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Who Are The Fascists?

By ATWadmin On June 4th, 2009 at 7:02 pm

IF YOU haven’t voted yet but intend to do so, your deadline is 10.00pm. Use your vote well and remember, don’t vote for the BNP because they’re, like, fascists man (let’s not quibble, it’s close enough to socialism).

Meanwhile, a mother who has no learning difficulties and “good literacy and numeracy” and whose “general intellectual abilities appear to be within the normal range” has had her child stolen from her by the State because she’s ‘too stupid’ to keep her. She has been told she will never see her child again.

Elsewhere, the Police are arresting innocent children simply to store their DNA, as part of a “long-term crime prevention strategy” to dissuade youths from committing crimes in the future.

Take care out there and don’t forget – no voting for the BNP ‘cos they’re the fascists.

Still A Great Country

By ATWadmin On May 20th, 2009 at 8:44 pm

MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT have been hogging the headlines recently to the bemusement of others. Tonight I had a chat with my Milanese friend Monica (she lives in Rome) who is quite amused by the fuss. Having lived in Rome I understand her; Italian politics <i>exists for</i> corruption, a corruption which is blatant, on a scale that would shame even our honourable tribunes, and yet accepted by Italians with a shrug. It’s <i>expected</i>.

So I accept the Monica’s giggles at our genuine British outrage. But then we’re British, our fury is genuine and it is us.Our fury reassures me also. It demonstrates that morality and decency are alive, even if it’s over a 50p KitKat (that’s you, Blears) and it makes the Eyeties laugh. Which brings me onto Casper the cat

Cats and cars never mix, and poor Casper the cat has learned his lesson after getting his head wedged in a spare tyre. The mischievous Siamese found himself in the tight spot and needed the help of a fire-crew after a passer-by found him in distress.

The RSPCA were first on the scene and officers took him to Bury St Edmunds fire station in Suffolk where firemen spent an hour cutting him free.


‘We had to use cutting equipment to chip away at the wheel and it took the best part of an hour. ‘We made a special plastic guard to fit between his head and the cutters to protect him. ‘The cat was fine afterwards although his skin was a bit raw around his neck.’

The hapless Siamese was taken to a local vets to be checked over.


Aye, I know – tax, other people’s money and all that – let me have it in the thread if you like. But I like it that we are outraged at the sheer pettyness of a wealthy MP charging a chocolate bar to our tab, and not only do I love it that our firemen will spend an hour cutting a daft cat out of a wheel, that they’ll take an hour because they’re caring for the cat is a very precious thing.

Sometimes this is a very great country still.


if all clear, move slowly off…

By ATWadmin On April 16th, 2009 at 4:00 pm


I wonder why the Independent Police Complaints Commission is being asked to waste it’s valuable time on this sort of thing, when they obviously have much more pressing concerns to worry about.

As for the death of the driver, my judgement is quite simple, it wasn’t tragic, it was just another young clown getting exactly what he deserved before he actually killed someone else.

Let’s see how many fools put flowers around that particular road junction!

A tale of two funerals

By ATWadmin On April 4th, 2009 at 8:29 am

It is perhaps a subtle comment on my own post, that today I write partly about an event, and a person whose very ethos and character I disliked intensely. The first funeral is that of Jade Goody, the ‘reality t.v. star’ of Big Brother, perhaps the only person who really enjoyed the title given her, which of course is “Famous for being Famous”. The intense ‘media’ interest has ensured a mass turn-out of satellite transmission dishes for t.v. stations from all over the world, which are to flash the pictures of the ceremony and cortege, which alone are bound to win top prizes in the ‘Worst Possible Taste’ stakes. In fact, the only thing about her funeral which is acceptable is if there were a plane crash at Stansted, because the t.v. circus would not have to spend a great deal on transport costs.

I accept that this woman has died exceedingly earlier than her normal life-span, and I also accept that she epitomises the statement that nothing in her life surpasses her leaving it! Let us examine, if we can, her life as it was lived and now in death. Her family life was tortured in the extreme, with a career criminal for a father, who finally died of a heroin overdose in a K.F.C. toilet; and a mother whose own vanity had her daughter fashion Afro-braids in her mother’s hair, and fall asleep in school next day because she was so tired. Once, Jade’s mother was so out of it, heavily medicated with drug use, she fell asleep with candles burning (she hadn’t paid the electricity bill and they’d been cut off) and set fire to the wardrobe. Jade had to drag her unconscious, disabled mum from their burning house. She wasn’t yet 10 years old.

She was ill-educated, brash, foul-mouthed, and once she became known, especially on the front pages of the tabloids, she rarely left the lime-light. She was given some good advice, started a line of perfumes, wrote (or at least ghosted) books and had them published, (which incidentally is more than I have achieved), and started putting money in the bank. She then made a disastrous appearnace on another Big Brother show, made a remark which was judged by the world as ‘Racist’ (shock, horror) and was kicked out very shortly afterwards. She bounced back, made a fulsome apology, and returned to the favourable headlines. During that same ‘bounce back’ she learned that she had cancer, and despite various medical interventions, learned that it was terminal. She went into ‘Jade overdrive’, with photoshoots, interviews, t.v., press and radio opportunities. The legal system was also given a ‘Jade’ slant, by her boy-friend and now widower given a legal excuse to extend his parole curfew to visit her in hospital, and also to marry her. She was in pain, was suffering, but she did lots of things for cash, because she wanted to ensure that her two sons would have an education which she so obviously lacked, and for that alone, I have to admit a reluctant admiration! She will be buried after a service in an Essex church, her remains having been transported like the tabloid royalty she was from Bermondsey in a funeral cortege.

The second funeral is one at which I was not present, as I worked in London. The man whose body was being buried was Jackie Milburn, the Newcastle and England footballing legend. A boyhood hero of mine, his fame within ‘Geordie Land’ remains undimmed even today, and his funeral cortege was the only time the whole of Newcastle City centre was brought to a standstill, as the true Geordies lined the streets to say farewell to a favourite son. He will be remembered for his modesty, his grace and his humility both on and off the football arenas, a humility best pictured when, characteristically, Milburn worried that no-one would turn up for his testimonial, in 1967. On the day, 45,404 people turned up.



His statue stands adjacent the ground he played in, and the inscription on his statue says it all, for me and for the wider world:-


WOR Jackie


In honour of John Edward Thompson Milburn

Footballer & Gentleman

British Shame And The IMF

By ATWadmin On April 4th, 2009 at 7:02 am

Britain should not be afraid or ashamed of taking money from the International Monetary Fund, a senior Cabinet minister has told the Daily Telegraph.

So reports the Telegraph. Tim Worstall is inclined to agree.

There’s no shame for Britain in asking for such help. No shame for Britons either. Just as someone attacked by thugs should not feel shame in asking for help from nurses and doctors.

However, the thugs in that case should feel shame, just as the politicians who have driven the economy into a state needing IMF help should feel shame.

Well, yes, and we’re clearly being buttered up for IMF help – again as it happens, since the last Labour government had to send up flares the IMF’s way. However there are quite a few Britons who ought to feel shame, I think. That’s anyone who voted Labour since 1997. What did these people think they were getting? They voted for a high taxing, high spending, corporatist socialist regime – and that’s exactly what they got. So here we are, inevitably.

Time For A Constitutional Crises

By ATWadmin On March 29th, 2009 at 8:12 pm

According to the Ernst & Young Item club, in the two years 2009-10 and 2010-11, the government will probably have to raise £350bn.

That is more debt bequeathed to its successor than the total borrowed by successive rulers and governments of Britain between 1691 and 1997, the year Labour was elected.

We’ll come back to that report.

A DISSOLUTION of Parliament is the device that triggers a General Election. Because the sovereignty of the people resides in her, only the Queen can dissolve Parliament. She has the power so to act at any time, for any reason, or for none. No exercise of this power can be struck down by any court of law.

We know that for the Queen, acting on her own initiative, to dissolve Parliament and call a General Election would cause a ‘constitutional crises’. We know because this mindless and ignorant mantra is often repeated. In my opinion the opposite reflects reality; in becoming the custodian of our sovereignty, the Queen swore to govern the people in accordance ‘with their laws and customs’ and to protect our liberties. These are solemn promises she is obliged by law to honour.

Instead, she has acted always on the advice of her ministers and not in our interest. It is no mere coincidence then that she is suzerein to hostile foreign powers while Parliament ruins our nation. Back to that report then, which if true ought to horrify us. It bears repeating (via the Libertarian Party UK blog):

According to the Ernst & Young Item club, in the two years 2009-10 and 2010-11, the government will probably have to raise £350bn.

That is more debt bequeathed to its successor than the total borrowed by successive rulers and governments of Britain between 1691 and 1997, the year Labour was elected.

If true, we have the prerogative to be horrified, the Queen does not. She is obliged to discover for herself how deep is the debt hole that her ministers plan to dig for her subjects. If the E&Y report is accurate, she must dismiss her government, dissolve Parliament and order a General Election.

Snippets on Saturday

By ATWadmin On March 21st, 2009 at 3:32 pm

Just for a change this fine Spring Saturday, I thought I’d pick out a few items which caught my ear or eye, and see what you as an audience thought of the ‘State of Play’ to use a sporting term.

I listened this a.m. to a discussion between the Today interviewer and a representative of the Luton Mosques. The proposed march in support of the Royal Anglians having been transferred to London because of rumours of ‘Far-right Intervention’, the muslim spokesman condemned the tiny number of vociferous protesters whom, he said, did not represent the mainstream muslims of Luton. “All we wish to do,” he added, “is to be left to live our lives in peace!” Yer, well; I’d rather believe the evidence of my own eyes and ears regarding all they might wish to do!

A second Today item was the sad decision by the Appeal Court to deny the parents of that gravely-ill child their appeal against the decision of the NHS Trust to remove treatment from their son. As I write this post, I read that the tiny soul has fled the chains which bound him, and is now at rest. The very speed of this death brings but a sad conclusion that the medical people were correct, and he was only alive by that same medical intervention. As a father and now a grandfather, I can only hope that the pain is dulled by time for the grieving parents.

Prince Charles’ Duchy Originals has found itself in opposition with the Medical Regulatory people over an online advert for their Duchy Herbals Echina-Relief Tincture and Duchy Herbals Hyperi-Lift Tincture. The Duchy’s advert apparently claimed that these items were ‘effective’ in curing or relieving symptoms; of what and by what I do not know, nor really care, but it goes to show that even Charlie can fall foul of ‘Big Brother’ from time to time!

The ‘Big Lottery’ fund has agreed to pick up the tab for some five hundred Normandy veterans who wish to attend the 65th Anniversary of those momentous days back in 1944. It would seem appropriate to ask the M.O.D., who originally flatly refused to fund the travel plans of these now really old men, if they have ever heard of the term ‘public relations’? As I lost one uncle on the second day of the invasion, and my own father served throughout the war, having volunteered the day the War broke out, I would think the investment in blood can be said to been fully subscribed; and we owe a debt of gratitude to those who served, fought and died so that I might write these lines, and you can read them!

Scientists are warning that the Scilly Isles could be rendered ‘uninhabitable’ by Advancing Global Warming. The sea is predicted to rise by three feet, swamping Hugh Town and Old Town. A further prediction that the ‘Sky was Falling’ was discounted as Exaggeration!

Lennon Poyser has been threatened with an ASBO for repeatedly kicking footballs over a seven foot fence. The official police letter, on headed notepaper stated ‘’Children from your address are involved in incidents of anti-social behaviour and nuisance problems. We have received a number of complaints over the past few weeks regarding these youths being abusive when asked to stop playing football in the street and there are also allegations regarding possible damage to property. It added that if the incidents did not ‘stop immediately’ then her council tenancy could be at risk.’ Trouble is, Lennon is just two years old, walks only with difficulty, and kicks a plastic ball which is blown back to him on the wind.

A motorist had his dangerous driving quashed by the Court of Appeal because the Judge wrote to the defence barrister stating that her defence could be described as the Six ‘P’s; referring to an old Army motto viz. ‘Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance’. The grounds for appeal were that the female barrister lost confidence, and thus was not able to provide a proper defence. The office for Judicial Complaints was unable to confirm whether the Judge would receive any sanction!

A pensioner was given a £75.00 fixed penalty for feeding birds in a park. The Italian immigrant, who has lived in Heckmondwike for over forty years, stated that she would rather go to prison than pay the fine. The fixed-penalty fine was withdrawn by the Council after protests commenced thundering down from all sides. It was not confirmed if the two council wardens were being re-educated, or even questioned as to whether they were educated at all!

If you are convicted in your absence of a crime anywhere else within the European Union, you are now liable to arrest and deportation after Jack Straw surrendered to pressure from Brussels, and agreed to the changes to ‘further EU integration’. So if you get involved with a stroppy Roumanian, or hit a Lithuanian, or even pop a Parisian policeman, and the trial takes place in your absence, you don’t have any legal recourse, you are on the next plane out!

Home secretary Jacqui Smith vowed last November to deport 11 terror suspects. As of this morning, not one has been moved from our country!

A Splendid Tribute

By ATWadmin On February 24th, 2009 at 10:44 pm

I ALWAYS LIKED The Queen Mother. She had great spirit, a joy of life (mostly fuelled by gin), for animals too and you always thought she was on our side. A great old dear all round.

The Queen unveiled today a statue in tribute to her close to the statue of George VI, her husband, on The Mall. Standing in her garter robes, she’s flanked by two bronze reliefs which depict her during the Second World War.

The Royal Family defied Foreign Office advice and remained in London during the Nazi German Blitz. The centrepiece depicts the Queen holding her hand out to a child as she and the king meet families made homeless by bombing raids. Even the bombing of Buckingham Palace did not dissuade her from staying in the capital. She famously said at the time: “I’m glad we’ve been bombed. It makes me feel I can look the East End in the face.”

A magnificent tribute from Philip Jackson, I’m sure you agree. I’ll nip into town this Saturday morning and look her up myself.



By ATWadmin On February 10th, 2009 at 10:11 am

Do YOU think that young children looked after by grandparents are more likely to be badly behaved than those sent to nursery? I profoundly disagree with this. 

“This is what a new study claims today. It suggest the children tended to have wider vocabularies, but were also more likely to show ‘problem behaviour’ and find it harder to get on with other children, said researchers. They were also less likely to be ready for school, according to the study by the Institute of Education, a University of London research body widely viewed as left-wing. The Institute tracked 4,800 children of working mothers and found those sent to nurseries and playgroups had a better understanding of colours, letters, numbers, sizes, comparisons and shapes.”

I was looked after by my grandmother when I was young and  owe much of whatever virtue I possess to her. She enriched me beyond words, wise, kind, loving, sensible. No  nursery would EVER provide such benefits and so I dismiss this study as just more pathetic social engineering hypothesing by leftards.


By ATWadmin On February 10th, 2009 at 9:49 am

Some of us are resolutely opposed to the concept of multiculturalism on the simple basis that in a British society British culture should be dominant, no apologies. But looks like even the multicultis out there have a problem and it’s name is…..Islam!

“A popular headmistress has resigned after parents objected to her replacing separate assemblies for Muslim pupils with a single gathering for all faiths. Julia Robinson felt the change would promote ‘inclusiveness’ in the multi- cultural school but faced accusations of racism. She had sought advice from education chiefs about her plan for Meersbrook Bank Community Primary in Sheffield, where most of the pupils are white Christians. But the move was stopped after a small number of parents complained and allegedly made claims of racism. The row led to her being off work for most of last year but she was due to make a ‘phased return’ this term. However, further protests from a small number of parents led to her quitting.”

See how a small group of vocal Muslims can triumph over any so-called multiculturalism? If they were a small group of Christians, at a largely Muslim school, do you think this could happen? Could it hell! Swathes of our society are becoming increasingly dhimmified and this is just one more instance of it.