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……. Coming through the rye!  

By Mike Cunningham On June 1st, 2014 at 2:51 pm


At my time of life, I was under the impression I had seen and heard of most things in this complex world we live in, but even I was taken aback at the news that this bloke has been sentenced to ten years in the chokey for ‘threatening to burn down a farmhouse and kill the farmer’ because the famer stopped him rolling around in cow slurry, and masturbating while he did so!

I speak from experience when I state that there are few things in the area of mental health disorders which would surprise me, mainly because I have a wide knowledge of the conditions and various malaises suffered by those unfortunate enough to have a mental health problem inflicted upon them; this experience and knowledge gained through the long illness suffered by my beloved wife, as well as the tortuous treatments ladled out over some forty three -odd years of our marriage.

But because nothing surprises me regarding mental health problems, the fact that, in our ‘beloved’ NHS, there are few things more truthful that stating that Mental Health is the true ‘Orphan’ both in funding, attitudes and hope for a better life for the afflicted, within the monstrous goliath which is the NHS; I think it is fair to ask if a e-mail onslaught against our MP’s may, just may, prove fruitful.

When there are plans to give young children huge doses of very expensive drug regimes when those children are being considered for ‘Gender Re-assignment’ surgery, surely it is about time that someone speaks up for those who literally cannot speak for themselves, and gain access to further scarce funding for both research as well as ongoing care for those true unfortunates with ongoing mental health problems.


Pressure? Us? Never in a million…..

By Mike Cunningham On April 21st, 2014 at 10:13 am

I have written before about my doubts and dislike of most human transplant techniques and proposals, these dislikes being based upon the apparent eagerness of medical people to ‘harvest’ or to slice organs off ‘donors’ while they are still technically alive. My unease was first established many years ago, when South Africa was still getting used to the news that Christiaan Barnard had performed the world’s heart transplant, and that the process actually worked. Following on from this ‘world’s first’ procedure, thousands more have followed, but to this writer, at least, the doubts remain.

I wrote of my own collision with the ‘Organ vultures’ which occurred many years back, when I stated:-

I have personally seen the medical vultures in operation, whilst in South Africa. I had transported the grieving parents of a child, gravely injured in an accident, to the hospital. There they were told, sympathetically enough, of their son’s condition and prognosis, which was fatal. But there was a second medic in the queue to speak with this couple, and all he was asking that the parents sign the various forms which he held on a clip-board. He was very persistent in his requests, but rather vague as to the ends built in to the forms. Being a very interested observer, and also being both hard-headed and willing to speak out, I took this young white-coated clown to one side, and asked, yes ‘asked’ would be a good word, what he wished of my friends. Very reluctantly, he showed me the forms, which of course were a series of consents for tissue and organ removal from their dying son.
I made him, and his Administrator, very aware what would happen if the mortal remains of my friends’ son were not released for burial as complete as possible, as they were in no state to give cogent thought to having their son’s body plundered in the name of medical excellence and study.

To donate is good, if you are so inclined; anything else is theft!

Which is why I write again of the Transplant Industry, of the propositions and proposals now available to people desperate for an answer, a solution to a medical problem which maybe once was uniformly fatal, but that solution comes with its own unique invasion of another person’s right to choose whether to agree to be a donor or not. We read of a seven year-old boy who has contracted leukaemia, and of his THREE YEAR-OLD brother who was ASKED by his parents to agree to be a bone-marrow donor to his brother. What sort of ghouls are treating this small boy; and more importantly; are the parents from the same planet as the rest of us. Imagine, they are placing a decision, whether to agree to be a part of a life-altering procedure for his brother, onto the mind of a THREE YEAR-OLD boy. Just imagine what his life would be like if this small boy had said “NO!”; and his brother had succumbed to this disease, the same disease which had killed my beloved sister some fifty-odd years ago?

Ghouls and vultures is what I termed them before, and my mind has not changed one iota!


…and we know best, so just shut up!

By Mike Cunningham On February 19th, 2014 at 10:43 am

Zealot – a member of an ancient Jewish sect in Judea in the first century who fought to the death against the Romans and who killed or persecuted Jews who collaborated with the Romans

zealot – a fervent and even militant proponent of something

I was reminded of this word, and these definitions, when listening to Tim Kelsey, NHS England’s national director for patients and information, being questioned on the Today Programme this morning. After a fairly devastating critique by a computer database professional, of the whole Plan to abstract huge numbers of GP patient data from all surgeries throughout England  he was asked why the roll-out of the Plan had been delayed by six months. The computer expert had stated why he thought the Plan was so bad, and then Kelsey demonstrated why he inhabited the position he does.

He stated categorically that the Data extraction and distribution Plan was totally misunderstood, that it was and would be the greatest tool yet in the fight against disease and illness, and people just should trust him, and his experts, and lay all our private data out for him to mine, mulch and disseminate to industry, to relevant charities and of course, to private medical companies. He just plain refused to even acknowledge that people’s worries were justified, because He was right, and no exception to his demands should be even contemplated. A Zealot indeed! I am so glad I have opted-out of this man’s pernicious spying systems by signing the simple form printed by my GP’s practice, because even the doctors don’t like it!



By Mike Cunningham On October 4th, 2013 at 10:54 pm



Never mind Andy Burnham, What we should be seeing now is an arrest warrant for Sir David Nicholson on manslaughter charges over Stafford hospitals!


By David Vance On July 17th, 2013 at 7:32 am


Labour boasts that the NHS is safe in its hands. Most voters trust Labour with the NHS. The question is …. why?


Labour faced its ‘darkest moment’ yesterday over its stewardship of the Health Service as a devastating report laid bare an appalling catalogue of failings at 11 hospitals where ‘thousands’ of patients needlessly died.

Labour had presided, they said, over a culture of ‘cover-up’ where targets were more important than people and ministers’ reputations more important than care. A damning review by the NHS medical director, Sir Bruce Keogh, into 14 hospitals with higher-than-expected death rates found that all had ‘ingredients’ of Mid Staffs, the hospital where up to 1,200 died on filthy wards.

Yesterday the Health Secretary announced 11 have been put into ‘special measures’ after a review by NHS England medical director Sir Bruce Keogh found they were guilty of ‘fundamental breaches of care’.

13,000 Patients are judged to have lost their lives “needlessly” since 2005 in the NHS. That is akin to four  9/11’s. Yet this grotesquerie was celebrated in the London Olympics opening ceremony and is still portrayed by some as a wonder of the world. The real wonder is that it still exists when it is so dangerous to the health of those who enter its portals.


Yet during this time, Labour preened itself over the wonders of Statist healthcare and those like me who have criticised the NHS system are treated as lepers. The reality is, as this report comprehensively proves, is that huge chunks of the NHS constitute a DANGER to patients. It is beyond incompetent as is the Party that postures as a “safe pair of hands” when it comes to the running of it.

So when will we see the ‘Opt-out’ Act?

By Mike Cunningham On July 4th, 2013 at 5:53 pm




Just shortly after the legislation slapping 5p per plastic carrier bag surfaces in England!


By Pete Moore On June 19th, 2013 at 4:47 pm

So bad that even the watchers need watching ..

It’s not only that this week’s scandal has the police investigating the deaths of mothers and babies at Morecambe Bay NHS Trust, and it’s not also that the NHS watchdog failed to investigate, and it’s not also the failure of the NHS watchdog possibly cost the lives of mothers and babies, but also that the watchdog covered up all of this corruption.

Any bureaucracy exists for its own sake. Therefore it will operate always to enhance and protect itself.


By David Vance On May 22nd, 2013 at 8:47 am

Here is a story within a story…

Sick patients should email their GP instead of going to see them, a leading health official said yesterday. NHS Confederation boss Mike Farrar stunned MPs by saying that contacting GPs online instead of in person would reduce the pressures on hospital casualty units. His astonishing suggestion came after MPs demanded to know how NHS bosses planned to solve the ‘state of crisis’ in A&E departments, which are struggling to cope with a huge surge in patient numbers.

I don’t know about you, but if I have broken a bone or am running a fever, or a member of my family is feeling very unwell, I don’t think a swift email to my GP is going to do the trick, especially with GP’s themselves having contracted out their out of hours cover to third parties. So the suggestion is at one level a nonsense!

However, there IS  a point of substance that many people attend A&E with conditions that could be treated at their GP surgery IF they could reasonably expect to see a GP and nurse there and then. That really would relieve some of the genuine pressures our A&E’s face! But the system is disconnected and they are ALL simultaneously seeking to reduce their work load meaning that the PATIENT is the person who suffers.


By David Vance On May 9th, 2013 at 7:22 am


Accident and Emergency provision is essentially a monopoly within the NHS. If you fall and break your arm, it is where you have to go. If you are in a car accident, it is where you are taken. All in all, it is a crock. I have experienced it with my own family and found it is the lowest common denominator level of service. Yes, they will fix you up but it is done pretty poorly and the level of care in A+E is a shocker. My mother is currently in hospital, again, taken in through A+E and it is a grim business. They do the basics, and I know they have much to cope with given the tsunami of eastern europeans now demanding free treatment, but they do it pretty bady and in terrible conditions for the patient.

Anyway, comes this news..


Levels of demand on NHS accident and emergency departments in England have been described as unsustainable by the head of the health service regulator. Care Quality Commission chairman David Prior said there was no guarantee that another disaster like that at Stafford Hospital could not happen in future. Hundreds of people are thought to have died after receiving poor care there.

If the NHS departments cannot cope, as is being stated here, and thousands of people may needlessly lose their lives as a consequence, then isn’t it time that this function was put out to the private sector? Billions are taken from the taxpayer every year to supposedly fund the NHS and A+E within it and if, as seems to be the case, this is just not enough to feed the beast, then starve it and put out provision of service to those more capable of delivering it.


By Pete Moore On April 20th, 2013 at 7:29 pm

The Mid-Staffs NHS Human Abattoir went into administration this week (so it wasn’t all bad news out there), prompting its useless staff to demonstrate today in defence of their jobs. If they’d got off their arses to demonstrate some backbone in defence of the weak, helpless and elderly then 1200 people wouldn’t have been bumped off. Three victims were the husband and parents of Heather Wilhelms, who held a one-woman counter-demonstraton of her own:


I’m on her side. Going by many of the comments beneath the piece, that childhood conditioning, where we’re taught to worship doctors and nurses as angels among us, doesn’t wash anymore. In Stafford they had a job to do, they failed it on professional and human terms and many lost their lives. Shut the place down.