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Cozying up to the Russians

By Patrick Van Roy On September 17th, 2020 at 4:59 pm

KYIV – Ukraine and the United States launched joint military exercises on Thursday, two days after Russia began joint military drills with forces in neighbouring Belarus.

The U.S. Embassy in Kyiv said the U.S. Army-led Rapid Trident exercises, taking place near Yavoriv in western Ukraine, would involve about 4,000 servicemen from 10 countries.

It said the exercises show the strength of the U.S.-Ukraine strategic partnership and “commitment to enhance readiness in a challenging operational environment, which increases the strong relationships that are necessary for peace and stability.”

Si vis pacem, para bellum

By Mike Cunningham On September 30th, 2014 at 10:44 am

“If you want peace, prepare for war”

In these frenetic days, when news runs and broadcasts on a 24-hour basis, where updates are available, from of course the viewpoint of the broadcaster concerned, as fast as you can change channels, it is sometimes difficult to remember what, exactly, were last week’s headlines, and how did the stories turn out. We are deluged, over the past fortnight, with reports of how Ed Milliband FORGOT to mention the economy, the huge deficit between actual income and expenditure, as well as Labour’s plans to keep the deficit growing. Following from Labour, we heard how the Tory conference was shanghaied by the defection of yet another MP to UKIP, as well as the strange and twisted story of a Minister who sent explicit photos of himself to a complete stranger. We are told, again and again, that our only hope for an EU in-or-out referendum is to vote for the Tories, but strangely enough, we are not told what comprises the famous ‘package of demands’ which Cameron will present to a grumbling EU as his price for us staying in!

But amidst all the chatter, and the penis images, along with all the other fluff, lies and concealed bribes so prevalent in the political parties jamboree sessions, not much notice is taken of the headlines of less than three weeks previously; headlines which presage a conflict far deadlier and more relevant to us here in the United Kingdom than in some Arabic religious conflict in lands where we, literally, have no real reason to be. We should be reading of the shells raining down on tanks and armoured vehicles in places where a cease-fire is supposed to rule, we should be reading of hidden troop movements, of manoeuvres designed to bring pressure to bear by a ruthless Russia against a poorly-equipped and badly-defended Ukraine.

The commentators write of the real result of the break-up of UK Armed Forces, and where we had thirty squadrons in 1991, today we only have seven, and two of those squadrons were only rescued from dismemberment because they came in pretty handy when we bombed Libya. We should be sending jets and supporting NATO in Lithuania, and in Poland, but instead we are frittering away fuel and time flying over the Islamic State barbarians, without even dropping any bombs, because the intelligence isn’t what it used to be either!

The Ukraine is being dismantled piecemeal, with a weak Government grasping at the straws of ‘compromise’ offered by a cynical Putin, backed up by a competent military and a ruthless KGB, and we here in the West do literally f**k-all about it.

Oleg, its cold inside!

By Mike Cunningham On March 20th, 2014 at 9:56 am

In an Op-Ed piece for the New York Times, the Russian politician ALEXEY A. NAVALNY states his ideas for the isolation  and hopefully return to reality of Russia’s territory- and influence-hungry leader President Putin.

He states that the so-called ‘sanctions’ imposed by both America and Europe amount to little more than a slap on the wrist, and Putin, along with his super-rich criminal friends, would not even notice the fly-swats of these financial and travel sanctions from a bunch who are too nervous to use anything which might disturb their cosy trade and financial links with this dictator-in-waiting. He writes: –

First, although Mr. Putin’s invasion has already prompted the European Union to impose sanctions on 21 officials, and the United States on seven, most of these government figures cannot be considered influential. They do not have major assets outside Russia and are irrelevant to Mr. Putin; sanctioning them will not change Russia’s policy. After all the tough talk from Western politicians, this action is mocked in Russia and even seen as a tacit encouragement to Mr. Putin and his entourage, who seem to possess some magical immunity.

Instead, Western nations could deliver a serious blow to the luxurious lifestyles enjoyed by the Kremlin’s cronies who shuttle between Russia and the West. This means freezing the oligarchs’ financial assets and seizing their property.

Such sanctions should primarily target Mr. Putin’s inner circle, the Kremlin mafia who pillage the nation’s wealth, including Gennady N. Timchenko, head of the Volga Group; Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, influential businessmen and former judo sparring partners of Mr. Putin; Yuri V. Kovalchuk, a financier believed to be Mr. Putin’s banker; Vladimir I. Yakunin, president of Russian Railways; the oligarchs Roman A. Abramovich and Alisher B. Usmanov; and Igor I. Sechin and Aleksei B. Miller, the heads of Rosneft and Gazprom, respectively.

The sanctions must also hit the oligarchs whose media outlets parrot the regime lines, and target Mr. Putin’s entire “war cabinet”: the TV spin doctors, compliant Duma members and apparatchiks of Mr. Putin’s United Russia Party.

Just imagine the ‘angst’ and fury of, for instance, Chelsea supporters if the thief who has bankrolled their precious club was barred from even getting into his plush directors box seating, because all Abramovitch’s financial assets were seized by the British financial authorities as part of the collective punishment dealt out to friends of ex-KGB agent President Putin. Just imagine if even one of his super-yachts was confiscated whilst anchored in the waters around Monte Carlo. The screams of anguish would resound around the world, as all the oligarchs, who have pranced around the worlds’ capitals, insulated from the plebs by a huge financial cushion of (usually) stolen money; were forced to return to a Moscow which was suddenly very, very cold?


er, they went that-a-way, ’bout a year ago!

By Mike Cunningham On March 17th, 2014 at 12:18 pm



The above image showing an Abrams M-1 battle tank being loaded on to a railcar ready to depart for Wilhelmshaven, then onwards by sea towards South Carolina. This image represents the first time in 69 years when heavy armoured units, divisions, regiments, brigades have not been based on European, and more sensibly; German soil.

Is it any wonder that Putin makes his grab for the eastern side of the Ukraine when he knows that US heavy armour is based some nine-odd thousand miles from the scene of his latest bare-faced theft.

We can discount the British army, along with the Germans, the Dutch, Belgians and of course, the bloody French, Not a single soldier will spring to readiness as the creeping might of the Russian version of the jackboot stomps complacently on the Ukraine borders; the only credible deterrent has mooched off back home under the slack-arsed direction of the Appeaser-in-chief, Hussein himself.

The only people who are getting ready are the people with long memories; the Poles, Estonians, Latvians and Estonians. They remember only too well what the Russians were like when occupying or invading their Nations. N.A.T.O. is supposed to be moving, but all we see so far is all talk and bullshit. Putin knows that he has virtually no opposition. We spent our blood and treasure fruitlessly in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have no more mobile forces, and we have no political leadership with the guts to state ‘so far and no further’ because Putin would hear it for what it is, bluff and failure. Hague talks of diplomacy; of sanctions and visas.

And this is what we have become, a toothless tiger. I sometimes feel as if I should weep for my country!


Her Name Is Kseniya Simonova

By ATWadmin On October 16th, 2009 at 8:10 pm

INSTEAD of a delight from the new-fangled iPod thingy, I decided on something a little different this evening, something that’s been knocking around the interweb for a little while. 

Kseniya Simonova won “Ukraine’s Got Talent” with this, her telling of Ukraine’s journey into and through World War 2.

Dim your lights if you can, stare at the screen and be mesmerised –