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By Pete Moore On April 24th, 2012 at 5:03 pm

It’s a long time since I saw anything as sexy as this. Maybe going by the old maxim that two is one and one is none, Arsenal Firearms have created a double-barrel .45 calibre handgun. What a beauty!

It might look like they welded two 1911s together, but it works, discharging each barrel simultaneously for twice the stopping power.

Some might say it’s overkill, I say I want one.

The Princess Diana Memorial Concert

By ATWadmin On July 2nd, 2007 at 8:33 pm

Speaking of music, did anyone watch (or go to) the Princess Diana memorial concert at Wembley last night? I watched the last few hours of it on TV. A few thoughts:

It must be a sign that I’m getting older, for I mostly really enjoyed the music I heard – songs from Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s musicals (Webber is a hugely gifted music writer for the stage, his songs have such wonderful melodrama and timing, as well as melody!),  a set from the newly reformed Take That (I was never into them at the time, but perhaps because I was in the mood to listen and be carried away a bit last night, I started to appreciate their songwriting talents too), and Elton John rounded it all off in his inimitable style. Kudos to him for avoiding playing the obvious song I thought he would finish off with – that song is touching and beautiful with its original lyrics, but the remake for Princess Di was just tacky and overbearing, in my opinion. The Princes probably threatened to take him to the Tower if he played it!

Musically, the only low-point for me was some jumped-up rap "artist" lowering the quality with the usual rap style: Steal someone else’s backing track and yell over it like a thuggish spoilt brat who can’t get everything he wants. I foolishly started to hum along to the brassy Northern Soul melody-line of "Move On Up", not realising that it was to be trodden into the dirt and vulgarised by this most brutish of "musical" genres. Juxtaposed against what went before it and what followed it, it stood out like chalk and cheese. Yuck.

Ricky Gervais, I thought he could have shown some originality and presented some fresh material, but instead he chose to play safe to the crowd, simply rehashing old scenes from "The Office" and "Extras".  Good as those scenes are in their original context (and they are very good, classic Brit comedy in fact) I thought it didn’t translate too well on the stage, it just looked like he was resting on his laurels a bit. Very telling when he said "I’ll just do a David Brent thing…excuse me while I  just get into character…" (quickly runs a hand through his hair)…"OK, that’s that done.." Exactly, Ricky. You’re capable of more than that, we all know it, so don’t go lax, you’re a gifted comedian and actor, so keep your edge, put the effort in.

Their Royal Highnesses Prince William and Prince Harry got up on the stage at the end and thanked everyone. "This is how our mother would have wanted to be remembered".  Strange, mixed emotions and thoughts ran through my mind. How this media-driven age influences us all, I thought. You would never have got the "Old Guard" of the Royal Family up on stage like that, sharing their thoughts, being "part of the crowd" in that way. Remember the week after Princess Diana died so tragically, the perceived "lack of public appearance/grief" from Buckingham Palace prompted The Sun to carry the headline "Queen – Show Yourself!" (or similar words to that). The old "stiff upper lip" attitude is changing, and the Princes are part of a new media-savvy generation (not that I am moaning about that, or harking back to the old days, I just thought it was an interesting moment, that’s all. One of those moments that serves as an example of our changing society, or something like that!)

In my view, Princess Diana was a good woman who tried her best to do what she could, within the confines of her position. I don’t idolise her as a celebrity, but I acknowledge her place in British public life. She was assigned a certain place, a position, and I think she used that position with good intentions and I respect her for that. I also have a lot of respect for her sons too.

We’re living through times of very fast change in our society, things at times get very confusing as we question old values and try and move forward. It’s a mad age, in so many ways! The institution of the Royal Family is not the thing it once was in British society, yet when I consider Britain, if I am going to pledge my allegiance to anything, then it is to the Throne (the Throne, I say! Not New Labour nor the EU, in no wise! Damned be those wicked sprites!) Long live the Queen!



not a difficult choice!

By ATWadmin On January 31st, 2007 at 1:14 pm

spitfire pix.jpg


Not being one to lightly attempt a change in the way we live in this, this sceptre’d isle, I would ask all who read, and of course comment upon this blog to check out my PETITION  page, and if you agree, and of course qualify as either British or as a Resident, please sign, and ask all your contacts to sign as well!


yes please!

By ATWadmin On January 3rd, 2007 at 6:18 pm

…..Lets feel proud of these guys.

"If you’re a Brit and you’re stuck in a tricky situation in some war zone you might well hope and pray that the SAS will turn up to rescue you. You might even be a bit miffed if they didn’t, so often do they seem to rescue people in such situations. However, if you’re an Italian climber stuck 24,000 feet up the Himalayas, you haven’t eaten for three days and acute mountain sickness means you can’t move, you probably wouldn’t in your wildest dreams imagine that a joint SAS/SBS team would come round the corner and rescue you from what was otherwise likely to be certain death.

But that is precisely what happened to Roberto Marabotto."

"There hasn’t been much in the past year to make us proud but these guys and the Paras have managed it"  


Nice to see the media acknowledge it.