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The right way, and the Olympic way!

By ATWadmin On June 17th, 2007 at 10:40 am

The huge and always spiralling costs of the 2012 Olympics, scheduled for a disaster area near you, are acknowledged as being "around £9.3 BILLION!" The very nature of these events, to be built and hosted by an unwilling British public through a combination of a ‘smash-and-grab’ operation on the National Lottery good causes funds, London tax-payer’s levies, (organised of course by Red Ken, who has yet to turn down a good opportunity for funding a white elephant) private funding and sponsorship, and once more the British tax-paying public through more Treasury-inspired taxes yet to be unveiled; is a great big freebie-on wheels for the few who want, or need to run, jump, swim, throw something, ride or walk faster than some other jerk! And just talking of jerks, wait until you see the event immediately after the Olympics, namely the Paralympic games, where the saying "you can be last-LAST-LAST, and win!" was first coined. (However, I digress)

Does anyone believe that this gross cartoon of real life should be allowed to throw a 75-year-old man out of his house? Ron Rowen, a Royal navy veteran, who has occupied the same house for 42 years, is being forcibly evicted from his home to make way for, wait for it, that most essential of services, A RIVERSIDE PATH!  I accept that many places need flattening and clearing before the Olympic structures (now there’s another mind picture worth treasuring!) are built, but I would like to remind readers of the plans by Macy’s in New York some forty-four years ago. They had bought up all but one plot in Queen’s, a New York suburb, in order to build a circular store. The entire building was to be surrounded by a parking garage, and all went well until they approached the owner of the final plot, one Mrs. Mary Sendek with what they thought were ‘killer offers’ of lots of cash to buy her property. Despite being offered some $200,000, the equivalent of which these days would be some worth some $4 million, Mrs. Sendek refused to sell, asking, "What would we do with the money? We built this house, and we expect to die in this house!"












So the architects had to be content with the building of the then largest circular store building in the world, but with a slot cut out to accomodate a couple who simply could not be bought! Would that laws existed in this bloody country to protect those who cannot protect themselves!




By ATWadmin On June 15th, 2007 at 7:56 am

thatcherG_468x623.jpgDid you see the images of those attending a service of thanksgiving marking the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Port Stanley and the end of the Falklands war. Looking at Lady Thatcher, now a frail 81 years old, reminded me just how great a political leader she was but also how long ago it now was since she bestrode the political stage. And what class she has. Even after several minor strokes, she still had the grace to curtsey to Her Majesty the Queen. This contrasts with scum like Cherie Blair who prefer not to bend the knee since we all know they are republican at heart. The debt that the United Kingdom owes to Margaret Thatcher is immeasurable – she is one of the greatest of Britons. It is remarkable that this country has turned its back on so many of the achievements of Thatcher’s era, and instead has become seduced by the NuLabour drug. After Thatcher was forced from power – having been betrayed by her own Vichy colleagues – the UK has gradually slipped into  a position where it is once more one of the sick men of Europe. It is State in flux, seduced by Welfare benefits, where laziness is rewarded, where liberty is restriced, borders abandoned, sovereignty slashed in pursuance of NuEurope, a State that awaits a new Thatcher, a new leader from the RIGHT who can reverse the massive damage that has been inflicted upon us.


By ATWadmin On June 14th, 2007 at 8:28 am

falkslands.jpg25 Years ago today, the Falkland Islands were liberated from Argentinian occupation thanks to the courage of the British Armed forces and the leadership of Margaret Thatcher.

Her Majesty The Queen and Tony Blair are expected to join veterans at a service of remembrance at the Falklands Islands Memorial Chapel in Berkshire. A commemoration service at Stanley Cathedral will be among events taking place on the south Atlantic islands. The islands were liberated on 14 June, 1982, two and half months after they were invaded by Argentina. Twenty-five years ago, white flags flew over Port Stanley as Argentine troops laid down their weapons after weeks of fighting.

What a great victory we had back then, in the days before Lady Thatcher was stabbed in the back by quisling Conservatives and NuLabour scum got into power. But as I recall, there was a sizeable element of the media and the political establishment who were very unhappy about our resolve to defend the Falklands. Appeasers were at their work back then, but they were a vocal minority, now they are the on-message majority. If Argentina invaded again, would we be ABLE to send another taskforce? I don’t think so – such has been the shameful run down of our Royal Navy under Labour. But even IF we had the military resources, would we have the political WILL to defend a "faraway place of which we know little?" Again, I doubt it. I salute the men and women who liberated the Falklands – and honour their sacrifice. Would that we were able to show that same resolve today.


By ATWadmin On June 12th, 2007 at 11:20 am

Do you think that women would get the legal right to breastfeed in public, under a new law being proposed by the government? The measure in the Single Equality Bill aims to boost figures suggesting only 20% of British women breastfeed their babies for the recommended six months. Breastfeeding campaigner Alison Baum said some mothers did not breastfeed in public for fear of being asked to stop. Yes, and many more prefer a more discreet approach, what about THEIR views? It seems to me that some women such as Ms Baum are fanatical in their desire to see women breastfeeding whilst walking round the local Tesco’s, or perhaps in the local McDonalds, or wherever they fancy. I don’t agree with this and think most women are much more sensible than these feminazis.


By ATWadmin On June 12th, 2007 at 7:47 am

JonHenryPA_186x250.jpgWell then, I see our unwanted army of illegal immigrants are continuing to "do those jobs that Brits just won’t do" – like stabbing our policeman to death.

It is reported that an illegal immigrant is being questioned over the death of a policeman in a high street "knife rampage". PC Jonathan Henry, a married man with a baby daughter, was killed just after going on duty at breakfast time yesterday. The 36-year-old officer and his colleagues had responded to 999 calls reporting a man going berserk with a knife and went to tackle the suspect close to the Marks & Spencer store in Luton town centre. Witnesses said PC Henry, who was wearing an armoured vest, was repeatedly knifed in the neck. So, what shall we do?

1. Ban knives? Liberals tend to react to gun killings by urging a ban on guns, so it kinda follows that they might now wish knives be taken out of circulation. And where shall we send the memo to our illegal immigrants informing them?

2. Arm our Police? All PC Henry had to defend himself was an armoured vest. In what way is that adequate?

3. Sweep up illegal immigrants and deport them right now? Why do we permit these thousands of criminals to stay in our country?


By ATWadmin On June 12th, 2007 at 7:23 am

Which is the more important; Enforced Equality or Free Choice?

I read that private clubs such as golf clubs and working men’s clubs will be forced to give women "equal rights" under a new law being proposed by the government. The Single Equality Bill will mean clubs can no longer restrict access to women at certain times or be banned from the running of the organisation.

This is completely wrong in my opinion and borders on the tyrannical.  If a given private club wishes to be all-male/all-female/ then that has to be a matter of choice for them! As a man who enjoys the company of women, I would be bored in an all-male environment but others may see it very differently and surely their CHOICE must be respected. Since the Government does not find these clubs, why is it interfering in their business? The truth is that it uses this "Equality" legislation as a blunt club to further its own Statist all-controlling agenda.


By ATWadmin On June 11th, 2007 at 8:14 am

admwest.jpgWonder what you make of the news that the head of the Royal Navy at the time of the Iraq invasion was so worried about the legality of the conflict that he sought his own private legal advice on justification for the war? Admiral Sir Alan West, the First Sea Lord, approached lawyers to ask whether Navy and Royal Marines personnel might end up facing war crimes charges in relation to their duties in Iraq.

I’ll tell you what I think. Admiral West had a strange set of priorities. Instead of making sure the Royal Navy was motivated and staffed to be an effective fighting force, he was too bust acting the amateur lawyer. It is NONE of his business as to the "legality" of the war – he is tasked to perform a military function, end of story. It speaks volumes for the perverse priorities that exist now at senior levels within our Armed Forces that people such as this former First Sea Lord actually spend their time second-guessing the will of Parliament. In previous time, those such as West would have received a flogging for their mutinous behaviour. Now they get a knighthood.

israel ~ you are not alone

By ATWadmin On June 10th, 2007 at 1:28 pm

Jerusalem Post: London anti Israel rally fails to draw big crowd. Speakers at the rally included Azzam Tamimi from the Muslim Association of Britain which is part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

P6090200.jpg"Those who attended the ‘Dayenu’ area were friendly and dignified unlike the person on the ‘Enough’ march who gave the Nazi salute"

"It would appear that the ‘Enough’ demonstration did not meet its target numbers despite support from many organisations and that the ‘Dayenu’ counter demonstration exceeded its own expectations. Overall, ours was a successful event and a way of showing the support of many in Britain for the state of Israel which it both needs and deserves" 

"Slowly but surely, it would appear that the tide is turning".

Well done to those that went along ~ Hat tip  BeernSandwiches



By ATWadmin On June 9th, 2007 at 3:46 pm

I’ve had the ‘builders’ in for a spot of demolition, and so have been a little too busy to post many items; but the plaster is drying nicely, the ‘wuks’ were completely successful, and due to contracting with an old-fashioned English builder, who came amply reccommended both in jobs done and customers satisfied, the only problem remaining is how to get rid of all the dust!

Looked through the dead tree media, and focussed on four items which depict, in snapshot form, the Britain which my kids are inheriting, partly through the depredations of ten years of a Labour Government, but also how success is measured in this green and pleasant land called Great Britain.

Saw that Tony Blair has perfected the art of having and eating his cake, with his dual push for a £20 billion Saudi arms deal to go through, whilst having to defend his own Government’s law which curiously wants to outlaw bribery and corruption! Now before you get all hot under t’collar, it ain’t your money that’s being paid to Saudi princelings as bribes; it’s Saudi Government money! Seems as though BAe systems, while negotiating the Al-Yamamah deal for Tornadoes, bombs and bullets, got caught up in the old-fashioned and, in Arabic countries, completely acceptable traits of bribes and bungs. Unfortunately, the bribes are rather larger than normal, being around a billion pounds, which ain’t hay in any terms; and while this type of behaviour is normal in one or more countries, it is not so legal in Western democracies. So BAe had to agree to bung Prince Bandar bin Sultan for a percentage of the entire deal, and since the signing of this immense arms deal was in the gift of the Saudi Royal, bung went the bribe. Doubly unfortunately, the law which Labour brought in in 2001 specifically frowns on this type of behaviour so the BAe people, in the midst of keeping thousands of jobs, slipped onto the slippery slope common to many criminals.

One might well argue that the law is correct and must be adhered to, but since Blair and all his buddies know perfectly well how business is done in the Middle East, perhaps they should have refrained from trying to appear all clean, fresh and wholesome, and placed inside that same law a derogation for arms deals with dictators who have criminal families to support!


Next comes a glance at one of our more high-profile ‘artists’, although, being honest as is usual, that’s not the actual noun which I would use when talking about Tracey Emin. Yes, our little Tracey; she of the urine-stained ‘unmade bed’ complete with menstrual blood-stained panties, condoms and other charming personal touches, the author of "From The Week Of Hell ’94 (1995)," which relates to a traumatic experience after an abortion, or the evergreen "Masturbating", completed, if that is the appropriate term, in 2006. Seems as though our Tracey has been selected to represent her country at the Venice Biennale, which is some artistic love-fest for a bunch of inward-looking wankers, and her works, including such dramatic pieces as "Why go up when you can go down?" or that child-friendly artwork known as "Hairy Big Penis" are certain to bring the house down!

I know that I would love to bring that same house down, but probably not in the same way as these so-called artists believe!


Moving swiftly on to more palatable things, I read next of a young man who is possibly going to be the next recipient of a Victoria Cross. This is Lance Corporal Oliver Ruecker of ‘B’ company Royal Anglian Regiment who’s Helmand-based convoy was ambushed by Taliban terrorists. His Viking tracked vehicle in flames after being hit by three R.P.G.’s, he escaped, but realised that his best mate was still lying in the cabin, while the flames from the burning vehicle raged around him. After shooting an opposing Taliban fighter dead with a full magazine from his automatic, he ran through a hail of shells and bullets back to the Viking, pulled his mate out by his one remaining arm, and again braving an onslaught of fire, made it to safety and cover behind another British armoured vehicle! In what has become, to many in Britain, the "forgotten war" where youths grow to manhood in an afternoon and the British soldier just carries on doing what he does best in the world, Lance Corporal Ruecker is but typical of a British Squaddie, who fights hard, plays fair and is morally so far above the Whitehall desk-bound scum who have so palpably failed to give the British fighting men the support and the equipment they deserve, that they don’t even inhabit the same planet as the men who fight and die for Great Britain!

 Finally, as an item of light relief, I would like to highlight the tale of one Police Constable Andy Walker. Walker an steadfast  campaigner against drink-drivers, who was once quoted as calling drink-drivers ‘killers’ was, unfortunately himself found to be 1.7 times over the legal limit when breathalysed last Sunday. He was hauled up at the Bridlington Magistrates, and banned from driving after pleading ‘guilty’ to the charge. He stated; "I made a monumental mistake!" You can say that again, with feeling, Andy!!! I estimate a total of some fifteen large buckets of whitewash for this after the ‘Internal Review’, which same verdict will be snuck out along with news of a riot in an old folks home, an earthquake and Tony Blair telling the truth!

On that last item, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not decrying road safety efforts or am I pro-drunken drivers; it’s just that it is so nice to see one more of the holier-than-though clowns get slapped down by that same law he was so loud in supporting! I think the term is SCHADENFREUDE! 





By ATWadmin On June 9th, 2007 at 7:10 am

putin21.jpgI can’t help but think that Tony Blair is absolutely right  when he told Vladimir Putin yesterday that the world was becoming more and more afraid of Russia’s behaviour at home and abroad. And as he left his last G8 summit in Germany Mr Blair predicted a lengthy period of deep freeze in relations between Russia and the West. Blair is also right to have grown increasingly sceptical about Putin and believes that Russia’s democratic reforms have gone into reverse. The problem is that Blair is leaving office and too many other political leaders still prefer to turn a blind eye to Putin’s menace.