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By ATWadmin On May 17th, 2008 at 7:52 pm

TcMaleSide.jpgDid you read that Leicestershire County Council wasted £1 MILLION delaying a major road-building scheme for three months after evidence of great crested newts was found on the site. The species is protected by EU law, but after the authority paid hundreds of thousands of pounds for special newt-fencing and traps, not one of the rare creatures was discovered. The action was taken on the strength of a report from environmental experts, which found there could have been between one and 10 of the 6in amphibians on the site.

Officials yesterday lodged a complaint with the government, claiming the outlay would have a knock-on effect on local services. The council leader David Parsons said: "I’m not happy that we have gone a million pounds over on the bypass and then found no great crested newts. "It’s completely unacceptable. I’ve written to the minister concerned, and all he can say to me is that it’s because of European Union regulations."

The possible colony was found near the £15 million Earl Shilton bypass in Leicester during surveys last summer. A 1,000-yard exclusion zone was erected around ponds while further tests were carried out and hundreds of thousands of pounds was spent on newt-proof fences and traps to move the amphibians when hibernation ended in spring. Workers were even required to inspect the traps twice a day once temperatures rose above 41F (5C).  But Derek Needham, council engineering manager, confirmed yesterday: "We have caught a number of normal newts but no great crested newts."

Officials at the council, which commissioned the road, could have faced a large fine or even jail if they had failed to protect a colony.

It seems to me that the EU bully boy environmental legislation which drives this utter financial madness needs scrapped, but it won’t. So the only way for the UK to stop pursuing these amphibian follies is to get OUT of the rancid EU swamp now.


By ATWadmin On May 13th, 2008 at 7:17 am

eussrno2.gifIt’s just so predictable.  A confidential document prepared for the gathering of EU Finance Ministers in Brussels finds the "short-term" pay structure of modern capitalism has become deformed, causing firms to take on "excessive risk" without regard to the interests of stakeholders or society. While there is no concrete legislation on the table, ministers are eyeing curbs on stock options, bonuses and golden parachutes. The move is a clear sign that the EU noose is tightening on bankers, funds and corporate elites.

The EU is institutionally socialist and resents the concept that capitalism allows some people to make very large amounts of money. Instead it prefers the alternative of tightly regulating how much money people working in private enterprise can earn. The Finance Ministers who now plot to limit how business can function in Euroland demonstrate just how dangerous the Eurostate will become. We need out of it but our reliance on State Welfare is our Achilles heel, exactly as the politicians planned it to be. So instead I suggest that capitalism will become increasingly "regulated" and as a consequence, Euroland will watch in dismay as business moves away from it to those parts of the world which still encourage people to make profit.


By ATWadmin On May 3rd, 2008 at 10:24 am

eussrno2.gifDid you see the report which alleges that the European Union will open its own embassies under a plan critics fear represents a "power grab" by Brussels officials pushing for a federal superstate? The secret plan represents the first time that full EU embassies have been discussed seriously. The "Embassies of the Union" would be controlled by a new EU diplomatic service created by the Lisbon Treaty. The new service would rival established diplomatic services. Britain, with one of the world’s largest, maintains 139 embassies and high commissions in capital cities. Equally controversial is a proposal for EU ambassadors who would be accountable to the European Parliament.

Correction – these Embassies of the Union are not being established to "rival" the Embassies of the Nation States. They are designed to replace them. The EU political elite seek to impose their agenda uber alles and we, as a free people, need to get out while we still can. I want to be like Harry Houdini now I’m the invisible man.


By ATWadmin On May 2nd, 2008 at 7:21 am

First the details. Here’s a picture of a fine looking fellow. Newt385_283933a.jpgThe great crested newt, Britain’s largest newt species, is scarce in some parts of Europe but thrives in the weedy ponds and small lakes of Cheshire, which has an estimated 18,000 breeding sites.

Got that? It thrives in Cheshire! There are loads of them there.

So, a  council is to challenge legislation after spending £60,000 to move four newts a short distance from the path of a construction site. The tiny colony of great crested newts, which proliferate throughout Cheshire, stood in the way of new classrooms and an IT block at Fallibroome High School in Macclesfield. Under both European and domestic legislation the developers were required to find the newts a new home and follow a complex set of procedures which pushed up costs. Senior members of Cheshire County Council have written to Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary, about the matter. Barrie Harden, a former council chairman, said: “Around £15,000 per newt seems a ludicrous sum of money. They are a legally protected species under EU regulations.”

He’ll get no change on the matter. Forcing UK councils to conform to EU decrees is the name of the political game here and so splashing out £60,000 to move four newts in an area where there is already a  proliferation of newts seem very logical. It’s not the issue of the newts – it is the issue of who controls Britain – and it ain’t the British government anymore.

something to chew on?

By ATWadmin On April 5th, 2008 at 1:02 pm

Mince! Beef Mince! Steak Mince! Ever given it much thought? Of course not! It’s one of the great traditions of British cooking and culinary delights. From ‘Mince and ‘tatties’, through ‘Spag Bol’, Shepherds pie and everything in between, it’s been one of the great backstops of everyone from students to scholars. Provided it’s properly cooked, and seasoned beforehand, mince is a tasty, nourishing and above all safe basic protein for all who eat it.

So why am I writing a diatribe about a staple of the British diet? Well, if our political masters in D.E.F.R.A. don’t get their collective skates on, and deliver a reasoned and scientific ‘technical’ objection to the E.U. Commission in Brussels, our beloved food will, of necessity, become totally different in taste, much higher in price and considerably rarer in butchers shops and supermarkets than it is today! Notice the ‘kicker’? Of course you did; it was the E.U. Commission! Now what does the E.U. have to do with the make-up and provision of a foodstuff which has fed generations of English, Scots, Northern Irish and Welshmen?

Well, it’s all about Steak Tartare. You might well reply “Huh?” You’d be wrong. Steak Tartare is a favourite meal of many French families, quite a few Belgians and a whole chunk of Germany as well. Steak Tartare is, by definition, finely ground RAW beefsteak, seasoned with various spices and with the yolk of a raw egg binding the whole chunk together. Never having tasted it, but having watched as another consumed it with some relish (if you’ll excuse the pun), the Steak Tartare is considered very tasty, but it is still RAW MEAT.      So some two years ago, the dietary section of the E.U. Commission heard about some food poisoning cases in America, brought on by the consumption of Burgers which, in American style, were served almost raw in the centre. Now the Yanks can, and in fact do, take care of themselves, but our Brussels friends started the process of legislating and produced a set of Regulations which are law, once scrutinised by the various national Parliaments, within all the Member States. They produced a blanket ban on the sale of minced meat, which of course in France is Steak Tartare, with a butchered time of more than six days. Their reasons were a little bit twisted, in that they seemed to think that all meat is hung out in normal air, and so determined that the meat would start to go ‘off’ after six days, which is why the ban.

But they forgot all about Great Britain, where ALL our beef is ‘hung’ after slaugther for anything between three and four weeks; but it is hung and stored in a chilled environment, which allows the meat to relax, and the texture becomes tender. In a standard temperature of less the 8 degrees Centigrade, NO bugs can survive, much less reproduce, and when our minced beef is delivered to the counters, that is probably the first time that it has reached room temperature.

Tricky what to say when you are the Commission, and your latest triumph is found to contain dicey and curdled decisions, and the ‘Science’ is wrong as well!

Because They Have Nothing Else To Do

By ATWadmin On April 3rd, 2008 at 5:35 pm

SUCH DIGNITY! Two ministers of the Crown, the Rt. Hon. Ed Balls MP and Rt. Hon. Andy Burnham MP, clearly with nothing better to do, decided to have some jolly japes in Brixton, South London, this morning.


Absurd as it seems, this pair of clowns were actually on government business:

The high-ranking pair took to the swings at Slade Gardens adventure playground in Brixton to launch a consultation document on Play Strategy …. As part of the £235m strategy children across the country will get an extra 3,500 play areas and 30 local authorities will get £2 million each to build new adventure playgrounds …. The Government will also introduce a new play indicator, meaning that every year children and young people will be asked how satisfied they are with their local play areas and parks.

Wow, important business! So important that two (count’em) Cabinet ministers are required for the announcement <sarc/off>.

This is where our Tribunes of the People have brought us. Of course play areas and adventure playgrounds do not come under the heading of ‘government business’. They shouldn’t fall within the remit of local government even, but such is their importance they are elevated to Cabinet business. Why? Because this is all they have left to talk about. Our traitorous politicians have stolen our right to govern ourselves and handed it to a foreign power. Parliament is now so neutered, so powerless, that the only laws it now passes are faxed from Brussels. Within weeks, with Royal Assent given to the EU Constitution, everything will have gone. Already the Commons is full only for the (now ridiculous) Prime Minister’s Questions and debate is nonexistent. These traitorous swine have nothing left to talk about, because they’ve given it all away, and so we’re left with the sight of two fools ministers of the Crown making buffoons of themselves over irrelevent matters elevated to state business.


By ATWadmin On March 25th, 2008 at 8:36 am

At first it just sounds like one of those crazy but true stories.  Thousands of passengers are being forced to hop off buses midway through journeys to comply with EU laws. A Brussels ruling has banned local services longer than 30 miles to ensure drivers don’t spend too long at the wheel. As a result, drivers have to pull in as they hit that limit and order everyone OFF their bus. They then change the route number on the front and invite passengers to jump back ON before resuming the trip.

Western Greyhound has split its Newquay to Plymouth route in three — even though it uses a single driver throughout. Passengers must buy three tickets and break their journey twice. Managing director Mark Howarth said: “It’s a farce. We have to kick customers off as soon as the driver hits the 30-mile limit. "

So far, so bad. This is the sort of  bureaucratic  madness that one expects from the EU – a complete over-ride of common sense. But then I read  Lib Dem transport spokesman Norman Baker blasting the “lunatic law” and demanding an "opt -out". But just one moment. This is the SAME Liberal-Democrat Party which is rabidly pro-EU and the consequential abrogation of British national sovereignty.

Memo to Norman Baker – if we weren’t IN the EU we wouldn’t need to go grovelling to obtain opt-OUTS so that our buses can function normally!


By ATWadmin On March 15th, 2008 at 6:05 pm

Lacking any serious military power, the dhimmified soft power European Union has decided instead to lead a world crusade for a "low-carbon" economy. A European Union summit promised to push through legislation within 12 months to impose ambitious targets to reduce the 1990 level of carbon emissions by one fifth by 2020. The European leaders also pledged, however, to take action, if necessary, to counter unfair competition from less eco-friendly countries, such as China or the United States. The French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, suggested that this could mean "carbon" taxes on manufactured goods from nations which refused to take radical action against global warming. So, the poor old EU will chase the imaginary and fantastical benefits of lower carbon emissions whilst punishing those nations which have rather better judgement. Sarkozy should be ashamed of his protectionism, wrapped up in the green rhetoric which now characterises the conniving euro-political class. 


By ATWadmin On March 4th, 2008 at 7:32 am

Have to  hand it to the European Union, it may be effete in it’s dealing with militant Islam but when it comes to cracking down with an iron fist on those who seek to minimise their tax-burden, it’s getting all macho!

"The European Union will declare war today on Liechtenstein, Monaco, Andorra and Switzerland. Weary of losing billions of tax euros, the EU’s 27-strong high command of economics and finance ministers, Ecofin, is meeting in Brussels to agree a strategy aimed at bringing the continent’s tax havens under control."

Yes, it must be so awful for the EUSSR to watch all those ££££billions move around and not get its sweaty hands on some of the loot. Make no mistake, this is all about socialism chasing the money trail, it’s the crass politics of envy and a further expansion of the collectivist mindset that characteriises the EU.


By ATWadmin On February 24th, 2008 at 10:39 am

Wonder what you make of the news that passengers travelling on domestic flights or between European countries could have to hand over up to 19 pieces of information including their credit card details and mobile phone number before being allowed to travel? The proposal is revealed in a draft of EU anti-terror plans that would cover every air passenger entering or leaving EU countries. It reports that Britain wants to extend the plan to include sea and rail travel, all domestic flights and those between EU countries.

From my perspective this in an intolerable abuse of power by the EU andit is natural for the UK government to support it since it allows the State to collect even more information on us all – and done under the pretence that it will help on the war on terror – a war that EU already has lost!