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By Pete Moore On February 12th, 2019 at 6:56 pm

After two years, hundreds of interviews, millions of words, the hopes and dreams of the mentally ill raised the world over, the Senate Intelligence Committee has not uncovered any direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Wow, it’s as if it was all made up.


By Pete Moore On February 12th, 2019 at 6:47 pm

Lord Trimble, one of the architects of the Belfast Agreement, has served legal notice on the government regarding the NI backstop.

The allegation is that the backstop breaches the Northern Ireland Act 1998 and the Union with Ireland Act 1800, as well as the Belfast Agreement itself. I’m not a barrister and have no idea.

Guido has a copy of the letter sent to the Government Legal Department.


By Pete Moore On February 12th, 2019 at 6:36 pm

Left wing and black twitter is in uproar. The outrage today is that Esquire magazine has done a feature about an American boy.

Looks American to me.

Apparently it’s pandering to white supremacy and blah bah and all that extreme-left wing crap. It’s quite instructive really. It’s not about taking down statues and renaming parks. When whites become a minority in America they will be written out of history entirely. Everything will be torn down and renamed, and one day it will be as if white men had never forged the country or even been there.

Here is what’s gonna happen

By Patty On February 12th, 2019 at 1:19 am

Live from El Paso, Texas:

What’s gonna happen?

By Patrick Van Roy On February 11th, 2019 at 11:58 pm

As of today the 3 week we’ll work out a deal deal is dead. The Democrats couldn’t negotiate in good faith. Everyday they moved the goal posts.

So whoopie no Wall! hurrah illegals and drugs can just flow into the country as they please and to hell with the over 60,000 Americans they kill a year. Democrat Voters can still flood on in.

Now there are 3 options come Friday:

1) The Democrats could have a come to Jesus Moment….

2) The Government can shut down again.

3) They can do a continuing resolution till the end of the year.

I hope they pick number 3. Trump will declare an Emergency, the Dems will tie it up in Court and then in January the Obama Mandatory Cuts from the Sequester he put in to take place when he wasn’t President kick in. It takes $55 BILLION out of DOMESTIC PROGRAMS. To stop that from happening a real Budget not a CR needs to be passed or the Social Programs lose that money.

Then the fight is the Wall or no Welfare.

We will just have to wait to see what happens.


By Pete Moore On February 11th, 2019 at 6:51 pm

Hungarian women with four children or more will be exempted for life from paying income tax, the prime minister has said, unveiling plans designed to boost the number of babies being born.

It was a way of defending Hungary’s future without depending on immigration, Viktor Orban said.

He’s right to be concerned, of course. The curse of economic growth has always been falling birth rates. Coupled with unsustainable welfare policies, governments always turn to mass immigration to keep the plates spinning. Orban rejects such decadence. But he doesn’t go far enough.

No mothers should pay tax because a mother ought to be at home, raising the brood, keeping the hearth warm and cooking her husband’s dinner. It is a woman’s calling and the most important role in any civilisation. Our very survival depends on it. When we are honest and admit this to ourselves, we can see that there’s something terribly undignified in a married woman having a salaried job.


By David Vance On February 11th, 2019 at 10:21 am

The UK is rapidly emerging as a global frontline for police enforcing the idea that any criticism of transgenderism is potentially deemed criminal behaviour and that those engaging in it may face police censure if not possible prosecution and imprisonment.

Two incidents raise concerns about British policing priorities with women being at the receiving end of police activism on behalf of the transgender movement.

A mother is arrested in front of her children and locked up for seven hours after referring to a transgender woman as “a man” online. 

The media reported that;

“Three officers from Hertfordshire Police detained Kate Scottow at her home before quizzing her at a police station about an argument with a transgender activist on Twitter over so-called ‘deadnaming’.

If you, like me, were wondering what “dead naming” is – here’s the answer!

Deadnaming occurs when someone, intentionally or not, refers to a person who’s transgender by the name they used before they transitioned. You may also hear it described as referring to someone by their “birth name” or their “given name.”

(Quite amazing to think that referring to a person by their birth name could be deemed a crime)

The report goes on to explain that Kate had her photograph, DNA and fingerprints taken and remains under investigation by the Police. More than two months after her arrest on December 1, she has had neither her mobile phone or laptop returned, which she says is hampering her studies for a Masters in forensic psychology. By way of completeness, the transgender person concerned has accused Kate Scottow of a ‘campaign of targeted harassment’ allegedly motivated by her ‘status as a transgender woman’.

The rights and wrongs of the allegations do not concern this article. The priorities of Herfordshire Police do.

Is “dead naming” now a priority for this Police force? Consider that violent crime in Hertfordshire has soared over the past decade from 8904 crimes to 22,048 crimes. Is this really the best use of limited Police resources?

Suffolk Police have apologised to a 74-year-old woman for asking her to stop writing about gender issues and to remove some of her posts on social media in case they offended transgender people!

It’s reported that Margaret Nelson, a former teacher and journalist from Suffolk, had written on social media that “gender is fashionable nonsense”. Here is her twitter account.

Further to this in a blog post discussing her plans to donate her body to science, she argued that it is sex, not gender, that is visible to pathologists and medics. “So no, in life or in death, trans women are not women, no matter how many times you say it’s so,” she wrote. “It’s simply impossible to change your sex.”

In a further tweet Margaret stated that  

Gender’s fashionable nonsense. Sex is real. I’ve no reason to feel ashamed of stating the truth. The bloody annoying ones are those who use words like ‘cis’ or ‘terf’ and other BS, and relegate biological women to a ‘subset’. Sorry you believe the mythology.”

This prompted transgender activitist(s) to report her tweet to Suffolk Police who then telephoned the 74 year old requesting that she desist from commenting on the topic and remove some posts that some people might find offensive. Sensibly Margaret responded by asking the officer if she agreed that free speech was important. She said it was. She then said that in that case, she’d understand that I wouldn’t be removing the posts or stopping saying the things I think. She accepted that and that was the end of the conversation.’

In a further development, the UK Government has announced that the Prison Service is to create transgender wings.

The justice minister Ed Argar said the government was “revising” guidelines that said the “great majority” of trans prisoners should be allowed to “experience the system in the gender in which they identify”. Options now under consideration include “clustering” trans prisoners in special wings or sections of wings. A number of high-risk trans inmates have already been moved back to men’s prisons.

This, of course, is a reaction to those instances where those identifying as “transgender women” have attacked women in prison

Throughout the British justice system, from Policing to Prisons, the desperate desire to accommodate transgender activism is disturbing. Just who is Government taking advice from on this issue? Are certain lobby groups disproportionately influencing decision making? Whilst recognising that no one should be discriminated against it is wrong that free speech is being sacrificed to accommodate a vociferous minority. It is wrong that women should be victimised in the ways outlined in this article and yet the trans lobby advances by the day. How many more victims will it create?


By David Vance On February 10th, 2019 at 7:02 pm

The airwaves have been replete with self righteous indignation from the Political and Media caste at the decision by Sir Christopher Chope to block a private members bill allegedly aimed at protecting children from female genital mutilation.

Sir Christopher shouted “object” in a debate on laws protecting children from female genital mutilation. His Conservative colleague, Zac Goldsmith, said his actions were “appalling”– Lib Dem Tom Brake said the MP had “reached a new low”.

Sir Christopher has argued his aim is to stop badly thought-out legislation. He said he had not been objecting to the substance of the issue, but wanted to see all legislation properly debated. 


There is a suspicion that well over 95% of FGM in the UK is done by Somalis (including Ethiopian Somali/Oromo ethnic). This would correlate with the level of FGM in Somalia. Yet the authorities simply don’t seem to want to prosecute them. Why is this?

There is significant public pressure to appear to be doing something. This barbarism has been going on for decades, but now social media outrage is creating real pressure for action. It was previously simply ignored by the legacy media and political caste.


The first attempt at a prosecution for FGM, was a Sri Lankan doctorin 2015!! There’s no FGM practised amongst Sri Lankans of any faith. Basically the doctor had needed to take remedial action for a Somali woman giving birth (i.e. she must have had severe FGM), so she could give birth safely. For doing so, the doctor was prosecuted for FGM! This was a simply ridiculous situation and thankfully he was found not guilty. Nobody actually tried to prosecute whoever had originally done the FGM.

Consider the 2nd instance of attempted FGM prosecution in the UK.

A charity social worker (maybe Somali origin?) was in a Bristol taxi with a Somali driver. The taxi driver told her that he had done FGM on his daughter. The social worker informed the police, and the daughter was examined and she had indeed had FGM done on her. The local Somali community threatened to riot, and gathered outside the courthouse and even attacked representatives of the charity. Obviously nobody was arrested for that. The judge made some bizarre excuses for dismissing the case and instructed the jury to return not guilty!! Totally ridiculous again, as you really can’t get more solid evidence than directly informing someone he had done FGM on his daughter, and the daughter then displaying evidence of it.


The issue with the most recent prosecution is that apparently it was done by a Ugandan womanfrom a tribe that does not practise FGM but unlike the Bristol case she obviously didn’t have a violent crowd demonstrating in her defence outside the Courthouse.

From this article, the mother states that she is from an ethnic group that doesn’t practise FGM. Apparently she contacted a voodoo doctor in Africa on how to “cleanse” the daughter. Perhaps he suggested that she could “cleanse her daughter of spirits” by making 3 small incisions in her genitalia? Whilst chanting some African spells? Some Africans do whatever the voodoo doctor recommends.

So the point is that this isn’t the normative UK occurrence of FGM at all, which is almost entirely Somalis doing Islamic FGM on their daughters, because it is recommended according to hadith.

This is basically a sham “ABS” prosecution – Anyone But Somali!

The UK authorities and media are resiling from the simple truth that FGM is a feature of Somali communities spread out across the UK. A refusal to accept this and then act on it is putting vulnerable girls, even babies, at risk to the cutters who continue to operate with impunity.

It’s they, not Chope, who need the chop.

Forget the faux outrage against Chope, the real outrage should be directed against those politicians and “activists” who want to see anyone prosecuted but those from the community who carry most of it out.

Smooth Sunday Music

By Patrick Van Roy On February 10th, 2019 at 5:21 pm

Little Commie Liar

By Patrick Van Roy On February 10th, 2019 at 2:41 pm

On Feb. 5, the congressional office of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted a new blog entry under “energy issues” detailing her “Green New Deal” proposal and answering “frequently asked questions.”

The page, announcing an 8:30 a.m. launch on Feb. 7, is now gone, and a top adviser suggested Friday it was actually authored and distributed by the GOP.

So the crazy commie puts out a manifesto that I think she plagiarized from a kook that used to live in a cabin and blow things up…..  AOCs manifesto was praised and lauded by Democrats and Environmentalists alike. A good portion of the rest of the country peed themselves laughing.

Why 100% clean and renewable and not just 100% renewable? Are you
saying we won’t transition off fossil fuels?
Yes, we are calling for a full transition off fossil fuels and zero greenhouse gases.
Anyone who has read the resolution sees that we spell this out through a plan that
calls for eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from every sector of the economy.
Simply banning fossil fuels immediately won’t build the new economy to replace it –
this is the plan to build that new economy and spells out how to do it technically. We
do this through a huge mobilization to create the renewable energy economy as fast
as possible. We set a goal to get to net-zero, rather than zero emissions, in 10 years
because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and
airplanes that fast, but we think we can ramp up renewable manufacturing and
power production, retrofit every building in America, build the smart grid, overhaul
transportation and agriculture, plant lots of trees and restore our ecosystem to get
to net-zero.

So now Sunday the 10th 3 days later this is the tale….  According to AOC and her people the version SHE put out on the 7th is a GOP conspiracy. The GOP put a fake proposal out from her office from her website to undermine her credibility….

You can’t make this stuff up. I don’t know what’s sadder that this woman is in office or that New Yorkers consistently vote commies and crazies into office…. well they are representatives of “the people”.

The proposal was ridiculed immediately. It’s main proposal was the complete elimination of fossil fuels within 12 years. That to her was the easy part as she says above it won’t be easy to eliminate all greenhouse gas emission that fast, as she states here:  We set a goal to get to net-zero, rather than zero emissions, in 10 years because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast, I am sure politicians will still be able to fly but those farting cows well they’ve just got to go.

God save the Republic.

Her original proposal disappeared from her site, but I copied it first, it’s right here.