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Another Cut an Paste

By Patrick Van Roy On June 13th, 2015 at 11:37 pm

Here is an article that made a point that I feel is important, and will present a problem in the very near future.

When Obama Leaves Office, the Military Will Be Smaller Than It Was Prior to 9/11

Does that make sense? Is the world safer for America today than it was on Sept. 10, 2001?

When the U.S. military lacks the capacity and capabilities to protect all its vital interests, the country is worse off. It is just that simple.

As U.S. relative power declines, the Pentagon becomes increasingly unable to deal with more than one problem at a time. They know, for example, that if Washington becomes absorbed in a Middle East crisis, it will have less capacity and appetite to intervene elsewhere.

If the U.S. lacks the means to win, then an enemy’s answer is a lot easier: Just demonstrate the ability to make sure America knows wars will be messy. That will convince Washington the best course is to just back off.

As problems grow and the Pentagon loses more capacity to deal with them, decision makers in the U.S. will become increasingly risk-averse.

Adversaries will exploit America’s indecision and reluctance to engage.

Today, despite our multibillion-dollar investment, America’s military is not all that great. That was the finding of a two-year research effort by a team of analysts at The Heritage Foundation.

“The Index of U.S. Military Strength” grades the armed forces. The ranking this year? Marginal.

The Link leads to 9 very good reports if you have the time to read them.


Snake-oil Salesman wins lottery!

By Mike Cunningham On May 26th, 2011 at 11:12 am


The words were spoken…………. and the sonorous tones once more were heard………………… and the regulation pauses in the speech were made to enhance the delivery….. …………………..but although the auto-cue worked perfectly, and everyone got a mention, and even the Court Jester looked suitably star-struck……………………………….the Speech somehow failed to take off.

Obama’s first, and possibly only attempt at humour, mentioning the Pope, Mandela and Her Majesty as his predecessors got the regulation laugh, and applause; but the rest of his performance, if he could have been transported to the Late-night Comedy circuit, would have ensured that he got paid for his evening’s work, but doubt if the management would have invited him back for a repeat performance.

Wnen Obama’s speechwriter was hired, he talked of how he simply shaped the thoughts and theories of the President into speech, and how to bring his thoughts into words and actions. It is a great pity that Obama’s mentors weren’t mentioned in any of his speeches. Mentors such as the rabble-rousing Reverend Jeremiah White, he of the ‘ blacks should not sing “God Bless America” but “God damn America.” ‘ and other White American-friendly observations. It should be noted that although President Obama stated the Reverend White was ‘like an old uncle who says things I don’t always agree with’, it is a fact that the Reverend married Michelle and Barack, baptised their two children, and is even credited with the title of Obama’s book, ‘The Audacity of Hope’. Mentors such as  Gregory Galluzzo – a former Jesuit priest, now married and Executive Director of the Gamaliel community organizing network, who was quoted “‘We are really cowards for not wanting power,’ because ‘power is good’ and ‘powerlessness is evil.’ Not included within the Westminster speech were any observations on how he came to be attending any church in the first place.

Yes, the obligatory references were made to our common heritage, but as English, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish we already know how important Runnymede was, but perhaps more might have been made of the only truly loud noise ever welcomed by British people.

But Obama’s greatest mistake within his speech was contained within the passage which discussed, or at least made reference to, Islamic terrorism. He claimed that the West was at war with al-Quaeda, but stated that the West will never be at war with Islam. Whether this belief, this statement comes from his upbringing, or his political conversion, or is simply a piece of rhetoric to cover his mistakes, he cannot be seriously expecting men and women of intelligence and gravitas not to accept that the core of Islam, the very ideal of Muslim thought, is the installation of a world-wide Caliphate, with everyone subservient to Islamic ideals, or dead!



By ATWadmin On January 29th, 2010 at 7:54 pm

I’ve just got in, feeling knackered. So I should since I’m working to keep the world’s wabenzis in a new motor every few months curtesy of the imbecile in Number 10.

In the meantime my own wheels are falling apart because of the potholes on our Third World government roads.

Have yourself an open thread then. You know the score – play nicely.


I Just Hope He Doesn’t Bow!

By ATWadmin On December 2nd, 2009 at 4:01 am

Ralph R. Reiland of Pittsburgh Live.com describes Obama’s forthcoming trip to Copenhagen:

“So off he’ll fly, picking up a peace prize and vowing to curb America’s growth, ignoring how climate researchers have trumped up global warming numbers and plotted to crush dissent, and signing on to a global redistribution-of-wealth scheme in which the United States, already $12 trillion in the hole, will send hundreds of billions to the world’s poorest countries in order to green up a planet that’s already cooling.”

Obama’s Legacy

By ATWadmin On November 18th, 2009 at 7:45 pm

This, my friends, is Obama’s legacy:

With the help of the Democrat majority in Congress, Obama tripled the Federal deficit in only one year; future generations will remember Obama for this!

The increase in the deficit is largely thanks to ill-advised government spending, including Obama’s failed stimulus package, the massive spending bill that promised much, but accomplished little.  Since Obama took office, unemployment has reached a record high of 10.2% (17% if you count the workers who have given up and stopped seeking work).

The deficit now stands at a record high of $1.4 trillion dollars up from  $459 billion of last year.

(Graph from Gateway Pundit.) 

Etiquette Lessons

By ATWadmin On November 15th, 2009 at 8:00 pm

Never too late to learn some manners….

HT: The Jawa Report

Putting That Bow in Perspective

By ATWadmin On November 15th, 2009 at 7:15 pm

All handshakes except for Obama’s one low bow. President Obama’s apologetic posturing is disgraceful.

HT: Hot Air

Berlin 2009

By ATWadmin On November 10th, 2009 at 3:49 pm

President Obama was “too busy” to travel to Berlin for the celebrations so he sent a video of his head talking. Blown-up into monstrous super-human size, the head of President Obama, gazing down at the crowds from two enormous video screens, neglects to mention President Reagan. Of course, he gives a shout-out to….himself! The first African-American President!  

Who would have believed an American President would one day be of African descent?  Nobody?  OK. We’ve got it. Now, give it a rest for pity’s sake!

He’s NOT a Little Girl!

By ATWadmin On October 27th, 2009 at 2:33 pm

Is Barack Hussein Obama actually a “little she,” not a “big he?”

“.. Hawaii has issued a certificate of live birth that declares Barack Obama to be a forty-eight-year-old man. Usually I’d consider something like that official enough, but evidence has mounted that’s made me doubt it. First it was his weakness on foreign policy. Then there were his complaints about Republican opposition. Next was just how easy he is to push around. Finally, there is his whimpering about Fox News. Now, I think we owe it to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers to analyze Obama and ask ourselves: Are these the actions of an adult male or a whiny, sissy little girl?

This is an important question, and we should treat it seriously. Now I know partisan hacks are going to scream, “He’s not a little girl! Shut up shut up shut up!” But the evidence is devastating. Just look at Obama’s foreign policy since taking office. As enemies like Iran oppress their people and move towards obtaining nuclear weapons, does he strike back against them forcefully like any real man would? No, that’s too scary for him. Tough talk like that would make him hug his dolly. He just wants to talk and be nice so no one yells at him…”

Well? What do you think?


Never Thought I’d See This…

By ATWadmin On October 16th, 2009 at 6:49 pm

President Obama visited San Francisco, Caifornia – Pelosi country heartland –  and protestors showed up! 

John at  The City Square has some great photos. 





Here’s my favorites from John’s collection:


The City Square has many more excellent photos.