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By ATWadmin On November 19th, 2006 at 10:36 am

Gaza-human-shield-art_0.jpgDid you read that Israel has called off a planned air attack on a house in Gaza after hundreds of Palestinians formed a human shield to save a known terrorist leader? Mohammedweil Baroud said he was warned by Israeli forces to leave his home. He instead ran to a mosque and summoned neighbours to help defend the house. Mr Baroud is a commander in the Popular Resistance Committees TERRORIST group.


Think about that. This man is a terror leader. Israel tells him to GET OUT of his house, which they have good reason to believe is used as a base for planning acts of terror, and what does he do? Yes – run to the Mosque. And then what? – get human shields to ensure that any attack would claim "innocent lives" which the  media could then use to abuse Israel.

As far as I am concerned, Israel has a right to annihilate the terror-enabling Mosque and those terror-protectors that choose to give cover to Baroud.

But the MSM seems to view this disgusting act of succour to Baroud as HEROIC!!!

Here are a few examples of just heroic Baroud and his pals have been…

  • Large explosive charges meant for Israeli tanks which killed three Israeli soldiers on February 14, 2002; three more on March 14, 2002; and one on September 5, 2002.

  • Attacks on civilian targets in the Gaza Strip: a side charge was detonated as a bus full of children passed near Kfar Darom on November 20, 2000, killing two; shots were fired at a bus carrying airport workers near the Rafah terminal on October 8, 2000, wounding 8 Israeli civilians; shots were fired at a car on the road from Kerem Shalom to the Rafah terminal, killing the woman driver. Akram Salameh ‘Atia Said , a member of the PRC who was sentenced to 24 years in prison  admitted during interrogation to having planned to perpetrate a suicide bombing attack at Kfar Darom.

  • Mortar attacks on Israeli targets in the Gaza Strip, including civilian villages , some within a very short period of time: three on the same day (April 28, 2001) against moshav Netzer Hazani (five young people wounded, one of them seriously); one (April 29, 2001) against the village of Kfar Darom ; and one (May 7, 2001) against the village of Atzmona.

It is to the scum responsible for organising these acts of terror that the "brave Palestinians" provide shelter. Give these people a State?


By ATWadmin On November 16th, 2006 at 7:35 am

bbc.gifI wonder is there anybody out there who does NOT accept that Hamas are a gang of cut-throat terrorists, who will happily use any available means to target and kill innocent civilians? Apart from the BBC, obviously?

I was reading this report about the Israeli army striking back against these Palestinian killers and noted that the BBC substitutes the word “militants” instead of using the correct word – terrorists. This is policy from on high and it reeks to high heaven.

Worse still, and In a supreme irony, the BBC chooses to put the word “terrorist” in quotes when it is used by an Israeli official.  Such is the Orwellian reality of having a State Broadcaster which deliberately refuses to define terrorism or terrorists. 

Hamas purposefully fire Qassam rockets into civilian areas, hoping to kill at random. Hamas kidnap and murder Israelis. Hamas send self-detonating fanatics onto buses, into Disco’s and Wedding Parties to slaughter as many innocents as possible. And yet the morally bankrupt BBC refuses to call the perpetrators for what they are  – TERRORISTS. In this age of moral relativism, the BBC refuses to judge. Instead it bastardises language, avoids harsh truth, and misrepresents what is actually happening. Hamas ARE terrorists and the BBC further tarnishes its already sullied reputation by refusing to acknowledge this.

I wonder would Nazis have just been “Germans”?


By ATWadmin On November 15th, 2006 at 9:32 am

gazarocket.jpgI was reading this report on the LATEST Palestinian attempt to cause random mass murder amongst Israeli civilians when I was suddenly struck by the casual way the BBC removes any hostile motive from such vicious attempts at carnage. Check this out..

An Israeli woman has been killed and one man injured in a Palestinian rocket attack on the town of Sderot, Israeli officials say. Police say six rockets fell in and around Sderot, close to the border with Gaza in southern Israel.The Israeli army has been carrying out raids in Gaza intended to stop such rocket attacks.


So the report starts by implying a failure on behalf of the Israeli army as the intrepid Pali psychos succeed in launching more of their missiles at Israeli civilian targets.  It gets worse..

Qassam rockets are fired into Israel by Palestinian militants in Gaza on a daily basis.


Really? I haven’t noticed the BBC flagging up these daily attempts at mass murder, have you? I haven’t heard any UN criticism of this ongoing terror, have you?

But let’s just reflect on the fact that EVEN the BBC admits that the Palis plan mass murder on a daily basis. Must be all that oppression that makes ’em to it. eh? Not that it matters a damn because..

"They (Qassam Rockets) rarely cause death or serious injury, but do cause fear and panic."


Why do they rarely cause death or serious injury? It’s not through lack of intent, my friends, but rather because of Israeli families taking action to swiftly huddle in underground bomb shelters.

Then we get the reassurance we all need..

The last time someone was killed inside Israel by Palestinian rocket fire was March 2006.


Well, that’s OK then. Why that’s 8 months ago – I’m sure the next of kin have moved on. Then this..

Israel cites the threat from Qassam rockets as the main reason for its military operations in the Gaza Strip. Almost 400 Palestinians, many of them civilians, have died in such operations since late June 2006.


I wonder how many of the "almost 400" were Hamas and Al Fatah terrorists? How many of the "almost 400" were providing shelter to Hamas and Al Fatah terrorists? From whence did the BBC get the "almost 400" statistic? The BBC is mute on the point.

This entire BBC article is riddled with BIAS and demonstrates that even Al Jazeera will have to work hard to provide a more PRO-PALESTINIAN perspective!


By ATWadmin On November 14th, 2006 at 7:37 am

hamas school.jpgHere’s an update on how contemporary Palestinian leaders are holding out the hand of friendship to Israel.

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh unequivocally stated Hamas’s position on Israel at a rally last weekend saying,

“ I tell you with all honesty, we will not recognize Israel, we will not recognize Israel, we will not recognize Israel.” 


Meanwhile Khaled Meshaal reiterated Haniyeh’s feeling saying that Israel is a

“cancer that must be pulled out by its roots.”

As you know, last week Israelis were compared to animals by Hamas.

And yet – a party that makes it clear it seeks the utter destruction of Israel and its replacement by the Islamic "Umma" is overwhelmingly endorsed by the Palestinian electorate? Give these people a State?


By ATWadmin On November 8th, 2006 at 2:21 pm

So much happening today, so little time to cover it!

I was disgusted with the BBC coverage of the incident involving Israeli tank fire shelling in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun.

It was a complete set up.

First, the BBC reporter proclaimed the viciousness of the Israeli attack as if it were a premeditated act of mass murder. Then the BBC interviewed an Israeli Military Officer who stated that the incident was under investigation and that she could say little more than that until she had all the facts. She apologised for the loss of any innocent life, and to my mind, she spoke sensitively and fairly. Last word was given to a Hamas Jihadist who basically accused Israel of targeting innocent Palestinians.

To get a flavour of the Hamas position on all of this…

"Israel should be wiped from the face of the Earth. It is an animal state that recognises no human worth. It is a cancer that should be eradicated," said Ghazi Hamad, a spokesman for the Hamas-led government.


At no point did the BBC make clear that Palestinians have been relentlessly firing Qassam rockets into Israel with the sole purpose of taking Jewish life. At no point did the BBC make reference to the fact that Hamas are TERRORISTS. The only direction of BBC fire was at Israel. In essence, the BBC and the rest of the rotten liberal cabal, deny Israel the right to defend itself. They would much prefer that Israel allows the Palis to murder and maim indiscriminately – with no fear of consequences.

hamasvictory.jpgMy view on all of this is that I am sorry for lost innocent lives – but Palestinians who vote murdering scum like Hamas into power and who give shelter and succour to them, who alow themselves to be used as human shields by them – are not innocent, But the Jew-haters are too enraged to accept this. Instead they cloak themselves in the faux outrage of a Hamas government that openly compares Jews to animals.

Give these people a STATE?????


By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2006 at 9:24 am

gazarocket.jpgI note that the world’s most oppressed people, the Palestinians of Gaza, continue to show their willingness to embrace peace with Israel by….firing more Qassam rockets into Israel’s southern Negev region.

One rocket landed dozens of meters from Sderot’s crowded outdoor market, causing panic. Three other rockets landed in open areas. As ever the Palestinian terrorists launching this missiles like to hide behind civilians so that when Israel responds, the odds are a few innocent civilians can be killed which is great PR for our Pali pals.

Give these people a State? I wouldn’t given them a bucket. I’m afraid Palestinian society continues to demonstrate a deep seated sickness, indeed a pathological hatred of Israel, that makes it totally unfit to hold any sovereign power. Those who agitate for Palestinians to be given the status of a Nation should ask themselves what message does the sending of Qassam rockets deliver to Israel?