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And you shall be taken from here…

By Mike Cunningham On April 28th, 2015 at 10:21 am

I, along with many millions, have long been an advocate for the Death Penalty for certain crimes; murder being just one, but many other categories of crime would warrant the judicial route to Death row; such as Child Abuse and Paeadophilia, Treason, but mainly being found guilty of Drug Trafficking.

When this headline is printed, and seen on line by over forty million people, not much is written about the nameless and unknown victims of those who, hopefully, will wilt as the bullets tear into their bodies very, very soon. We are shown allegedly-heart-rending images of the ‘families’ as they greet their relatives for the last time, and we are told of the pleas for clemency to the Indonesian President, and we are also told of the families’ hope that a last minute intervention will save their criminal offspring.

Strangely enough, not much has been written about the impact that some 18 pounds of 85% pure heroin would have had upon the addicts of this deadly trade; not much has been written of the young lives wrecked, of human bodies wracked with pain as the withdrawal symptoms kick in, no headlines featuring the countless young women forced into prostitution just to fund their addiction to this deadly dust. No apologies have been forthcoming from the ‘Bali Nine’ as their ‘deadline’ (pun definitely intended) approaches.

The Indonesians have the right approach to this ugly trade: they state on placards in the arrivals hall of their airports; “if you deal in drugs, if you are found to be smuggling drugs, you will be put to death”. As a warning, as a definite statement, the greedy fools who attempt the heroin run were told; and there should be no reprieve for the long-distance dealers in death, for they are just receiving what they planned to distribute to others!

I’ve said it before……

By Mike Cunningham On October 17th, 2014 at 9:17 am

and I say it again………………….


Things go better with Coke


The wages of sin is…….freedom!

By Mike Cunningham On April 6th, 2014 at 10:41 am

I note that the pair of slappers jailed in Peru for attempting to smuggle 11 Kgs. of cocaine into the UK are actively being considered for early transfer back to this country ‘to serve their time in prison near to their families” ATW readers unfamiliar with this phrase within judicial language must realise that this phrase is short for ‘upon arrival in Great Britain, they will be imprisoned for about three weeks, then carefully let out the back door to rejoin the cess-pits from whence they emerged’.

11 Kgs. That, folks is about 24 pounds in ‘old money’. After judicious cutting with ideal cheap materials such as baking powder or milk sugar, estimates of aound half-a-million quidsworth of a deadly hard drug were due to hit Britain’s streets if this criminal pair had not been stopped.

And now they propose to repatriate them from Peru to their ‘loved ones’.

What was that phrase again; the one about ‘tough on crime’ or something? Must have been just another soundbite!


Community Advice Notice

By Mike Cunningham On December 28th, 2013 at 7:17 pm

As a disinterested observer of the morons who believe that they are having a good time by either swallowing or injecting pills or solutions,  with little or no idea of what exactly they are ingesting into their bodies and somewhat simple minds, I have the following ‘Community Advice’:-

Grab a handful and swallow, washing them down with a lager, (no wasting water around here; boyo!) You then have a fifty-fifty chance of severe brain damage, or death.

Why am I advising this just before the New Year? Simple, I am always in favour of clearance of faulty gene-pools, and you can’t get more faulty than voluntarily swallowing or injecting yourself with poison!



Can’t; time; crime; don’t.

By Mike Cunningham On December 22nd, 2013 at 11:13 am

When anyone talks of the failed ‘War on drugs’, along with the statement that any drug law infraction is virtually a victimless crime, I tend to roll my eyes, and wish I were elsewhere, anywhere but in a place where the very idea of selling drugs is considered to be an ordinary human function.  The argument goes that ‘no-one gets hurt’ and ‘no-one does drugs who doesn’t want to do drugs’ and we should all just step back, and maybe even make it legal.

This post of mine was written after reading the supposedly thought-provoking article in this oh-so-on-the-mark New York Times on the so-called ‘evils’ surrounding mandatory minimum sentencing for various crimes. Seems as though the ‘system’ had reacted to the huge rise in drug-related crimes, along with the equally-huge toll on the addicts and their families.

The thinking then, which I hold to this day, is if you are told and understand, in advance, that if you are caught committing a crime which, on a big list, relates to a certain length of time in jail; you may wish to think twice before getting involved in that activity. It is simply ‘cause’ related to ‘effect’. The fact that certain drug-related offences automatically meant a life sentence without parole is, perhaps, beside the point. The criminal engaged in this felonious activity in the full knowledge that, if caught, tried and found guilty; he would automatically get ‘life without parole’. This penalty did not even feature in the glib thinking that driving and distributing serious narcotics was just ‘easy money’.

Well, Mr Webster, ‘easy money’ it may have been; but you cannot say that you were not warned, no matter what the A.C.L.U.’s Vanita Gupta may claim about the injustice of mandatory minimums. The penalties were there, written and explained so that even the simplest could understand. As for mercy, and clemency; I think you may have already discovered that Society is just about clean out, as far as the likes of you is concerned!


But we didn’t understand; Sob, sniff; boo-hoo!

By Mike Cunningham On December 15th, 2013 at 9:51 am

Couple of things in this article about two incredibly stupid and greedy women which need correcting, as far as I am concerned. The pair of them did not agree to plead guilty on the smuggling charge; they were guilty, they were actually caught with the drugs in their cases. They changed their pleas to ‘guilty’ in the hope that they would get a reduced sentence. Fortunately, the Peruvians are smarter than these two would-be ‘glitz-kids’, and hopefully will slam each of them with the maximum of fifteen years.

They should have thought through the possibilities of either making some ‘easy money’ running a small car-load of deadly poisons into Europe, or doing what the rest of us boring, law-abiding, sober, hard-working, but essentially free people would be doing right about now, which is not worrying about whether we will survive a fifteen-year stretch in a South American prison.


Just a small gesture, then?

By Mike Cunningham On September 1st, 2013 at 11:20 am


I note that all appeals against her death sentence have been ignored, and the ‘sad grandma’, found with £1.6 millions worth of cocaine in the lining of her suitcase, is now relying on a Presidential pardon.

I’m thinking of commencing a campaign to raise funds so that new and dependable ammunition  and extra marksmanship training is provided for the firing squad.

…and why not indeed?

By Mike Cunningham On August 31st, 2013 at 10:01 am

If I killed a drug dealer on the streets of Durham City, I would expect to be acquitted of any charge for the very reasons which were given by our beloved Prime Minister as he made his impassioned appeal to be allowed to drop lots of bombs on Syria. I would have stated and claimed “Its the right thing to do!”; as well as “What the dead scumbag was selling kills people, so he deserves it”; as well as the ‘killer slogan’

That is why it is important that we have the doctrine of humanitarian intervention, (29 august 2013 Hansard Column 1430)

I would argue that, because of the drugs which this murderer distributed, drugs which weaken both mind and body to the extent that the users will do anything to fund their next fix; it was indeed a humanitarian act to spread the blood of this dross upon the street of the City in which I live. I would confidently expect acquittal, and moreover would expect that my legal costs would be re-imbursed!


Just a ‘line’ in the sand

By Mike Cunningham On August 12th, 2013 at 5:34 pm


These two scrubbers are going to find out how tough Peruvian prisons can be.

Seems as though they thought a little export (11 kgs. approx.) would help the global balance of payments on the Import side of things.

I have no sympathy with these two specimens; just consider the number of lives 11 kgs. of cocaine might ruin.


Ashamed and stricken…

By Mike Cunningham On June 4th, 2013 at 12:35 pm

I have come to a crossroads in my life. I have overcome many obstacles in my time here on this Earth, but have to confess that there is but one thing which has defeated me entirely.

I am not a gambler, as I have always considered that I have worked far too hard to earn my cash. I lived and worked for three weeks non-stop during start-up operations at a casino complex in South Africa; and my wife and I placed the total equivalent of £3.00 in to the ever-ready slot machines which packed the huge mirror-glazed central hall, whilst ‘winning’ the equivalent of £2.75. The casino’s developer growled that he was more than happy that not too many of his visitors would be like me.

When younger, I used to drink a fair bit, but after marrying and commencing a family, I virtually stopped, as booze and family life do not mix well. I enjoy an occasional glass of wine, but forget when last I tasted any spirits at all.

I have never, ever, sampled, tried or experimented with illegal drugs of any type, calibre or origin, and honestly cannot comprehend the mindset, or rather lack of mindset of those who would promote or enrich themselves through substances which could have life-changing or -threatening consequences. I suppose that would make me old-fashioned, or ‘square’, or unadventurous. Place me firmly in the column marked ‘prefers to retain self-control above all others’; and that would be about correct as far as I am concerned. Everyone else can do as they wish, but leave me and mine when canvassing for support of ‘legal’ or ‘illegal highs’, as I don’t believe that such ephemera exists.

As I stated at the beginning of this small confession there is, however, one small item which has me forever in its grasp; I cannot shake off the need, the desire, the terrible urge to consume as many of the dread items as I can purchase, and I see no end to the craving which has me in its all-encompassing grasp!