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Disproportionate Response

By ATWadmin On August 4th, 2008 at 8:47 am

The ever-dependable Richard North brings us news (via this Booker column) of the latest nail in the coffin of what remains of Britain’s Fishing Industry. It seems that our wonderful pals in the Marine and Fishing Agency spent a full year in creating a ‘sting’ operation to catch a small group of fishermen who were overfishing and selling above their subsistence-level quotas at who knows what enormous cost to the taxpayer, and then invoked a law designed to confiscate the assets of international drug barons and the like to deliberately cause them to be bankrupted or, as seems more likely, end up in jail.

What has been done to this once thriving industry since the traitorous Ted Heath agreed to its destruction as an ‘expendable’ bargaining tool for Britain’s entry into the EU is a national scandal. As North points out, the MSM with the exception of Booker is silent about this appalling sentence, as are our politicians of all stripes. This is a deliberately punitive measure designed to frighten the few remaining British fishermen into giving up and retiring into history quietly and without a fuss, lest they be bankrupted and/or jailed. Sail up the Thames en masse in protest as in recent years, and the MFA will be there, taking boat details and attempting to nail you if you fail to throw away every single one of the thousands of tons of fish that are wasted each year whilst Spanish and French trawlermen laugh at the stupidity of the British in accepting the draconian quotas that they utterly ignore, whilst plundering the fish stocks of North African countries which the EU has bought up at knockdown prices.

There are few areas that so thoroughly illustrate the pernicious and destructive nature of the EU’s influence – an entire industry wiped out, its remnants hounded into retirement in order to allow their compatriots in ‘favoured’ EU nations to prosper. Its too late to put Heath on trial for his treasonous ruining of so very many ‘expendable’ lives, but I look forward to the day when those British politicians still living who have cooperated in this crime against their countrymen do have their turn in the dock.


By ATWadmin On July 23rd, 2008 at 2:45 pm

Things must be REALLY bad in Bulgaria when even the EU is forces to suspend aid  worth hundreds of millions of euros because of
concerns about corruption and organised crime. Commission spokesman Johannes Laitenberger said the EU was also withdrawing
the right of two Bulgarian agencies to manage EU funds. He said Bulgaria needed a new penal code to ensure more effective justice. Is this endemic corruption a surprise to anyone? Of course when it comes to getting a clean bill of financial health, HOW many years has the EU now gone without having its own financial accounts signed off? The blind leading the blind…!

Ban the Burqa

By ATWadmin On July 14th, 2008 at 3:43 pm

Yes I know a year ago I was suggesting the arguments should speak for themselves on the burqa and its spin offs – and that provided there is a healthy debate on all the issues we should accept that some women will wear one of these ridiculous things just as some women will choose to date men on death row and think them husband material. Except that the debate c/o Jack Straw kind of fizzled out to the usual cries of racism.

So then I read about the French approach. To anyone who thinks political correctness is rife in France – think again.

Via Harry’s Place and The Guardian 

A Moroccan woman who wears a burqa is denied citizenship on the grounds that her “radical” practice of Islam is incompatible with basic French secular values such as equality of the sexes.

The woman, known as Faiza M, is 32, married to a French national and lives east of Paris and has been in France for almost eight years. She speaks French, has three French children, but lives in “total submission” to her husband. Her application was rejected finally (the case dates back to 2005) on the grounds of “insufficient assimilation”.

She appealed on the grounds of the French constitutional right to religious freedom, but the original ruling was upheld.

The ruling stated that the woman had “adopted a radical practice of her religion, incompatible with essential values of the French community, particularly the principle of equality of the sexes”. Furthermore, the paper reported that the woman’s interviews with social services revealed that “she lives almost as a recluse, isolated from French society”; “has no idea about the secular state or the right to vote”; and “lives in total submission to her male relatives”. It led Le Monde to ask the question: “Is the burqa incompatible with French citizenship?” and Harry’s Place extended the debate to the UK….

"Why be a citizen of a country that you have no interest or knowledge of, but in fact live in complete alienation  to?"

Well quite. Ban that ludicrous garb, burqa or niqab, before another bunch of hapless twits take it up and claim promoting fierce inequality of the sexes is now "a free choice" we should all just roll over and accept.


By ATWadmin On July 2nd, 2008 at 6:59 am

eiffeltoweeeu.jpgWell, I am no fan of the European Union but I have to say that even I was impressed with this visual image the French put on yesterday to mark Sarkozy becoming EU president for the next six months. It’s seriously iconic and shows us that the French do have great style! However the fly in the ointment has been the announcement by the Polish President that although his Parliament has ratified the EU Constitution, he will not sign it into law because, as he puts it, the Irish vote has already killed it off. Naturally the French and the other EU zealots are in denial about this and so it should prove an interesting six months as the Irish people are set up to vote again and vote correctly this time since that is the mechanism that will allow Poland to say yes in writing. 

The EU leaders appear determined to ignore the voice of the people. Their arrogance is breath-taking and it sends a disturbing signal that the EU is contemptuous of the will of the ordinary citizen unless it conforms to that which the political elite demand. Isn’t this really a tyranny we witness evolving? How can we stop it when even when we vote NO they still proceed as if it were a YES? Revolution once marked the streets of Paris, I wonder if the seeds of a future revolution will yet appear even under the shimmering blue neon of this landmark building?


By ATWadmin On June 26th, 2008 at 8:26 pm

Wonder what you make of the news that Italy’s interior minister has sparked criticism with a proposal that would see police fingerprinting all members of the Roma community living in camps? 

Roberto Maroni, of the  Northern League, said the move would guarantee that those with the right to stay could live in decent conditions. Those without that right, including children, would be sent home, he said.

This sounds fair enough to me – assuming one believes that a Nation State has the RIGHT to decide who will stay within its borders? The EU does not go along with this, nor does much of the liberal intelligentsia. However I believe that if a Nation cannot democratically determine who will live within its confines, then it is not a Nation. So, whilst fingerprinting of a community sounds harsh – maybe even repugnant on first inspection –  it does at least represent Italy trying to defend its borders and perhaps that is a good thing…


By ATWadmin On June 24th, 2008 at 8:01 am

OH NO! As if was not bad enough that Ireland has rejected the EU Constitution, it is now reported that the European Central Bank’s dilemma over interest rates has deepened as new figures pointed to a “toxic cocktail” of stagnant growth and spiralling inflation. 

Jean-Claude Trichet, the President of the ECB, hinted this month that borrowing costs would rise to control inflation, which has soared to a record 3.7 per cent. However, there was growing speculation that the ECB may keep rates at 4 per cent at its next rate meeting on July 3 after European manufacturing and service companies reported declining activity for the first time in five years and corporate sentiment in Germany plunged. The RBS/Markit Eurozone Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) for both the manufacturing and service sectors fell to a five-year low of 49.5 in June, down from 51.1 in May. Any figure below 50 indicates contraction.

A contracting EU wide economy but only one blunt ECB nstrument to control inflation across diverse Nations. Economic disaster beckons…


By ATWadmin On June 20th, 2008 at 8:09 am

Showing it’s fondness for tyrannies – the EU has lifted sanctions imposed on Cuba in protest at the imprisonment of more than 70 Cuban dissidents by the Castro government. "Cuban sanctions will be lifted," EU External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner said at the end of the first day of an EU summit in Brussels. Their definitive removal is largely symbolic but still a success for Raul Castro’s new government, analysts say. Several leading Cuban dissidents have criticised the decision. Miriam Leiva – one of the founding members of the dissident group Ladies in White – said the move was unwarranted as the island’s new president had not made any significant moves towards creating a more open or democratic society.

Miriam misses the point. The EU seeks to show it can have a foreign policy that runs diametrically opposite to that of the USA and so it grovels to Raul Castro and his thugs. I would suggest that there are plenty at the top of the EU pile who admired Che and Fidel and must delight in now cosseting up to another Castro in plain defiance of the USA.


By ATWadmin On June 18th, 2008 at 8:34 am

It is clear that the European Union is undemocratic and seeks to subvert the will of the people. That in itself is good reason to leave it.

Take the reaction from Brussels to the Irish people saying "No" to the Lisbon Treaty aka Constitution. This should have meant the end of it –  but it won’t. The Eurocrats have made cleat that they intend to move ahead and ratify this Treaty in their Parliaments, well away from the common people. The political elite seek to bring this constitution into being but the ordinary people of Europe keep voting it down when they are given the chance.

It seems that a majority of British voters want Gordon Brown to scrap HIS moves to ratify the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty, a new poll has disclosed.  According to a YouGov poll carried out after the Irish result was announced on Friday, 54 per cent of British voters now believe the Government should drop the Lisbon Treaty – which would sweep away dozens of national vetoes – and not try to ratify it.  Only 14 per cent of those questioned agreed that the Government should carry on and ratify the controversial agreement, which would also create a new European president and foreign minister.

Those 14% will get their way as Brown bulldozes this through the House of Lords in the next day – with the support of the Lib-Dems. The British people will not be allowed to vote in it – just as in 25 other EU nations. Only Ireland HAD to try and win popular support for Lisbon – and the elite failed. There is something menacing – something smelling of rancid totalitarianism, emanating from the EU. It does not listen to the people, instead it tells them what to do. All European habits seem to die very slowly. EU uber alles.


By ATWadmin On June 10th, 2008 at 6:52 pm

Readers know that I have resolutely supported many things that US President George Bush has said since 9/11. As has been observed here on ATW. I am perhaps one of the few public voices that stands up for President Bush here in Northern Ireland.  But I am most irritated at his pronouncement today that Turkey should join the EU. Yes, that’s just what we need – another 71 million Muslims.

Make no mistake, if Turkey does join the EU there will be another tsunami of Muslims sweeping across Europe and whilst I accept that nations like Germany will suffer most from this, the welfare paradise of the socialist republic of the United Kingdom will still be a very strong magnet.  For the EU to vote for Turkish entry is like a Turkey voting for Christmas.

On this issue, I absolutely disagree with Bush – just as I disagree with him on his support for the malignant Northern Ireland peace process and his support for a Palestinian State. You see on the right, we do not buy into group think and are quite happy to take issue with our leaders. Bush is wrong on all these issues and as is often the way, his final months in office are proving to be an embarrassment.


By ATWadmin On May 22nd, 2008 at 7:56 am

His name is Matthew, he is 26 years old, and his supporters hope to take his case to the European Court of Human Rights. But he won’t be able to give evidence on his own behalf  –  since he is a chimpanzee.

Animal rights activists led by British teacher (Predictable) Paula Stibbe are fighting to have Matthew legally declared a ‘person’ so she can be appointed as his guardian. What kind of madness is this? I mean how do we KNOW "Matthew" wants Paula as his guardian? Some animal rights activitists are just plain…bananas!