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Don’t Say ‘Muslim’!

By ATWadmin On July 4th, 2007 at 7:31 am

A few days ago some geezers of Middle Eastern appearance drove a Cherokee jeep into one of the terminals at Glasgow Airport, which subsequently caught fire.  In the ensuing fracas one of the scumbags managed to be subdued as he lay on the ground in flames.  Unfortunately the police were silly enough to extinguish the man and arrest him instead of allowing him to be cremated at the spot, with a touch of accelerant added for good measure.  As the scumbag tried to attack the police officer he shouted ‘Allah, Allah!’.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Allah the god worshipped by Muslims?  Isn’t shouting ‘Allah’ in that dreadful Middle Eastern twang mildly indicative of the fact that the terror plot was carried out by Islamists in the name of Islam?

However, in the Pollyanna world of EU bureaucracy, linking terrorism with Islam is about as acceptable as eating a bacon sandwich in the grounds of Regents Park mosque.  According to the Daily Express, guidelines have been drawn up warning (‘warning’!!) governments not to link Islam and terrorism.

‘EU officials said the “common lexicon’’ aimed to stop the distortion of the Muslim faith and alienation of its followers in Europe. European governments had previously agreed on the need to develop a “non-emotive lexicon’’ for use in discussion to avoid “exacerbating division’’.’

How would it be possible to exacerbate division when division is already so wide as to make the Grand Canyon look like a drainage ditch?  There is no distortion of the Muslim faith.  Virtually all of today’s terrorists are Muslims who commit terrorism in the name of the Muslim ‘religion’.  You don’t get that menace with Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism or Sikhism.  Just because our Jaw-dropping Jim and his politically correct Home Secretary don’t link the two in their public speeches and announcements, it doesn’t alter the truth.  It’s about as ridiculous as IRA ministers at Stormont refusing to use the term ‘Northern Ireland’.  It won’t change the reality.

Our United Kingdom has lost the second highest number of citizens to Islamic terrorism of any European member state.  Like several other countries we have the cancer of radicalising Islam in our midst.  Our weak government might want to go along with some EU directive rooted in cowardice; I assure you the British people do not and will not!


By ATWadmin On July 3rd, 2007 at 8:18 am

I found this article by Michael Ledeen over on NRO very interesting. He tackles the issue of just how clever, or stupid. the Jihadists are. This follows on from the weekend bungled attacks in London and Glasgow and the view put about that somehow if these had been "proper" AQ operations we would now be identifying the bodies. But Michael disputes this and makes the fundamental point that expecting nothing but high IQ martyrs is a bit unrealistic. In a sense, an intelligent homocide bomber is oxymoronic! He also points out that AQ attacks that just go plain wrong happen ALL the time in Iraq. So it is in the UK, and will be elsewhere. Of course none of this obviates the essential point that it only takes these Islamic goons to be lucky ONCE and – ka-boom – the depraved power of terrorism will be splashed all over our press and our streets. But let’s face it – being a suicide bomber requires a very special and profound form of stupidity. Don’t give them credit for what they are not. 

Hands Across the Blood

By ATWadmin On July 3rd, 2007 at 7:01 am

Why are the various Christian churches always at the forefront of politically correct cowardice?  It was the same back in 1939 when we were faced with the provocation of Hitler’s forays into one European country after the next.  Religious leaders were at the vanguard of appeals not to go to war against Germany.  Just look at what would have happened had we heeded their advice!

Today, on a smaller scale crisis, they are at it again.  A publication called Religious Intelligence (can’t see much evidence of it in this piece) quotes senior British church leaders calling for ‘support for the Muslim community in Britain in the wake of the renewed spate of terrorist attacks to hit the UK at the weekend.’  Pray tell, would this be the same Muslim community which harbours a substantial minority of people sympathetic to either the aims, the methods, or both, of Al Queda?  The same Muslim community where 80% – according to a recent survey – put fealty to their so-called religion ahead of loyalty to the United Kingdom?  The same Muslim community who Islamise and ghettoise every single British urban district they manage to demographically vanquish?  The same Muslim community who always manage to find some pathetic excuse to ‘explain’ the actions of Islamic terrorists (thank you BBC for finally having the guts to use the term)?  The same Muslim community who, almost uniquely amongst the immigrant communities which live here, shows not the slightest collective intention of ever integrating into our culture and accepting our traditions?  The same Muslim community where increasing numbers of females are happy to don the abomination that is the niqab?

When the Pope made a trivial comment about Mohammed under the principle of free speech, which he was perfectly entitled to do, where were the messages of support for Christians from various Muslim bodies as the Islamic lunatics demanded he suffer reparations?  Where were the cries of support for the Royal Family when sick Muslims called for our Queen to be killed following her knighting of Sir Salman Rushdie?  Conspicuously absent, that’s where!!

Let me make one thing crystal clear to these supine clerics.  I don’t want Muslims living in this country; I don’t like Muslims living in this country.  However, as they are here, the onus is on them to reach out and integrate into this country of choice for them and their dependants, not on the British people to accommodate them and apply metaphorical soothing sticking plaster every time one of them decides to drive a Cherokee jeep into Glasgow Airport.  When they finally learn to apply the same standards of commitment to British values and way of life that most other immigrant groups have done, we then might finally find something in common to actually talk about!


By ATWadmin On July 2nd, 2007 at 7:08 am

Writing in the Mail this morning, Melanie Phillips explains that the most fundamental failing of all in the UK’s battle against Muslim fanatics is the Government’s counter-terrorist strategy itself. Known as Project Contest, this refuses to acknowledge that the true driver of Islamist terror is religious fanaticism. Instead, it attributes its causes to Muslim poverty, discrimination and grievances over foreign policy. In other words, it blames us!

She points out that this analysis is demonstrably absurd. Many of these terrorists are prosperous, middle class and well-educated. Indeed, two of the suspects who have been arrested are doctors. Muslims are being murdered in vast numbers in Iraq not by us, but by other Muslims. And as Mr Brown said yesterday, the first attempt to blow up the Twin Towers occurred as long ago as 1993; Islamist terrorism is taking place all over the world and in countries where there is no connection with Iraq or the Middle East at all. The fact is that the Islamists have always used any and every grievance – Bosnia, Kashmir, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Palestine, Salman Rushdie (twice) – to recruit to their cause.

But the real source of this terror, as former extremists have told us, is the aim to conquer the West and Islamise the world. Without doubt, they are currently using the Iraq war to whip up further hysteria and gain more recruits. The dreadful thing is that they are being aided by self-loathing British ideologues. For every time someone blames the West for Iraq, yet more overwrought and culturally stranded British Muslim boys are recruited to mass murder by this echo chamber for Muslim rage.

You see, I think that we can defeat the Jihadists. I think we have the capacity to defend our civilisation against these savages. But the MSM sees things differently. They accept the Project Contest analysis. If ONLY we pulled out of Iraq. If ONLY we gave a state to Hamas. If ONLY we pulled out of Afghanistan. If ONLY we pulled away from the United States. If ONLY we could accept Shari’a law. If ONLY we could treat Islam fairly. And such are the stepping stones on the road to hell. 


By ATWadmin On July 2nd, 2007 at 6:59 am

Unbelievable. It appears  that the suspected ringleader of a plot to unleash a blitz of car bombs on Britain is an Iranian doctor who has been arrested with his burka-clad wife. Neurologist Dr Mohammed Asha, 26, and his wife, 27, were dramatically held as they drove on the M6 in Cheshire with their two-year-old son. Five people were being quizzed — at least two of them medics — as it became clear the attacks in London and Glasgow were by the same gang. It also appears that one of the two loons arrested at Glasgow Airport was ALSO a doctor. Seems like the NHS has become a recruiting sergeant for Jihad. In western civilisation, the first role of a doctor is to save life. Under Islam, it appears the first duty of a doctor is to take life.  


By ATWadmin On July 1st, 2007 at 12:05 pm

I’ve been listening to some of the reaction from UK political and media figures following the Jihadi attacks in London and Glasgow over the past few days. Thankfully these attempts failed to take innocent life but the intent was there and it was murderous in the extreme. We can rightly point out how amateurish these attacks appear to be but they only have to lucky once. Listening to some politicians. they seem to think that we can use reason, and rationale debate, to persuade Jihadi not to slaughter us.

But for me, the sheer futility of this approach was shown in the comments of someone who watched the Glasgow Airport attack unfold. This guy explained how one of the two Jihadists was lying on the floor inside the Airport, having driven their jeep into the terminal revolving entrance door. He was partly on fire. He saw a policeman coming over to help him — and he then got up, ran straight for the Policeman shouting "Allah Allah Allah". Luckily, some passengers intervened with judicious kicks and punches. The Policeman then used a fire extinguisher to put the flames on the Jihadists body, though one could understand had he used a match, or a gun instead. Still, a captured Jihadist might be good to gather intelligence, so long as interrogation is used robustly. Contrast our humanity with the Jihadists inhumanity.

My point is that you cannot reason with these people. They are way beyond that point, wrapped in Islamic intolerance and raw hatred. These crazed people now live amongst us and they are the enemy within. One day soon – they will get lucky and many of our fellow citizens will die at their hands. So what to we do? I’ve opened a new poll – why not express your opinion over there? In the age on unreason, isn’t it time we woke up to what confronts us, what seeks to gain our submission? Isn’t it time we told Islam what we think?

Pardon Me, Gordon?

By ATWadmin On July 1st, 2007 at 10:01 am

Gordon Brown, our new jaw-dropping Prime Minister, today told Andrew Marr on the Sunday AM programme that Britain will not yield to Al Queda:

‘We will not allow anyone to undermine our British way of life.’

Why sub-contract out the task of destroying the British way of life to Al Queda when Labour has already done such a fine job by flooding our country with immigrants, pandering to Islamic sensibilities and sticking with the failed agenda of ‘multi-culturalism’?

Your party has done a better job of undermining ‘our British way of life’ in ten years than AQ could hope to do in 100!!!


By ATWadmin On June 30th, 2007 at 8:26 pm

_42447524_airport3_203.jpgI have been away all day and am just catching up on the latest news concerning the terror attack on Glasgow Airport in Scotland. My thanks to Alison for covering this story. Seems like the ROP has been very busy, little wonder that PM Gordon Brown declares the situation "critical" and urges the Nation to stand together.

Well, I have a few things to say on this.

1. Once more, we are reminded that just because many in the UK prefer to deny that militant Islam is at WAR with us does not change that fundamental reality. And it’s not JUST us in the UK that face this threat, a significant section within Islam is at war with all of us who will not submit to it. The only sensible response is to repeat an expression familiar to those of us who live in Northern Ireland – No Surrender.

2. Regrettably I see little sign of unity of purpose amongst the UK population. Encouraged by the MSM, the general mood is one of appeasement and even denial that we are even in the middle of the war on terror. Get out of Iraq, run away from Afghanistan, leave Iran alone, be nice to Hamas, turn a blind eye to the activities of our indigenous Islamic fanatics….so goes the defeatist drumbeat. And it encourages the Jihad boys. We need to be sending them a different message – namely that we will never submit to them and that we place a high value on our liberty.

3. At times like this, we do need to bare our teeth, and show Islam that we are the strong horse. Be it Glasgow, London, New York, Bali, Madrid – militant Islam seeks to KILL us.  It seems to gain our submission through terrorising us. Well, let’s all stand together and tell Islam to take a hike, all the way to paradise.

Extreme Reluctance to Offend

By ATWadmin On June 30th, 2007 at 6:08 am

I love this article in an online American publication.  Rudy Giuliani has promised American Jews that, if elected to the White House (please God!) in 2008, he will tackle the scourge of Islamic terrorism.  Rightly comparing this wave of Muslim nutcases to the Nazis, he also pledged that Iran would not be allowed to threaten the existence of Israel with nuclear weapons.

Can you ever comprehend such candour from any mainstream British politician or media outlet?  Here they are too busy creeping around the Muzzas for fear of causing offence.  In the days of the Provo terror campaign there was no such reticence.  The IRA were/are classed as ‘terrorists’ for that’s exactly what they were/are.  They had no mandate to do what they did; they always had a political alternative by which to argue the advance of their goals; they did not care if civilians were caught up in their carnage; they exercised power within their own communities through fear.  They were/are, by every conceivable definition, ‘terrorists’.

So why not apply that magic description where our niqab-sporting underlings of Allah are concerned?  Following yesterday’s attempted plot to blow hundreds of innocent Londoners to pieces through, not one but two, massive improvised car bombs, the BBC and ITV have been oh so careful to avoid the ‘T’ word.  It could have been ‘Islamic extremists’; it could have been ‘Al Queda sympathisers’.  Or, if you are the ultra-foul BBC (where having an Asian name is a dead cert to get you a prominent position within the news reading department), you don’t really have a clue as to who the hell it could have been.

It is a reasonable assumption to conclude that ISLAMIC TERRORISTS were behind yesterday’s foiled exercise.  If calling them terrorists offends the bedsheet-wearing brigade who walk around the streets of our cities determined never to integrate into our society then frankly, my dears, I don’t give a damn.

By the way, I have included a little film that shows what London went through during the blitz.  I hope it gives our overseas readers some understanding as to why this country will never cower before these Islamic terrorists, just as we never cowered before the IRA or the Luftwaffe.


By ATWadmin On June 16th, 2007 at 1:34 am

It’s time to cut the money supply to the middle east, let see them buy missiles and guns from China and Russia with sand.
We are in an energy dilemma…or are we? A bit of online research uncovered, in just a few minutes, what appears to be several potential breakthrough technologies that if produced en masse would cut the west’s consumption of oil at least in half, perhaps more.

I have always suspected the technology was there but not harnessed. Speculation has long abounded that technology was being purchased by Arab oil states in order to perpetuate world dependence on oil.

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