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A ‘friend’ in need is a ‘friend’ indeed!

By Mike Cunningham On August 30th, 2013 at 9:25 am

Seems as though the respected and respectable economist and BBC commentator has become involved in the field of Employment Agencies.

Evan Davies met the young ‘aspiring actor’ who is from Latvia at a friend’s barbecue, learned that he was looking for work to help fund his acting ambitions, and impulsively decided to help this complete stranger by ‘tweeting’ to his many followers or other friends.

Latvia abruptly told Mr. Davies that he was poking his nose in where it was not needed, as Latvia has a booming economy, and the country is gorgeous as well.

Ah well, its not as though Evan’s circle of friends isn’t wide enough!


By Pete Moore On March 15th, 2013 at 9:34 pm

Gosh it’ll have to be an early night. Just as well there’s only Comic Relief to ignore tonight. If it was any worse I’d complain to the BBC that there’s nothing worth not paying for. Until tomorrow …

0700 – 0800: Cooked breakfast, a few gallons of coffee, first fag of the day

0900 – 1100: Trigger time

1100 – 1300: A nice stroll in the great and ancient county of Essex

1330: Buy monumental amounts of booze and food and booze and food and fags and booze on the way home

1430: Italy vs Ireland

1500: Wales vs England

2000: France vs The Porridge Wogs

2200: Watch the News/state propaganda

2230: Match of The Day

I hope yours is as good. Blogging might be light tomorrow …

Cavalier? Nonsense, Roundheads all; we are!

By Mike Cunningham On October 16th, 2011 at 8:28 am


Its not just a case of ‘One law for Us’; there are ‘special circumstances’, and this needs to be viewed in that light!



‘Just around the corner…

By ATWadmin On August 8th, 2010 at 1:55 pm


As we approach the waning of our days, some with pain and trepidation, others with hope; some have to rely upon friends to break the monotony of a silence which is sometimes real; sometimes full of the memories of a life which has been full in many ways.


I used to visit my aunt when she was living in a ‘care home’, and was struck by the value she placed upon random visits made by we; her daughter, nephews, nieces and other family members. It was sad to see as she slowly began the slow but inevitable process caused by dementia, to the point where she literally failed to recognise her closest relatives and long-time friends. As an extremely alert and well-educated person herself, she valued every minute spent in our company, in the knowledge that her time in the real world was limited.


The care home staff themselves were always friendly, as well as being committed and professional, and the time which was available for visitors was always welcomed, with very few ‘rules’ for those who wished to visit their ill and elderly relatives and friends.


She slipped from this world, a small lady with a giant personality, comforted to the very end by friendship, love and the fellowship of her family and friends, and that same family were in turn comforted by a caring, concerned and dignified staff of a friendly and well-run institution, which is more than some offer.


The Council staff which stopped the friendship visiting for this lady might well ponder on the fact that they too will grow old, and then they might understand that the ‘Care Quality Commission Guidelines’ are just that; Guidance: nothing more, and nothing less!

a tale of two cities

By ATWadmin On March 15th, 2009 at 11:01 am

Yesterday was, without doubt, one of the happiest and most satisfying days of my life. My wife and I had, under our roof at the same time, just about all of our family together, plus the next generation. My two sons together with my two grandsons and their Moms, and daughter, herself home on holiday from Australia. One of my two brothers was down, together with his wife, making it the most crowded extended living room in a long time. It was, for me, a time when I could hold both my grandsons at the same time, and gaze proudly upon my own and extended families together. 

We did not worry about what was happening outside, because we knew that all was, comparatively, well! We knew that criminals would be caught, not necessarily being too pleased at how they were treated within the justice system, which is leniently; but the police, on the whole, do the job for which we employ them, and for that, and that alone, we are quietly satisfied. If this excuse for a Government states that it is bringing in ever-more restrictive legislation, or if one of it’s advisers brings an opinion out on how he wishes to deal with those who drink too much, we shrug our shoulders, knowing that in this country, they only rule by our consent, and they will very likely be wiped-out at the next election, because we accept that we are a nation of laws, and those laws must be obeyed, no matter how disgusted we may be at the changes to our democratic way of life!

Not so in the unhappy Province where the deadly hand of the IRA, and it’s spawned organisations such as the Continuity IRA, or the Real IRA, hold sway. This is where we saw what has remained hidden, unacknowledged by just about all newspapers and television commentators, and warned about by only a few lone voices. We saw policemen pelted with petrol bombs, we saw the hooded gangsters throwing rocks; and for why? Because they know that, in the so-called peace process-ruled world of which the liberals are so proud, it bloody well works! They see their old terror godfathers, and yes, convicted murderers too, given cash, and cars, and places in government; they see the grinning McGuinness leaping off to America to meet with the President! They know that it has worked before, so why not again?

So while my family and I met in perfect harmony, with only a toddler’s tears to dry; we didn’t have to worry about whether our cars would be burnt, or whether one of my kids would be targeted because he dared to argue with a known terrorist in a bar, because we haven’t given in yet to the demands of terror; the same demands which were met by Blair, Brown, Westminster, Dublin and all the panoply which gave rise to the Peace Process! 

As I have maybe commented previously;

Some Peace, Some Process!


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