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NHS…….Free for all?

By Mike Cunningham On April 14th, 2015 at 4:10 pm

During the so-called Leaders’ Election debate, Nigel Farage made a point of picking out ‘Health Tourism’ and those who have contracted HIV in particular, as being a huge drain on the British N.H.S. He was roundly condemned by a couple of the so-called Party Leaders, including Plaid Cymru’s and Labour’s as being ‘disgusting’ and ‘uncaring’.

Now I may be one cynical old man, but do any ATW readers think it truly surprising that only eleven days after the UKIP leader dropped his verbal, truthful but probably very unwelcome bombshell; the Dept. of Health issued an order that all NHS hospitals check the residence and immigration status of anyone who checks into outpatients or A&E, to make sure they are legally entitled for free treatment. Inclusive, I might add, of any more Nigerian expectant mothers of quintuplets!

Nigel might just have his uses after all.

Do We Have Free Health Care Yet?

By ATWadmin On November 2nd, 2009 at 5:23 pm

There we are.  All three of us. Lined up like little ducks.  Holding onto the ballet barre for dear life.  Practicing en pointe.  None of us has much business doing this but we don’t care.  It’s still a free country, isn’t it?

Kristin stands next to me with a large grin on her face.  Thin and smooth, with neat, quick feet and graceful arms.  A lawyer  for a Human Rights nonprofit of some sort, Kristin was born to be a swan.  To my left, Monique.  Platinum blond, former professional dancer, dressed in a black silk ballet skirt and dusty pink tights; Monique  is now the mother of two small girls, and she can do a triple pirouette without thinking.

I’m in the center.  Average height, average weight, average looks. Flanked by greater talent, greater beauty . “If Patty can do it, I can do it! “my two comrades think to themselves. I have this effect on people sometimes.

“Is there free healthcare yet?”  Mikhail the Russian asks. His hand is out, looking for a government freebie, and who can blame him?   Teaching pliés to beautiful and compliant  adult women can be almost as monotonous as the constant sunshine and cloudless skies of LA.

“Nothing is for free!” I laugh, sneaking a glance at Kristin.

Kristin seems to unfocus her eyes  as I look at her, and she manages to somehow shrink her head.   She looks out-of-focus and fuzzy, her body distant and faraway. ”Universal health care is social justice. Health care is a right,” she says.

Suddenly, there’s a lot more room at the barre. Where did everybody go?

I try to explain,  “But the government has no money…”

Monique bends down to tie her already tied ribbons on the left pink toe shoe.  A cold lonely breeze blows upwards towards my reddening face.

“The country is 1.2 trillion dollars in debt…” My words bounce off empty walls, and fall, alone and rejected, onto the well-worn wooden floor.

“We can’t afford it.”  I say to no one in particular.  “The country can’t afford it!”