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But they were going to love him

By The Troll On September 5th, 2013 at 2:01 pm


Popular and widely read Egyptian newspaper Al Wafd published the above picture today portraying U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama as Satan himself. The unflattering picture has been making the rounds on Facebook in the Middle East and, according to Al Wafd, is representative of the hatred growing numbers of people in the region have for the American president, thanks to his staunch and unwavering support for Islamists and jihadiis — whether in Nigeria, Libya, Egypt, or Syria — even as they terrorize, murder, rape, and burn down Christian churches, that is, even as they engage in diabolical activities.

So the President that was going to restore the US’s credibility around the World an Especially in the Middle East is viewed with such loving respect. President Obama has continually backed the forces of Evil in the Middle East, and the average person on the Arab street knows it.

The sad part is how many here in the West refuse to look at his actions and judge them honestly. James Carville went as far last night as to blame George Bush for Obama’s current problems in Syria. You get the Government you deserve. We in the States put this man in power, twice.

We have complete economic collapse at home, and expanding death and destruction over sea’s that can be laid directly at his feet. Yet those who support him refuse to even acknowledge Obama’s part in any of  it, while they blamed Bush if they caught a cold during his Presidency, and still today they blame him.

Now I ask how can one President be responsible for everything that occurred under his term while another is held responsible for nothing? And you people that support him want to be taken seriously.

Incompetence and Laughter

By The Troll On June 24th, 2013 at 4:49 am

obama1-compressedAs the Obama Administrations incompetence spews across the headlines our enemies are laughing with delight.

Both China and Russia are delighting in the embarrassment that is the Obama Regime as they blatantly show their desire of cooperation with them passing Snowden from nation to nation under their protection.

As his internal policies have lead us on the path of economic destruction, with 5 years of the largest debts in history, more home foreclosures than in the great depression, and over 20 million unemployed with no hope of ever finding a job as business after business still shed jobs at 3 times the rate that new jobs are created.(we are still losing 300,000 jobs a month) The only thing that makes this bunch look even more inept is their Foreign Policy.

Snowden is just the salt in the wounds. His exposing to a naive public the nations ability to tap EVERYTHING is not news to the Russians or the Chinese, they have known for years what we are capable of intercepting. Even the wackos in caves praying 5 times a day know not to talk on their phones or send e-mail.

It is the weakness of Obama that he is to arrogant to see,  that provides them with joy and laughter. 920 more days we must suffer the buffoon. His never ending campaign and speeches can’t hide the pain and bloodletting he has invoked onto the nation. 3 more years to watch the nation come to grips with what we have voted into place.

God help us.

Barry’s Babes

By The Troll On June 5th, 2013 at 9:04 pm

The wonderful arrogance of The President never ceases to amaze and delight. King Barry has decided that since none of the current scandals can touch him due to the blind protection given him by the Press and Government Unions he will just march on with his agenda. Bless his little hate filled heart.

So he will appoint the following two Witches to prominent seats of power.

Susan Rice will go from Ambassador to the U.N. into the job of National Security Adviser. It will also block her from being called before the Oversight Committee.

riceliarWASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama’s top national security adviser Tom Donilon is resigning and will be replaced by U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, marking a significant shakeup to the White House foreign policy team.  (no it doesn’t)

Rice, a close Obama confidante, came under withering criticism from Republicans as part of the investigations into the deadly attack on a U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya. Rice, relying on talking points from the intelligence community, said in television interviews that the attacks were likely spontaneous, which was later proven incorrect. (no she is still under investigation and is likely to be subpenaed)
Obama considered nominating Rice as his second-term secretary of state, but she withdrew amid the GOP criticism, saying she didn’t want her confirmation fight to be a distraction for the White House. (in other words he doesn’t want her asked who told her to lie about Benghazi)

Her new post as national security adviser does not require Senate confirmation. (how convenient)

Rice will be a perfect NSA after all she was one of the master minds as NSC Africa specialist, together with the then NSC terrorism specialist Richard A. Clarke, who successfully lobbied for continuing to bar U.S. officials, including the CIA and FBI, from engaging with the Khartoum government. Which might have prevented 9/11 from happening.

Now the Special Princes.. the PERFECT Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power. A true hate America first unless Israel is involved, in that case hate Israel THEN the U.S.

WASHINGTON (AP) — A White House official says President Barack Obama will name former aide Samantha Power as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

Power is a longtime Obama adviser who worked on his 2008 presidential campaign and ran the human rights office in the White House. She left the administration in February but was considered the favorite to replace Rice at the U.N.

Here is an old piece on the wonderful Ms. Powers. This piece highlights why she is perfect for the U.N.

Obama, Libya, and Israel

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Sunday Funnies

By The Troll On May 20th, 2013 at 12:50 pm

I don’t know about how it is in the U.K. but Sunday always had funnies in the Newspapers. Since Newspapers are dead the funnies are now on the TV in the form of Political interviews. Here was the best laugh of the day.

YouTube Preview Image

Dan Pfeiffer was sent out on all the Sunday shows with a script of bull, just as Susan Rice was. He said the same thing on every show. He even told Clinton’s boy that the “Law was Irrelevant”.

The sad part is there are many who are buying this comedy as actual fact. Well what can you say except many people lack integrity.

This one with old Liberal MSM Dinosaur Bob Schieffer is actually painful to watch.

YouTube Preview Image

It is however the New Sunday Funnies…. Shame they’re not funny



By David Vance On May 18th, 2013 at 9:30 am

I suppose Narcissus didn’t see any real harm in what he did. But others did;

President Obama humiliated the marine who he asked to hold his umbrella by making him ‘look like a butler’, a respected military general claimed today. Thomas McInerney, a former United States Air Force Lieutenant General, said that the President showed a ‘lack of respect’ by making the soldier shelter him from a shower.  He also said that the President has plenty of aides so did not understand why one of them could not have held the umbrella…

U.S. President Obama checks the need for and umbrella held by a U.S. Marine during a joint news conference with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan in Washington


By Pete Moore On March 30th, 2013 at 9:41 pm

Because nothing says “seperation of church and state” like the president’s “Passover and Easter greeting”. A snippet, my emphasis:

“As Christians, my family and I remember the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for each and every one of us – how He took on the sins of the world and extended the gift of salvation. And we recommit ourselves to following His example here on Earth …”

Indeed, and let’s hope the president puts up, because this is not “following the example” of the Prince of Peace –



By Pete Moore On March 21st, 2013 at 4:22 pm

No, really?

Since the US taxpayer pays for those settlements the President is in a rather strong position to do something about it. He won’t, of course. As dumb as the settlement building policy is, even for those who don’t wish to see Israel wiped out, Washington’s policy towards them hasn’t changed one bit under him.

The matter of military aid to Israel can be seen in its own light, but Obama might do worse than tell Natanyahu that if one more brick is laid in the West Bank then the military aid gets cut back. Even George W Bush criticised settlements as “outposts which need to go”. It’s time we saw some action in that case. It’s time then for presidents to man up and start backing up the peace rhetoric.



By Pete Moore On March 12th, 2013 at 9:14 pm

“The people dont matter.”

It’s no surprise. The Secretary of State came to London three weeks and announced that Washington would ignore the referendum. Let’s acknowledge their consistency now in that case. After 99.8% of islanders voted to remain British, the State Department has again discarded their opinion, taking no position on sovereignty, but recognising what it calls Argentina’s “competing claim” to the Falkland Islands.

I’m tempted to suggest that Downing Street should recognise Mexico’s “competing claim” to Texas and California, but the Obama regime might well agree. Of course, there’s no competing claim for land by Buenos Aires, as explained by von Mises:

“A nation, therefore, has no right to say to a province: You belong to me, I want to take you. A province consists of its inhabitants. If anybody has a right to be heard in this case it is these inhabitants. Boundary disputes should be settled by plebiscite.”

Liberation theorists would concur, except, it seems, when those voting are white.


By Pete Moore On March 7th, 2013 at 5:50 pm

Cenk Uygur neatly rounds up the significance of Rand Paul’s filibuster against the imperial presidency. Along the way he notices that some Dems, liberals and progressives, people who’d have gone up like their hair’s on fire if a certain ex-president had behaved like Obama, have suddenly gone AWOL.

YouTube Preview Image

GOP drones shouldn’t get off lightly either. They stood mute while a certain ex-president committed constitutional atrocity after constitional atrocity. Yet it’s only with a Dem in the White House that they’ve discovered a concern for such outrages. Whose shoulders do they think Obama stands on? Power-worshipping hypocrites, every last one of them.

Meanwhile, what state propaganda media machine?:

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By David Vance On January 18th, 2013 at 9:18 am

I see US Predient Obama has very deliberately sought to stick HIS nose into the affairs of the UK.

President Barack Obama has told British Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday that the United States “values a strong UK in a strong European Union” 

How charming. The slight problem with this is that;

1. It is for the people of the UK ALONE to decide our relationship with the EU. Obama has no say in what we think and I cannot think why he feels to share his opinion with us?

2. The idea of a “strong” UK within a “strong” EU is an oxymoron spouted by President Narcissus. The EU seeks to drain away our vestigial National Sovereignty, impose its laws on us, and further subvert the idea of a Nation State in de jure and de facto terms. The moron in the White House should learn to mind his business.

However, my bet is that Cameron actually wanted this from Obama. He will use this to try and send a warning to the more robust wing of his Party as it seeks to try and at least become semi-detached from the EU. This is all about expectations and triangulations and above all, subverting the will of the majority of people in the UK who want OUT of the EUSSR. Cameron WANTS to stay in and Obama wants us to stay in.