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By ATWadmin On May 14th, 2007 at 12:20 pm

Wonder what you make of the call from "Safety campaigners" for the government to make smoking behind the wheel an offence?

Supporters of the proposal say smoking is a dangerous distraction and believe a ban "could" (My italics) reduce the number of road accidents. But its critics argue legislation around smoking is spinning out of control.

I do not smoke, I hate it when drivers who do smoke carelessly throw their cigarettes out of the window BUT I do not believe that this latest attempt to BAN things should be allowed. People should have the liberty to smoke in their own cars without busy-body health nazis seeking to stub out that right.

Mind you, did you know that it is now unlawful in Northern Ireland for those who drive company cars to smoke in these? And that company cars must carry a "No Smoking" sticker or face being fined? What intolerance and yet where is the outcry about this sustained invasion into our private lives by Nanny State?  


By ATWadmin On May 14th, 2007 at 8:12 am

795151-819107-thumbnail.jpgFrance’s president-elect has pledged to tear down the "Sangatte II" refugee centre under construction in Calais. Nicolas Sarkozy, who ordered the closure of the original facility near the Channel port in 2002, has told colleagues: "There will be no new Sangatte while I am president" Well said Mr Sarkozy and further evidence of his good intentions. But the British media now whinge that with Mr Sarkozy pledging to double the number of illegal immigrants being thrown out of France, there are concerns that this will "force" Britain to accept another major influx as the price for demolishing Sangatte II. What utter rubbish! Sarkozy is doing EXACTLY the right thing and it’s not his fault if the UK Government is so inept, so gutless, so compromised that itcannot defend our OWN borders. I say that if the British media want to look for who is to blame for illegals coming into the UK, start and finish with the useless UK Government.


By ATWadmin On May 13th, 2007 at 10:38 am

OK, I know that Mike tackled this the other day and I wanted to weigh in with my take. I refer to the kidnapping of the 4 year old girl Madeleine McCann from her parents apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal.

First of all, and just like Mike, I too sincerely hope the little girl is found swiftly and returned safe and sound to her parents. Those of us who have kids of our own can but imagine the agony that her parents, Kate and Gerry, must be feeling.

But what concerns me is the media treatment of the story. For starters, the headline that caught my eye was from the Sunday Telegraph and it goes "New lead as reward for Maddy tops 2.5m." For a second I had to stop and think who "Maddy" was – and then I saw that the MSM had chosen to use the shortened more familiar version of her name. Next, I noticed that two reporters had gone over to Portugal to give us the full story. TWO Reporters for a kidnapping? Still, as Mike pointed out, the Algarve is very pleasant this time of year. I also noticed that the likes of self-publicists Richard Branson and Phillip Green have jumped on the bandwagon. Then I saw that there were thousands of posters concerning the missing girl handed out by an Aunt at a football fixture at Parkhead in Scotland. Why? Trendy rubber wristbands are being bandied about and there is a contrived PR aspect to this which I find slightly concerning.

All decent people will pray that the young girl is found safe and sound. But surely this is a POLICING issue, first and foremost, and I don’t quite understand what some aspects of this campaign have got to do with finding Madeleine.


By ATWadmin On May 11th, 2007 at 7:47 pm

Here’s an odd little tale.

Undertakers have been accused of using human ashes to grit the path outside their funeral home!

Workers at a Co-op parlour claimed their boss laughed about the grotesque practice, which they said has been going on for years. Staff told how ashes left over from cremations were mixed with grit and scattered on a disabled ramp outside. The disgusted former staff at Co-op Funeral care in Dunfermline, Fife, claimed operations manager Bob Aitchison knew of the practice and failed to stop it. It was also alleged that used coffins were sold as new and one family were given the wrong ashes after they turned up at the parlour to collect their loved ones’ remains. Co-op bosses ordered an immediate investigation and suspended a member of staff.

Crikey – I know the Scots have a reputation for meanness, but hey, couldn’t a little salt have been just as effective? 


By ATWadmin On May 11th, 2007 at 6:52 am

Bronson2DM_228x345.jpgWonder what you make of the fact that Britain’s most dangerous prisoner has been given £200 to buy spectacles so he can see the ball when watching the football on TV?

The Prison Service offered Charles Bronson the money after his glasses were damaged in a brawl with two guards at Full Sutton high-security jail. Bronson, who has attacked at least 50 prison officers over the past three decades, is boasting that he will buy designer frames by Calvin Klein. He demanded new glasses because he could no longer make out the action while watching Premiership highlights on the BBC’s Match of the Day in his cell. Prison officials, who have spent £500,000 handling rooftop protests by Bronson, agreed.

Utterly shocking and evidence of just how corrupted our judicial system has become when tax-payers money is used to facilitate the TV viewing needs of thugs like Bronson. My personal way of dealing with the issue of his inability to see the football action on the TV….would be to have taken away the TV. Problem solved. Why do our Prisons indulge in this manner?


By ATWadmin On May 10th, 2007 at 7:51 am

It’s interesting to observe that the number of immigrants from Eastern Europe has risen by a quarter since Romania and Bulgaria joined the EU. The first count taken since the beginning of the year shows there were around 50,000 arrivals each month from the two new members. The count, at ports and airports, suggests that warnings of a new flood of immigrants could be coming true. Of course this count may be far from statistically accurate and the actual number may be much higher. Since there is no time restriction on them to stay in the UK other than a theoretical requirement to apply for permits if they want to work, these Romanians and Bulgarians can do as they wish.

In first three months of 2006 the number of visitors from Eastern Europe – the eight countries including Poland that came into the EU in April 2004 – was 540,000. But in the first three months of this year, after Romania and Bulgaria joined, the number rose to 680,000, an increase of 25 per cent.  No borders, no control over who comes into our country- just part of the Blair legacy the media WON’T be talking about in the next six weeks!


By ATWadmin On May 9th, 2007 at 11:16 am

Alright, let’s try this one! Has Scotland got the worlds most stupid electorate?

The reason I ask this superficially offensive question is that it has been revealed today that the number of rejected votes in the Scottish elections was much higher than previously thought. It had been estimated that about 100,000 ballots had been discounted, mainly because of errors in the way they were completed. Figures obtained from returning officers show the final tally of rejected votes was almost 142,000.  This is a MASSIVE figure and makes a farce out of some results where the winning margin was less than the rejected votes! I also read that the greatest level of rejected ballots coincided with some of the "poorest parts" of Scotland. So, are poor Scots just stupid or are the politicians who designed this system even stupider?

“words cannot describe…….”

By ATWadmin On May 5th, 2007 at 6:40 am

The above shortened quotation comes from the mouth of the allegedly ‘anguished parent" of little Madeleine McCann, who has possibly been abducted from her bedroom in the little holiday complex on the Algarve where she, her twin brother and sister, together with their parents were holidaying.

madeleine.jpgMany reading this diatribe might find my words both acerbic and disgraceful, and possibly they are correct, but my acerbism and disgust is not aimed at the person or persons who are possibly holding this little victim, but instead at the sheer stupidity and crass thoughtlessness at the actions and words of these two idiotic and downright clueless so-called parents!

They have been describing how they were ‘dining in a tapas bar’ a few hundred yards from the apartment where their children lay sleeping. They also stated how they had ‘checked every half-hour’ on their children, befgore returning to their dinner, and how they had found the door open, with the bedroom window and shutters jemmied open. Another prime quote, which really does illuminate the type and quality of these two sick clowns is that "Nothing had been touched in the apartment, no valuables taken, no passports,"! Another tip to the thought process of these two allegedly loving parents is that the resort offered a creche service but the McCanns chose to leave the children sleeping at the apartment, taking turns to check on them!

I hope against hope that this little girl is recovered and found to be safe; but whether she returns or not, there is only one thought in my mind, which is whether the two remaining small McCann children should be taken into care, as the allegedly anguished parents have shown absolutely no interest in the well-being of their off-spring whatsoever!


Ever measured how long it takes to walk "a few hundred yards"?




nice one

By ATWadmin On April 30th, 2007 at 7:04 pm

The "Dancing Slags" trial has ended with the conviction of five terrorists, who have been jailed for life. Been about 5 or 6 years since i was one of those ‘dancing slags’ at that particular club but still.. (shudder). Good job by the British security services. No time to comment properly but Harry’s Place are reporting that the judge had this to say:

"You have betrayed this country that has given you every opportunity," said Sir Michael Astill, QC, the judge at the Old Bailey. "All of you may never be released: it is not a foregone conclusion."


and point out that a number of the plotters came from largely non-religious backgrounds, but were inducted into jihadism after coming into contact with Al Muhajiroun and other similar Islamist groups. The BBC notes that a key prosecution witness was former terrorist turned supergrass American Mohammed Babar. And how since February 2004, British counter-terrorism officers began round-the-clock surveillance of the key suspects, including recording bugged conversations. The complete operation demonstrates what’s involved. It included:

  • 24,000 hours of video
  • 3,000 hours of audio
  • 33,000 man hours of surveillance
  • 80 computers examined after arrest


By ATWadmin On April 27th, 2007 at 7:54 am

Now some stories I like to get my teeth into, and this is one such. The British National Union of Journalists (NUJ) has shown its complete lack of moral integrity (quelle surprise!) and revealed its uberleftist agenda by calling for a boycott against Israel whilst simultaneously applauding the advances made by Marxist thug Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.  Amazingly, the NUJ blames the kidnapping of BBC reporter Alan Johnstone by Palestinian terrorists on Israel! It then goes on to chastise all those who have refused to recognise the Islamic terrorists in Hamas. This is despite the fact that Hamas advocates genocide in its charter. So, to recap, the Union for British Journalists is pro-Hamas, pro-Chavez and anti-Israel. Not that ANY of this would influence how these seekers of truth and justice report a story, right?

 Here’s a little epigram on the subject…it was written by Humbert Wolfe in 1930 and still holds true.  

‘You cannot hope to bribe or twist

(thank God)

the British journalist.

But seeing what the man will do


 there’s no occasion to.’