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By ATWadmin On June 14th, 2008 at 9:47 am

Well, the Irish voters did not do as they were required and voted down the Lisbon treaty aka the EU Constitution.  Now they must suffer.

The morning after this historic vote,  "Ireland is isolated within the European Union following the rejection of the Lisbon Treaty", a Government minister threatened.  As the Government and all the main political parties take stock of yesterday’s shock defeat of the constitution treaty in the referendum, Minister for Integration Conor Lenihan said he "can’t see a situation" where the treaty could be voted on again by the Irish electorate.  "I think the result is deeply damaging to our position within Europe…and in fact to put this again is to create a double risk of creating even more damage to our interests internationally and within the European Union," he said in RTÉ’s Morning Ireland. “I’m not saying I’m ruling out the possibility that it could be voted on again, but I really think it would take a huge amount of effort on the Government and Europe’s part to put this question again." Get that – he’s not ruling out putting the question AGAIN so the right answer can be obtained. More money from the EU, a greater campaign and maybe Ireland could be persuaded to say yes? I note the Irish Times are already running a vote on whether there should be another referendum – get the picture?

The ruling elite are angry.  Minister for Justice Brian Lenihan said Ireland had lost influence in Europe following the rejection of the treaty by the electorate. Speaking as final results were being counted yesterday evening, Mr Lenihan thanked those who voted Yes but said he was “very, very disappointed” with the outcome. “I think it is a very sad day for this country and for Europe as well,” Mr Lenihan said. 

Rubbish. It is a very sad day for the Eurocrats and those behind the power grab that the Lisbon Treaty represents and it is that which Lenihan articulates. Democracy is incompatible with the EU and today we witness the resentment and anger that is felt when the people speak.


By ATWadmin On June 13th, 2008 at 7:22 pm

IRISH%20VOTE.jpgNow the details. Voters in Ireland have rejected the European Union’s Lisbon reform treaty in a referendum by 53.4% to 46.6%.   Fantastic result and one that, contrary to all the pundits, was NOT too close to call.

It’s a major blow to leaders in the 27-nation EU, which requires all its members to ratify the treaty. Only Ireland has held a public vote. The European Commission, showing it’s UTTER CONTEMPT for the people, now says nations should continue to ratify the treaty anyway.

Irish PM Brian Cowen said he "respected" the vote but it had caused a "difficult situation" that had "no quick fix". That translates he is mad as hell but can do nothing about it – for a while. I suspect the Irish may be asked to vote again – and again – until they vote the way the EU requires.  The reality is that at these moments we all glimpse the sheer political arrogance that drives the whole project and it is a revolting sight. There is an EU summit next week and you can be sure that the main agenda item is to find a way to ignore the will of the people.


By ATWadmin On June 13th, 2008 at 1:33 pm

Well, what a result!

eussrno2.gifIt’s still unofficial BUT all the indications suggest that the Irish  electorate have said NO to the Lisbon Treaty aka the EU constitution. This is a brilliant result insofar as it shows the Irish people have had the guts to dismiss the mealy mouthed platitudes of the Irish political class, Big Business and Trade Unions – all of which endorsed Lisbon AND argued for a YES. I think it can safely be said that the Republic of Ireland is pro-EU but it is not pro the power grab that the Lisbon Constitution represents. So where now? Well you can be certain that the same power-crazed Eurocrats that brushed aside the wishes of the French and Netherlands voters will now do the same with the will of the Irish voters. The fundamental problem is that the Euro elite view the will of the ordinary people as a barrier, a problem to be solved. That is why I despise the EU – it has transmogrified itself into an enemy of freedom and democracy that tries to STOP the people from speaking! Apparently UK PM Gordon Brown has already said that in the light of the Irish vote he will nonetheless try to push the Lisbon Treaty through the UK Parliament, so ignoring the will of the British people who were promised a vote on this Constitution then denied it when it became apparent THAT they would not vote in the manner required. The EU is a colossal anti-democratic fraud. Ireland says NO to the scheming Eurocrats and seeks to defend its sovereignty and I say well done Ireland. There will be a pint of Guinness later this evening raised in tribute to the No voters from the emerald isle! 


By ATWadmin On June 9th, 2008 at 8:37 am

There have been conflicting reports but it seems at least possible that voters in the Irish Republic are poised to reject the EU Lisbon Constitution Treaty on the future of Europe when a referendum is held this week, a poll suggests.

Anti-Lisbon campaigners have surged ahead, overtaking the yes camp to double their previous support and make rejection of the treaty look likely. The survey for The Irish Times newspaper gave the no camp 35 per cent and the yes camp 30 per cent, with don’t knows at 35 per cent. The uncommitted may yet move towards a YES vote but it would take an unprecedented late swing for this to happen. Such a swing is what the entire Irish political establishment wants to bring about as they genuflect to Brussels. However EVEN if the Irish do say NO – you can bet the Eurocrats are already working on ways around such a rejection and that is the real problem with the EU –  it works against the will of the people. 


By ATWadmin On June 6th, 2008 at 6:33 am

irish_flag1_thumbnail.gifWell, it is being suggested that the EU Constitution Treaty is heading towards a shock defeat with the No side now in the lead, according to the findings of the latest Irish Times/TNS mrbi poll. It will take an unprecedented swing in the last week of the campaign for the Treaty to be carried.

The poll shows the number of people intending to vote No has almost doubled to 35 per cent (up 17 points) since the last poll three weeks ago, while the number of the Yes side has declined to 30 per cent (down 5 points). The number of undecided voters is still a significant 28 per (down 12 points) cent, while 7 per cent won’t vote. The massive increase by the No vote since the last poll has mainly come through gains among undecided voters but, even more ominously for the Yes side, it has lost some support to the No camp. While the final outcome is still in the hands of undecided voters, the clear momentum is now with the No campaign, and it will take a dramatic shift in public attitudes over the next few days for the Yes side to win.

Should the Irish people say NO to the EU, it will be a truly historic moment and a MASSIVE victory for the people over the EU political class. Naturally one has to be very suspicious of polls, and perhaps this is a cunning plan to get the YES vote out in the final week. But IF this is a true indication of voting intent, then the EU manipulators will suffer a tremendous defeat. And I will celebrate by being Irish for one day!


By ATWadmin On May 29th, 2008 at 8:29 am

Rarely have I read such drivel as this nonsense produced by Green Party Minister Eamon Ryan that should the Irish people defy the politicans and vote NO to the European Constitution Treaty in next month’s referendum then EU plans to defeat global warming could be undermined.

It strikes me that Ryan AVOIDS all the tough issues on what is being really being proposed by the EU in this Constitution in all but name and instead resorts to empty headed sound-bites which reduce to little more than "Save the planet and vote EU" I trust those in the NO campaign will have the wit to expose just how vacuous and self-serving the EU’s mighty plans on "global warming" actually are. The programmes that are planned over the next twenty years will ensure Europe’s economy is de-railed, and even Ireland will not be immune to that. The Global Warming chimera is the last resort of the discredited Greens.


By ATWadmin On May 20th, 2008 at 1:32 pm

eussrno2.gifI know that one should not read too much into political posters in terms of the quantity and quality of them on display but here in Dublin today it is obvious that the entire Irish political ruling class is siren-calling the Irish people to vote "YES" to the European Constitution Treaty in the coming June referendum.  Now at least the people are being offered a chance to express their opinion, which is a damn sight more than we in the UK are going to get but on the other hand, this is being carefull stage-managed. 

Be it Fianna Fail, Fianna Gael or Labour, they all just want to say YES! Only Sinn Fein/IRA seem to say NO and as we all know they are not a player of any major relevance in electoral terms in the Republic. It’s my guess that the Republic will deliver a comprehensive YES verdict – it’s what vested interest wants and vested interest will prevail. The ordinary people in the Republic are being positioned that to vote No will be akin to voting for the four men of the apocalypse. Fear is being used in equal measure with bribes to obtain the requisite YES answer – that’s how the EU and its regional political pimps work. Now only a fool would deny that the EU has given the Republic a massive hand-up in past years BUT in my view the more salient factor has been the visionary low tax economy which has really driven growth. The EU has muttered that the very low corporation tax rate which the Republic enjoys could be "harmonised" with higher rates elsewhere were the ungrateful locals to say NO to the Treaty.

In but a short time, the Republic’s political caste will once more sell their souls to Brussels and then congratulate themselves on how clever they have been. I would love to see a NO vote and a display of Irish national defiance but it ain’t going happen. The EU is like a drug, once it’s in your system, it’s almost impossible to get off the dependency. Until it kills you off, that is…


By ATWadmin On May 17th, 2008 at 11:51 am

According to the latest poll, the Republic of Ireland electorate will do as the EU requires and produce a definitive "YES" vote in favour of the European Constitution Treaty. It was found that 47% of respondents said they do not yet know whether they will cast their ballot for or against the proposed EU document, with 35% in favour and 18% against. I reckon that although that undecided number seems large, it will break down 50:50 between the camps so resulting in the YES lobby easily carrying the day. The reality is that the political establishment in the Republic act like pimps, selling the Euro-ideals. It’s ironic that a referendum is being held in the one country in the EU which is slavishly pro-EU, quite happy to sell its sovereignty for a mess of euro baubles.


By ATWadmin On April 8th, 2008 at 8:44 am

eussrno2.gifI see that Irish PM B-B-Bertie Ahern’s name is being mentioned as a potential President for Europe!  Hail Bertie O People of Ireland! The current President of the European Parliament (How they love their titles, these Eurocrats) has said Bertie Ahern is one of a number of possible candidates for the planned new position of EU President.

Hans-Gert Pottering was speaking after holding talks at government buildings yesterday on the forthcoming Lisbon Treaty referendum. The creation of the position of EU President is one aspect of the new treaty. Mr Pottering says there are several candidates who could do the job and Mr Ahern would have the necessary experience to be one of those candidates.

Well yes, given Bertie’s problems with accounting for money and given the EU’s failure to get its annual budget signed off, I am sure he is very well qualified to head up this august cabal.

Meanwhile, Pottering also said he was confident the Irish people would vote in favour of the treaty in the upcoming referendum, scheduled to take place on June 12. I am sure the Euro elite will get their little victory and will then use the Irish vote to suggest that had other countries been given the same opportunity to vote on the European Constitution, then they too would follow the Irish.

All lies of course but then deceit lies at the black heart of the EU. 


By ATWadmin On March 5th, 2008 at 10:25 pm

eussrno2.gifThe Westminster Parliament, as predicted, has chosen to reject allowing the British people a chance to comment on the Lisbon Constitution.

The House of Commons turned down the Conservative proposal by 311 votes to 248 – a margin of 63.

The result means Parliament itself will decide whether to ratify the treaty, signed by EU leaders last December. Thirteen Lib Dem MPs rebelled against the party’s orders to abstain on the referendum vote, with three frontbench spokesmen resigning their posts. MPs rejected the Conservative amendment to the EU (Amendment) Bill, but 29 Labour MPs supported it. Three Tories defied their party leadership.

So, British sovereignty will be sold out care of the Labour neo-communist scum in power, and the people will not get the chance to speak until the next general election by which stage the EUSSR will have gained even greater control of our destiny. It seems to me that Labour is clearly the declared enemy of the British people, working furiously to undermine every vestige of our national  independence. History will record how Britain, a nation that once ruled the waves,  slowly sunk beneath them, torpedoed by the socialists in power and an apathetic electorate – more concerned with Amy and Cheryl than the destruction of their identity. Dancing on Ice captivates whilst our freedoms are on walking on thin ice.