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There, but for luck, or the grace….go I.

By Mike Cunningham On July 10th, 2014 at 9:29 am

I often ‘click’ on links just to see what they hold in the way of explorers the world over, and it is rare when I am not rewarded by an item whjich displays the true foolishness of the human condition. Some amuse me, some annoy me intensely, but some times, perhaps too rarely, I come across an article or opinion piece which does make you stop, and think, and even occasionally say, as does my heading, “There but…….”.

So I would ask ATW readers to perhaps ‘click’ to find an article by a once-affluent lady, who found that sometimes you do have to swallow your pride, just to get by; before grasping the ladder back up once more.


I know just how she felt.


the finest of fine lines…

By Mike Cunningham On May 27th, 2013 at 11:42 am

I have come across more than a few individuals who could be stashed under the collective title of ‘hoarder’, and it is a singular truth that the last person to acknowledge that they have a problem is the ‘hoarder’ themselves. I have been inside a property where the rooms are jammed full of stacked columns of old newspapers and magazines dating back for years, where the only living (if you could call it living) space is a narrow six foot-long path between a battered old armchair, and a black-and-white television; everything else, throughout the entire house, was packed with thousands of old magazines and newspapers.

The larger problem is to decide exactly who to contact, what forces would be unleashed by your well-meaning intervention into what can be best described as a truly personal problem.

Do you simply contact the dreaded ‘Social Services’ knowing full well that, as an organisation which literally exists upon ticking boxes on printed lists of priorities and actions, they have about as much humanity in their collective natures as Attila the Hun?

Or do you place your well-intentioned foot firmly across their threshold and state, ‘You must accept change, for your own good, if not for the collective good of those who live around you.”

Or do you join a group of concerned neighbours to help overcome this strange and sometimes dangerous disorder?

Passports please.

By Mike Cunningham On April 14th, 2013 at 12:56 pm

Alongside most people who look upon the world from a right-wing perspective, I have always taken the BBC for what it is; which is an institution populated and dominated by Left-wing and creepily liberal minds, bound by Charter to be independent, but seeking always to inculcate its audience towards its own ‘common purpose’ mindset. But I have always also believed that some of the finest journalism and exposure documentaries have also made their way onto the BBC screens and airwaves, mainly because you cannot always keep the talent from making a solid programme. But I now feel that the BBC has not only overstepped the line in terms of deceit in  pursuit of a story, but also placed unsuspecting students in grave danger from the most oppressive regime in this world.

Allow me to explain. BBC Panorama producers were desperate to obtain good solid footage of life as it is ‘lived’ within the paradise which is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. As all foreign reporters are barred from entering the People’s Paradise, they forged official documentation to state that John Sweeney and two colleagues were on the teaching staff of the London School of Economics, and so joined a students tour of DPRK organised by the LSE’s Grimshaw Club. During their stay in the dictatorship, Sweeney was continually called ‘Professor’ by the North Korean guides and military minders.

The BBC’s Sweeny writes of his experiences in the Mail today, and brushes away his lunacy with false documents by writing ‘North Korea doesn’t allow journalists here so I’m going in with a group of holidaymakers.’!

Just imagine what would have been the fate of the unsuspecting, and probably rather naive students from the LSE’s  Grimshaw Club if the regime had discovered that three of the party were actually engaged in making a documentary for BBC Panorama?


Sometimes, I do despair!

By Mike Cunningham On September 8th, 2011 at 11:11 am

So the world rightly condemned the Norwegian fruit-and-nutcase after his murderous slaughter on the island, and with the bomb attack.

But now the inmates have taken over the asylum, and are demanding that he changes his clothing!


The logical assumption being that, if you wear Lacoste, you are assumed to be planning a massacre, and therefore should be shot on sight!

“you’ll have the other half?”

By ATWadmin On February 25th, 2007 at 2:35 pm

A very close friend of mine was moaning and complaining about the injustice of being handed a £300.00 fine and three penalty points on his licence for driving while over the legal alcohol limit! Now while my mate is in many ways a perfectly ordinary and responsible man, with two teen-aged children in his family; he seems to have this blind spot about the effects of booze and driving!

Somewhere in time about thirty-odd years ago, I used to work as an engineering contractor on a Gold Mine in South Africa, and as such, I was automatically invited to join in with all the numerous celebrations held within the wider mining community. We worked hard, drank even harder, and thought very little of the consequences of either! So, when we all received the word about the Mine ‘Christmas Party’, we literally got into training! We commenced partying somewhere around three in the afternoon, and many of us ended up at my mate’s house, together with his in-laws around One-o’clock in the morning! I can honestly state I felt no pain! So when the move towards our homes in Carletonville was proposed, a distance of some fifteen miles, I had no hesitation whatsoever in cramming four big men into the back seat of my car, with another two in the front besides myself! We drove at breakneck speeds, upwards of ninety miles-per-hour, towards our homes, with my mates regularly wrapping their hands around my eyes; at the same time as I was laughing fit to burst; and all the time DRIVING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE DUAL CARRIAGEWAY!! I dropped all my mates off in front of their homes, drove sedately home and parked neatly in front of my garage, and climbed into bed!

I woke up the next morning with no hangover whatsoever, remembered what I had done the evening before and broke out in a cold sweat; and I have never driven since with booze on my breath! You just loose all inhibitions; the world is yours to conquer, and you don’t give two damns if you die!

The legal driving limit should be reduced to zero, and all contraventions should earn the perpetrator a minimum five years inside, with the confiscation of his car as a requisite of his folly!!


We’re all saved, or doomed, or whatever!

By ATWadmin On January 17th, 2007 at 1:31 pm

I’ve just found this delightful little piece of rubbish, and thought I’d share the warmth!

Yes, the mighty (if slightly-tinny) voice of the (Fourth) Great Leader has spoken, and we should rejoice, for the Great Ken has laboured mightily, and brought forth ‘The Mayor’s Food Strategy’.

After a sum total of over two thousand years, during which time London managed to not only look after itself, from a Roman trading post to a thriving myriad-souled city of over eight million, but also provide the guiding influence which gave us, amongst other things, jellied eels, democracy, Shakespeare’s plays, the Palace of Westminster and all that that majestic series of buildings has produced, through architectural wonders such as St. Paul’s to the grotesque dead rubbish built these days to house the latter-day money-changers of the temples; where people have looked after themselves and their families for long generations without listening to a weirdy nut-case whose sole need is for self-advertisement, we have finally seen the end result of ‘Red Ken’s’ great labours!

With such gems as “In many parts of London, people struggle to access affordable, nutritious food. Many of those involved in the food system are barely benefiting from it economically and the environmental impact of the food system is considerable” and “It celebrates our vibrant and successful food culture, seeks to maximise new opportunities and tackle and overcome areas of weakness. “ we can rest assured that ‘Our Ken’ has seen the future, and it is good!

So, at a cost of a measly £3.87 million pounds over the next three years we can sit back as Ken and his colleagues

●    improve Londoners’ health through food
●    reduce the negative environmental impacts of food
●    support a vibrant food economy
●    celebrate and promote London’s food
●    develop London’s food security.

Don’t you feel comforted?


“it couldn’t happen to a nastier guy!”

By ATWadmin On January 1st, 2007 at 3:16 pm

Just heard on the radio about the removal of Naseem Hamid’s M.B.E.

naseem car.jpgSeems as though the word was relayed about this scumbag’s conduct when driving his Mercedes McLaren sports car at speeds up to ninety m.p.h. on the wrong side of the road, and colliding with another car. The driver of the second car was hospitalised with breaks or fractures to every major bone in his body!

Hamed served sixteen weeks of a fourteen month prison term, and was paroled with an electronic tag.

His victim, Anthony Burgin, is still in constant pain, and will be severely physically compromised for the remainder of his life!

Seems as though someone in the ‘Honours Department’ has finally got things right!

The darkness amidst the light

By ATWadmin On December 30th, 2006 at 12:50 pm

255px-Korean_peninsula_at_night.jpgRead a small snip about how Kim Jong-IL, the premier, head lad and all-round good sport of North Korea has announced a week of celebrations of the birth and works of Mozart. This departure from the usual round of stirring music with titles such as “Let’s Support our Supreme Commander with Arms” is raising eyebrows in PyongYang, but, as it’s the Supreme Leader’s desire, the eyebrow raising will only go so far! Not only a Mozart fan, Kim JongIL is no mean sportsman, having hit no less than eleven holes-in-one during his first round of golf!

Wry smiles apart at the lunacy which normally surrounds this dangerous smiling fool, we should just feel a little sorrow for the millions who labour in silence so this puny clown with the intellect of a gnat can prance around on the world stage, brandishing his nuclear explosive technology and (pro rata) the world’s largest standing army as his entry cards to the ‘2007 class of the great and the good’!

The photograph depicts a satellite image of the Korean peninsula, and highlights the difference between the capitalist South and the totalitarian North. Readers have to make their own minds up as to which is the more successful, or indeed acceptable, of the two economies!

Memo to George W.:- Howzabout a spot of regime-change? 

Strange indeed is the silence from just about all left-leaning commentators on the crushing dictatorship which gives a tiny fraction of it’s inhabitants the good life, and the huge majority of North Koreans the dregs which that same fraction discards on the dust!


Not In the Name of the Father

By ATWadmin On December 21st, 2006 at 12:37 pm

David has already covered one aspect of the news of popular first names in Britain.  I won’t concentrate on the rise of the name Mohammed because to do so will just cause my anger and blood pressure to rocket to uncomfortable levels.  I want to talk about the increasing tendency of parents in this country to give offspring ridiculous names.  I’ve just returned from having my hair cut at the local barber’s.  A shaven-headed troll was about to plant his young son on one of those planks provided for small children, that rest on the arms of the chair.  He said:

‘Brook, tell the nice man what you want.’

Brook!!!!  That’s something you catch fish out of!!  Or go paddling in on hot summer days!!  It’s not a name for a person.  I work with another example of this lunacy at one of the homes I’m based at – Storm!  She’s just gone eighteen and she already has two kids, both with equally appalling names.  So what do we know about her?  She has a stupid name, and a permanently sore groin by the sound of things.  Oh, she also has that classic teenage attitude that makes you want to lean across a table and give her a hard smack across the mouth.

Whilst Muslims in this country continue to fornicate with leporidine rapidity; giving their plentiful loin-fruit names in tandem with those who feature prominently in their so-called faith – such as that of the Prophet with an eye for pubescent hot pants, we are increasingly bestowing titles of the utmost folly on our kids.  This is nothing more than a sad consequence of secularism.  Orthodox names have served previous generations well.  Why should this one be different?

Red does not only signify danger!

By ATWadmin On December 18th, 2006 at 7:53 pm

I listened as these wretched women described their lives; lives of degradation, of selling the very stuff of life, of joyless sex for money, of pandering to their customers who have picked them off a street curbside for moments of frenetic activity in exchange for coin of the realm. And what is that coin spent on? Drugs; whether it be heroin, or cocaine of either variety; of crystal meth, which is almost guaranteed to fry the user’s brains in a comparatively short space of time; of the evilly-named ecstasy, which gives so little true ease alongside the promise of a very early death! The choice is wide, and the pickings are good; good that is for the dealers, but not very good for the end-users; hooked as they are on a transient ‘high’ which is chemically-induced and deliberately short, so that the addict will do anything to gain that next ‘fix’.

The broadcast stories of the Ipswich whores are not, in themselves, unusual; but they do reflect a side of our society which, to the law-abiding amongst us, is almost unreal. To be forced to sell your body in order to provide the means of allowing a very temporary forgetfulness to seep into your mind is so far away from the lives lived by the majority of Britons today as to be almost tales from a foreign land!

I firmly believe that we should take one of two very different paths in regard to the huge drug problem in our country today. We should do one of two things; either legalise all ‘Class A and B’ drugs; set up monitored ‘user clinics’, with trained technicians and careful distribution patterns; or immediately make the possession of any amount of any drug not specifically prescribed a criminal offence, with full life sentences for possession with intent to deal or distribute; with regulatory confiscation of all assets illegally obtained by such possession, and ‘cold turkey’ sentences for any person found using or holding any amount of any scheduled drug.

We used to make suicide a criminal offence! The taking of drugs is, in my view, tantamount to suicide, and selling them is close to murder, and drug-related suicide should be a criminal offence once again!