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By ATWadmin On June 8th, 2007 at 7:32 am

Islam-Britain.jpgThe dramatic demographic changes caused by unregulated immigration over recent years are manifest in the figures released by the Office of National Statistics today which show the average number of children has risen for a fifth straight year to 1.87, the highest rate since 1980. (Note; still below replacement level) The last decade has seen a 77 per cent increase in births by mothers born outside of the UK, with the figure climbing to almost 150,000, or over a fifth of all babies, last year. So there are a lot more babies but the consequence of who is having them is neatly summed up in the sober statistic that Mohammed is soon to replace Jack as the most popular boy’s name in the United Kingdom. We are being demographically torn apart, and yet the political class say nothing and the media just celebrate. In twenty years time or so, when these 20%+ of new born babies come of voting age – what will the consequences be for our pluralist United Kingdom? The Caliphate can assert itself in this land by simply out breeding us, it’s a demographic time bomb, primed and set to go off around 2027.

The Streets of London ….

By ATWadmin On June 7th, 2007 at 7:26 am

Laban Tall links to ‘Life Style Extra’ for this one:

… "a man aged about 30-years-old, described as Arabic in appearance, 6ft tall, with short black hair and wearing a three-quarter length dark leather jacket, approached the victim from behind and pushed her head to one side. He then slashed her across the neck with a sharp instrument"

The victim is a 12 year old German girl, on holiday in London with her parents.

Totalitarian Britain?

By ATWadmin On June 6th, 2007 at 8:20 am

Perry at Samizdata has posted a few thoughts on the developing totalitarianism in Britain:

The thing that makes a place ‘totalitarian’ is not the nastiness of it or even the repressiveness of it, but the totality of state control. The real defining characteristic of totalitarian seems obvious from the word itself. And what is a total state? It is a state in which there is no civil society, just politically derived rules by which people may interact. And I would argue the key to that is removing the right to free association and by declaring private property to be ‘public’.

That post came a day before it was announced that more than seven new laws have come into force every day since Tony Blair came to power in 1997. Think about that for a moment. On each and every day since 1st May 1997, the government made, on average, seven new rules for how you must live your life. Most of these laws came by way of statutory instrument, in effect delegated authority to legislate and therefore enacted without scrutinised by our pointless Parliament. That’s not all – in addition to a new law every three-and-a-quarter-hours are the 2116 from Brussels we’ve had imposed on us up to 2006, virtually doubling the number of new laws in the last decade.

I’ve long thought I must be transgressing a law or rule here and there as I go through my daily life. Now I must be doing it by the time I leave the house. Truly, there cannot be a single area of our supposedly private, individual lives which are now not subject to some law, rule, regulation or other imposition by the state. The Daily Telegraph talks of the ‘legislatively hyperactive Blair premiership’. Perry’s description is much closer to the truth.


By ATWadmin On June 5th, 2007 at 8:05 am

Yes, I know it might sound like a good idea. A new BANK Holiday for all (who want to skive off work). A new day to promote a stronger sense of British identity, and prevent communities from becoming more divided. Britain Day! Such is the proposal coming from Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly and Immigration Minister Liam Byrne. But hang on a sec…all is not as it appears.

I heard Liam Byrne being interviewed about this on the BBC this morning and he was pathetic. First of all he explained that the "shape" of "Britain Day" would have to be determined by the local communities themselves. So, any thoughts of how inner city Bradford might plan to "celebrate" this day? Mmmm? And as for flying flags, forget it. Well, forget the flying of the Union Flag – that would have to be a decision that the "communities" themselves determine. So, if they want to fly the Islamic crescent, fair enough. Anything goes on Britain Day so long as it’s not British. 

This is more of the same multiculti dross, driven by the leftist Fabian Society. There is no real effort being made to promote the red white and blue of the UK – it is incoherent liberal gibberish, reheated and served up in faux patriotic dressing. By all means let us celebrate our Britishness, let us fly our British Flag, let us recall our proud history, but doing this flys in the teeth of British leftism. Which is why Britain Day, as envisaged by Kelly an the Fabian Society, is a joke.

Just another day in Britain …

By ATWadmin On June 2nd, 2007 at 10:48 am

network.jpgA council bans children from playing football in the street because ‘it is a danger to the public’. Parents face a £100 fine (sigh) if their children flout the ban.

Colonel Mendonca DSO, cleared of neglect after he was scandalously forced to face a court martial, has resigned his commission in disgust at learning he may face a further inquiry.

Lottery grants for lesbians and pikeys? Ker-ching! A lottery grant to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Elgar’s birth? Don’t be silly.

Police law manuals, which set out the procedures the police must follow when arresting suspects, are now so heavy and unwieldy that they could be used as weapons by detainees, are barely understandable and can’t be put onto CD Rom because nutters can harm themselves with them.

Pupils as young as 10 are being asked if they smoke, whether their mothers are in paid work and are also asked to rate how "safe or unsafe" they feel at school and home.

A council is paying to keep the lights on in a disused school in case intruders who break in injure themselves.

Have a nice weekend. I’m off for a couple of days. And I might not come back.

the mersey b(l)eat

By ATWadmin On June 1st, 2007 at 7:11 am

Listened to the words of a Scouse-accented woman as she attempted to plead that her son Adam Rickwood, who committed suicide after prison warders restrained him, was “JUST A BOISTEROUS LAD”. It is indeed unfortunate that this youth committed suicide, but should the youth detention system be blamed for the actions of what was nothing more than a ‘young thug”? His mother stated that he was suffering from “Conduct Disorders”, which are the code words for a person who did exactly as he pleased, with no thought for the consequences.

No mention of the fact that he was already a hardened juvenile offender, or of the fact that drugs and alcohol, even at the age of fourteen, were no stranger to him, was allowed to shadow the call from the mother for (wait for it) a “full Public Enquiry” into all twenty-nine youth deaths in custody!

As with the family members of the scouse-based Ken Bigley, who was kidnapped and killed as he “worked” in Iraq, possibly the most dangerous place on the planet, the nauseating howls of ‘scouser’ accusation which rolled off the tongue of the woman just made me re-iterate once more the thoughts, “If he hadn’t been accused of a violent crime, he wouldn’t have been in the detention centre, and if he hadn’t been in the centre, he wouldn’t have committed suicide”



By ATWadmin On May 31st, 2007 at 8:17 am

What a comment on the state of modern Britain.

Security guards will be able to search pupils for knives at the school gates without their consent under government guidance to be published today. Schools will also be able to use security arches and metal detector wands when they search pupils for violent weapons. Legislation passed last year giving teachers power to search pupils for knives and other offensive weapons without consent comes into effect today. But guidance to headteachers from the Department for Education and Skills, published for the first time today, shows how schools can use the new powers. It makes plain that screening and searching can be carried out by professionally trained security staff, as well as teachers. However, it adds that where there is any risk to safety, police should be called. Security guards would be asked by headteachers to do the work if they felt it necessary.

I heard some Labour MP being interviewed about this, and he thought it very natural, very modern even, to have Airport-style security in our schools. What is more, he couldn’t really explain WHY our schools have gotten to the stage where they now require security arches and security guards. He did, however, express his HORROR over the fact that once upon a time, teachers were allowed to cane students who misbehaved.  He had been caned himself but expressed his relief that we have now moved into more "enlightened" times. Hence the Security Guards. They just don’t get it, do they? Good school discipline and a zero tolerance of bad behaviour is no longer compatible with our "Human Rights" culture, and so we simultaneously strip schools of the right to discipline whilst offering them the chance to put up security arches.

Confused? You bet. 

Brothers and sisters …

By ATWadmin On May 29th, 2007 at 2:29 am

gilded%20cage.jpgBritain is now a fascist state. The clues are all around us.  In London you can hardly leave your front door without being photographed, it’s like taking a walk by the perimeter of a prison camp. The government will soon have us on their ID card database. If you’re unlucky you’ll already be on their DNA database, no matter if you’re totally innocent or even a victim of crime. Your house will be on their valuation office agency database, your medical records will be available to any NHS bureaucrat, and they’re training up an army of snoopers to invade your home, check you don’t smoke and generally make sure you do what you’re told.

In the name of crime-fighting they have secured for themselves wide-ranging powers to access everyone’s bank accounts and fish for anomolies. Even though you’d think by now the Police have all the powers they could possibly need, another raft of new “anti-terror” laws are about to be unveigled. Bizarrely we have a Prime Minister criticising “Human Rights” laws, that his government introduced and his wife makes a fortune exploiting, making sure that whenever the state wants it can ignore what little safeguards those laws afford us.

Their invasion of our personal life includes banning smoking in private places, and is soon to include more interference into our eating habits. As with all these changes, they realise they must be made “gently”, so by the time they’ve done it, you’d hardly notice.

I know some will scornfully dismiss all this. “Where’s the brutality?” “You don’t know what it’s really like living in a truly fascist state” they will say.  But why would they use brutality when there’s no need?  Besides fines are so much easier. Britain in many ways has led the world; our inventions, our sports, and now in fascism, perfected. We don’t need to love Big Brother, that was the old way. Big Brother doesn’t need our love, he has no reason to feel insecure. For the time being at least it won’t be Orwell‘s iron fist, but Huxley‘s velvet glove.


it was rainin’ cats and dogs.. there were poodles in the streets..

By ATWadmin On May 28th, 2007 at 11:30 am

As the Beeb has placed a sector on it’s website asking whether the weather has been a washout this bank-holiday weekend, I’d like to ask our own readers for their worst ever weather-related memories.

 Just to get you in the mood, I’ve spotted a photograph which shows the aftermath of a truly violent storm which passed over my daughter’s home recently, damaging major infrastructure and bringing huge worry and hazard to all!


The Queen in Bradford

By ATWadmin On May 24th, 2007 at 9:27 am

West Yorkshire will have a special visitor later on today.  The Queen and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh are visiting both Bradford and Huddersfield.  The Queen was last in this area three years ago and I went along to the Piece Hall with my Union Flag and Royal fervour to see her.  I won’t be going today.  Not because I have lost any of my monarchistic zeal – far from it, but due to the fact I simply cannot stomach the gross hypocrisy the Royal entourage will be subjected to.

Bradford is a dump.  Nothing more, nothing less.  As I’ve said repeatedly, I have been to every city in the UK with a population of over 100,000 and can safely say Bradford sits atop the urban turd pile.  As much as I would like to blame the Muslims for all the city’s ills, I cannot do so.  Other cities with large Asian populations still have vibrant and exciting shopping areas.  Not this city.  Bradford – the eighth largest urban authority in the UK – has a city centre so tiny you could walk across it in less than five minutes: a vast wasteland populated by nothing other than cheap charity shops and void retail units.

I came across this excellent piece of hilarity from a local inhabitant on a website called Bradford Vision.  Styling himself ‘Random Mutterings’ he has written his own take on today’s events:

‘It appears that the dingy, graffiti-strewn rail line from New Pudsey to the Interchange is being frantically spruced up at enormous expense because The Royal Train is on one of its rare outings from the Doncaster sidings on Thursday. Unfortunately the rather more scenic route into Forster Square is unavailable to HM since her first sight of Bradford would then be the Bradford Bombsite Experience (aka the Broadway non-development). The itinerary includes the much delayed opening of the Bradford HQ for West Yorkshire’s Spineless at 8 Neue Prinz Albrecht Strasse where she will met the daughter of the trainee policewoman killed because West Yorkshire’s Armed Spineless where cowering undercover when needed (as usual); then to the new Hindu Temple on Leeds Road carefully avoiding sight of the Rubble Zone. She will however drive past the hideous Gatehaus development (a steel shell crudely clad in cheap glass and stone tiles) which should give her some impression of how flimsy the regeneration in Bradford really is.

There will be a walkabout of the town centre to see the charity shops and pound stores that are key to redevelopment and then the Royal party will up-sticks to Huddersfield to see how redevelopment works when in the hands of competent people rather than Maud and the Demolition Men.

Fortunately there is, as yet, insufficient grass on Mount Broadway for it qualify as a grassy knoll. However those responsible for security might wish to note that the site isn’t secure.

I understand there is a prize available for the first local drug dealer to pass the Queen a wrap of heroin concealed in a bunch of flowers. This is provided in the interests of involving Bradford’s most productive community in the visit.’

This clever snapshot explains why I won’t be there.  I couldn’t stomach the city’s top brass lying through their teeth to our Sovereign on how the regeneration of Bradford is thundering ahead.  The Queen would have to be blindfolded for her entire stay in order to swallow that propaganda.