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By ATWadmin On November 8th, 2006 at 1:36 pm

bonovertigoPA.jpgDid you see that Saint Bono, on the opening night of U2’s Australian tour, has taken time out from saving the planet and ending poverty in Africa, to demand the release of an Australian terror suspect interned at Guantanamo Bay?

David Hicks, is charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to commit war crimes and aiding the enemy. It is worth remembering that Hicks was a professional Islamic holy warrior who fought for two jihadist movements that spurn every tenet of civilised warfare. And he was captured in an active combat theatre while bearing arms.

Being a good liberal, Bono nonetheless believes Hicks is innocent. And Bono’s friends in Amnesty International believe Hicks cannot get a fair trial anyway. Isn’t it wonderful to see such warm humanitarians as Bono and the Amnesty gang doing their level best to get every captured Jihadist released from prison….. It’s almost as if they feel they have more in common with our enemies, isn’t it? 


By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2006 at 11:46 am

You can listen to my contribution to the NOLAN SHOW by clicking on the LISTEN AGAIN tab and then going fast forward one hour or so until just after the 10am news headlines. The BBC got a member of Saddam’s legal defence team – from Londonderry – on the programme to weep and wail that poor Saddam has been stitched up by the bad Americans and his "human rights" had been infringed.  Never mind stitched – strung up is more like it. Liberals beware.

We have no value

By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006 at 6:21 pm


It is crucial we succeed in Afghanistan. NATO’s reputation is on the line and failure to tackle the re-emergence of Taliban forces there will embolden terrorists and strengthen their worldwide agenda. Without success there it will become a breeding ground for Al-Qaeda. Added to which we cannot abandon the people of Afghanistan themselves.

Whilst it is important to succeed in Iraq I am concerned that our failure to support the fragile democracy in Afghanistan has allowed resurgent forces to regain control and in particular to threaten women’s rights. This is absolutely essential if the balance of power in a testosterone fuelled culture is to change. Although the Taliban has been driven from power, Afghan women still suffer under fundamentalist persecution. Yes, some of the most notable achievements in ousting the Taliban included a small step forward in women’s rights. Afghan girls have been permitted to go to school and women have been allowed to rejoin the work force. But recent events indicate that fundamentalist restrictions on women are taking hold in Afghanistan again. And the Northern Alliance still includes a collection of Mujahadeen warlords for whom women, especially, were frequent targets.
It is these warlords who, as reported in The Times today (alongside other harrowing accounts), are threatening incredibly brave women MPs – MPs such as 27 year old Malalai Joya,
physically attacked in the Afghan parliament, survivor of 4 assassination attempts but solid in her commitment to stay and shout down the warlords. She is revered as a heroine amongst the people of Afghanistan.

 “We have no value.” “When I speak, they pelt me with water bottles,” (referring to her fellow male MPs). “One shouted, ‘Take and rape her!’
“The West talks of Afghan women having freedom and going outside without a burqa but I tell you the burqa was not the main problem for women. Look at the high rate of suicide among our women. The real problem is security and more and more are returning to the burqa (for protection).”  

As recently as last month  Safia Ama Jan the director of Womens Affiars was murdered for standing up to the mysoginist forces tightening their grip again. And whilst President Kharzai was quick to condemn her death I think much more pressure ought to brought to bear on him. Its imperative our forces establish security for the reason I mentioned above but equally crucial that womens status is improved in a country where there is a chance to achieve this. Our government and the US government can no longer afford to cite advances in women’s rights in wistful historical terms. It should be up their on the list above opium cultivation!

I also can’t help but feel hugely disappointed that muslim women in the west, who should champion their ‘muslim sisters’ in Afghanistan are failing them. They have so much in comparison and yet take it for granted. It’s incredibly sad and an inditement on the cultural strategies of the government that they feel more inclined to ignore women who have shown such enormous courage to get the little they have.


By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006 at 6:11 pm

saddamhusseinglares.jpgI have been invited onto the BBC’s "Nolan Show" tomorrow morning – around 9.15 – to discuss whether Saddam got a fair trial and whether the death penalty is warranted. To quote Dick Cheney, "It’s a no-brainer" that the tyrannical genocidal dictator, Saddam Hussein, should be executed.  It’s also Iraqi law.

You can tune in and listen live tomorrow morning or else use the "listen again" later on tomorrow. I will be debating the point with the unoffical leader of the Londonderry Fedayeen, Eamon McCann. Eamon is a likeable character from the school of the marxist hard-left – he opposed the liberation of Iraq, he has criticised ongoing military operations in Iraq, and he opposes the death penalty for Saddam, believing he did not get a fair trial.  So he is consistent. Consistently wrong.


By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006 at 9:26 am

Just back at ATW central having had my early morning debate with Moazzem Begg and Lt Tim Collins on "Sunday Sequence"!

I must say that William Crowley, the host of this programme and his team are most pleasant and it is a serious minded programme. The topics are always stimulating and I do enjoy being able to make a contribution. I am normally in a minority of one on the topics discussed, since liberalism is the creed of the day, but that’s the name of the game on the BBC, as you know.

 As ever the time on-air flies by so quickly, and I got only a fraction of what I wanted to say broadcast.

So here’s my full unabridged take.

1. I don’t believe any of the lurid allegations that Mr. Begg makes about the treatment handed out to him at Gitmo. Unsubstantiated fantasies, I’m afraid – but it plays well in lefty world of the BBC. As I did point during the programme, it is know that  Al Queda train their operatives to allege TORTURE and abuse. They understand the value of propaganda.

2. Robust Interrogation conducted within the Laws of the USA is fine by me. Dick Cheney is on record stating that the US does not use torture and I accept that. I also believe that if we can prevent future 9/11’s by being tough with the Islamic combatants interned in Gitmo we must do so.

3. We are AT WAR with Islamic terrorists. During the programme, William seemed uneasy when I said this. I repeat it – we are AT WAR with Islamic terrorists. What’s the big deal in stating the obvious here. Should I state we are at war with people "who just happen to be devout Islamists" and who want to kill us?

4. Amnesty Internationa’s elite may hate the US – and when it’s Secretary General Irene Khan compares Guantanamo to the Gulags, you KNOW the lefties have lost the plot! (Check out the respective death tolls)I’m sure Mr Beggs got a standing ovation for his US- loathing comments at this Amnesty International last night. I did challenge the local Amnesty International representative off-air to allow someone (E.G Me!)who takes ISSUE with the current Amnesty International agenda to give next year’s lecture – now that WOULD show they have some courage. But they don’t. I dare say if Bin Laden flew in tomorrow they would be queueing up to book him. ("Tell us about your pain Osama of having to leave your favourite cave due to those cruel US bombs") 

So, another day another debate! You will be able to listen again to it if you click here and go to Sunday Sequence! Not sure when they post today’s programme but it should be there later on. 


By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006 at 7:15 am

795151-536769-thumbnail.jpgIt’s simple. Saddam Hussein is a genocidal monster who has terrorised his own people for decades.

Today, within hours,  Iraqi court is preparing to give its verdict on whether Saddam Hussein is guilty of crimes against humanity and if so, whether he should be executed. 

Most Iraqis believe that he is guilty on all counts and therefore he should be legally executed.

In Iraq, hanging is the prescribed form of punishment.

No doubt the Saddamites and their Jihadi co-horts will attempt to murder even more people in the wake of the likely pronouncement from the Iraqi court. Let us hope that they too will follow the fate of their evil master. Hussein will shortly exit this world, and a much harsher punishment awaits him in the next.


Shock Horror

Saddam has been found INNOCENT, he’s been pardoned and will assume his role as President.

No, only joking, he’s gonna hang. The BBC’s John Simpson has gone into mourning already – read his moving tribute to Saddam here.


By ATWadmin On November 4th, 2006 at 7:56 pm

I’ll be taking part in a BBC Ulster studio debate on "Sunday Sequence" tomorrow morning @ 8.30am with a certain Moazzem Begg – who is giving an Amnesty International lecture in Belfast tonight.

Mr Beggs was detained at Guantanamo Bay – as a suspected Al Qu’eda terrorist – but Blair and his pleadings got him and a few other out. You can read about Mr Beggs here – isn’t he sooo unlucky? I mean he is obviously an innocent man – whose only hobby appears to be collecting night-vision goggles, bullet proof vests and extremist Islamist literature. He has also attended terrorist training camps, as he freely admits, but just to observe. He was curious.

Beggs makes serious claims of "torture" against the US authorities at Gitmo. I seem to remember that recovered Al Queda terrorist training manuals specifically instruct their members to allege mistreatment and torture.

The discussion will revolve around "torture" and we may also be joined by Col Tim Collins.

As readers will know, my views are simple.

1. We are at war with militant Islam, and since 9/11, Madrid, Bali, London – we know what these savages are capable of doing. All legal measures should be taken to prevent further massacres, and tough interrogation of militant Islamists has already saved innocent lives.

2. Torture is an emotive term, dredged up by Islamists to appeal to the western liberals who run the MSM. The US does not torture, and does not break its laws, but rigorous interrogation practises must be used. The fact that Jihadi are agitating to blacken the US is old news. Shows the interrogation works!

3. The concept of the greater good is relevant here. Tough interrogation is vital to  ensure we squeeze ANY pertinent information out of alleged Jihadists. It serves the greater good. Moral relativists such as Amnesty like to muddy the water here. I am fully in favour of what Dick Cheney and President Bush say in this regard.

So, I will elaborate on this tomorrow morning!


By ATWadmin On November 1st, 2006 at 7:31 am


So, what do you reckon to La Giaconda – Islam style?

Those eyes sure remain alluring, and even though the smile is now covered, as required by our friends at the Religion of Peace, you can just imagine how happy Mona Lisa is to be in a state acceptable to the Imam’s of modesty. Is this what the picture hanging in the Louvre will look like in twenty years time?  As Ken points out over on the always readable Oblogatory Anecdotes,

We  have seen the destruction of great works of art before. There is even a name for it “iconoclasm”. In Afghanistan, during the rein of terror by the Taliban they destroyed not only centuries old Buddha statues but also hundreds of priceless works of art all because they said they were un-Islamic. What other great works of art is threatened? Europe’s birth rate is declining at the same time immigration from Islamic countries is at an all time high. One day European nations may fall to Islam. We may very well see the burning of the Mona Lisa and the destruction of Michelangelo’s David because they too are deemed un-Islamic. We are setting the precedence now that art that is offensive to Islam is unacceptable. Are we willing to lose all we hold dear as the price for tolerance?


It’s a fair question. Are we prepared to stand up for that which we hold? Is it possible for those of us who live in post-Christian western liberal democracies to come to terms with the brutal truth that freedom is not free. Have we the strength to repulse the threat from militant Islam that now circles the globe – or will we be the people air-brushed out of history?