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By David Vance On June 4th, 2011 at 2:16 pm

I read that former ‘active’ IRA members who amassed multi-million-euro fortunes went on to front a huge property empire for the paramilitary group spanning at least four countries.

Leaked embassy cables have revealed the “apparently respectable” entrepreneurs were used by the IRA to build up a huge continental property portfolio during the Celtic Tiger boom years. Separately, other shadowy businessmen were suspected by gardai of opening bank accounts and registering companies in Bulgaria in a bid to create “money-laundering vehicles” for the Provisionals. And they were suspected of teaming up with corrupt Bulgarian criminal gangs as part of a plan to launder millions on behalf of the terrorist organisation. Gardai first became aware of the Provo-Bulgarian link when suspected IRA members invited their Bulgarian allies toIreland. The revelations have emerged in the ‘Ireland Cables’ — a tranche of more than 1,900 US Embassy documents obtained by the Irish Independent from the whistleblowing organisation WikiLeaks. In one dispatch, a senior garda briefed US diplomats that, during the boom years, the IRA diversified away from smuggling, robbery and racketeering and into “more sophisticated business enterprises”.

The Irish Mafia, scum in every sense of the word, doing what gangsters do best. One of the upsides of the property crash is knowing that they must have lost a fortune.


By Mike Cunningham On May 21st, 2011 at 8:51 pm

Presumably the work of this ‘small group of Dissident Republicans’ who disagree with the Belfast Agreement!


If this is what they do when they disagree, I hope someone kills them before they get really upset!


By David Vance On May 8th, 2011 at 1:25 pm

Ulster Unionist Leader Tom Elliott has caused a bit of a media sensation by referring to Irish tricolour waving Sinn Fein supporters as “scum”. Here is the video clip that shows the moment.

The issue is that some people think referring to the IRA/Sinn Fein supporters in such terms is “disrespectful”.

Note the use of the words “cutting edge”. Think funerals.

I would put it differently, I think BEING a Sinn Fein/IRA supporter is grotesquely disrespectful. Let’s get some things straight. Sinn Fein is the political wing of a terrorist organisation. Several leading Sinn Fein figures are convicted IRA terrorists. The IRA waged a terror campaign against the vast majority of people in Northern Ireland taking the innocent lives of THOUSANDS of my fellow citizens. It bombed and shot its way into power using what Danny Morrison boasted as “the armalite in one hand and the ballot box in the other”. Using terror to win political power – no ambiguity about that. To be fair to McGuinness and his ilk, they do not really try to disguise what they done – since they are proud of it. The murders, the bombings, the maiming, the terrorising – all part of their rich heritage.

The fact that a craven British Government sought to appease this organised terror group never made it right. It’s still wrong. The fact that the DUP has embraced Sinn Fein/IRA does not make it right – just popular.

What name to give to those who support the IRA’s proxies? “Scum” seems a pretty decent shorthand phrase in the circumstances. I know there are some who come here and who behave very civilly towards me and yet who support Sinn Fein. Do I think them scum? No. I think them profoundly misguided. But I am 100% clear that the IRA was an evil barbarous cabal that must never be sanitised. I had a good look at their foot soldiers in the election count and was far from impressed at what some might consider “Hitler Youth”.

Naturally, the appeasement minded media get VERY upset when the unvarnished truth is spoken given it has spent more than a decade repeating a lie. That’s the reason Elliott is being demonised as I write this – he dared break the cosy consensus. It was Martin McGuinness who BOASTED of his pride in being an IRA terrorist back in the 70’s – what sort of person would delight in that? Again, “scum” seems apt.

Mark ballot paper with ????

By Mike Cunningham On April 29th, 2011 at 9:11 am

As a leader in many fields of enquiry, ATW can today confirm, even with an ongoing world-wide injunction against publication, that the present membership of the Northern Irish Assembly demonstrates that it is nothing more than a complete surrender to the murderous techniques of the IRA. Not being content with the murder of both British forces personnel as well as ordinary citizens of the Province; they extended their campaign of murder and intimidation to the Mainland, and as we can now disclose, they succeeded in nearly all their  objectives. After the huge bomb which hit Canary Wharf, Prime Minister John Major stated that the IRA ‘will not be seen to prevail’, whilst at the same time continuing negotiations for a deal with the hooded terrorists.

After the 1997 elections, and with further atrocities in the headlines, the panicked Labour Government under Tony Blair immediately placed discussions with the murderers as a top priority, and placed enormous pressure on the various Unionist parties to cave in, with a promise that all their friends would be given top jobs in a ‘devolved’ Administration. The sonorous sounds of ‘Never, Never, Never,’ were muted, the once-respected senior politicians who had promised no negotiations with killers were quietly advised to ‘shut up’ and ‘get on board’, even the  leader of the DUP, whose trademark negative attitude was at least a sign of certainty in Northern Ireland eventually caved-in, sat down smiling with an acknowledged terror godfather, and so the betrayal went on! Chris Patten was brought in, and the emasculation of the PSNI, or ‘SPIN’ as it is commonly known, is the result of his work.

The smiling killers sit in state, surrounded by the remnants of what once was a Unionist Party with principle, but these days are more concerned with what they can make, or grab, or steal!

John Major’s ‘not seen to prevail’ phraseology was further strengthened when General Sir John Chastelain, commander of the ‘Weaponry De-Commssioning’ group was ceremoniously handed his white stick and leash for his guide dog before heading out to meet with the ‘Independent Appointed Witnesses’ who had sworn blind that the IRA had placed their weaponry ‘beyond use!

A stark demonstration of SinnFeinIRA’s attitude to the ‘Peace Process’ was when  Robert McCartney was murdered by an IRA man in front of a dozen witnesses. As one blog-commenter wrote, ‘the area was bleached clean and the witnesses ‘disappeared’, and this in a bar I had enjoyed drinking in! It was bad for business, bad for democracy and very, very bad for the victim.”

As the old song goes, ‘And this is my beloved’; if your beloved is castrated, blind, crippled and nearly stony-broke, that is just about the picture in the Assembly, and with a bit of bad luck, will remain so!


By David Vance On April 25th, 2011 at 6:19 pm

Dissident republican group, the Real IRA, stage a rally in Londonderry

It has been reported that the “dissident” republican group, the Real IRA, has threatened to kill more police officers and declared its opposition to the Queen’s first visit to the Irish Republic next month.

A statement was read out by a masked man at a rally organised by the 32 County Sovereignty Movement in Londondonderry on Monday. It was organised to mark the anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising. In a statement read out at the City Cemetery in Londonderry, the Real IRA said police officers would be targeted “regardless of their religion, cultural background or motivation”. On the Queen’s visit, the masked men said: “The Queen of England is wanted for war crimes in Ireland and is not wanted on Irish soil.”

The BBC report that “only” 300 attended this rally organised by terrorists without any arrests. This proves…..erm…how little support they have. Only 300

Old, or New?

By Mike Cunningham On April 23rd, 2011 at 12:37 pm

A substantial amount of weaponry has been found by a joint PSNI / Garda operation in South Armagh.

The question must be asked, is the weaponry from the old, ‘Decommissioned IRA stocks’ which strangely eveaded the ‘total placed-beyond-use’ bit as was seen and verified by two ‘Independent persons’; or are the guns and bombs from new users who have been ‘disillusioned with the Peace process’ and propose going on yet another killing spree to get their way in politics?


By David Vance On April 9th, 2011 at 10:05 am

The peace process etablishment – those who support terrorist-inclusive government – came together a few days to tell us that “Ireland” rejected the men of violence. Now read on….

Police have said that a van left under the Belfast to Dublin road near Newry contained a “very substantial” bomb. Several controlled explosions were carried out on the vehicle on Friday night. On Friday morning, cones blocking the underpass were removed and hundreds of motorists drove past the van. Police warned motorists ignoring or moving cones that they had a “blatant disregard” for safety. The road has now reopened.

First, why did the police not MAKE SURE that motorists could not drive past this van, surely this was also their failure? Second, those planted the bomb show a total disregard for the sanctity of human life, just like the Provos did when THEY planted bombs like the one below which slaughtered  Lord Justice Gibson and his wife in the same area in 1987.



By David Vance On April 5th, 2011 at 9:08 am

Now here’s a thing for the political establishment;

“Concern is growing that experienced Provisional IRA bomb-makers are making themselves – and stocks of Semtex explosives – available to dissident republicans. The device planted under the car of PSNI constable Ronan Kerr at the weekend bore all the hallmarks of those favoured by the Provos and which were responsible for dozens of murders across Northern Ireland. Forensic experts are continuing to investigate but police are already able to confirm that the latest device was housed in a container “around the size of a lunchbox” and that it was probably triggered by a mercury tilt switch. In keeping with those used prior to the Provos’ ceasefire, the under vehicle improvised explosive device (UVIED) is estimated to have contained around 500g of powerful explosive which proved deadly once detonated”

As TUV has pointed out today…

“Speculation that experienced Provisional IRA bomb-makers had a hand in Saturday’s tragic events should act as a wakeup call to us all. “The honeyed words of Adams and McGuinness really do need to be taken with a large pinch of salt given that security sources believe that the experience in making such a device could only have been gained within the ranks of the Provisional IRA. Remember – under car bombs were a trademark of the IRA’s campaign.

“Not only that but it appears that PIRA explosives may have been used. Security sources are on record as saying that old stocks of IRA Semtex have been used in attacks since 2009.

“All this raises two very logical questions. Given that many so-called dissidents are obviously former IRA personnel using IRA hardware why are so-called mainstream Republicans not handing their details to the PSNI? Secondly, given that the IRA supposedly decommissioned all its weapons why is IRA explosive still being used in attacks on the security forces? “It’s high time we had some answers to these questions, regardless of how uncomfortable they may be for the political process.”

Naturally, the appeasing class will sidestep this because it exposes the utter folly of the path they have chosen to pursue – the path that ignores the fundamental truth that ONCE you pay the danegeld…


By David Vance On April 4th, 2011 at 8:54 am

I listened to IRA godfather Martin McGuinness being interviewed on the radio this morning concerning the death of PSNI Police Constable Kerr. Apart from the cringingly obsequious tone of the interviewer – there were a few obvious points not made. 1. Will McGuinness support a move to bring the British Army back to those areas where the “dissidents” seem to operate with impunity? Yes or No. 2/Will McGuinness support moves to bring in more aggressive and intrusive police operations in the key republican heart;ands where these “dissident” actually live and operate? 3/Will McGuinness support attempts by our Intelligence Services to infiltrate those republican terrorists and bring them and their associates to justice? 4/Has McGuinness provided the security services with all details of those ex-IRA terrorists now helping provide the “cutting edge” to I can’t believe it’s NOT the IRA?

Naturally, the BBC will not challenge McGuinness. Instead it plays along with the attempts being made by Sinn Fein and other peace processors to USE this murder to justify the wonders of putting terrorists in government.


By David Vance On April 3rd, 2011 at 8:35 am

The brutal murder of 25 yr old PSNI officer Ronan Kerr by Irish republican terrorists yesterday afternoon has met with universal condemnation. Amongst those condemning it – and afforded great media presence, have been IRA terror godfathers Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness.

Yet these SAME men presided over an organisation that murdered HUNDREDS of police officers. McGuinness and Adams regularly tell us how proud they are of the IRA – so they gloat over decades of vile terrorism.  Let me be clear; I have nothing but contempt for the Provo pair concerned and lying comes naturally to them. However the media play along with the notion that Adams and McGuinness are post terrorist – having left their past behind.

Leaving aside the issue of JUSTICE for their victims (a minor detail for our peace process advocating media establishment) there is also the issue of INTELLIGENCE. It is know that former IRA men are actively playing a role in the “dissident” movement – has the Sinn Fein leadership provided all the details it has on its former members to the Police? Might it be the case that yesterday’s terrorists remain mute on the identity of todays terrorists because at heart they are ALL the same. What’s the difference between the IRA and the current dissidents? Time.