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Liberal Forces For Liberal Times

By ATWadmin On April 10th, 2007 at 9:44 pm

Focusing on these young soldiers’ behavior is losing sight of the truly serious problems that this entire situation actually brings right to center stage. For decades now, we have told our young people that all the old values are passe’ and should be replaced with a "new consciousness". The stiff upper lip should loosen up. Real men can cry. Don’t hide your feelings. Values are determined by your feelings about the current situation, not some dry, abstract rules laid down generations ago. Use of force is always suspect, even in self-defense. Life is the most important thing, especially the lives of hostages and captives, which trump duty, honor, and even country. A soldier’s real loyalty is to his or her fellows, not some distant Queen or national ideal. And, above all, caution. Caution, caution, caution. Don’t do anything rash, don’t precipitate an incident, don’t start any trouble, don’t "shoot first and ask questions later", don’t be a cowboy. Go with the flow. And so they did. They’re our children, these young marines. We raised them, taught them, instructed them in what we wanted them to be, hugs, and tears, and caution, and all, right down to running out and cashing in on their 15 minutes. Always get the cash, and get as much as you can, as quick as you can. It doesn’t matter if you’re fighting and screaming on Jerry Springer—you’re still a celebrity. Good, bad, or indifferent, these are the chickens who have come home to roost. If you don’t like what you see, it’s not the fault of the products, it’s the process that made them what they have become. Since time immemorial, elders have asked, "What’s the matter with these kids, today?" Want to see the problem clearly? Go look in the mirror.


– Commentor ‘veryretired’ with his usual considered words, in this thread at samizdata, on the now infamous and ever more shameful episode in the Gulf. I actually believe that there is still a great restless energy and martial spirit in our blighted land. Unfortunately it’s constrained by the forces and movements of which veryretired speaks of, and emerges sporadically, violently and unpredictably in town centres, council estates and (lately) foreign football stadia. We then send to war a couple of Marines, a bunch of fairies and a woman who went AWOL the day she became an absent mother.


By ATWadmin On April 10th, 2007 at 3:37 pm

Did you see that William Wordsworth’s most famous poem has been set to rap music in a bid to encourage youngsters to visit the Lake District? Cumbria tourist chiefs, those people curiously insulated from all forms of reality, have released a rap version of ‘I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud’ to mark the 200th anniversary of publication of the poem. The new version, which features..ahem…" some variation" on Wordsworth’s original words, is accompanied by a pop video featuring the Lake District’s red squirrel mascot MC Nuts and shot on the banks of Lake Ullswater. Frankly, it would be kinder if MC Nuts had been shot on the banks of Lake Ullswater.


By ATWadmin On April 2nd, 2007 at 7:45 am

Ssshhh, keep your voice down! Aren’t you relieved to know that those wise old birds at the British Foreign Office are using "quiet diplomacy" to get our kidnapped sailors back from Mullah-land? I mean their strategy seems to be working splendidly well, with the sailors now illegally imprisoned for well over a week, with EVEN MORE TV apologies from the unfortunate sailors, and with Iran getting the respect of the Islamic world for its public humiliation of the British and its exposure of our inability to do anything. With the EU refusing to take economic sanctions and the UN refusing to demand the immediate release of our sailors, it is obvious that the Foreign Office strategy of speaking quietly whilst carrying no stick is paying handsome dividends. Yes?

thatcher-1-sized.jpgAnd in another example of how wily, how shrewd, those wise old birds at the FO are, I see that the Foreign Secretary herself, Margaret a Beckett, has weighed in on the 25th anniversary of the invasion of the Falkland Islands, and expressed her "regret" over the deaths on "both sides" during the conflict. That’s telling ’em, Margaret. Of course let us also remember that 25 years ago today, another Margaret IGNORED the advice of the Foreign Office, IGNORED the advice of military chiefs, and went to war to do that which is right. Margaret Thatcher was a LEADER, she was a patriot, she understood that sometimes you DO have to fight for what is right and to hell with the consequences. The Labour Party does not understand these concepts. It is more than happy to listen to the Foreign Office experts and as a result we grovel to the despots in Iran and say sorry to the Argentinians. What a difference 25 years can make.


By ATWadmin On March 30th, 2007 at 9:54 am

wiran130.jpgWondered what your thoughts are on the calls from "students" in downtown Teheran for the execution of the kidnapped British sailors? I notice Amnesty rremains mute on the matter, that the UN has put out a watered-down statement and that the EU has done nothing. So, even at a time when a rogue regime kidnaps and humiliates our sailors, the "international community" watches with seeming impassivity.

But not QUITE impassively. I suspect that in many hearts, the executions called for by Ahmadinejads trained stooges, would be quietly welcomed. Just as 9/11 was welcomed. Can you imagine what the outcry would be if Israel kidnapped 15 Iranians, and that demo’s were held by "students" in Jerusalem demanding their execution? Why the BBC would go into overdrive with analysts falling over each other to denounce the Zionist entity. Just as they denounce the Bush administration. But when it comes to the 12th Imam’s Dining companion, why all is silence. They watch on and hope….

Bread And Circuses

By ATWadmin On March 28th, 2007 at 6:01 pm

A very deep conversation took place last night with Mrs Right-Wing Zionist Conspirator, who is currently in wailing and gnashing of teeth mode after she began to truly contemplate what our benighted country has allowed to be done to itself.

How have we let our politicians do this to us, she wanted to know? How is it that we have sleepwalked into a situation where the only Parties most people feel can win anything have already magnanimously decided the outcome of the big issues for us so we dont have to trouble ourselves – Mass Immigration, Crime, EU Membership, Taxation, Welfare and Benefits, the Environment. The cracks between those Parties policies are now so minute you could barely drive a UKIP by-election vote through them.

Pick a major issue where any of the three ‘main parties’ are offering practical proposals (as opposed to empty rhetoric such as pretend Consevative ‘euroscepticism’) which genuinely differ from each other. Pick five, or ten. It doesnt matter. Those issues simply no longer exist. We have sleepwalked into a situation where minor voices such as UKIP can be financially attacked by the supposedly impartial Electoral Commission for clerical errors yet the Lib Dem voices of consensus can take donations from convicted felons who dont live in Britain and be allowed to keep the cash. A situation where BNP members can be forced out of their jobs (or be barred from serving in certain professions in the first place) simply for their political affiliation.

So how did we get here? The answer is simple – bread and circuses. Our corrupt and compliant media from the BBC to the Guardian to the Daily Mail has now become so debased and in thrall to the ‘Great Consensus’ of British Politics that there is virtually no voice outside of the Internet which provides a true departure from that consensus. Our minds are dulled into insensitivity and indifference by ‘reality TV’, playstations and, yes, a willing, government sponsored and at times almost ridiculously cartoonish enemy to vent our spleen at in the form of radical Islam.

The justification for each raft of new ‘anti-terrorism’ laws is that they are required to meet the threat of the Islamists, though the word ‘terrorism’ is used with a nudge-nudge, wink-wink ‘you know who we are talking about though’ moment from whichever Home Secretary is able to tear himself away from his secretary. But I and many others have come round, often slowly and painfully, to the conclusion that these laws (and those propogated by the EU such as ID Cards and the European Arrest Warrant – which for the uninitiated was proposed before 9/11 and rushed through with ill-concealed glee afterward) are nothing but measures designed to take tight control of a population made pliant by the need to deal with the domestic Islamic threat which our Government encourages and propogates at every turn.

If this Government was serious about combatting terrorism we would not be seeing the despicable spectacle now being played out in Ulster. We would not be seeing radical Islam protected, coddled and encouraged at every opportunity. We would not be seeing the deliberate propogation of an ideology thoroughly inimical to our supposedly democratic way of life at the same time as measures designed to combat its violent manifestations are being rushed through all the time, each one more draconian and greater in their potential for tyranny against our entire population than the next.

Britain, the once-great nation which defied Nazism (and Communism), has sunk low indeed. We are sleepwalking into the end of our democracy, and we are showing no signs of waking.

All is revealed!!

By ATWadmin On March 26th, 2007 at 10:46 am

Somehow, I don’t believe I have much of a future as a crossword puzzle writer, or whatever the term may be!

 Okay, The trail began with the Equal Opportunities Commission, as i reckoned this word would be a natural for their vocabulary.

 Trevor Phillips, the over-promoted patron saint of all things politically-correct, should be utilising this word in every other sentence!

Horse-racing, or at least some of it, depends on a system of HANDICAPPING!

‘Truly Silly Words’ radar wasn’t working because it been DISABLED!

 So my own Newest English word is "Ta…Da" (flourish of trumpets)



The same term is painted on the side of a local bus, in amongst a group of ‘ISM’S which are now categorised as ‘Hate Crimes’, and I believe you can be put in jail for these offences, which all goes to show, well, something or other!


how sweet the sound…?

By ATWadmin On March 25th, 2007 at 11:32 am

Upon this 200th of the legal abolition of Great Britain’s involvement in the slave trade, the resounding calls by all the liberal left intellectual rabble-rousers for apologies, either collectively or singly, gain ever louder and harsher tones! The question must be asked; if some person or government says "Sorry", who benefits? Would it be the individuals or groups who have so vociferously called for apologies, and latterly for reparations from the offending Governments, the very inheritors of the wealth seemingly produced by the trade in human beings; or would it be the descendants of those unfortunate people who were crammed into sail ships such as the "Madagascar" immortalised as the source of the smell of death by William Wilberforce. The film "Amazing Grace" is commended by this writer for the powerful portrayal of a decent man’s struggle against possibly insurmountable odds, for the remembrance it gives, and for no other reasons!

Time has passed much by, and the slave trade should be no exception. The deeds and things, done and agreed over two centuries past, have a relevance into the present, but the inheritors of the results of these deeds and beliefs bear no responsibility for those deeds, and should therefore never apologise. We may as well ask the Americans to apologise for the actions within "Wounded Knee", or the Afghanis for the massacre of the British Army column during it’s retreat from Kabul. There is an American aphorism which should suffice as a reply to the calls for apology, and it is "Shit Happens!"

We do not hear of the everyday slavery still practised in most of the Arabic world, with women relegated to a very secondary role in life, denied their freedom to walk unencumbered with clothing dictated by a bunch of old men, denied the vote, denied the right to marry whom they wish and denied the right to a fair trial! If that’s not slavery, what is? We do not hear condemnation of the vast prison factories in Communist China, the "Laogai" where upwards of forty million labour in silence to produce many of the goods which adorn the homes in the West, courtesy of B&Q, Homebase and the many American discount shops! We don’t hear a great deal about the modern slaves of Brazil, whose plight is rarely discussed within polite liberal circles, whilst the tea is carefully laid upon tables made from Brazilian hardwoods.

There was a time for apologies, when the slavers were made bankrupt by the British law, backed up by a British Royal Navy which wasn’t bound by political expediency, but by the simple law of decency. There was a time for apology, when Lincoln’s Emancipation proclamation freed the blacks of the American South, but that time was wasted by both the Confederacy and the Federal forces, entangled as they were in a deadly bitterness of Civil War, and since the Federals never gave the mules, never mind the ‘forty acres’, the freed slaves soon gave up trying! We should blank our ears at the calls for apologies, and think only that most people get the Government which they deserve, and the heritage which they create!


By ATWadmin On March 24th, 2007 at 9:51 am

_42722721_slave203.jpgAnd so, today sees a great gathering of liberal self-loathers and apologists in London, all there to mark the 200th anniversary of Britain’s abolition of the slave trade. The Archbishops of Canterbury and York -Rowan Williams and  John Sentamu ( one white, one black, a theological Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder team -up if you like) – will be joined by foreign dignitaries and leaders of other churches for the Walk of Witness. Dr Williams said it was a way Anglicans could try to heal "historic injustices inflicted in the name of the Church".   Pass the sickbag!

I’m sorry but these guys should keep on walking when they get to London, sashay down to Gatwick Airport(Best leave the chains behind before going through security!) and catch a flight to the likes of Chad, Mauratania or the Sudan – countries in which slavery is still flourishing and all under the malign gaze of Islam. Try walking through those countries guys and we can then share your pain.  It’s all very well to drone on about past sins, real or imagined, how about dealing with current reality? Shouldn’t Africa be making reparations to..erm..Africans for its own centuries old exploitation of human beings. I do agree that efforts of Wilberforce were honourable and inspiring but what have we learned? Just to say sorry is not enough. In fact, it’s not even relevant.

all shall be revealed!!!

By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2007 at 1:18 pm

horse.jpgATW readers are invited to guess the newest, or newest to me that is, addition to the English language. This new word is one which has been manufactured to cope, as it were, with a gap in the nation’s understanding of a very particular problem; and it’s generation, or manufacture, or whatever, was necessary to further our understanding of a crime!

The new ATW contest is to guess or uncover this new word, and to further your search, I have established the following clues:-

 ■    The Equal Opportunities Commission will be using this word a lot in the coming years!

 ■    Trevor Phillips would definitely approve of the use of this word, although perhaps not so much of the attitude which is described within this term!

 ■    The generic term from which this word springs is also widely used in a sport associated with horses.

 ■    I would be less than honest that when I read this word for the first time, I was firstly dumbstruck, and secondly the immortal words of the patron saint of right-wing thought sprang swiftly to my mind; namely “I don’t believe it!!!”

Your thoughts, offerings to the ‘comments’ sector on this post, please.

No prize will be offered, except possibly a “How on earth did you guess what I was thinking of?” posting mentioning the name of the winner!

I shall be publishing the answer within these pages on Monday morning 26th at approximately 11 a.m., so get your thinking caps on, folks!


Update. Upon checking, I find that my ‘Truly Silly words’ radar hasn’t been working for some time, and I should have detected this word a lot earlier than I did!



Update two. Maybe it is just a little too cryptic, so to let you get ever closer, my first update could be said to resemble the adverb, on purpose! 




By ATWadmin On March 11th, 2007 at 10:26 am

The staggering hypocrisy of UK Prime Minister in waiting (and waiting!) Gordon Brown is revealed in the claim that although the dour Scot was treated at a £100-an-hour private dental clinic, for root canal treatment last week, this did not mean he had "gone private". Perish the thought!

You see, "Using a private dentist is not the same as using a private doctor," Brown’s spokesman said. "Gordon is no different to the large number of people who have found themselves without an NHS dentist because he did not visit one regularly. If you have a toothache, you have to find a dentist quickly and to do that you have to go private. It is not like arranging an appointment with your GP." 

Tripe. It is EXACTLY the same. Also WHY could Mr Brown not find an NHS Dentist, with the NHS being the 8th wonder of the socialist world?