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Dig, dig, dig, KILL

By Mike Cunningham On November 5th, 2014 at 12:54 pm


Israel defends herself against terrorist tunnels, along with the terrorists who use them, and gets worldwide denunciation for its totally justified actions.

Egypt demolishes 800 homes, tunnels and terror bases, and gets………………………Not a single Sound!

I wonder why!



A Ray of Hope

By Patrick Van Roy On August 6th, 2014 at 11:01 am

With the truce between Israel and Hamass holding there is a ray of hope.  What does Hamass want more the power of ruling, or the ability to shoot missiles that don’t hit very much into Israel?  That is the decision that Hamass and no one else can make and the key to the cessation of hostilities.

Hamass wants the Blockade lifted, Israel wants Gaza disarmed.  If neither side gets those points this will not stop.  Hamass even though you wouldn’t know it from the press is losing the support of the Palestinian people it is their blood after all that is being spilled for what really are no gains.  There is also another set of leaders that want to take Hamass place.

The question is even if it’s only temporary which is more important to them. Power or shooting Rockets?

Here is good perspective:

Kuperwasser: Truce means Hamas must shift from terror to governing

Group hasn’t abandoned its ideology but swapped armed resistance against retaining control over Gaza,

August 5, 2014, 5:59 pm 4

kUPPERFallen IDF soldiers in Operation Protective EdgeSecurity guard stabbed near Ma’ale AdumimDefeat for Hamas, devastation for GazaAs fighting halts, IDF chief promises help to rehabilitate GazaGaza minister: War caused $5 billion worth of damageThe tipping pointFear of Gaza tunnels empties kibbutz of childrenAs truce holds, Israelis set to negotiate long-term solution
By agreeing to the Egyptian ceasefire proposal, Hamas has temporarily renounced a part of its “terrorist identity” and relinquished its ability to carry out attacks against Israel, a senior Israeli official said Tuesday.

The group hasn’t abandoned its radical and violent anti-Israel ideology, but for practical reasons decided to swap armed resistance for retaining control over the Gaza Strip, said Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Yossi Kuperwasser, the director-general of the Strategic Affairs Ministry.

“By accepting the ceasefire, as proposed by Egypt, Hamas has actually made a strategic decision,” Kuperwasser said. “They realized that in order to keep Gaza under their control, they will have to give up — at least temporarily, but hopefully for a long time — their nature as a terrorist organization. They won’t carry out their attacks; they will continue to speak like a terrorist organization. But they will be forced to give up their ability to carry out their attacks.”

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By David Vance On March 31st, 2011 at 9:00 am

As you know, Gaza is the Hamas redoubt in the Middle East which is characterised by its vicious Jihad war on Israel. So, who in their RIGHT mind would seek to be twinned with such a place? Step forward Nationalist controlled Moyle Council.

They may be thousands of miles apart and as different as chalk and cheese, but the Causeway coast and Gaza City took a giant step closer this week. But a vote by Moyle District Council councillors to link their picturesque area with the troubled Middle East region sparked a major fallout with the DUP, after it accused nationalists of taking advantage of a low unionist turnout to force the controversial twinning motion through. An area of outstanding natural beauty, the stunning coastal landscape of Moyle stands in stark contrast to the war-torn streets of Gaza City.Independent Moyle councillor Padraig McShane says he tabled the motion on purely “humanitarian grounds”.

I doubt Mr McShane’s precious “humanitarian” instincts extend the length of those Israelis at the receiving end of random rockets fired their way care of those peace-loving Gazans . Moyle Council should be ashamed of itself but I suppose it raises the bar for other Irish Nationalist controlled Councils. How about Tehran as a twinning opportunity?


By David Vance On March 20th, 2011 at 3:26 pm

I see that in a moving display of goodwill, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired more than 50 shells into Israel on Saturday, the heaviest barrage in two years, Israeli officials said.

A Hamas official was killed and four civilians were wounded when Israel hit back with tank fire and air strikes, said Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Adham Abu Salmia.Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said he will file a complaint at the U.N. after Saturday’s unusually large barrage. In a statement, Lieberman said the Palestinians “primary goal is destroying Israel.”

How about a UN resolution to use all available options to eradicate Hamas terrorism? If only Israel has oil deposits….

Three sides of a two-sided coin

By ATWadmin On June 29th, 2010 at 8:22 am

Listening to an interview on the Today Programme this morning with John Ging, the UNWRA director. This interview was preceded by a (fairly) straightforward news item which dealt with the same topic as discussed with Mr. Ging. The item in discussion was the destruction by ‘armed and masked men’ of equipment in a UNWRA ‘summer camp’ which gives children in Gaza access to sports, swimming, theatre and arts.


The BBC report gave a comparatively straightforward view of an event where some twenty men, masked and armed, immobilised the guards and then torched the entire complex. The BBC reporter also stated that while no one had claimed responsibility for this wanton destruction, the fact was that the HAMAS terror group which holds Gaza in its grip must have at least known and given tacit approval for the attack, mainly because nothing happened in Gaza without their knowledge.


Mr. Ging from UNWRA, on the opposing side as it were, also denounced the destruction, but pointedly did not even name HAMAS as the group which runs Gaza, and would consequently have either approved or planned the raid; but instead harped on about the (Israeli) blockade. That blockade which has, in his words, ‘traumatised’ many thousands of children, and placed UNRWA in a position where they had to supply these ‘camps’, run of course by thousands of ‘teachers’ which formed the basis of a holiday from the brutal realities of their lives under the blockade.


No mention about the release from a similar ‘trauma’ for the many thousands of ordinary Israeli kids by the same blockade, as the source for the rocket fuel and explosives has been sliced right back by that same ‘traumatising’ blockade!


No mention either of the fact that, while the HAMAS movement was elected in Gaza, and then murdered all its opposition; thus bringing the hard face of militant Islam home to the fools who believed the garbage spouted by the political wing of HAMAS, their brethren in the West bank are continuing, quietly and slowly, to normalise their lives and relations with Israel. This normalisation process itself was achieved with the Wall, which chopped off access by the suicide bombers who think the same as the terrorists of Hamas.

Before speech, engage brain!

By ATWadmin On June 7th, 2010 at 10:50 am

Remember the post about Helen Thomas, she of the revolving mouth and revolting mindset?

Well it seems like our Helen might be regretting shooting off her mindless statements about the Jews ‘getting the hell out of Palestine, and going to places like Poland or Germany’.

She’s already had one invite to a Commencement Day speech withdrawn on the grounds of  (insert any one of the objectionable or indeed actionable statements which our Helen gabbled out in the interview), and the Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Marlyland has acted accordingly.

That cancellation might well be followed by many more. The Jewish population of America might be just getting started on their own private ‘Exodus’ arrangement!


By ATWadmin On February 4th, 2009 at 9:48 pm

Great to hear that Israel’s opposition leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, who leads the polls before next week’s parliamentary elections, warned today against giving up any disputed territory to the Palestinians, saying it would be “grabbed by extremists”. Under Netanyahu, leader of the Likud party, Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank are likely to grow more rapidly, putting Israel at odds with the new US administration. In a speech, Netanyahu said that rather than peace talks with the Palestinians about giving up territory, he favoured economic development – a plan of “economic peace”. He has stopped short of endorsing a two-state solution that would see the creation of an independent Palestinian state.

That’s a good start by I favour the R&D solution to Gaza. That’s Re-occupy and De-Nazify. I’m hoping Bibi wins and that Israel finally stands up for itself and to hell with the “international community” and it’s lovefest for Palestinian terrorists. Interesting times ahead.


By ATWadmin On January 30th, 2009 at 11:23 pm

Tony Blair built his political reputation by betraying democracy and talking to IRA terrorists. This was called making peace.  Now he returns to old tricks..

“Hamas must somehow be brought into the Middle East peace process because the policy of isolating Gaza in the quest for a settlement will not work, Tony Blair has told The Times. The former prime minister implicitly criticises the strategy followed by the Bush Administration and Israel of focusing all peace and reconstruction efforts on the West Bank. “It was half of what we needed,” he said.”

Yes – let’s sit down with the Hamas vermin, hold hands, sing Kumbaya and all will be well. Tony doesn’t get it. Hamas aren’t interested in a dialogue with the Jews – they want to exterminate them. There is NOTHING to discuss. Soft power, appeasement, will not work.


By ATWadmin On January 13th, 2009 at 8:11 am

Nice to see some solidarity being expressed between the murdering scum in IRA/Sinn Fein and Hamas.

It’s almost touching when barbarians show support for each other and given the thousands of people that the IRA has murdered here in Northern Ireland, one can understand their enthusiasm for the Islamic savages in Hamas.

Nonetheless I believe Martin McGuinness, a self-confessed IRA godfather of terror, made a big fashion mistake by not adorning himself with a Hamas mask, all the same. Don’t you think this would have been even more impressive? Or, if Martin feels a mask is no longer to his sartorial liking, how about a nice kuffiyeh? Wonder what Martin thinks of the Hamas liking for suicide bombing? The reason I ask is that the IRA in Londonderry, where Martin cut his terrorist teeth, were quite far ahead of their time in that they innovated “the human bomb strategy.” 

Such nice people.


By ATWadmin On January 6th, 2009 at 10:42 pm

I was reflecting on the UN condemnation of the IDF strike on the UN schools in the Gaza Strip, in the most recent of which 30 people were killed, according to Palestinian sources. Given that the IDF had already protested last year to the UN that it had evidence Hamas rocketeers were using these schools to fire weapons into Israel, and given that the UN had done NOTHING to stop this, isn’t it time that Ban Ki-moon issued an apology to the citizens of Israel for the failure of HIS organisation to protect them from Islamic terrorists using HIS property?

Here’s the stark truth. Hamas are engineering these kinds of events, knowing that whilst they cannot defeat Israel militarily, they can win the propaganda war because the MSM is wildly sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. So the more innocents die, from a Hamas perspective, the better. That’s how sick they are. Here’s a useful update…