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Sex, Omission and Protecting Heinous Crime in the Name of Political Correctness

By ATWadmin On June 30th, 2009 at 4:55 pm

The AP recently reported the story of a man who allegedly raped his own 5- year old adopted son in Durham, North Carolina.  To my knowledge, the AP omitted any reference to the sexual orientation of the perpetuator of this heinous crime.

Mike Adams writes:

University administrator Lombard is accused of logging on to a chat room online and describing himself as a “perv dad for fun.” The detective who wisely looked into the suspicious screen name says that Lombard admitted to molesting his own adopted son. All this was before allegedly inviting a stranger to travel to North Carolina from another state to statutorily rape his already-molested adopted son. .

Outrage in the MSM?  I don’t see any. Rape of a child…yawn.

The man accused is identified as Frank Lombard, a prominent health researcher at Duke University. He is a white and gay, and his victim, a 5 year old innocent child,  is black. 

Just for fun, compare this to the 2006 outrage caused by the false accusation of rape by a black stripper against the white lacrosse team at Duke University.  The facts of the stripper’s story did not add up but that did not stop the MSM, and the Durham DA, from nonstop outrage against the white lacrosse players. 88 Duke faculty members even took out a full page ad accussing the innocent men of rape and racism.

The silence of the MSM leads me to ask: does protection of gay lifestyle “choices” trump outrage over pedophilia? Anything to protect gay activist agenda, mainstreaming homosexuality complete with child adoption, marriage vows and unquestioned acceptance?

Would the delicate political coalition between blacks and gays be jeopardized if the MSM expressed outrage over this disgusting crime, and would the ability of gay couples to adopt be jeopardized as well?

Apparently so. 

“Color Me ‘Gay Perturbed’”

By ATWadmin On April 27th, 2009 at 6:55 pm

“…writes Andrew Brietbart in an article titled, “We’re here, we’re queer and we’re hypocrites”:

“The gay political-activist community – in my view, a small minority of left-wing agitators acting on behalf of the whole – has been on a binge of bad public behavior, and I’m not referring to the bare-buttocked-chaps look and inappropriately placed sparklers during “pride” parades.

The Mormon community was recently targeted for its support of Proposition 8, the pro-traditional-marriage initiative in California. Donors to the cause were isolated and even exposed on online maps. Businesses were targeted. People lost their jobs….

….On display at the Miss USA event was the activist left’s pageant of selective bullying, a concerted strategy to go after low-hanging fruit like Mormons. But the left leaves off its hit list members in good standing of its normal coalition – its “rainbow” coalition. In California, one of the gayest places on the map, blacks and Hispanics – who disproportionately disapprove of same-sex marriage – get a stunning pass from outraged proponents of gay marriage.

Since 9/11, the highly organized gay left has also been deafeningly silent on Islam’s anti-modern approach to homosexuality – let alone same-sex unions. The mullahs in Iran somehow get a major pass while the director of the California Musical Theatre in Sacramento is targeted for ruin. This contradiction is not subtle. Indeed, it’s obvious and pathetic.”

I agree.  In fact, I’m tired of all the faux outrage. From atheists “offended” by a school prayer to Al Gore predicting the demise of the polar bear it seems to be increasingly true: the louder the cries,  the phonier the outrage.


By ATWadmin On December 27th, 2008 at 10:53 am

I see that Tom Cruise, responding to news that Britain is counting the number of homosexual citizens it has in a new survey beginning in January, has called on the U.S. government to do the same.

As Cruise told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel last night: “I am tired of not knowing. I am tired of hearing numbers quoted all over the map from practically zero to only a few million, all of them certainly far less than I believe there are. I think it is, psychologically, now the time to try and do something about this.” Kimmel had raised the subject in his opening monologue that evening but appeared dismissive of Cruise’s support for the idea, saying: “I think such a census would prove to be a nightmare for any statistician.”

Might be a nightmare but obviously the British government think this is SO vital an issue that it is prepared to waste money and resource determining it.  Is there ANYBODY out there who would place any confidence in the information obtained and who will bet that the size of the alleged gay community will “come out” at being about 10%  – in line with gay propaganda!