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Its the lips moving that gives it away!

By Mike Cunningham On March 19th, 2012 at 11:18 am

Listening to the BBC Today Programme before 7.00 a.m., no link, and was rewarded once again by a large dollop of pre-digested BBC spin on Northern Ireland.

Seems SinnFeinIRA has got itself on a jolly ’documented exploration journey’ to South Africa along with some brainwashed P.S.N.I. officers for a ‘update’ on the possibilities of a Independent Truth Commission for ‘The Struggle’.

Nothing was said about the real reasons why a bunch of killers want to establish this Commission, but one of them could be found within SinnFeinIRA’s own mouthpiece when it states “The issue of state killings and of collusion – which was an administrative practice and part of the British government’s strategy – must also be dealt with.”

And we, the people who watched as the killers blasted, bombed and shot their way into a ‘Peace Process’ can now look forward to a time when, aided once again by a pliant and compliant State Broadcaster whose sympathies lie totally with the murderers, they will parade how they were ‘fighting a war’, and the British government was to blame for all the deaths and suffering because we didn’t roll over fast enough!


By David Vance On March 4th, 2012 at 7:07 pm

It looks like a breakthrough- the IRA will say sorry.

One of the most senior figures in the Sinn Fein leadership has challenged republicans to say “sorry” — not for the IRA war, but for the hurt caused by all its armed actions. Declan Kearney, the party’s national chairman, sets out his thinking in the latest edition of republican newspaper An Phoblacht.

Huh? Sorry for the pain we caused you but not sorry for the planting of the bomb that took your legs off?  Sorry for the pain we caused you but not sorry for putting a bullet in your Father’s head? There is no decency in the Republican movement and this is pathetic stuff from Kearney, a semi-apology which is really nothing of the sort. The IRA should apologise for their terror campaign, for starters. They should then turn themselves in to the nearest police station and make themselves amenable to justice.


By David Vance On January 16th, 2012 at 9:14 am

Eight men died in the atrocity

January brings some bleak memories of the IRA’s glorious campaign against humanity in Northern Ireland;

“Twenty years after a bomb attack which killed eight men in County Tyrone, their families have said there are still too many unanswered questions. The Protestant workmen died in January 1992 when the IRA blew up their minibus at Teebane crossroads, on the road between Omagh and Cookstown. Another six were injured. On Sunday, a short memorial service was held at the site of the bombing. No-one has been convicted of the attack.”

Defenceless workmen. Blown to pieces. The IRA’s legacy.  And how do we deal with the IRA? We put the utter scum behind this in Government.


By David Vance On December 22nd, 2011 at 8:46 am

Funny how truth has the unfortunate habit of emerging from even stygian darkness;

Half of all senior IRA members in the Troubles were working for intelligence services, a secret dossier of evidence into the murder of two RUC men has claimed. The remarkable document has laid bare a startling series of claims about the infiltration of both the police and terror groups during the ‘Dirty War’. It claims the IRA ran agents in the RUC and also that Dundalk Garda station was regarded by British intelligence as “a nest of vipers”, with at least two officers actively assisting the Provos.

There is little doubt that over the decades the UK intelligence services had fully infiltrated Provo ranks and there are those awkward but continued reports that the Godfather of Godfathers, cappo di tutti capo, Martin McGuinness, was a protected man, care of those in MI5 who ran him. The thing is, since this effective infiltration had undermined the IRA to a large degree, why bolster the scum by allowing them to bully their way into Government? It strikes me as a lunatic compromise.


By David Vance On December 3rd, 2011 at 9:19 pm


Been a busy few days as regards highlighting the EVIL of the IRA. 

An investigation by the PSNI Historical Enquiries Team (HET) has found the SAS was within its rights to shoot dead eight IRA men during an attack on a County Armagh police station.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, the report has concluded the IRA unit opened fire first in the incident at Loughgall RUC station in 1987. It had previously been believed that the SAS had fired first. (Not sure who “believed” that, btw)

The shootings at Loughgall RUC station were among the most controversial of the Troubles. Eight members of the IRA’s so-called ‘East Tyrone brigade’ were shot dead by the SAS in a fierce gun battle at Loughgall on 8 May 1987. They were killed as they approached the station with a 200lb bomb, its fuse lit, in the bucket of a hijacked digger.

Of COURSE the SAS were right to promptly dispatch those terrorists into eternity, only in the whingeing narcissistic world of Irish Nationalism would there have been any “controversy” about it.

The eight man IRA death squad set out to kill but met with their own deaths care of the SAS.  Justice done.


By David Vance On November 21st, 2011 at 9:27 am

What do you make of this?

A wreath has been laid in memory of an IRA bomber blown up in St Albans 20 years ago, police have said. Patricia Black and Frankie Ryan were killed on 15 November 1991 when a bomb they were carrying detonated early. Police confirmed the family of one of the IRA members had marked the anniversary by laying a wreath on Saturday. Peter Lilley, who was the city’s MP at the time, said the action was a “huge insult”. A Hertfordshire police spokeswoman said a wreath was laid in the area where the bomb detonated.

I have two views on it. The first, thank goodness for Darwinism. The second, it is a disgrace that this was permitted. If the family of the Provo bomber concerned wanted to remember their loved one (which I CAN understand) then surely there are other ways than returning to the scene of the crime? The fact is that these terrorists set out to murder and killed themselves through their own stupidity. Outside their immediate family – and of course the depraved and morally bankrupt Republican movement – most people will be glad that these killers got what was due to them.

and he spoke, and so it was!

By Mike Cunningham On October 22nd, 2011 at 8:48 am


I note with some small degree of satisfaction that at least one of the terrorists has been placed in prison.

As part of the ‘I really can’t believe it isn’t the IRA’ Real IRA, he was trapped as he paid a downpayment of 6,000 euros (£5,200) for high-grade explosives, grenade launchers, detonators, AK-47s and a special assassin’s rifle, to Lithuanian agents posing as Chechen arms dealers.

As Chairman Gerry remarked, ‘they haven’t gone away; y’know’, but at least one has, and for quite some time.



By David Vance On June 17th, 2011 at 8:39 am

You should read this if you need reminded of the immorality that lies at the heart of the Sinn Fein/IRA beast. Our Orwellian-esque Culture Minister Carol Cullen has no regrets about hiring the convicted murderer Mary McArdle as her “special adviser” and despite the alarm expressed by those such as the family of Mary Travers it makes no impact on the Sinn Fein mentality. I think this is because IRA/ Sinn Fein see nothing wrong with using murder and terror, in their perverted minds there was nothing wrong about gunning down a man as he left Mass with his family. The killing of his daughter in the same incident was just an accident. That’s the thinking of those who sit in power above us, as Murder  Inc.


By David Vance On June 10th, 2011 at 2:53 pm

Brave Christopher. The DUP tactic is to feign mock outrage at their pals in Sinn Fein’s greening of Ulster.

The Sinn Fein Lord Mayor of Belfast has upset a DUP councillor by removing portraits of Prince Charles and the Queen Mother from the Lord Mayor’s parlour. Niall O’Donnaighle has replaced the images with the 1916 Proclamation and a portrait of the United Irishmen. He said he is creating balance by retaining portraits of the Queen and Prince Philip. Christopher Stalford criticised the move.

Now, Christopher is quite content to have an IRA godfather as Deputy First Minister. He is content to have convicted bombers and killers walk the corridors of power. But – my goodness, the Shinners take down a few pictures and he is enraged and prepared to stamp his feet. Oh yes. Theatrical unionism is such a hoot to behold, all sound and NO substance. Christopher – stop being a silly boy and pretending angst at Shinner predictability. You and the rest of your party are embedded with IRA/Sinn Fein and the latter seek to remove every visible trace of our Britishness, that’s why the pictures of the Queen Mother and Prince Charles must go.


By David Vance On June 5th, 2011 at 12:46 pm

Thought you might like to listen to the words of Sinn Fein “Culture” Minister Caral Ni Chuilin’s special adviser Mary McArdle. As you know, McArdle is a convicted murderer having been part of the IRA gang that murdered 22 year old Mary Travers as she left Mass with her family. A few days ago, McArdle said she “regrets” that the murder happened, claiming it was “a mistake”. (They only meant to murder Mary’s father, so not so bad then ) But here is a video of McArdle in less nuanced mode. In it she plainly states that she “wanted to kill the bastards” – referring to Prison Officers. Her words – delivered direct to camera. She wanted to kill.

Hat-tip to Sunday Life and Daily Motion.