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By David Vance On February 17th, 2013 at 9:24 am

It’s the envy of the possessions we accumulate and the desire to then TAX them that SO offends me;

Families will be forced to pay tax on jewellery and other heirlooms under controversial new plans drawn up by the Liberal Democrats. Under the scheme, tax inspectors would get unprecedented new powers to go into homes and value rings, necklaces, paintings, furniture and other family treasures. Householders would be forced to pay a new ‘wealth’ levy on the assets – with the threat of fines for those who refused to let snoops value their possessions.

This is the ultimate wealth re-distributors dream. They tax your income, they tax your house and now they tax all the other assets you may own. There is a point coming where Statists like the Lib-Dems are going to cause the lid to blow. There is NO WAY and tax inspector is entering my property to check what jewellery, paintings and furniture I possess. That is clearly a step too far and a cause for revolt. And yet, it is an insight into the mind of the Left that they think there can be no boundaries in their quest to acquire our wealth for their endless redistribution plans!


By David Vance On May 12th, 2012 at 10:36 am

Are you surprised to read this? Really?

France’s new Socialist president Francois Hollande owns three holiday homes in the glamorous Riviera resort of Cannes, it emerged today. The 57-year-old who ‘dislikes the rich’ and wants to revolutionise his country with high taxes and an onslaught against bankers is in fact hugely wealthy himself.  His assets were published today in the Official Journal, the gazette which contains verified information about France’s government.

Like all GOOD champagne socialists, Hollande conforms to type. More champagne as we work to make the rich more poor?


By Pete Moore On April 24th, 2012 at 8:02 pm

By 6:30 a.m., a full hour and a half before the store would open, about two dozen people were already in line. They waited patiently, not for the latest iPhone, but for something far more basic: groceries.

“Whatever I can get,” said Katherine Huga, 23, a mother of two, describing her shopping list. She gave a shrug of resignation. “You buy what they have.”

Venezuela is one of the world’s top oil producers at a time of soaring energy prices, yet shortages of staples like milk, meat and toilet paper are a chronic part of life here, often turning grocery shopping into a hit or miss proposition.

Some residents arrange their calendars around the once-a-week deliveries made to government-subsidized stores like this one, lining up before dawn to buy a single frozen chicken before the stock runs out. Or a couple of bags of flour. Or a bottle of cooking oil.

Read the rest here

So life is increasingly tough in Venezuela. Am I sympathetic? Not towards the many who chose to plunder their compatriots by voting for Hugo Chavez. Instead they’ve been plundered themselves, first by his regime’s currency debasement and then by the price controls which this prize buffoon is increasingly imposing. We can look on now, but don’t think it can’t happen here.


By Pete Moore On March 6th, 2012 at 9:27 pm

The Telegraph’s Ed West reviews Jonathan Haidt’s The Righteous Mind, which looks at why some people become conservatives and some liberals (sic) and asks why both sides inevitably start to demonise each other:

Haidt suggests that human beings have six moral foundations, a desire for care over harm, fairness, liberty over oppression, loyalty, authority, and sanctity, and that these govern our politics and religions. Surveying tens of thousands of self-identified liberals and conservatives with a series of ethical questions, he concluded that those on the Left were only really motivated by the first three, but (social) conservatives care about all six, roughly equally.

Seems they’re not stupid or evil afterall (blimey!) but they are rather stunted, ill-developed, and possess only half of the qualities conservatives.


By Pete Moore On February 17th, 2012 at 4:18 pm

The beast is always hungry. News comes that the price of diesel has hit a record high of £1.43 a litre. Correction: the retail price is about a 40 pence a litre in the market before the Mafia State takes a 350% cut.

In Americans terms: £1.43 per litre = £5.41 per gallon = $8.56 per gallon. I bet you thought you were ripped off at the pump!

And get this, the government intends to increase its cut by another 3 pence per litre this year, the dirty, thieving, criminal scum. No wonder the State brought in authoritarian ‘laws’ after the last fuel protests. No bother, I will be there at the next one. I propose that Downing Street be blockaded permanently.

It’s no wonder we’re taxed to penury when you see how the likes of the AA react. The BBC reports it has written to George Osborne, chief collector for the SW1 Gang, calling for an investigation of the fuel market “to ensure UK families and business are protected from over-inflated prices and supply difficulties”.

What? The State investigate over-inflated fuel prices? And Herod should have investigated child abuse! George Osborne and the Treasury are 350% cause of fuel prices, you morons.


By David Vance On March 10th, 2011 at 11:48 am

The socialist argument is simple – tax as much as you can since private wealth is a bad thing. Such vindictiveness lay at the heart of Labour’s reign of economic terror;

“Chancellor George Osborne was under fresh pressure to scrap Labour’s 50p tax rate last night after a report warned it could deprive the Government of £350billion of tax revenue in a decade.

The ‘politically-motivated’ tax rate on earnings over £150,000 would reduce economic activity by 19 per cent over the same period, the study found.

The Adam Smith Institute report warned this could cost the Government billions in lost tax revenue. It also called for the main higher-rate income tax level to be cut from 40 per cent to 35 per cent, to make Britain more competitive.

Britain’s top tax rate is now one of the highest in the world, the study added.

Soaking “the rich” is an essential aspect of Socialist belief. They seem to be convinced that raising taxes on wealth creators can be done with impunity, without any real consequences. The Adam Smith report is only pointing out the obvious – namely that actions DO have consequences and in a recessionary climate – do we REALLY want to increase the problems that besit our economy in order to salve socialist consciences?

Progressive’s Agitprop

By ATWadmin On April 2nd, 2010 at 3:34 pm

Update: The reward for any evidence was increased by Andrew Brietbart to $100,000!

In the video below, Jack Cashill in American Thinker deconstructs the “racist” slur that has become this week’s ubiquitous, high priority talking point in liberal media outlets throughout America. 

Cleaver (D) made the accusation of a racial slur and a spit, and a reporter named william Douglas had the smear written up and posted on the McClatchy website within 90 short minutes. Shortly after, media outlets and Democrat politicians began to echo the lie across the nation.

The reported acts of racism at the Tea Party Protests do not appear to have ever happened.  Andrew Breitbart has offered a $10,000 reward for anyone coming forward with any evidence.  So far no one has come forward. 


Liberty Lost

By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2010 at 3:00 am

From the anti-anti underground website  and ht to the American Thinker

It’s the Freedom, Stupid.

By ATWadmin On September 23rd, 2009 at 3:06 pm

I wish President Obama would give domestic US the middle finger.  I wish he would get too exasperated to function, too fed up with our perceived collective stupidity that he would give up trying to force feed us socialism, trying to  “help us help ourselves.”

But, I don’t see that happening soon.  No.  Obama is tightening  his inefficient, corrupt, governmental Grizzly Bear hug around America, soon to strangle the air out of us.

Consequently, I look to China and ex-Gov. Sarah Palin for a breath of fresh :

HONG KONG — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, in what was billed as her first public-speaking engagement outside North America, blamed the world financial crisis on government excesses and called for a new round of deregulation and tax cuts for U.S. businesses.

“We got into this mess because of government interference in the first place,” the former Republican U.S. vice presidential candidate said Wednesday at a conference sponsored by investment firm CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets. “We’re not interested in government fixes, we’re interested in freedom,” she added.

Deregulation. Tax cuts.  Freedom.  Sarah Palin. I can breathe again.

** Footnote: In the successful campaign against Bush the Elder, Bill Clinton’s campaign coined the phrase “It’s the Economy, Stupid.”

The Game’s Up

By ATWadmin On September 16th, 2009 at 8:27 pm

SO HERE we are again, on our uppers. Just another national calamity at the fag end of just another socialist government.

Leaked Treasury documents have revealed the Government’s own bleak forecasts for rising welfare payments and debt interest costs …../

The papers show that the Treasury expects to pay out £193.4 billion on social security benefits in 2013/14. Paying interest on the Government’s outstanding debts will cost £63.4 billion. Total Government spending in the same year will be £758.3 billion. Welfare and debt interest will be 33.8 per cent of that total.

In plain English, welfare crack and debt interest payments (note – interest only) will account for a third of all Government spending. One tax pound in three dedicated to keeping welfare bums in bed and the loan shark from the door.

Jolly well done, New Labour voters. What a catastrophe you’ve brought down on us. At least we’re at the end of a discussion, for this generation at least; effective bankruptcy has again demonstrated that we cannot afford big government running on Keynesian lines. You had your tax increases and profligate government spending, despite what you were told, and now the purse is empty.

The illusory boom is gone, twelve years of statist dogma has left us bust. The price of your selfish indulgence and gross ignorance will be paid by the next couple of generations who will sweat in state servitude for decades.