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By ATWadmin On May 23rd, 2007 at 12:15 pm

Being the proud possessor of an I.Q. above fifteen, I normally do not watch any day-time television, nor much in the evenings either; as I have either my music, my books, there is always some paint to watch drying, or keeping a close eye on the growth of my toenails; but there is always the occasion when one is forced to watch, and pretty ghastly it is! I drove my wife to the hospital, as she had fallen (while carrying ten sacks of coal, you understand) and hurt her wrist. We whipped into the A&E area, whistled past the triage nurse, onwards to the x-ray, back to the treatment room, onwards again to the ‘cast’ room where she was plastered up, and we were free; truly amazingly speedy; but during the times when we sat, we faced the dreaded television, and the “Jeremy Kyle” programme was being aired on ITV.

I really do wonder at the mental processes of the persons who allowed themselves to be put through the modern equivalent of the old Roman Circuses. Fair enough, no-one actually dies during the programme, but the equivalent of a terrified victim cowering before a fully-armed and -armoured gladiator was what was shown on that truly atrocious offering! A couple, a man and wife I believe, were paraded before a studio audience after answering a reel of very personal questions about their sexual behaviour, and then this Kyle clown proceeds to attack their every word and answer, on the grounds that the ‘lie detector’ results had proved beyond any doubt that not one but both were lying through their teeth.

My questions are these; what on this earth possesses anyone to parade their innermost secrets to a perfect stranger? Why would anyone sit still whilst this intrusive anarchical chiseller carves deep wounds into your psyche, instead of battering him senseless? Why would anyone in their right mind subject themselves to such an invasion on national television? Finally, why is this clown allowed to parade his parasitical views on anything else besides the urinal of the psychiatric hospital where he should be held as a permanent resident?


Maple Syrup

By ATWadmin On May 21st, 2007 at 9:44 pm

It could have been penned by Jonathan Powell.  This piece in Canada’s Hamilton Spectator (though originally from the Economist) paints a picture of a Britain so panaceaic, it is a wonder why David, myself and others here on ATW bother to write at all.  In an analysis which points the finger of negativity only at the foray into Iraq, the writer states that Britain has had ten years of uninterrupted economic growth (middle income families – the traditional engine of the economy – now suffer the greatest tax burden in history); it has fewer run-down schools and hospitals (although the former churns out a substantial number of pupils unable to read, spell and punctuate correctly and the latter is riddled with MRSA); uses a system of tax credits to lift people out of poverty (or keeps lower income families locked into dependence on socialist state munificence); has the Human Rights Act (say no more!); self-government for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (pushing the Union to the very limits of its tolerance and creating enmity between the English and the Scots); peace in Ulster (with terrorists in government in a state of denial about the name of the country they are supposed to be administering); civil partnerships for homosexuals (completely bastardising the traditional and decent concept of marriage); and large scale immigration (meaning a Muslim, an African or a Pole on every street corner).

Forgive me for being ‘ungrateful’, but I see nothing to be thankful for after ten years of this disgrace of a government.  To add to the woes above we now have almost one headline-grabbing murder per day and other types of crime spiralling out of control.  What do the police do?  Sit in the back of a van holding a f*****g camera in the hope of ripping off motorists for doing 2mph over the speed limit – motorists who have probably never transgressed the law in their entire lives.  The UK also has 20% of the world’s surveillance cameras.  Who said Orwell’s prediction could never come true?

If the writer thinks this country is a better place than it was under the Conservatives, I can only speculate he has never ventured past his threshold for the better part of a decade.



By ATWadmin On May 21st, 2007 at 8:41 am

Sometimes, in trying to assess the nature of the State in which we live, you have to look at the little tragedies that happen. Take the story of a young father who was stabbed to death outside his home in the North East of England after asking a gang of rowdies to keep the noise down because his baby was asleep. Kevin Johnson, 22, was brutally attacked by the three teenagers, who are all believed to have been armed. As he lay bleeding to death a few feet from his front door, the thugs fled – before launching another knife attack just minutes later.

That’s how casually some treat the sanctity of human life in this United Kingdom. Beaten to death for the heinous crime of trying to get some peace and quiet for his baby to sleep. What sort of lawlessness prevails in these areas? Where are the Police? When and if these thugs are caught – what sort of judicial sentence will they receive? Given that knives were used to attack a defenceless man – do we ban knives – or arm our citizens? If the State cannot offer protection from this sort of horrible crime – and insists on keeping us disarmed – doesn’t that mean that the State is now our enemy?

Home Is Where the Brit Should Be

By ATWadmin On May 20th, 2007 at 8:53 pm

I would imagine most readers here know somebody who is trying to get what is now referred to as ‘social housing’.  The price of property is now at such ridiculous levels it is hard to see how most in generations younger than I can afford to take out a mortgage.  There are others who have lived here all their lives; worked and paid taxes to the State; and kept their previous dwellings in good condition, who have to wait interminable lengths to find new and more suitable accommodation.  All this takes places whilst the tripe this government lets into the country by the ‘asylum seeking’ bucket load, have an automatic right to be given a house within 24 hours of indefinite leave to remain being granted.

One of the greatest mistakes successive governments in this country have made since the end of the War is the accommodation of foreigners at the expense of their own people.  The view that immigrants and minorities get preferential treatments in so many spheres of life in the UK is beyond mere perception; it is everyday fact.  Finally, the iniquity of this arrangement may be starting to sink in with some in the Labour Party.  Margaret Hodge has said British families should be given priority for housing over economic migrants.  Sorry, Mags, it doesn’t go far enough as far as I’m concerned.  British people should be given priority of housing over ALL immigrant groups.  It’s called ‘looking after your own people’.  You ought to try it sometime.

There is a reason why every colour and creed under the sun is queuing up at Calais to escape a country with a similar standard of living and general levels of development to ourselves.  That reason is that Britain is seen quite correctly as the silly bugger soft touch of the Western world; a country that bends over backwards to take in those who neither show it any loyalty, nor have much of a precedent in taxable contributions to the economy.  Meanwhile, its own folk continue to be pushed and shoved around by those in power.  When every mainstream British party recognises the disgusting inequality, it might go some way to addressing mainstream alienation from politics.


By ATWadmin On May 19th, 2007 at 11:18 am

Logo-Illustration-Post-Office.jpgI’m sure UK readers will have picked up on the news that Trade Secretary Alistair Darling plans to axe some 2,500 post offices across the UK, with between 200 and 300 expected to be hit ihere in Northern Ireland. The argument for closure is based on the fact that these small Post Offices are in essence economically basket-cases. So, what to do? Here in Northern Ireland some are arguing that MLAs could "prove vital" in a bid to save the remaining branches through providing them with more administration work such as dog licensing or form checking.  "Dog Licensing"?? Are Post Offices outposts for social work or are they a business network? I do use our local village Post Office and it is fine. But it is not a stand alone business, being part of a large convenience store. Rationalising Post Offices seems a good idea to me – but it may carry consequences for the elderly in rural areas that we need to think about. 


By ATWadmin On May 18th, 2007 at 9:00 am

I think that one of the reasons the British Police have lost the respect they one held in our society is that their set of priorities no longer resonates with that which most of the rest of us feel. We want to see crime reduced, burglars caught, hooligans locked up, gangsters brought to book, illegal immigrants rounded up ….we want an orderly and just society. But the Police have their own agenda. Now motorists face a random speed camera blitz under new laws that give police the power to site them on roads with no history of accidents.  Under new Government regulations, mobile police squads will set up randomly to catch "surfing" drivers who slow down at camera sites before speeding up again.  The alleged aim is to create "uncertainty" in the minds of drivers and promote the sense that they could be prosecuted at any time in any place.  No it’s not. It’s to persecute motorists even further and to get more money from them. It’s not Jihadists that are public enemy number one – its the motorist.


By ATWadmin On May 18th, 2007 at 8:44 am

cameronST070606_228x429.jpgThe Cameron Conservatives are such a pathetic bunch that it’s hard to know where to start with them. The news comes today that Conservative strategists are examining hundreds of proposals by the party’s policy groups ready to release a "blizzard of ideas" when Mr Brown takes power. I wonder exactly what type of "ideas" Cameron has in mind? Well, as he explains, the party will give environmentalism "equal billing" with economic and social issues and he insisted that Conservatism and the environment "go hand-in-hand".

So – expect more of the same eco-wackism that Cameron has spouted over the past year or more. Expect the same betrayal of our Grammar Schools. Expect the same wish to prop up the Stalinist NHS. Expect the same lukewarm approach in dealing with the Islamofascists in our midst. Expect more taxation. Expect EVERYTHING but Conservatism. In truth, the abomination of a Conservative Party led by Cameron is no better than the socialist hydra led by Brown. Vote for whatever shade of leftism you want folks, that’s all that is on offer. Which is why this country needs to undergo a massive social revolution to re-assert the qualities that made it once Great, or else it will continue to sink into a dhimmified statist mire, where freedoms have vanished and in which Government runs every aspect of life. It’s not a blizzard of ideas that Cameron offers, it’s an arid desert of them. 

Man Bids Fond Farewell to Blair

By ATWadmin On May 17th, 2007 at 8:59 am

bikerJOR1605_468x361.jpgRichard Coffey, a biker, roars passed a money machine safety camera, two fingers raised in defiance. When apprehended Coffey explained: “I don’t like them, I don’t like the existence of them in this country.” He knew he was being photographed, but with his face obscured by his helmet and no front number plate he thought he’d get away with it – Doh!

Unfortunately, the determination of the Police to rid society of hate crimes against Big Brother and the connivance of BMW led the rozzers to his door. Fortunately he was only convicted of careless driving and nine counts of speeding. The sensible jury cleared him of dangerous driving.

Judge Kay told him: It is not clear why you did this apart from sheer cussedness. Well allow me to make it clear for you, M’Lud.

He did it because he’s sick to death of being pried upon, spied upon and monitored going about his private daily business. He’s sick to death of having to watch out all the time for these trip wires, ready to get you for the ‘crime’ of straying a few mph above the speed limit, instead of paying attention to what’s actually happening on the road. He’s sick to death of the bald lies that these cameras have anything to do with reducing accidents, when it’s clear that they exist merely to confiscate his money. Most of all he’s sick to death of free-born Britons being treated like potential criminals in their own land by an establishment recreating East Germany and which hates his guts because he has the impertinence to get out on the roads he pays for and do his own thing.

Richard Coffey, there’s something very funny and very British about your protest. As a motorist who’s just been done for £60 (ker-ching!!) and 3 points, I salute you!

Most Muslims Are Not JIhadists

By ATWadmin On May 16th, 2007 at 3:40 am

But all jihadists are Muslim. And a disturbing number of them are British Muslims.
British-based Muslims have carried out  international terrorist operations in 15 countries.

Daniel Pipes in his January debate with Ken Livingstone points out that London provides an environment where terrorism is harbored, protected and nurtured.  He says,  “Britain has become a threat to the world.”   (The debate is on YouTube here.)

Christopher Hitchens agreeD with Pipes in this  article for Vanity Fair.  He  writes:

“Overnight guests at his (Abu Hamza al-Masri, the imam of the Finsbury Park Mosque) mosque’s sleeping quarters have included Richard Reid, the man in whose honor we now all have to take off our shoes at the airport, and Zacarias Moussaoui, the missing team member of September 11, 2001. Other visitors included Ahmed Ressam, arrested for trying to blow up LAX for the millennium, and Nizar Trabelsi, a Tunisian who planned to don an explosive vest and penetrate the American Embassy in Paris. On July 7, 2005 ("7/7," as the British call it), a clutch of bombs exploded in London’s transport system. It emerged that one of the suicide murderers had been influenced by the preachings of Abu Hamza, as had two of those attempting to replicate the mission two weeks later.

In fact, the British jihadist is becoming quite a feature on the international scene. In 1998, six British citizens of Pakistani and North African descent along with two other British residents were arrested by the government of Yemen and convicted of planning to kidnap a group of tourists and attack British targets in the port of Aden (scene of the near-sinking of the U.S.S. Cole two years later). One of the youths was the son of the tireless Abu Hamza, and another was his stepson. In December 2001, Richard Reid made his bid on the Paris–Miami flight. By then, two or three Britons had been killed in Afghanistan—fighting on the side of the Taliban. The following year came the video butchering of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, whose abduction and murder were organized by another Briton—a former student at the London School of Economics—named Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh. And the year after that, two British-passport holders, Asif Mohammed Hanif and Omar Khan Sharif, took part in a suicide attack on Mike’s Place, a Tel Aviv bar.


Clearly, “multiculturalism” doesn’t work.


By ATWadmin On May 15th, 2007 at 8:03 am

Following on from our discussion last week on the topic of the Romanian kids who arrived in the Berkshire Welfare paradise of Slough comes the news that Leaders of three London boroughs -Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea and Hammersmith and Fulham – have contacted Treasury Minister John Healey to complain that numbers of migrants in their areas had been miscounted. New figures produced by the National Office for Statistics are suggesting tens of thousands fewer immigrants than local Councils believe to be the case. The three councils have been joined by the Berkshire town of Slough, which said the ONS "does not recognise the reality of migration to, from or within the UK".

These Councils are right. Government appears to have concluded that denying the evidence of peoples own eyes is a more agreeable strategy than facing up to the immigration shambles it has brought about. Just remember that it was the Home Office which predicted that only 13,000 a year would come from Eastern Europe after the first countries countries joined the EU in 2004. Ministers now accept there have been more than 600,000. The scale of incompetence and deceit involved here is almost as massive as the numbers coming into the country. Don’t blame the Romanians – blame the Government.