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Again, and again, and again!

By ATWadmin On April 24th, 2007 at 7:53 pm

Some of the readers of this blog may remember my post entitled "They are only lent to us" which I wrote on the 11th of this month. This chronicled the short life and silent death of one Mitchell Bate, a tiny girl only twenty-two months old, who died at the hands of her biological parents (I use the term because I refuse to give these two monsters the titles of Father and Mother, as these are honourable titles, and this couple are truly undeserving of being thought of as anything honourable in relation to that tiny child)!

I thought at the time that I had read some of the worst which so-called humankind dealt to it’s innocents, but read today of something even worse than that previous deadly duo. A sub-human by the name of Nathan Grain fed his infant son doses of methadone and diazepam in order to stop him crying. Tiny Luke Grain, when he perished, had levels of methadone in his system which were bound to kill him, along with sufficient diazepam to knock out a fully-grown adult!

 His mother, also on a methadone programme (such sweet caring people we hold as parents), came home, and learned from her ever-loving and caring husband that Luke had been asleep all day!

 I only hope that this murderous fool is sent to a prison which holds ordinary decent criminals, and they mete out to him only a fraction of the punishment which should be given this animal, but which is forbidden under our so-called humane society’s rules!

And before I get any comments which decry my hopes of a revenge for the soul of this tiny baby, just ask yourselves this; WHAT IF THAT CHILD WAS YOURS?




By ATWadmin On April 23rd, 2007 at 7:59 am

hollyjessica.jpgWere you reading that Ian Huntley has confessed for the first time that he is a paedophile after finally admitting he sexually assaulted an 11-year-old girl? The Soham killer’s admission follows a quest for justice by one of his first victims – Hailey Giblin – who says she was abused five years before he murdered Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. Fair enough, he’s a paedophile murdering scumbag. Why are we, the British taxpayer, keeping him alive whilst his young victims lie in their graves? As I have said before, I favour the death penalty for certain crimes and in specific circumstances. This is one such circumstance. Huntley brutally murdered two young girls, he has confessed to paedophilia, so he can never be let out of prison as he is remains a danger to all kids. I say that he would benefit from removal from this world. I don’t write this in anger, I just think that this man has forfeited the right to life and it would be a kindness if he was executed. Do you agree?

Saint George’s Day

By ATWadmin On April 23rd, 2007 at 7:14 am

Forget Saint Patrick, Saint David and the name of the geezer the Scots adopt as their own.  Today, April 23rd marks the best saint of the lot – Saint George.  Born in Turkey, he is revered as a Christian martyr.  Unlike the other three patron saints of the United Kingdom, George is so cool we English have to share him with a host of other cities and countries.  Not only is George the Patron Saint of England, he also has the same title for Georgia, Canada, Ethiopia, Portugal, Montenegro, Serbia, Greece and the Spanish region of Catalonia.  Even a few cities want him for their own.  He is, in addition, the Patron Saint of Moscow, Ljubljana and Istanbul.  However, as an Englishman living in England, I’m raising a glass to George as the saint of England: the very best part of the Union.

Happy Saint George’s Day!!

england flag.jpg


By ATWadmin On April 20th, 2007 at 2:07 pm

I think this is a sad little story which is a further indicator of the danger of illegal drugs. The co-founder of the world’s biggest gay online dating agency jumped to his death from an eighth-floor balcony after a night of taking party drug ketamine, an inquest has heard. Gary Frisch, who made millions by creating the Gaydar dating website in 1999, threw himself from his apartment in Battersea in February after an all night session on the drug. An eye-witness said Mr Frisch shouted "Waheey" just moments before he plunged to his death. SPLAT! That’s how his life ended. I have no idea what Ketamine is, or how readily available it is, or what it does, but it cost this guy his life. Hope the thrill was worth it.


By ATWadmin On April 19th, 2007 at 8:29 am

795151-779395-thumbnail.jpgPity Saint George, the saint of slaying dragons, the Crusades and the England football supporter. It is time for the patron saint of England to be “rebranded” as a persecuted representative of Britain’s ethnic minorities, a black dissenter who rebelled against the abuse of power. Ekklesia, the influential far left theological think-tank, today calls for St George, who appeared to the Crusader army at Antioch in the 11th century and was adopted as the patron saint of soldiers, to be given a makeover. Out must go the dragon, the crusades and the associations with patriotism and Empire. Instead St George’s Day should become a “day of dissent”  Anyone in favour?  😉


By ATWadmin On April 19th, 2007 at 8:17 am

I see that the Chief Constables in England and Wales are to discuss whether to boost the recruitment of black and Asian officers by positive discrimination.  Now there’s an oxymoron for you, which only a liberal would endorse. The Association of Chief Police Officers will debate the move, which would need employment law changes.

You see it is still ILLEGAL to discriminate against someone in the UK on the basis of the colour of their skin, but the proposed change would make such discrimination legal so long as it is WHITE MALE applicants that are being turned away. So, we end up with a Police Service which is politically correct and cleansed of all those white male applicants who only get in the way. I notice that Keith Jarrett, President of the National Black Police Association, has said he supported the use of such discrimination, although he was careful enough to redefine it as "affirmative action". Yes, affirming the right to pass over the best qualified candidated because of their skin colour. Shocking, and a move that should be rejected at all costs. 


By ATWadmin On April 18th, 2007 at 10:30 am

Are you shocked to discover that if a husband and his wives arrive and settle in Britain having wed in a country where polygamy is legal, which includes most Islamic countries oddly enough, then the UK benefits system recognises his extra wives as dependents and pays them accordingly? Nope, me neither. Indeed when I then read that the Department of Work and Pensions has admitted it had "no figures" on how many families are claiming for multiple wives, I felt the same sense of despair as when I read that the Home Office has no figures as to how many illegal immigrants are in our country. Polygamy is illegal in the UK Yet the State funds those who practise it! 


By ATWadmin On April 15th, 2007 at 2:36 am

Just imagine the situation. You are UK Minister for Defence, 15 British sailors and marines have been just released from captivity by Iran "as a gift" and have landed back on British soil. So many things for you to think about.  Were they interrogated, were they tortured? What impact will this humiliation have on the morale of the British Armed forces? How to deal with the imminent media firestorm that must inevitably follow their return in time for the Sunday newspapers? So, naturally, you go on holiday.

Along with many of his aides and the most senior civil servants in his department in London, Mr Browne decided, within hours of the hostages being returned safely to Britain, to take a "privilege" half-day, at the start of the long Easter holiday. As he travelled 400 miles to his home in Scotland, (Where else?) military chiefs were finalising the crucial policy document listing the reasons why the sailors should be allowed to sell their stories to the media.

Once drafted, the details of their controversial plans were emailed to dozens of computers within the MoD but remained unread overnight. It was only the next day, Friday April 6, that they were finally seen by or read to Mr Browne and up to 30 of his officials. Yet no one sought to question the advice, or prevent the deals going ahead. By then, Leading Seaman and Sun stunna Faye Turney had signed her £80,000 television and newspaper interview deal. Pathetic. This is a Government with no interest in the integrity of our Armed Forces. 


By ATWadmin On April 13th, 2007 at 9:15 am

The pure poison of political correctness is revealed by one of the UK’s most senior policemen who has admitted his force IS recruiting unsuitable officers in its drive to be politically correct.

Dyslexics, the physically disabled and those with religious beliefs which affect their work are apparently being given jobs – even though they are unable to fulfil their role. Steve Roberts, a deputy assistant commissioner at Scotland Yard, said there was a ‘whole cohort’ of inadequate officers coming into the London force because the force had ‘shied away’ from tackling the issue.

So, aptitude is trumped by political correctness and we have Police Officers who cannot or will not do the job they are employed to do. Somehow the actual purpose of POLICING has been lost in the liberal mist and as a result we have this police farce instead of a police force.

“….they are only lent to us………”

By ATWadmin On April 11th, 2007 at 3:54 pm

One of the nastier and savage rulings perpetrated upon the people unfortunate enough to live in Communist China was the ‘single child’ law. This was an official edict that every family was permitted to give birth to, and raise, only one child. The natural longings of a mother were ignored, violations were aborted just before normal birth, and the whole force of the State was brought against those who ignored this ruling. But, and it is a large "but", at least the People’s Republic knew enough about their citixens not to have to worry about how the children would be raised by those same Chinese parents. Apart from the insane idea that girl babies were to be aborted routinely because they would be a financial burden to their family, the raising of children is, as much in China as in most other places, a joy and a journey to be undertaken happily.

Consider then the tale of these two, (I hesitate to use the term "morons" because it would be an insult to the average moron to lump this pair with the group) who killed their tiny daughter Mitchell by dosing her with heroin and methadone in order to keep her quiet! Both these imbeciles were heroin addicts, and they liberally gave that little defenceless girl sufficient Class A drugs to wipe her off the face of this earth!

 bate and fenelly.jpg





Sometimes, but only sometimes, I feel my hackles rising, as I read of the crimes perpetrated against the truly innocent, and I truly wish that there was a real JUSTICE SYSTEM in this stupid, uncaring, uncivilised society of ours; one which would take these two killers and wipe them off the face of this earth, as they so callously did to that tiny child who was entrusted into their care!