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By David Vance On March 19th, 2011 at 9:36 am

The EU elite get their priorities right;

“The full scale of the European Parliament’s excess is revealed in a report on its 2009 budget – spent at the height of the world economic meltdown – to be thrashed out next week in Strasbourg. Almost £38million was spent on 900 security guards, most of whom were external contract staff, while £70million was paid out on 722 spin doctors. Of the total £1.5billion European Parliament budget, £3million was spent ferrying officials around in chauffeur-driven cars in Strasbourg and Brussels.”

Chauffeurs, spin-doctors and security guards – all the essential apparatus to keep the elite protected from the common herd. And you pay for it.  The unfolding tyranny represented by the EU seems to cause a certain embarrassment amongst our politicians. Why? Isn’t it clear that the only way the EU can grow is for the Nation state to shrink.  Have they no interest in sustaining our ancient democracy?

Erm, Enda the world?

By Mike Cunningham On March 14th, 2011 at 1:30 pm

I note that Enda Kenny has been given the treatment in Brussels. I mean, the works, a press conference; parachuted into a special meeting of European Council Heads of Government to discuss Libya. A trump card for Enda was leaving the meeting early, so he could take ‘a phone call from His Highness Obama the First’.

Pretty good going for a second class politician whom no-one had even heard of until the Irish Republic found it had a set of new paymasters, Governors, namely the IMF and the European Central Bank, as well as being quoted as saying he was going to set things right with Europe, and sort out the Loans and the Interest Rate, and all the rest….ad infinitum!

It is also a great pity that the attention paid to Mr. Kenny did not extend to getting the correct photograph set in place for the Press corps, as the one in place didn’t really do him justice, it being a photo of Victor Garber, who played shipbuilder Thomas Andrews in the film of the Titanic. On second thoughts, maybe there was no mistake, as the Titanic sank after being declared ‘Unsinkable’!

Just hand me the Lamp, Harry!

By Mike Cunningham On March 12th, 2011 at 1:27 pm

Are you fed up with taking all sorts of assorted crap care of the F****ing European Union? Are your wallets slimmer care of that same f*****ing European Union? Do you read almost every day of slime who are allowed to remain in the United Kingdom because we are not allowed to deport the bastards, courtesy of the European Human Rights bullshit; and interpretation therof by our own useless judiciary?

Well, hope is at hand; at least because of one tiny but significant loophole in the monstrous pile of European Union regulations with which we are ruled.

I suggest that you all take up, as a hobby, or as a means of livelihood, motor car mechanical maintenance. No, I really mean that, because if you do, when you are equipping your garage or workshop to enjoy your tasks both successfully and safely, you should immediately invest in two or more Electrical Inspection Lights, complete of course with a suitable length of wander cable attached, so that you may crawl underneath or all round the vehicle you are working on. The importance of that particular purchase will become immediately apparent when I tell you that use of these lights is within the title or parameter of ‘Rough Service’; because by the very nature of the use to which those lights are given, they are built to take knocks and bumps without the possibility of the guards and handles breaking or being damaged.

But, I hear you call, what has this to do with the European Union? Well, folks, the ‘Rough Service’ designation also applies to the lamps which fit in the Inspection Lights. The ‘Energy-Saving’ flourescent lamps so beloved of the ‘Greenies’, the ‘Climate Warriors’ and the E.U. Parliament and Commission will not work in those conditions, so ‘Rough Service’ incandescent lamps should be fitted to all Inspection Lights in your workshop, so you might work safely; and because the lamps are ‘bayonet cap’, they will strangely enough fit all normal light fittings in your home.

So, Google in to find ‘100 Watt, B.C. Rough Service 240 V. Lamp bulbs’, and you too will be free, or at least a tiny bit more free, than you were before you read this little attempt at insurrection!

p.s. You don’t really have to buy the Inspection Lights as well as the Lamps!

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By David Vance On March 11th, 2011 at 3:12 pm

Once again, the EU speaks with forked tongue;

“Yesterday saw France break rank with other EU member states on the Libyan crisis. Following a meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Ali Essaoui – a representative of the Libyan rebel leadership, the National Transition Council (NTC) – told reporters that France had “recognised the NTC as the legitimate representative of the Libyan people.” The statement was later confirmed by Sarkozy’s office, reports AFP.

The move met with immediate criticism from other EU member states.

EUobserver quotes German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle saying that the French position is “not the German position or the European position.” Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt tweeted, “Sweden recognises states – not regimes.

And most other EU countries are the same. Somewhat unclear on what France does.” EurActiv quotes UK Foreign Secretary William Hague saying, “We recognise states rather than groups within states.”

Reuters quotes a French official saying, “Extremely limited but targeted strikes in specific cases and not necessarily on airbases are being explored.”

Ahead of today’s emergency EU Council meeting, David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy have written a joint letter to European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, saying: “We support continued planning to be ready to provide support for all possible contingencies as the situation evolves…This could include a no-fly zone or other options against air attacks.” EU leaders are expected to agree to a joint declaration today demanding Libyan leader Col Gaddafi step down from power.

The EU, like the UN, is just embarrassing when it comes to these events.


By David Vance On March 6th, 2011 at 10:54 am

Isn’t life GRAND when you are a Eurocrat? EURO MEPs have approved a £51million project to create a museum in Brussels to celebrate themselves.

The massive cost of the House Of European History, dubbed the “House of Horrors” by critics, was revealed last week as Britons  bunkered down for a year of soaring food and fuel bills, wage freezes and cuts in council services. The age of austerity is even used as an excuse for splashing taxpayers’ cash on a museum that will ignore most of Europe’s past and start its timeline with the Union’s creation.  “Especially in difficult times there is a need to be reminded of how the European integration developed and how many other  crises during the years have been overcome,” said an official document.

The Brussels beast is out of control, it recklessly lavished cash taken from our National coffers to celebrate itself. How much longer can the UK remain in such a tyrannical institution? And isn’t it lucky that there isn’t a recession….oops…

Some are more equal than others

By ATWadmin On June 23rd, 2010 at 12:02 pm


We have, over the past twenty-four hours, been given Boy George’s idea of a masterclass in how to set the economic world to rights. I believe he is on the right track, but only if he rids us of all the ‘makee-workee/makee-learny’ non-job creations so beloved of the Labour lefties who believe that the State should be the only employer.

But one area of Government profligacy of a higher order is completely off-limits to George’s little axemen; that is of course the European Union bureaucracy. This animal, self-preservation at the forefront of all its thinking, has just announced a plan to have all National Budgets scrutinised by Europe before their parliaments get to see them. Cameron has said, flatly, ‘no way’, but the same group of people who want to scrutinise our Budget won’t let anyone get near theirs!

When Osborne and Alexander placed a ‘hold’ on a ‘search-and-rescue helicopter’ project costing £7 billion over ten years, everyone gasped, but when we look at Mr Van Rompuy’s new Brussels HQ, where £263 million of construction is planned, the EU building work continues without a murmur.

When we hear of work undergoing on the Large Hadron Collider, thats’ that enormous circular hole in the ground on France’s border with the Swiss which is filled with lots and lots of very expensive and delicate machinery so we, or rather the ‘experts’ can examine or re-create the ‘start of the universe; most just shrug. But what if we actually knew exactly how much this boondoggle actually costs? Trouble is, no-one knows how much it has cost, or will cost in the future. And yet the money, our money, keeps rolling into to the Coffers from Brussels. So what? So we can all listen to the supposed sounds of infinitely small particles hitting one another! I despair!


A very interesting story, or is/was it?

By ATWadmin On June 20th, 2010 at 4:58 pm


As many of you know, I have dabbled in the past with works of fiction, so perhaps you can understand when I tell you that I really respect both good writing, a good plot, and a sound basis in reality.

Courtesy of Pajamas Media &  James C. Bennett

The PIIGs who fell to Earth

Just past the bank closing time of 4 pm on Friday, passers-by at a number of secluded locations throughout Germany could hear the rumble of diesel engines coming to life, as rows of large unmarked trucks escorted by security vehicles began moving out onto the public highways. Roads were busy coming out from the city centers as holiday-makers were anxious to enjoy one of the last weekends of summery weather. Traffic was light coming into town, so the long convoys had little trouble moving quickly.  A few outbound motorists gazed with curiosity at the sight, but most paid little heed.

The convoys reached their destinations — the rear entrances of most of the major bank locations throughout the Bundesrepublik. The security vehicles, blue lights flashing, blocked off the ends of the streets, and uniformed men began unloading one trolley-load after another of boxes, as armed guards scanned the streets. Within an hour the trucks were empty, and the supervisors spoke briefly into their mobiles. Then the men began extracting other boxes, filling the trucks again. Another hour, and they were gone.

In her office in Berlin, Angela Merkel waited by her phone.  A small group of advisors waited with her, unusually quiet.  Their eyes moved back and forth between the clock and the telephones. Finally, a ring shatters the silence. The defense minister picks it up. He listens, nods, barks an acknowledgement into the phone, and hangs it up. He turns to the chancellor.

Der Rubikon ist gekreuzt worden.

She nods. She turns to the foreign minister.

Time for the first call, then.

The aide dials a very private number. It is answered. He hands the handset to the chancellor.

Nicholas. This is Angela. I am very sorry to have to tell you this, under such circumstances. But you will understand why it must be like this. And I wanted to tell you first.

She relayed her news.

The aides could hear the scream of pure anger as Merkel held the phone away from her ear. The tirade continued for about half a minute. Then there was complete silence. She put the phone back to her ear.

My dear Nicholas, you can hardly complain. After all, you threatened me with the same thing back in May. You see, when you did that, you made explicit what has been the case for some time now. You have placed us in the Prisoner’s Dilemma. You are familiar with that?

Of course. We French know philosophy. The first prisoner who cooperates, gets the deal. In order to avoid having one prisoner betray the others, they must all have confidence that none will cooperate.

And among the Euroland nations with the ability to have a strong currency, the situation is the same. If any one suspects that another is about to leave, the only thing to do is leave first. When you threatened to leave, we realized that was the position in which we had been put. So we had to make our preparations.

Sarkozy spoke in a calm, level voice.

But I was not serious. It was a bargaining position.

Perhaps. But the Prisoner’s Dilemma requires certainly, not probability.

Sarkozy was silent for a long moment.

This is irrevocable? There is no action on our part that could stop this from happening?

No. We did not call to bargain. The time for that is past. The position of German bonds has begun to erode. We decided we had to act.

Very well. When will the public announcement be made?

At 11:50 tonight. The decree takes effect at midnight. That will give some time for adjustments to be made before the markets open.  And of course New York will be closed Monday, as it is a holiday there. We will close Frankfurt as well for the day; you may want to close the Bourse. I imagine Cameron will close the London markets as well.

Ah, who knows what he will do. Who will you call next?

The other major Eurozone leaders, except of course for the PIIGS. It is better that they have no warning.

Of course. What about Obama?

Just before midnight. I see no reason why he should have much warning. He might actually try to do something about it. Then I will call the Asians, too — Japan, and the Chinese.

What about Von Rompuy?

Who? Oh yes. Why would I want to call him?

I see your point. Well, I am sorry that it has come to this. Of course, we must follow your lead, and we have little time to make the practical arrangements. You will excuse me, I need to make some calls.

Of course. I am sure you will need to summon your Cabinet.

Actually, New York is still open. If I call my broker I can get a few short contracts placed before they close.

At 11:45 that evening, Merkel hangs up on Barack Obama, pleading urgent state business. All of the leaders they felt obliged to pre-warn had been contacted,  and a variety of conversations, of various degrees of unpleasantness, had been concluded. All that remained was the public statement. Both a press release and a video had been prepared for release to the Web and to traditional media. Several television monitors were turned on, tuned to the various cable news channels. A few minutes after midnight, first one and then all channels featured stunned presenters reading in disbelief, while glaring banners crawled across the screens.  Ah, one was about to run her video. They turned up the volume.

…we now bring you the video released by the German chancellor.

“My fellow German citizens, fellow Europeans, and fellow citizens of the planet.  The continuing financial crisis has forced the German Federal Republic, acting on a consensus of all major parties, to take the following emergency measures. Effective at 2400 hours on September 3rd, which is to say midnight tonight, the German Federal Republic withdraws from its participation in the European Monetary Union and from its membership in the European Central Bank., effective immediately. The euro is no longer the official currency of the German Federal Republic. We are introducing, again effective immediately, a new national currency which will be called the New Deutschmark. The New Deutschmark will be valued initially at a rate of one NDM for one euro, but of course it will be allowed to float freely henceforth on international money markets. All debts and contracts denominated in euros will be deemed to be denominated in NDM under German law; all bank accounts in Germany denominated in euros will be automatically converted to NDM at a one-to-one rate. For the next thirty days, all euro notes bearing serial numbers denoting issuance in Germany can be exchanged for NDM notes at a one-to-one ratio; all other euro notes will be exchanged at the prevailing international rate. We have distributed large supplies of the new NDM notes to most major banks, and they will be available for withdrawal no later than Tuesday, and perhaps some before. As you can see, they are the same size and color as their euro equivalents, so that they may be used in vending machines.

“Of course, as Germany will no longer participate in the European Central Bank, staring immediately, our members of its Board will withdraw. It is welcome to remain in Frankfurt, but we understand that it may choose to relocate, in which it will receive every assistance from us. We will, of course, expect the prompt return of our contribution to its reserves.

“This news undoubtedly comes as a surprise to most.  You must understand that it was not possible to announce this news in advance. If we had permitted any period, no matter how short, to remain between the announcement that we would withdraw from EMU, and the actual withdrawal, speculators would drive down the value of the euro and all German assets denominated in that currency would lose substantial value. There is no good reason why such losses should be suffered. Furthermore, it is a fact that another major Eurozone nation had threatened a withdrawal from EMU in the course of a negotiation a few months ago.  This was alarming to us, as the first nation to leave will suffer the least damage. We could not take the chance that another would be first to leave, exposing us to more risk.

“We of course remain firm in our membership of the European Union and fully committed to the European project. Other EU member nations, including the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Sweden have participated fully in the EU without having been part of the euro experiment, and we, like them, will support EMU from the outside. We believe this action is the best available solution to the current crisis, as without our participation, and possibly without that of several other nations, the remaining Eurozone members will find a fiscal policy appropriate to their economic needs, and the currency’s value on the international market will serve as a boost to their export industries and tourism trade, easing economic adjustment. As the rates adjust, their existing international debt, which will remain denominated in Euros, will prove easier and easier to service and repay without external assistance.

“Thank you, and good night.”

The announcer, still appearing stunned, looked down at his desk.

“We will switch to our financial correspondent momentarily to discuss this startling  development, but I am now told that we will first cut to Paris, where President Sarkozy has scheduled a last-minute press conference as well.”

At the studio, Sarkozy endured a last powdering from the makeup artist as an aide handed him a sheet of paper. He looked confusedly at the president.

Monsieur le Président, c’est le fin, non?


Sarkozy stared back, calmly.


What goes around, comes around.

By ATWadmin On May 18th, 2010 at 9:29 pm


Way way back in the dim mists of time, back when David Cameron was still a chirpy Leader of the Opposition, he promised British voters something very special! He promised us, on 2nd June 2009, a Referendum on the European Constitution. He promised us a say in how we are Governed, how we throw and fill up our rubbish bins, he promised us a say in how we are represented across the world, he promised us a say in how our money is spent by a spendthrift European Parliament, Commission & Council. We all know that politicians promises are as ephemeral as the volcanic ash which is drifting out from Eyjafjallajökull, and are rarely as solid as that ash. 

But there is a strange glow on the horizon. It is the sight of a large band of Eurosceptics lighting a fire at their campsites, readying yet another attempt to make at least one politician keep one promise made earlier. There has to be a formal change to the Treaty of Lisbon. This was the European Constitution whose name was altered so as to invalidate the democratic calls from France, Ireland and others; this was the Treaty which Gordon Brown signed on behalf of us all. This is the next step on the way to a European State. We have the EU Foreign Service, the permanent President of the Union’s Commission, the whole panoply of a Nation State is due to fall into line, all brought into being by the Treaty. That is the present state of Treaty progress which is due to be altered, in Brussels, in order to formalise the imbalance of Parliamentary seats made by that same Treaty.

Now THIS is where it gets really interesting, because the ‘Boy David’ might be reminded of his rash but generous pledge not to allow any more Treaty Revisions, nor to allow any more attempts without a clear and unambiguous result of a Referendum which would involve the British public. The British, possibly the most Eurosceptic of all the 27 member nation States which form the Union, for the first time in a very long time, we, the People, might, just might, get a say in how we are to be governed for the next hundred years!



By ATWadmin On October 27th, 2009 at 7:36 pm


The LibDems trouser a dodgy £2.4million: that’s an oversight.

UKIP trousers a not-dodgy-at-all £363,000: the Electoral Commission and Court of Appeal send it bankruptcy.

We hear now that UKIP has been denied leave to appeal to the Supreme Court. If it cannot get its case to the Supreme court and win it, one of two small, anti-EU parties will be out of business.

This isn’t law or justice; it is plain criminal corruption.

Cui bono? Well David Cameron won’t be upset tonight.

Killing time, or fish?

By ATWadmin On October 22nd, 2009 at 7:45 pm

Whiling a way a spare half-hour before watching an American police procedural on Sky, I flipped channels and wat5ched the last half of a documentary on Trawlermen, their lives, the dangers, the scant rewards. I have known for many years of the totally useless, insane and criminal rules forced on our Fishermen by the dead hand rule of the European Union. The rules which say how many, how much and where the fish may be caught! The rules which are enforced by the Fishery Protection vessels of Her Majesty’s Navy!

The rules, I will remind you, of the penalties for landing one pound ( or kilo) over the quota for the month, of cod, of haddock, of coley! The rules which impose a fine which can, and does, bankrupt the owners and workers who know nothing else!

I watched as perfectly good netfulls of fish were dumped over the sides of the trawler during the filmed excerpts of one of the hardest, toughest and most dangerous jobs still existing in this bland, homogenised world of ours!

Why dumped; you may well ask?

The Trawlermen had caught all they were allowed to, and even after sharing their catch with a sister ship, had to throw healthy food to be eaten by the seagulls. Meanwhile in Brussels, and in Whitehall; the bureaucrats relaxed, happy that their Regulations were followed to the letter!