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Obama blows another one

By Patrick Van Roy On April 4th, 2011 at 9:21 pm

And what a shock it’s not his fault…LOL.

Attorney General Eric Holder: Congress ‘Tied Our Hands’

In a sharp reversal of the Obama administration’s policy on trying Sept. 11 suspects in U.S. courts, mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four co-conspirators will be tried in a military commission at Guantanamo Bay.

Attorney General Eric Holder today placed the blame squarely on Congress for creating conditions where the Department of Justice cannot try them in a federal court, saying their decision would gravely impact U.S. national security and counterterrorism efforts.

They “tied our hands in a away that could have serious ramifications,” he said today. “In reality, I know this case in a way that members of Congress do not. Do I know better than them? Yes.”

What a pack of Maroons, The BedHead Bedouin was never setting foot in the country. Only an idiot trying to create political points would even contemplate the Trial of these animals in N.Y.C. So much for closing GITMO Barry, and your next bright idea is?

Now that the administration has finally quit trying, can we just try these bastards and shoot the ones found guilty. I mean think about it, our President Barry wanted to give this idiot, a man that already admitted guilt, and was waiting to die, a showtrial.

From the smallest, to the strongest

By ATWadmin On September 9th, 2010 at 12:28 pm

Came upon this video, made commercially, which does indeed catch, just a little, at the moment which is fast approaching:     Memorial. 

And so forth, and so fifth

By ATWadmin On August 11th, 2010 at 10:48 am

One of the truly great self-explanatory phrases used extensively against the 650 was the simple “They just don’t get it!”. It was apparent to everyone else just one second after the first deadly pages of the Daily Telegraph  fired the opening salvos of the Expenses Saga that our politics would never be quite the same again, and so it proved. Unfortunately, the prime targets of the expose never quite understood the level of detestation which erupted amongst ordinary people, and so we got headlines such as this about the Poisoned Dwarf, as well as the heckling of Margaret Beckett on TV to prove it.

As with the ‘clean moats’, the ‘duck houses’, the helicopter pads and the multiple mortgages, houses and hundreds of thousands claimed; so with a building in Lower Manhattan, just over two blocks from Ground Zero. It seemingly just did not occur to the people who proposed and commenced the funding and planning procedures to build and equip a muslim community centre and a Mosque at 51 Park Place that such a building, with all the trimmings thereon, would conflict with the minds, hearts and memories of the relatives, friends and colleagues of the 2,996 who died the last time someone tried to establish a lasting model for Islamic engagement just around the corner!


By ATWadmin On September 11th, 2009 at 7:19 am



I wish to write in remembrance of someone I have never met, never will meet, and in the normal course of events would never have even heard of his name!

Joseph Reina Jr., a manager of operations at Cantor Fitzgerald, met the love of his life in 1996 while on vacation in Cancun, Mexico.

Actually, he first talked to the former Lisa Donoso on the telephone — about bonds — when she worked at Gruntal & Co., Manhattan.

“We realized we were going to Cancun at the same time and thought it was a strange coincidence,” she recalled. “We met at a club, but didn’t meet until the last night — so we didn’t have much time to hang out. Then we were on the same flight home.”

Before they knew it, a relationship was blooming. The couple became engaged in 1998 and married a year later.

On Sept. 11, Mr. Reina gave his half-awake wife, then nine months’ pregnant, a smooch and then kissed her stomach.

It was the same morning routine for almost two years of marriage. But those kisses were the last they shared. Mr. Reina is among those missing from the World Trade Center disaster.

Mrs. Reina, who was home from work for her first week of maternity leave, was asleep that Tuesday when the phone rang at 9:01 a.m.

“All I heard was static — like a cell phone couldn’t connect,” said the 31-year old Annadale resident. “So I don’t really know if he tried to call.”

Mr. Reina, 32, a Brooklyn native, spent 14 years with Cantor Fitzgerald and worked his way up to a manager of operations on the 101st floor of 1 World Trade Center.

“Our lives just started. He just worked so we could have things. The most important thing for him was taking care of us,” said Mrs. Reina, who now works for Bear Stearns & Co.

“He had a great sense of humor. He could turn any bad situation upside down and into a good one,” said Mrs. Reina.

Mr. Reina moved to New Springville in 1984 and then to Annadale when he married in 1999.

A graduate of Port Richmond High School, where he played baseball, Mr. Reina played first base and pitched for the Cantor Fitzgerald softball team. He was an avid Jets and Yankees fan.

“He loved to travel. We’d go on at least three or four trips a year. I’m glad that he went and got to see so many places in his short life,” said Mrs. Reina. The couple’s son, Joseph Robert Reina, was born on Oct. 4. “He looks exactly like his daddy,” said Mrs. Reina.

“It kills me that he never had one second with his son,” said Mrs. Reina. In addition to his wife, Lisa, and his son, Joseph, Mr. Reina is survived by his parents, Rosemarie and Joseph Reina; his brother, Michael; his sister, Joann, and several nieces and nephews.

His life ended as a bunch of fanatics ploughed their jet-fuel laden aircraft into the main core of 1 World Trade Centre.

He died, along with 2,995 other innocents, in the cause of a Muslim fanatic’s mad ramblings; in the name of their god. He died because he was there, because he went to work, because the killers thought it would create the headlines and publicity which they craved.

They got their headlines; they received their publicity, but hopefully, the sacrifice of Joseph Reina Jr. , along with the 2995 others who died on that sad day in September, will be remembered long after the very memories of the hate-filled fools who planned these murders drift away with the winds.

Post created as part of Project 2996.

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So who is lying to whom?

By ATWadmin On September 11th, 2008 at 4:37 pm

On the day when just about all the free world remembers the criminal acts in America, I thought about the may ways in which I, as an individual, could also remember and try and coalesce my thoughts around the things and acts which have been done, by both men and by governments, since those few tragic hours passed by. Remember the first time that we here in this Kingdom saw televison pictures broadcast live from America? There was, if I remember rightly, a snip of a ‘home run’ from a baseball match (which of course brought out all the old jokes about ‘rounders’ and America not understanding why they were celebrating and playing a girl’s game), as well as pictures of typical American scenes, all transmitted by Telstar. That same Telstar satellite whose name was a hit record certainly in Britain. We saw live pictures of an America who had come into a World War and helped win it, we saw an America who was, and still is, a bulwark against many things, ideas and people who hate the very name of America, and hate both the country and all the polyglot people who live in that extraordinarily complex and blessed land, and cursed the very sound of her name!

We have witnessed the first items which demonstrated how the terrorists are winning, and how the thought-processes behind the actions, some knee-jerk and some with an exceedingly long pedigree, which have been carried out in the wake of those multiple murders in New York, Washington and rural Pennyslvania. We see the Patriot Act in America, within which  a hastily patched-together set of civil liberties restrictions and state power expansions under the banner of that same Patriot Act. Some might and have argued that the greatest danger to America in this new ‘Terror’ age is actually from within, because, supported by both Republicans AND Democrats alike, a raft of measures which are, to the most, extreme invasions of privacy were voted into law, and the only thing which was sensible was that they came with a time limit! Under this pernicious law, anyone can be subject to ‘sneak and peek’ search warrants, and these can and do include medical, financial & library records, as well as where and how you browsed on the Internet. The ACLU, a truly admirable institution with which many Americans have a distorted viewpoint, have laid many objections against provisions of the Patriot Act, and in many cases, they have simply been ignored! The ACLU exists to try and bring to heel a rampant Executive, in that they try and ensure that the Constitution is upheld. They aren’t ‘Commie-loving liberal pinko’s’, they just take up the causes which are brought to their attention; causes which in their view are attempts to subvert or circumvent the Constitution and it’s Amendments.

In this (Dis-) United Kingdom, I have written more than once on the need for such a fine institution as the ACLU is, even though we do not unfortunately have a written Constitution, apart from the bastardised one imported from Brussels and Europe. In this country, we see the usual hodge-potch of ill thought-out legislation in the wake of both 9/11 and our own terror attacks; ranging from an attempt by Government to imprison individuals after extremely lengthy and well-documented intelligence work, only to see them virtually walk free laughing because our own Law Lords feel that they might be tortured if deported elsewhere; to a truly laughable Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act  which has enabled councils to video-snoop on a couple to see if they are living within a school catchment area as they claimed. We see terrorists freed, and their masters sitting in Government in Northern Ireland, and the only reason we don’t see those same grinning faces in Westminster is because those fanatics lack the balls to swear an oath, even though it would be quite obvious to all that they wouldn’t mean anything by that oath! We see the stupidity of a Government which sits down and talks with terror rather than taking the harder path and crushing it, in the lunacy outcome of a convicted bomber’s anticipation of being Police & Justice Minister within a ‘Devolved Administration’.

We see the strong and overwhelmingly successful initial response against the Taliban in Afghanistan diluted by an ill-advised, badly-planned and totally irresponsible invasion against a truly tin-pot  Iraq dictator, with the Allied attackers believing Saddam Hussein’s publicity, instead of the truth that he was just another blow-hard with big ideas. We see over 3,000 American dead and over 100 British casualties stemming from an idea that Iraq could be subdued on the cheap, with a ‘Shock and Awe’ approach which was neither backed up with boots on the ground, or intuition in the planners’ empty heads. The very presence of American soldiers couldn’t possibly have been foreseen as a magnet for  a well-co-ordinated muslim terror campaign whixch hates the very sight of the ‘infidel invader’? The fact that there were sufficient high explosives secreted all over that desert country which could re-surface as road-side bombs probably never entered the heads of those who advised Donald Rumsfeld to disband the entire Iraqi army.

We see the truly awesome amounts of reconstruction money, both American & British, squandered as though it was Monopoly money in both Iraq and Afghanistan to little or no result, with the one exception of the cash spent in Afghanistan on water resources and irrigation canals. That same water which runs down through those expensive and well-planned concrete channels and ends up helping irrigate the poppy fields which at present supply 3/4 of the world’s heroin. We see millions of dollars of your money spent on an electricity generation turbine and associated gear, drawn up on a 100-vehicle convoy, guarded by over 5,000 soldiers and airmen, including the largest mine-clearance operation since the Second World war, to equip a power station with enhanced capacity which will probably never be used, because as soon as the power grid pylons get erected, some son of bloody-allah will target them with an R.P.G., and …….., by-bye electricity!

Back in the United Kingdom, one result of the lousy governance, produced by this second-rate bunch of political hacks at present in power, which stems directly from anti-terror legislation is that we are all scrutinised to a degree undreamt of by the one-time master of all scrutiny, namely Erich Honecker; he of the one-time Stasi and the People’s Democratic Republic of East Germany. Scrutiny which runs from every white person being forced to undergo virtually a strip-search at airports because one sick muslim bastard tried to blow himself up on an airplane with explosive-stuffed trainers; to a legislative agreement to allow local council officials access to our e-mail traffic: Oh and just before you say it, I do not believe that you have nothing to worry about if you have nothing to hide! That is just the argument used to justify every move to limit our personal freedoms!

So, just in summing up the changes which result from the disaster of the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and Flight 93, I would honestly state that the attacks have succeeded, because our lives have altered, our freedoms have been encompassed, and our dreams are in peril! We should never forget, but we should also never give in, to either the terror or to the appeasers, because appeasement, like Danegeld, never works; because once rewarded, the terrorist always returns, grasping at more, and more
, until he sees the prize of power within his grasp!


By ATWadmin On September 11th, 2008 at 3:27 am

The call came early that morning, my mother’s voice tight, low, worried. I was sweeping the floor or loading the dishwasher, busy with some mundane task, no thought for the world outside my door. “Turn on the tv, the World Trader Center was hit. A plane crashed into the building, turn on the tv!”  I watched the burning building, phone held to my ear as the second plane hit. Jesus, I couldn’t breathe. Tears streaming, I called my husband, I wanted him home. He was standing in the conference room with everyone else, crying, they were all staring at the television and crying. Silently weeping with the rest of the country.

America stopped that day. We put down our lives that early September morning and we watched and we wept.

I’ll never forget that day, neither will my fellow countrymen.

Instead of posting a video, I’ll share an excerpt of Tilly’s story.  Hit the link and read every last word.

It took me exactly 17 minutes to get down 59 flights of stairs because eventually it turned out to be the time difference between the two planes hitting each tower. I exited the emergency stairwell into the 1st floor lobby center elevator vestibule servicing floors 3 thought 43 about eight seconds before the second hijacked plane went through my Tower 2. I didn’t think of it until later, but now as I recall, at this point I lost track of Karen.

What followed was unlike anything I have ever experienced, or could imagine experiencing; the only thing that comes close is the movie Die Hard. When that plane blew through upstairs the repercussions only took about 25 seconds, but it all seemed in slow motion to me, as if I was watching myself on a movie screen. All of the oxygen was sucked out of the building and my lungs (like being in a vacuum). I felt doomed because the turnstile exiting the elevator bank would not unlock for me to get out and run for the revolving doors leading out of the lobby and into the underground mall, under the plaza level. I could not have known at that panic-filled moment, but that locked-up turnstile would save my life. Instead I’m thinking, “This is where I will die,” because I can hear an explosion roaring downward inside the building. Yet somehow I looked over to see that the end turnstile wraps around a support beam forming about a two-square-foot space, but there is only about six inches to squeeze through between the end of the turnstile and wall beam. Something inside me told me to get in there. I’m about 100 pounds soaking wet, so I pressed myself through and balled up facing the support beam with the steel barrier wrapped around my back giving me a little protected cubby hole.

This is when the explosion came.It progressed down the building, breaking the windows as it went; the entire building was groaning, an unnatural, unearthly sound, much like a can squeezing, or cracking uncooked spaghetti. By the time it reached the lobby, the marble veneer was cracking and falling off the walls; the chandeliers shattered on the floors along with the plaster ceiling, and the force imploded in at about 50 mph, pulling metal, balled safety glass, and other material with it. The pipes were bursting over my head and dense materials were flying around me as if they were being pureed in a blender. In the next instant came a horrible noise and a flash of extreme heat and light blown directly over my head. I concluded later in the day that this was from the huge airplane fireball sent down the 78-110 elevator shaft that exploded out into the lobby, and blew around the walls and curled into the center vestibule where I was taking cover. The third and last explosion occurred when a huge chunk of burning wreckage fell to Liberty Street, which runs parallel along the south side of the South Tower, and crashed through the building into the lobby behind me, bringing metal, glass, marble and revolving doors with it. There had been four security men and some fleeing WTC workers behind me near those revolving doors; I realized that they were all taken out by either a huge chunk of the building exploding outwards or the tail end of the plane falling to the street. I now know that there were nine of us in the lobby that day when the plane hit, two NYPD officers on the 44-77 elevator side, and two others coming out of emergency stairwells on the 78-110 elevator side. The two officers and I were the only ones who made it out alive.