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By ATWadmin On November 10th, 2008 at 9:27 pm

Interesting to read that Osama bin Laden is reportedly planning an attack against the United States that will “outdo by far” September 11, an Arab newspaper in London has reported. And according to a former senior Yemeni al-Qaeda operative, the terrorist organisation has entered a “positive phase”, reinforcing specific training camps around the world that will lead the next “wave of action” against the West.

The warning, on the front page of an Arabic newspaper published in London, Al-Quds Al-Arabi – and widely reported in the major Italian papers – quotes a person described as being “very close to al-Qaeda” in Yemen. The paper is edited by Abdel al-Bari Atwan, who is said to be the last journalist to interview Osama bin Laden in 1996. According to the report, bin Laden is himself closely following preparations for an attack against the US and aims to “change the face of world politics and economics”.

Challenging times, my friends. Let us hope that we have leaders who can deal with it.


By ATWadmin On November 9th, 2008 at 10:06 am

Let’s be clear. We are at war.

Some seek to deny it – particularly those in political power here in the UK, but the truth remains fixed. Islam has thousands of 5th columnists in the UK and they seek to carry out acts of mass murder with Birmingham, London and the south-east of the country being most at risk.

The Sunday Telegraph provides us with some more details of the SCALE of the problem that confronts our nation and the one irreducable fact is that secret enclaves of al-Qaeda extremists based in London, Birmingham and Luton are planning mass-casualty attacks in Britain. One day, perhaps sooner rathet than later, they will succeed. The valiant efforts of our security services largely go un-noticed, taken for granted. The Government is still seeking to win “hearts and minds” of these demented Islamic killers – pure folly.

I fear for the lives of my fellow Britons. I have lived through decades of terrorism here in Northern Ireland and yet I was sickened by the events that took place on 7/7 in London. There are evil people living in the UK who want to replicate those horrors and I fear that we lack the political leadership to confront them and put them behind bars or under the dirt.

There is no room for complacency in the war on terror and yet as Obama prepares to retreat in Iraq the question can be posed whether Osama disciples are preparing to advance in Britain?


By ATWadmin On October 27th, 2008 at 9:48 am

I was pleased to read that American helicopters flying from Iraq landed inside Syria yesterday and dropped special forces who killed eight people, the Damascus government alleged last night, as Washington admitted it had targeted ….ahem…”foreign fighters.” (Or Jihadists to give these scum their correct title) Syria warned that it held the US “wholly responsible for this act of aggression and all its repercussions”. It described the dead as Syrian civilians, five of them members of the same family. Syrian state television reported that the attack was against a farm near Abu Kamal, five miles from the Iraqi border. Doctors in nearby al-Sukkariya said another seven people were taken to hospital with bullet wounds.

I’m surprised it wasn’t another one of those “wedding parties” that the US military apparently targets!

Listen up – Syria is a terror enabler and deserves all it gets. I’m glad the US has taken this direct action and hope it is a sign of things to come. Boy Bashar has got away with murder, literally, as his country has been willingly used as a Jihad conveyor belt into Iraq and therefore HE, not the USA, is responsible for what happens when the US strikes back. Beware Syrian sirens.


By ATWadmin On August 31st, 2008 at 9:14 am

Interesting to read that I am not alone when it comes to figuring the best way to deal with terrorists…

“More than 3,500 insurgents have been “taken off the streets of Baghdad” by the elite British force in a series of audacious “Black Ops” over the past two years. It is understood that while the majority of the terrorists were captured, several hundred, who were mainly members of the organisation known as “al-Qa’eda in Iraq” have been killed by the SAS. The SAS is part of a highly secretive unit called “Task Force Black” which also includes Delta Force, the US equivalent of the SAS.  The prime targets have been those intent on joining the wave of suicide car bombers that claimed around 3,000 lives a month in Baghdad at the height of the terrorist campaign in 2006. Using intelligence gleaned from spies and informers, Task Force Black has nearly broken the back of the terrorist network and reduced bombings in Baghdad from about 150 a month to just two. “

Shock horror – that’s the way to do it – you kill them. 


By ATWadmin On August 23rd, 2008 at 10:10 am

Did you read that three men have been arrested over  threats to kill Prime Minister Gordon Brown? The threats, also against former prime minister Tony Blair, were made in January on a recognised jihadi website. The group posting the statement called itself “Al Qaeda in Britain” and demanded the withdrawal of British forces from Iraq and Afghanistan. The men were arrested at Manchester Airport and in Accrington, Lancashire. The arrests were a joint operation between Lancashire Police and Greater Manchester Counter Terrorism Unit. Detectives have searched the homes of the men, aged 21, 22 and 23.  Two of the addresses searched were on Percival Street, Whalley Range, and Cromwell Street, Audley Range, in Blackburn.

Once again we see a familiar pattern. Islamic terrorists infesting the former mill towns of the north of England. It appears that our former industrial heartlands have been converted into bases for Al Queda care of the advance of Islam. I await the Muslim Council of Britain issuing a comprehensive condemnation of these individuals who would use the Religion of Peace to advance the Jihad agenda….


By ATWadmin On August 21st, 2008 at 1:15 pm

Isn’t it REMARKABLE how many innocent men have ended up in Guantanamo? I mean the US armed forces must specialise in only capturing those who have no interest in terrorism and who seem to all manage to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Poor lambs and what rotten luck for them to be interned in the only gulag of our times where you put weight on. Everyone of these Gitmo gits follows the Al Queda instruction to claim to have been tortured whilst denying all knowledge of terrorism. It sickens me the way they are indulged and treated as heroes. Guantanamo must be truly blessed to have such a collection  of veritable angels whose only crime was to have been abducted by thos BAD Yanks, right? String em up.


By ATWadmin On August 16th, 2008 at 10:27 pm

Did you read about the real reasons why Iraqi Sunnis turned on Al Queda in late 2006, and with American military backing helped to remove Al Queda from their area?

Al Queda tried to force their version of the “Religion of Peace” upon their newly acquired muslim Iraqi areas and the people who lived there.  Get this list of Al Queda enlightenment…

Female goats killed because their genitalia were unconvered and tails pointed upward – thus exposed. (Sexy goats??) Cucumbers were said to be male (tomatoes were female) thus women could not buy those “suggestive” vegetables. (Sexy cucumbers?) Ice cream salesman was killed because ice cream was not available during the time of Mohommed. Men had fingers sliced off – for smoking. Hair salons and shops selling cosmetics were blown up. Treatment of women by male doctors was forbidden. Singing – was forbidden. Shaving – was forbidden   Sideburns -was forbidden.  Any barbers who did either were killed.Man who sold musical CD’s on list to be killed and shop to be bombed. Women were given leaflets threatening with kidnapping or death if they didn’t wear the niqab. Iraqi women were forced to marry Al Qaeda men. Those who did not give their allegiance to Al Qaeda were slaughtered – even children.

As the Opinionator rightly points out over on Up Pompeii,

…thus disgusted by such acts and oppression, the Iraqi Sunni leaders and people saw that it was far better to work with the American & British military rather than suffer such outrageous treament by Al Qaeda terrorists.  This change in allegiance is part of the reason that the number of American & British military post “surge” civilian and military deaths have dramatically dropped. An observation and fact that most mainstream media continue to be reluctant to cite…


By ATWadmin On August 6th, 2008 at 4:06 pm

Delighted to see that Jihadi scum Salim Hamdan has been convicted by a US military jury at Guantanamo Bay of supporting terrorism. The verdict is the first to be delivered in a full war
crimes trial at the US prison in Cuba. Sentencing begins later on
Wednesday. The disappointment is that he will ge away by being sentended to life in prison. The death penalty would be my preferred choice for these convicted war criminals and justice will only be done when they are sent off to see Allah and the 72 virgins. Just wait for the predictable outcry from the liberal left on this one – they are convinced that only the innocent are detained at Gitmo… so how can poor Salim be guilty. It is reported he wept when the verdict came in.
If there is one thing worse than a terrorist, it is a self-pitying terrorist.


By ATWadmin On August 2nd, 2008 at 7:52 am

British Muslims are helping the Taliban in their war against UK soldiers in southern Afghanistan, according to the former commander of Britain’s forces in Afghanistan.

UK forces have uncovered evidence that British Muslims are actively supporting the Taliban and al-Qa’eda in attacks on coalition forces in southern Afghanistan, Brig Butler said. He said: “There are British passport holders who live in the U.K. who are being found in places like Kandahar.” Earlier this year, it was revealed that RAF Nimrod spyplanes monitoring Taliban radio signals in Afghanistan had heard militants speaking with Yorkshire and Midlands accents

Here we have a situation where British Muslims have travelled to Afghanistan (No doubt via Pakistan) and are assisting those who would kill British soldiers. These people are traitors and one hopes that they are dealt  with on the battlefield, permanently. However many will not be apprehended or killed and so we have a serious problem. These people should be banned from returning to the UK, end of story. If they love Afghanistan so much, let them stay there. They can provide target practice.


By ATWadmin On July 30th, 2008 at 8:26 am

The Messiah Obama is quick to tell us that Afghanistan is the focus of his putative plans  to defeat terrorism. So I wonder what his position is on the news that that a new arc of terror is taking shape in Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania – the five countries of the so-called Arab Maghreb in North Africa.

Having been whipped by US/UK/Iraqi forces, the Jihadi that infested Iraq have now legged it to the more congenial shores of North Africa – nicely poised on the other side of the Mediterranean.  So what do we do? Just sit back and wait for them to strike? Militant Islam is like a a hydra, cut off one head and another appears. It is NOT country specific and Obama’s delusion that Afghanistan/Pakistan is terror central is misguided in the extreme. Those who bombed London lived in England.  Hamburg provided a base for key 9/11 plotters.

This is a global war. By denying this we only fool ourselves. The Jihadi do not care where they reside, they only care about how they can find ways to kill us. 

We need to hunt them down and wipe them out wherever they locate.