden Jews are having to flee from Muslim attacks. In a growing majority of Muslim countries it can be said that Christians are not safe and are becoming an ever shrinking minority that lives in fear.

Such ground truths are overlooked by our politicians and Liberal ‘elite’….the price will be heavy in blood and loss of freedoms and values that were won over the centuries by hard struggle by brave men and women….all to be thrown away by a privileged sector of society that believes that whatever happens, whoever takes charge, they will always manage to worm their way to positions of power and influence and maintain their rich lifestyles regardless of what happens to the people that are forced to suffer this imposition.

They excuse the 7/7 bombers as people discriminated against, suffering neglect, demeaned and ignored, jobless and marginalised…..but the EDL are racist thugs with no reason for their protests.

Kill 52 people and injure 700…it’s OK if you feel it is a legitimate way to express your democratic rights denied to you by an unrepresentative system.

Wave a flag of St George and state Islam is an oppressive religion unsuited to a democratic society and you are racist, rightwing Nazis.”

From little acorns

By ATWadmin On September 18th, 2010 at 6:42 pm

The mature oaks as pictured have taken over two hundred years to reach their majestic size, and it is a tribute to the planters, and the ground in which they are planted that they continue to inspire awe within the viewer. I must admit to a certain envy of those oaks, as they slowly but certainly flourish as the seasons progress. 

I must also admit to a similar envy when I read of the success of Jimmie Akesson, a Swedish Parliamentary candidate. His rise from obscurity has been both rapid and surprising, especially in the once staid and conservative ground which is the Swedish electorate. His attack upon the muslims who have flooded in to Sweden’s hospitable shores has struck accord with Swedes who resent their country being viewed as a soft touch by the followers of Islam; who are seen as taking everything but giving nothing back. 

“Swedish pensioners can’t afford to fix their broken teeth or pay for the medicine that would bring them back to health,” he said, blaming the generous welfare system for lavishing money on immigrants.

“Today’s multicultural Swedish power elite is completely blind to the dangers of Islam and Islamification,” was another of his claims. He has called for massive restrictions to be placed on immigration.

His Party, Sweden Democrat, has come from nowhere to be possibly the holders of the balance of power within the Swedish Parliament, and I wish him, and his party and followers, all success in their endeavours! 

I wonder why his Party, and his calls for reasonable limits on uncontrolled immigration, have been labelled as ‘extremist’? 

What’s in a name?

By ATWadmin On August 3rd, 2010 at 10:36 am

 Aflab Khan

Abid Khaliq

Noorzai Ahmed

Mohammed Anwar Safi

Mohammed Khan

Najibullah Safi

Asaf Yousaf Hassa

Mohammed Basharat

Mohammed Atif

All these men were convicted and sentenced for either forcing a child into prostitution, living off the earnings of that prostitution, paying for the services of a child prostitute or having sex with a child.

Ignore, if you will, the trauma suffered by this young woman both in her eleven-day long abuse, and having to relive the nightmare in the court cases which resulted in the conviction of these men, and focus on one thing, and one thing only, the names of the scum involved in this crime. Is it just a coincidence that they are all Asian, and also, from the manner of their names, all also Muslim?

So much for the repeated claims from the teachers of this ‘religion of peace’ that the followers of mohammed must respect women at all times. A claim which does not balance well with their other teachings, such as that If a woman wants to prove that she was raped, then there must be four male witnesses to corroborate her account. Otherwise she can be jailed or stoned to death for confessing to “adultery.”