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By ATWadmin On July 23rd, 2008 at 8:48 pm

I may despise government and some of the politicised talking heads at the top of our police forces but I do have lots of time for those in our security services who quietly just get on with the job of protecting us from the Islamic killers who would murder us by the dozen, given the chance.  So it is revealed that Scotland Yard has disrupted 13 terrorist networks in London in the last financial year.

During the 12 month period, there was an average of a suspected terrorist incident in London every other day. There were 181 incidents, slightly up on the previous year’s figure of 177 and police took 4,346 calls on the anti-terrorism hotline. The figures were revealed in a document prepared for the Metropolitan Police Authority. Its author Supt Neil Haynes, from Scotland Yard’s Specialist Operations unit, said disrupting a network could involve several features. “Some cases may result in the foiling of a planned major bombing campaign, others may reduce the funding or resources available to mount such an attack,” he said.

And yet some pretend that there is no Jihad against us! 13 terror networks in London in one year. They guys disrupting these terror cells are doing a great job – but sadly, as with the IRA, the terrorists only need to be lucky once. Are we prepared?


By ATWadmin On July 21st, 2008 at 5:47 pm

Well folks – better late than never! Squarespace has just gone through a major upgrade and the architecture behind what you are reading looks quite radically different so I hope this all comes out looking fine!

So, what’s been happening in the world today? 

I see the macho man UK PM Gordon Brown has warned Iran to back off it’s atomic plans to wipe Israel off the map. I wonder if ANYONE in Tehran takes Brown seriously on this? I doubt it – the most he can do is talk about unspecified economic sanctions that will not pass muster through the UN. A paperweight tiger is Mr Broon.


Then I note that Bin Laden’s driver has pleaded not guilty to the charges of war crimes being levelled against him. Seeing as how he was carrying two ground to air missiles – allegedly – when he was stopped by US forces in Afghanistan, I wonder what his defence will be? Someone planted them? He was looking after them for a fiend friend  perhaps?



By ATWadmin On July 10th, 2008 at 10:00 am

abuqadad.jpgSee the smile? He’s laughing – at us.

Abu Qatada, Al Qaeda’s ambassador in Europe, strolls along a busy London street fondling his prayer beads. This is the first photograph of the greying 47-year-old – said to be one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist suspects – since he was released on bail from a high-security prison after the courts ordered that he could not be sent home to Jordan because his human rights would have been breached.  Described by another judge as ‘a truly dangerous individual’, he remains an iconic figure for many supporters of jihad. Lawyers successfully argued in the Court of Appeal that Qatada could stay because evidence used against him in any prosecution in Jordan might have been obtained by torture – a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights. The fanatical preacher, who was 20 stone but slimmed down on prison food, was pictured on a shopping trip near the £800,000 home he shares with his wife and children. Exact details of the location where the Qatada family are living on benefits of an estimated £50,000 a year are protected by court orders.

Got that? He has an £800,000 house, he enjoys £50,000 annual welfare benefits, he cannot be deported – is it any wonder he grins?????? We have taken leave of our senses by allowing this situation to prevail and our enemies can smell how weak and un-serious we are in prosecuting them.


By ATWadmin On July 6th, 2008 at 8:06 am

It’s great to read that American and Iraqi forces are driving Al-Qaeda in Iraq out of its last redoubt in the north of the country in the culmination of one of the most spectacular victories of the war on terror. After being forced from its strongholds in the west and centre of Iraq in the past two years, Al-Qaeda’s dwindling band of fighters has made a defiant “last stand” in the northern city of Mosul. A huge operation to crush the 1,200 fighters who remained from a terrorist force once estimated at more than 12,000 began on May 10. Operation Lion’s Roar, in which the Iraqi army combined forces with the Americans’ 3rd Armoured Cavalry Regiment, has already resulted in the death of Abu Khalaf, the Al-Qaeda leader, and the capture of more than 1,000 suspects.

But when I say it’s great to read it – the one place of course that I won’t be reading this is the BBC – which studiously avoids any mention of military victory in Iraq and concentrates instead on the news that four Iraqi men say they are suing US military contractors for torturing them while they were detained at the Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad. The idea that we are WINNING the battle against militant Islam in Iraq is unacceptable to the BBC and its " ‘Nam quagmire " defeatist narrative and so even as we are poised for spectacular victory – the BBC stays mute. The enemy within.


By ATWadmin On June 28th, 2008 at 9:36 am

It’s a death-wish and eventually one that will be granted.  I refer to the negotiations that have taken place to arrange the release from a British jail of one of al-Qaeda’s most important operatives in Europe.

The prisoner, who can be identified only as U, is expected to be released from the high-security wing at Long Lartin jail next week.

Appeal Court judges ruled in April that the man, a 45-year-old Algerian veteran of al-Qaeda’s Afghan training camps, should be freed on bail. But discussions between security agencies and U’s lawyers became deadlocked over the conditions restricting his movements and whom he can meet when he leaves prison. The authorities are understood to have sought bail terms more stringent than the 22-hour curfew imposed on the radical cleric Abu Qatada when he was freed last week. These conditions would require U to spend all his time indoors.

Why does our Judiciary show such callous disregard for the security of this Nation? Why is is that this is the SECOND Al Queda leader we have released in the space of just a few weeks? Is it possible that we are trying to cut some sort of deal with the Jihadists in the false hope they will leave us alone? Appeasement runs DEEP in the British establishment, always has done, and I do wonder at this latest release of a trained Islamic terrorist. Don’t you?


By ATWadmin On June 20th, 2008 at 8:30 pm

alan_johnston2.jpgYou will recall that BBC reporter Alan Johnston was kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists in the Hamas stronghold of Gaza. He was held captive for four months and then released as an act of  "goodwill" by the deranged Palestinian killers – a group that the British government had been in "dialogue" with leading up to his release.

The question NOW being asked if the release from prison this week of Abu Qatada  – a radical Islamic cleric once described as Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe – part of a deal that Britain made with Gaza-based terrorists for the freedom BBC reporter Alan Johnston?

Speaking from jail last summer, Abu Qatada himself offered to help mediate the prisoner exchange. Hamas sources and Israeli diplomatic sources familiar with the Johnston release talks confirmed to WND last summer there were third-party discussions between Gaza’s Hamas rulers, a mediator and the British government for the release of Johnston. A second track of negotiations were opened between Hamas and the Army of Islam kidnappers, the sources said. Also, the BBC was in direct contact with Hamas, said the sources.

Palestinian sources involved in the Johnston negotiations said Hamas passed to the British government the Army of Islam’s demand for the freedom of Abu Qatada. They also warned if Hamas stormed the Gaza compound in which Johnston was known to have been held, the BBC reporter likely would have been killed during any rescue attempt.

Abu Oubaida, a spokesman for Hamas, would not confirm any deal was reached. The British embassy in Tel Aviv did not return calls for comment on the issue. Officials from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ office said they believe a deal was made for the release of Johnston. They also accused Hamas of paying off the Army of Islam.

So, is it possible that the British government and the BBC have colluded to engineer the release of a BBC journalist by doing a shoddy deal that gets an alleged Islamic terrorist mastermind a "get out of jail free" card? I think we should be told, don’t you? Can we trust the BBC to tell us?  


By ATWadmin On June 19th, 2008 at 12:03 pm

Another day another debacle.

The first woman to be found guilty under the Terrorism Act has her conviction quashed.

Yes, in another instance of judicial lunacy an airport  worker who wrote poems about beheadings and dubbed herself a ‘lyrical terrorist’ had her conviction for terrorist crimes dismissed. Samina Malik was the first woman to be convicted under the Terrorism Act after she was found guilty of collecting information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism. The 24-year-old’s successful appeal is another severe blow to the government’s anti-terror legislation. Earlier this year five Muslims had their convictions quashed after the Appeal Court ruled that possessing Islamist videos and downloading jihadi propaganda did not constitute terrorist offences.

Malik’s case was one reviewed after that hearing. She wrote extremist poems praising Osama Bin Laden on the back of till receipts while working at W H Smith at Heathrow Airport, and possessed a number of documents related to terrorism including the al Qaida Manual, the Terrorist’s Handbook and the Mujahideen Poisons Handbook. This is deemed as not constituting an intent to terrorise, apparently. 

The Crown Prosecution Service meekly conceded the conviction was unsafe and last night said it would not seek a retrial. Pathetic.

Our political and judicial elite seem unable, or unwilling, to confront those Islamists who dream of killing us. I guess it will take more carnage on the streets before the political WILL to do something asserts itself. Under Labour, it never will.  I feel sorry for those who will die at the hands of militant Islamists emboldened by the idea that Britain will not fight back but rather will submit – if enough of us die.


By ATWadmin On June 18th, 2008 at 8:35 pm

obama_osama.jpgI wonder how many of you agree with the suggestion that if Osama bin Laden is captured, he should be allowed to appeal his case to U.S. civilian courts. This is the view of Obama’s foreign policy advisers Jean Francois Kerry and Richard Clarke who told reporters in a conference call yesterday that Bin Laden would benefit from last week’s U.S. Supreme Court decision giving foreign terrorism suspects the right to appeal their military detention to civilian courts. Clarke, responding to a question from the Washington Examiner, said that if bin Laden were brought back to the U.S., "the Supreme Court ruling holds on the right of habeas corpus."

So, never mind OJ, Osama could yet make a visit to New York – care of the Supreme Court ruling – and would enjoy the support of Obama’s advisers in obtaining a civilian court trial. But how could we ensure it is a FAIR trial, eh? I mean people MAY just hold some prejudicial views about the terror mastermind who brought the twin towers down slaughtering thousands. It’s sure gonna be a toughie if we find the AQ leader.

By contrast John McCain’s senior foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann, insisted bin Laden or the terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba have no right appeal in U.S. courts."The individuals we hold at Guantanamo are very, very dangerous people," Scheunemann said. "To give them full access to the federal courts and the criminal justice system is fraught with danger, moving forward, and likely to make America less safe."

Well, looks like America has a clear choice on how it would treat the man who planned the death of thousands of innocent Americans. Vote Obama and get Osama in the civil court. Vote McCain and get him in chains. Your call? Maybe it’s time to reach out and understand Bin Laden – that might be the change Obama has in mind…. 


By ATWadmin On June 15th, 2008 at 9:30 am

I read that Northern Ireland’s leaders have been urged to raise the issue of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay with President George Bush during his visit to Belfast tomorrow.

bob-bell-bozo-clown-color.jpgToday, Amnesty International will stage a street protest over rendition flights and conditions in Guantanamo. Up to 50 "activists" dressed in orange jumpsuits are to march through Belfast city centre. Amnesty has also written to the first and deputy first ministers asking them to raise the issues with the president. Patrick Corrigan, Amnesty’s Northern Ireland programme director, said people were concerned about human rights. "Many, many people in Northern Ireland share our concern about the human rights abuses that have been committed in the name of the so-called war on terror," he said.

Note the "so-called" caveat that Amnesty throw in. You see this cuts to the chase of the entire issue, Amnesty does not believe that we face a global Jihad despite all the evidence. There is no war on terror – 9/11 is put in the memory hole, the issue is not murderous Islamics, it is George Bush. Frankly, I couldn’t give a toss what this troupe of clowns thinks. I despise what Amnesty has become and hope that it is an Amnesty spokesman that faces me tomorrow on the BBC. We’ll see about the "so-called" war on terror and this "so-called" human rights group then.


By ATWadmin On May 30th, 2008 at 10:55 pm

Well, who would have thunk it? 9/11 WAS an in-side and that’s a fact.

Or at least so says the lead guitarist of Irish rock band, The Corrs.

 "When you study 9/11 it becomes very apparent… it was a staged terrorist attack, what they call a false flag operation."

Corr said overwhelming evidence suggests 9/11 "was carried out by rogue elements in the Bush neo-con administration".

Rock stars – don’tcha just love them. Now I know the Corr girls are cute but really, brother Jim is the village idiot.