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Pass The Sick Bag

By ATWadmin On October 20th, 2009 at 7:14 pm

ROYAL MAIL workers threaten to strike again this week. It’s maybe too much to ask that Her Majesty’s gutter press for once notice the background and context of the EU Postal Services Directive, the aim of which is to break apart Royal Mail.

The plan, to destroy national services (and their national identities) is wholly political; cross border entities lacking any troublesome national badge will replace what went before and then, down the road, the EU creates an Euro authority to regulate pan-European services. (By the time we’ve realised what’s happened the French and Germans have opted out for national prestige).

So excuse me then for not jumping in to castigate the Communications Workers Union this week.

Excuse me also for gagging while the traitorous, ignoble, corrupt, multi-millionaire Lord Rio stands in a Parliament to which no-one voted him in order to tell working class Britons to dare not strike, all the while scheming to protect the Directive from a foreign power to which he swore an oath of allegiance.

white meat or dark?

By ATWadmin On August 23rd, 2009 at 2:35 pm

I came across an interesting website page today, which describes the reported progress towards the admission of Turkey into the European Union. Whilst many observers simply throw their hands up while asking ‘Why start this process, when there are so many obstacles’, I feel we should be looking at how the process has got this far, and the chances of a unaninmous decision from the political leaders of the 27 states which form the Union to accept the new giant into their midst.

There are 35 chapters to the ‘Acquis Communautaire’, which is the rule book for states wishing to join, and they encompass every aspect of life, from ‘Free Movement of goods’ to ‘Financial and Budgetary Provisions’, and I am also happy to state that of the thirty-five chapters, so far a grand total of five areas are virtually accepted, ‘considerable difficulty’ is being felt with twelve chapters; five more are found to be ‘very hard to adopt’ and two chapters are felt to be ‘Totally Incompatible with Acquis Communautaire’.

Now I personally have no great like or dislike for Turkey as a Nation-State, and if it wasn’t for the fact that the people who actually live there are comprised of some 99% Muslims, I wouldn’t be so unhappy if they came aboard. They would immediately replace Germany as the most populous State of the Union, which would piss Germany off something rotten, and would also really get up France’s nose as well, which to my own mind are perfectly laudable initiatives, but; and there always has to be a ‘but’, they are unfortunately 99% muslim. 

So why, must we ask, are we inviting full cousins of the people who flew aircraft into Manhattan skyscrapers to join the E.U? Why are we, as a political and economic powerhouse inviting 70-odd million of the poorest people in the Middle East into our midst? Were we told, for example, during the tiresome preambles, in seventeen different languages, before the various Treaties which broadened this undemocratic E.U. State that the planners were preparing to invite some 70-million muslims into our streets, villages, highways and byways?

When the Cold War was at it’s peak, Turkey was a valued member of N.A.T.O., and there were good reasons for her membership. She was a well-armed country, and she straddled two vital water avenues, namely the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles, which give access to the Mediterranean from the Black Sea. Millions of dollars were pumped into the Turkish economy, and the N.A.T.O. member countries received value for money, because the Russian Bear was stopped cold by the fact that the Turks could sink anything which poked it’s nose into Turkish waters without blinking, and so the egress into the Mediterranean warm waters, so precious a commodity for the Communists, was denied that rapacious bunch of cut-throats!

But that, my friends, was a military alliance, and although it still exists today, it bears no relationship to membership of the European Union. We don’t want them, they pray to a different god, and listen to a different set of drum-beats! Long may the imbalanced Chapters remain!

What’s The Point Of Being Euro-‘Sceptic’?

By ATWadmin On June 22nd, 2009 at 4:27 pm

CONSERVATIVE PARTY MEPs have aligned themselves with a new ‘centre-right’group in the European Parliament and Tories are deluding themselves it is of the slightest significance. Since the group’s founding principles include commitments to the freedom of the individual, the family and to the sovereign integrity of nation states, one can only admire the chutzpah of the faction that has been the single most destructive force against British nationhood and civilisation. What a breath of fresh air then was Peter Hitchens’ piece in yesterday’s Mail on Sunday:

Any day now you could wake up and find that you are subject to the rule of President-of-Europe Anthony Blair. After the Irish and the Czechs have been clubbed into submission this autumn, the long-planned European Superstate will at last come into being. And Mr Blair is likely to be its Head of State. For those of a sensitive disposition, this means two horrible things happening at once.

It is bad enough that the ghastly Blair creature might rise from the political tomb, hands clasped in pious prayer, upper lip trembling with fake emotion, pockets crammed with money from the lecture circuit, drivel streaming from his mouth. That would perhaps be the only thing that might make the nation warm to Gordon Brown again.

But far worse is the awful truth, which so many have hidden from themselves, that Britain will from that moment cease to be an independent nation in any important way. The EU will take on a ‘legal personality’ of its own, become a nation in its own right, one in which we are a subject province for the first time in more than a thousand years, less independent than Texas is of Washington DC.

And this is why I hate the people in politics and the media who call themselves ‘Eurosceptics’. What are they for? What good have they done? They stand about, mainly in the Unconservative Party, claiming to be concerned about the way the EU is swallowing this country.

But they refuse to take the one step that would actually make a difference. They will not call for this country to leave the EU. You will have to ask them why not. There is no reason Britain could not exist outside the EU, which sells more to us than it buys from us, drags us into trade disputes with the USA which are not in our interest, steals our fish, chokes our small business, mucks up our farms and milks us each year of incalculably large sums of money we could spend better ourselves.

There is every reason for us to go our own way, especially if we wish to preserve our unique laws and liberties against the fast-approaching ‘Stockholm Programme’ which aims to impose continental law on this country, together with a menacing set of surveillance powers quite beyond the control of our Parliament.

So the next time a ‘Eurosceptic’ presents himself to you for election, ask him why he won’t go the extra yard (not metre), and if he won’t do so, find a man who can. The time for scepticism is long past. What is there left to have doubts about? The thing is as bad as we feared. The time for secession has arrived.

Not a word of this is contentious or arguable. Those who suggest otherwise have to argue against a thousand years of independence,self-determination, flowering liberty and growing wealth. Not only can Britain survive outside of the EU, it is a prerequisite that we leave before our liberties are gone for good, before the Common Law that protects our liberties is abolished and before we again trade freely for mutual advantage with whoever we like.

The Euro-‘sceptic’ position, for decades dominant on the Right and Centre, is simply untenable. It has failed because there is no EU offering which satisfies the “in Europe but not run by Europe” line. It is a fraud. Anyone still holding to it is delusional or lying.

The only intellectually honest positions are clear; either the total and unlawful submission to a foreign power encompassing the end of our nationhood and liberties, or we leave the EU, cast it as an aberration in our island story and live again as free, independent people.

The lie behind the lies!

By ATWadmin On June 4th, 2009 at 12:22 pm

Listened to any of the slick ‘adverts’ which are being broadcast on radio for the European elections. Note or hear any similarity between the ‘false headline’ adverts and the truth about the E.U.?

They begin by spouting off about ‘all goods will travel by rail to save the environment’ amd then ‘all borders will close to protect European jobs’ and other stupidities.

Then comes the real lie, because the adverts go on to state that only by voting in today’s elections can we, the voters, make a difference!

Bullshit! The Power lies in the Commission and the Ministerial Council! The Parliament is a toothless tiger, and it’s powers are for spouting hot air towards the Regions of Federal Europe, and of course allowing the maximum of expenses to go through on the nod, along with the huge pensions and salaries enjoyed by all in the Union’s governing Apparatchik!

Vote UKIP, vote BNP, vote Jury, vote No2EU; anywhere you can register a protest vote against the Super States of Europe!

You can be paranoid, AND have someone watching you!

By ATWadmin On May 29th, 2009 at 7:31 pm



I don’t agree with evrything this bloke talks about, but in this particular case, he might, just might, be seeing the bodies hidden behind the curtain!


I especially liked the new ‘Expenses Slogan’:-


Repeal before Reform!


The Most Important Decision!

By ATWadmin On May 10th, 2009 at 7:25 am


The Most Important List you shall read in the next five years!


So which Party gets, or would get, your vote if all were represented in your European Community Area?

Would you go for the Conservatives, despite only one actually residing in the Area, and not even agreeing with their National Party on who they should vote with?

How’s about the Libertas.eu bunch, who are akin to the Tories with one local representative, but at least have some sort of reforming policy on Europe?

Do the B.N.P. catch your eye, with three local candidates and their slogan of ‘British jobs for British workers’, despite the well-known caravan-tag of dubious policies which some denounce as racist, but others welcome as realist?

How’s about UKIP, with their interminable internal wrangling and power-grabbing leader, that same leader who was described by another commentator as ‘a shit!’. They’ve been there for the last four or five years, but they don’t seem to have made more than a ripple!

The Jury Team is asking for your votes, but since they are expecting a wholesale change in the way that the Parliament is both elected and is operated, maybe they are at least worthy of checking out their philosophies?

As for the Greens, Labour, the Christians and t’other mobs, well, fair enough, they’ve rounded up the nominations, and completed the forms, but I reckon Mike Smithson isn’t foreseeing many numbers heading towards the second of those named!

As I am not in the business of telling voters whom NOT to vote for, unlike some clerics and some other politicians and trade unionists, all I would suggest is that you actually vote, because men and women died so that you might have that right in four weeks time. Even if you spoil your papers, you have made your statement and your choice!



By ATWadmin On February 7th, 2009 at 10:25 am

Writing in the Telegraph (Daily, not the Belfast rag) Charles Moore says…

“What most annoys people about Gordon Brown promising to produce “British jobs for British workers” is that he can’t.

“No politician,” said the Labour-supporting New Statesman primly this week, “should ever promise something that he knows is illegal under EU law.” Perhaps, but if this means that he can promise very little at all, you do begin to wonder what is the point of him, and of the system which underpins him.

Is there any way of restoring the basic link, on which parliamentary democracy depends, between the interests of the voters and the actions of the people they vote for?

In the case of Mr Brown’s government, the answer is, probably not. The guilty men have gone electorally unpunished for too long. It is too late for them to be forgiven.

But an answer does surely lie in the political paradox that, for people to believe in international order and global free trade, they have also to believe in their identity as a nation. In this crisis, we may yet live to thank the EU for holding the line against protectionism, but only if our own politicians can, as it were, repatriate the benefits.

One way of doing that would be to reassert the coherence of British society by controlling immigration much more strictly. Since 1997, our average net immigration has more than tripled, to about 200,000 a year. The Government plans that it should continue at this rate, which means two million more people in the next 10 years. Nothing like this has happened before in our history.

The strain and expense in terms of social services, health services, language difficulties, crime, terrorism and schools have made people feel that the economic benefits are illusions and the social costs too high.

In a recession, fewer people will come here anyway, so it is an opportune moment to change the rules and narrow the flow of non-EU entrants, who make up the great majority of our immigrants. If we feel more secure about who we are, we shall look outward with much less fear.”

But none of this can happen with the political caste we currently have in place. All three major UK parties are various shades of Europhilia blue. We are long overduea a revolution that restores our pride in being British and our ability to create British jobs for British people. There is no shame whatsoever in this and we need to claim our nation back from the EU.


By ATWadmin On February 4th, 2009 at 9:28 pm

More manipulation from Government. This time round they are pretending that they are saving British jobs for British graduates! Oh really?

“The Government may restrict the number of highly skilled migrants allowed into Britain because ministers fear many of the record 400,000 graduates leaving university this summer will fail to find work in the recession. Phil Woolas, the Immigration minister, wants to tighten the points-based system for people from outside the EU so they do not take jobs that might otherwise go to British graduates. Between 10,000 and 18,000 well-qualified foreigners are expected to come to the UK this year to look for work without having a job lined up…”

What a load of rubbish!

First, why discriminate against well qualified foreigners in order that those graduating with worthless UK degrees can claim the jobs. It is NOT non-EU “foreigners” that is the problem but rather an Education policy driven by radical egalitarianism that is churning out some of the most poorly educated graduates one could imagine. And if there are 10-15,000 well qualified foreigners from OUTSIDE the EU, I wonder how many come here from within the EU and how many British jobs do they take? I can think of some really well educated Australian and American young people in their early ’20’s who come here to gain work experience and who are truly excellent for our economy. Do we shut the door on them in order that Romanian and Bulgarians can come in and get the jobs?

Is that sensible policy? This government has an unworkable immigration policy and an unbelievably bad education policy. Woolas is a goon.


By ATWadmin On February 2nd, 2009 at 8:45 pm

Time for unemployed Brits to get on their bike and go abroad?

“Lord Mandelson sparked fury yesterday after telling British workers to find jobs in Europe instead of complaining about competition from foreigners. As wildcat strikes over cheap foreign labour threatened to spread, the Business Secretary fanned the flames by insisting it would be wrong to keep British jobs only for British workers.  It would be a huge mistake to retreat from a policy where, within the rules, UK companies can operate in Europe and European companies can operate here,” he said. “Protectionism would be a sure-fire way of turning recession into depression.” It came as Gordon Brown condemned the strikes as “indefensible” and stressed that the UK was  part of a single European market. Europe Minister Caroline Flint also backed Lord Mandelson’s stance. She said: “It is important to remember that open European labour markets also allow British firms and workers to take advantage of contracts and opportunities elsewhere in the EU.”

So, are these people protesting xenophobes? Or are they slowly realising that being part of the EU carries a very high price? 


By ATWadmin On February 2nd, 2009 at 8:59 am

Excellent article in The Telegraph by Janet Daly this morning..

“The peoples of Europe have finally discovered what they signed up to. I do mean “peoples” (plural) because however much political elites may deceive themselves, the populations of the member states of the EU are culturally, historically and economically separate and distinct. And a significant proportion of them are getting very, very angry.

What the strikers at the Lindsey oil refinery (and their brother supporters in Nottinghamshire and Kent) have discovered is the real meaning of the fine print in those treaties, and the significance of those European court judgments whose interpretation they left to EU obsessives: it is now illegal – illegal – for the government of an EU country to put the needs and concerns of its own population first. It would, for example, be against European law to do what Frank Field has sensibly suggested and reintroduce a system of “work permits” for EU nationals who wished to apply for jobs here.

Meanwhile, demonstrators in Paris and the recalcitrant electorate in Germany are waking up to the consequences of what two generations of European ideologues have thrust upon them: the burden not just of their own economic problems but also the obligation to accept the consequences of their neighbours’ debts and failures. Each country is true to its own history in the way it expresses its rage: in France, they take to the streets and throw things at the police, in Germany they threaten the stability of the coalition government, and here, we revive the tradition of wildcat strikes.

But the response from the EU political class is the same to all of these varied manifestations of resistance. Those who protest are being smeared with accusations of foolhardy protectionism or racist nationalism when they are not (not yet, anyway) guilty of either.”

Daly is right – and I sense that despite the best efforts of Lord Mandelson and the rest of the foaming at the mouth Europhile elite, the genie may be finally out of the bottle on this one. Europe is going to suffer massive levels of unemployment, even as it continues to allow massive levels of inward immigration. Europe has quietly but efficiently killed off the reality of a Nation State and instead imposed its own Eurofederalism. Now the real consequences are hitting home and it may tear the Euro project apart. That would be a good thing.

As Daly concludes..

“And here we are, with a generation of European political leaders who almost all accept the terms in which their predecessors gave away the most important principle of that great democratic pact between a free people and its government. While times were good and there was enough prosperity to keep everybody distracted and happy, the loss went almost unnoticed except by a few persistent and despairing critics. Well, not any more.”