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By David Vance On December 12th, 2011 at 10:20 pm

Interesting link here (Hat tip Richard) to an examination of the concept of “Moderate Islam”  It’s seems to be quite difficult to locate but our political leaders seem able to find it.



By David Vance On November 27th, 2011 at 11:21 am

Wonder what you make of the news that Muslim students, including trainee doctors on one of Britain’s leading medical courses, are walking out of lectures on evolution claiming it conflicts with creationist ideas established in the Koran.

Professors at University College London have expressed concern over the increasing number of biology students boycotting lectures on Darwinist theory, which form an important part of the syllabus, citing their religion. Similar to the beliefs expressed by fundamentalist Christians, Muslim opponents to Darwinism maintain that Allah created the world, mankind and all known species in a single act. Steve Jones emeritus professor of human genetics at university college London has questioned why such students would want to study biology at all when it obviously conflicts with their beliefs.

I see no harm in attending the lectures, listening to Evolution, and then politely disagreeing. If the evolution aspects of the course have direct medical appliance it is obviously important that they pay attention. But since these are Muslims, there seems no compromise on their part and it all the compromise is on the authorities part. Is this right? Should they be thrown off the course? If these people were “fundamental” Christians (like me) would their feet touch the ground on the way out the exit door?


By David Vance On November 9th, 2011 at 9:24 am

As you know, the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was FIREBOMBED  because it was planning to publish a cover which..shock horror… made fun of Islam. So how does it respond? With this cover “Love is stronger than hate.” To marks to the publishers. Hope they have good insurance.


By David Vance On November 1st, 2011 at 9:30 am

Melanie Philips spells it out for the slow of thinking…

“Earlier this year in the east London boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest and Newham, posters suddenly sprouted in the streets declaring: ‘You are entering a Sharia controlled zone. Islamic rules enforced.’ Underneath were images indicating that smoking, alcohol and music were banned. Also this year posters declaring Tower Hamlets a ‘gay-free zone’ were put up across the borough. Police and local councillors declared that they would take all such posters down.

Now, however, it seems that the threatening implications of self-declared ‘Muslim areas’ are spreading into the heart of our democracy.

Last Friday Mike Freer, MP for Finchley and Golders Green, was forced to abandon his constituency surgery at the North Finchley mosque and hide in a locked part of the building when a group of activists from the ‘Muslims against Crusades’ group forced their way in. The Daily Mail reported that Mr Freer, a gay man and a member of Conservative Friends of Israel, said he was called a ‘Jewish homosexual pig’.

In fact, Mr Freer said he only realised that the danger he was in possibly went beyond such abuse when was he made aware that ahead of this incident the group had posted up a reference to the attack last year on East Ham MP StephenTimms, who was stabbed by a Muslim woman while he too was holding a constituency surgery. This message warned

‘the attack on Mr Timms should serve as a “piercing reminder” to politicians that “their presence is no longer welcome in any Muslim area”’.

The message also stated that

‘“as a member of the Conservative Party”, Mr Freer “has the blood of thousands of Muslims on his hands”.’

Mr Freer, who also happens to be a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia (the ironies attending politically-correct ideology are rich indeed) was apparently targeted because he had demanded that Palestinian extremist Sheikh Raed Salah be banned from Britain earlier this year.

Understandably, Mr Freer now wants the Home Office to investigate ‘Muslims against Crusades’. But rather more pertinently, shouldn’t some arrests have been made? For by any standards this was threatening behaviour which intimidated an MP into being unable to carry out his constituency duties.”

No arrests will be made because our authorities are running scared of offending Islamists. They are intent on trying to pacify those who cannot and will not ever be pacified until we embrace total dhimmitude, a position that seems the preferred option by this and previous governments. If the Police refuse to move against those who made threat to Mr Freer, then it is us who lose our freedom.


By David Vance On October 30th, 2011 at 9:41 am

Here’s an interesting article on the issue of whether our trouble with Islam is with a religion or an ideology. We’ve discussed this over the years here on ATW and I think it quite a useful intellectual exercise to challenge preconceived views.

“Islam or Islamist? That is the question. Is the term “Islamist” a politically incorrect fabrication to dodge the inconvenient truth that Islam itself is inherently and inevitably chauvinistic and totalitarian? Or is it a necessary distinction to draw: denominating supremacist Muslims striving to impose on societies a classical, rigid construction of Islamic law, distinguishing them from authentic Muslim moderates who elevate reason, embrace pluralism, and take sharia as spiritual guidance rather than the mandatory law for civil society?”

Give it a whirl and decide for yourself.


By David Vance On October 24th, 2011 at 10:30 am

Well, I am sticking to the line I have taken all year, to the horror of some liberal media broadcasters!  The so-called “Arab Spring” is ar from what the MSM tends to portray – some sort of drive for an emerging neo-Jeffersonian democracy. It is ISLAM RISING and constitutes enormous danger and by way of evidence I offer you this small detail…

Libya’s interim leader outlined more radical plans to introduce Islamic law than expected as he declared the official liberation of the country.

You don’t say? Let’s read on…

Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, the chairman of the National Transitional Council and de fact president, had already declared that Libyanlaws in future would have Sharia, the Islamic code, as its “basic source”. But that formulation can be interpreted in many ways – it was also the basis of Egypt’s largely secular constitution under President Hosni Mubarak, and remains so after his fall.

Mr Abdul-Jalil went further, specifically lifting immediately, by decree, one law from Col. Gaddafi’s era that he said was in conflict with Sharia – that banning polygamy. In a blow to those who hoped to see Libya’s economy integrate further into the western world, he announced that in future bank regulations would ban the charging of interest, in line with Sharia. “Interest creates disease and hatred among people,” he said.

Sure, Islamic nations are renowned for their sense of tolerance.

Libya, Egypt, Tunisia – all going Sharia, all going Islamic.

WHAT can go wrong?


By David Vance On October 9th, 2011 at 2:13 pm

So, a woman loses her leg care of a planted landmine aimed at imposing Islamic values at the beach. And guess what? It works. Women now love the Sharia beach.

Read the awful details here;

And so we go from this

to this


Welcome to Islam.


By David Vance On September 29th, 2011 at 9:22 am

It’s a break through for sensible moderation – Islam style.

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has overturned a court ruling sentencing a woman to 10 lashes for breaking a ban on female drivers, reports say. The ruling, although not officially confirmed, was tweeted by a Saudi princess and reported by AP news agency citing an unnamed official. The woman, named as Shema, was found guilty of driving in Jeddah in July.

You have to hand it to the Saudis (unless you have had your hands cut off, another Saudi delight), they take the expression ” women drivers” to a whole new level! Why on Earth should women NOT be allowed to drive, and I’m not talking driving whilst in a Burqa, now that’s an extreme sport!

The effortless barbarism, the stone age approach to women, the spreading of Wahabbism, all these sins forgiven them because they have OIL.

Isn’t that the bottom line here? That’s why it is vital that countries like the US open up their own Oil Deposits and whilst other nations like the UK does everything possible to minimise reliance on these tyrants. Of course even THAT may be as nothing when the Chinese come a calling for the black stuff.

Is Oil the problem here, or is it the combination of Oil and Islam?


By David Vance On September 27th, 2011 at 10:05 pm

So, how is the Religion of Peace getting on in Switzerland? Well, they have a problem; Can you guess what it might be?

“The Swiss Cross should be abolished. This is being demanded by the Immigrant Association Secondos Plus. “The Swiss Flag has nothing to do with today’s, multicultural Switzerland any more.” Do you understand?” Said Petrusic its representative.  The Cross has a Christian back ground. The Christian origins of Switzerland validates that it is respected, “only the separation of Church and State is also valid with regard to this flag”, insisted a representative of Secondos Plus. “It is a given, therefore, that we have great religious and cultural diversity in Switzerland.”

Here’s a better suggestion. If these Islamists feel so unhappy with the Cross on the Swiss Flag, why not move to somewhere with that Crescent you so like?


By David Vance On September 27th, 2011 at 8:23 am

Remember your schooldays? Ever spell a word wrongly? Be thankful you didn’t attend a strict Muslim school.

It may have been a mere misplaced dot that led to accusations of blasphemy against a Christian eighth-grader, whose miniscule error led to her expulsion from school and uproar amongst local religious leaders.

Faryal Bhatti, a student at the Sir Syed Girls High School in Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) colony Havelian, erroneously misspelt a word in an Urdu exam while answering a question on a poem written in praise of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The word in question was ‘laanat’ instead of ‘naat’ – an easy error for a child to make, as the written versions of the words are similar.

According to the school administration and religious leaders who took great exception to the hapless student’s mistake, the error is ‘serious’ enough to fall within the realm of blasphemy.

On Thursday, Faryal’s Urdu teacher was collecting the answer sheets from her students when she noticed the apparently offensive word on her pupil’s sheet. The teacher, Fareeda Bibi, reportedly summoned the Christian girl, scolded her and beat her. Her punishment, however, did not end here. When Faryal’s class fellows learnt of the alleged blasphemy, the teacher brought the principal’s notice to the matter, who further informed the school management.

In the meanwhile, the news spread throughout the colony. The next day, male students of the POF colony school as well as certain religious elements took out a rally, demanding the registration of a criminal case against the eighth-grader and her expulsion from the area.

Having been expelled from this school for her crime, her father must now worry about her getting raped.

The fanaticism is staggering and yet most of this passes by the MSM without comment. For this young Christian student to be persecuted in such a way is an outrage. Were a Muslim student in a Christian school to be treated in such a way there would be an international outcry. In this case all we get is silence from the MSM, from Amnesty, from all those ever so concerned Internationalists.