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Ahhh The Poor Persecuted Pallies

By Patrick Van Roy On July 12th, 2011 at 10:20 pm

West Bank, Gaza Terrorists Use Google Earth to Select Israeli Civilian Targets for Rocket Attack

The world wide web’s dark side strikes yet again, this time with the popular web application Google Earth.  Ironically, the satellite mapping system that was funded by IN-Q-TEL, the CIA’s venture capital arm, is reportedly helping Islamic terrorists target and kill innocent Israeli civilians.

According to an Undhimmi report, members of the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade — the military wing of West Bank’s Fatah party — are using Google Earth to pinpoint Israeli civilian targets for their missile attacks.

Several of al-Aqsa’s members even went on the record with Slate, describing the militant Islamic group’s methods for lobbing rockets at Israel:

“The technology is always improving,” a terrorist calling himself Abu Saif told journalist Sharon Weinberger. “Our struggle started with the Kalashnikov, and then it moved to the suicide bomb, then the locally made rocket, and now the Grad rocket.”

Gaza terrorists in rocket launching crews use Google Earth to aim their weapons, Abu Said said. The program is seen as superior to maps because it is more up-to-date and gives precise locations for potential targets.

Gaza terrorists who spoke to Weinberger said they plan to continue with rocket attacks despite the deployment of the Iron Dome system, which shoots short-range rockets out of the air. “The Israelis are using a lot of money for this defense, but during the last rocket attacks, our rockets made it through,” explained Abu Hamza, a senior Islamic Jihad terrorist.

Saif later went on to suggest Gaza and West Bank terrorists would soon be employing new technologies to further their attacks against Israel. And reports have already surfaced of terrorists launching a laser-guided missile at an Israeli school bus, killing one teenager.

According to both Slate and Undhimmi, Hamas and Fatah terrorists are also stepping up their PR campaigns by making and disseminating their own “promo” videos. One of Abu Saif’s videos was reportedly even sent to Al Jazeera.

“In some way, rocket making has almost become an extreme form of reality television,” Weinberger suggested, “with the militants understanding that playing to the cameras is as important as, or perhaps more important than, actually launching rockets.”

It makes one take pause when our own technologies end up being used against us, and our allies.
From The Blaze

Media Malpractice

By Patty On July 12th, 2011 at 6:52 pm

From Newsnet5:

“CLEVELAND – The unruly passenger who caused a commercial jet flying from Chicago to Germany to divert to Cleveland Friday is facing federal charges.”

Unruly?  Unruly?  You have got to be kidding me.  Passengers report that this “unruly” man dismantled a bathroom mirror in one of the airplane lavatories, exposing the electrical wires. They say that they tackled him, tied him down and duct taped his mouth shut.

That sounds a little bit more than “unruly,” don’t you think?

Newnet5  goes on to name this “unruly” passenger and to point out that he is a Saudi national. No mention of possible motive,  however:

“The FBI said Monday that Saleh Ali S. Alramakh, aka Saleh Ali S. Alramaleh, age 21, of Riyadh Saudi Arabia, has been charged with interference with flight crew members and attendants.”

A similar article in The Daily Mail decribes the man more accurately, calling him  “violent,” but even The Daily Mail remains incurious as to possible motive. No mention of jihad anywhere.

Why are journalists still covering for would-be terrorists, pretending this guy is somehow “unruly” like a friendly footballer who has had too much to drink? This is media malpractice, imo.

HT: My Pet Jawa



By David Vance On July 12th, 2011 at 10:04 am

When the Coalition determined that tuition fees for student could rise as high as £9000 (up from £3000 approx) we were assured this maximum fee  would be charged by only a small minority of Universities.  Yeah- and the rest.

More than a third of England’s universities have had their plans to charge £9,000 for every course officially approved. Some 58% will be allowed to charge £9,000 for at least some courses in 2012, said the fees watchdog the Office for Fair Access. But it also revealed that no university had been forced to cut its fees during negotiations. Ministers said far more money would now be spent on attracting poorer students.

Huh? This is a great example of how politicians make things worse. To be fair to the Coalition, it inherited a total mess from Labour. The huge increase in student numbers, driven by leftwing ideology, had driven up costs and so the Universities wanted to get more cash. It is no surprise to therefore see the majority hiking costs. Quite why this now means “poorer” students can now go to University beats me. We are creating transgenerational debt, an underclass of students with worthless degrees, and greedy bloated Universities.

State Produced Riots – Syria’s Dangerous Game

By Mahons On July 11th, 2011 at 7:56 pm

Syria, where people aren’t permitted to protest peacefully by is government, was the site of the attempts to storm two embassies today.  State-supporting cretins attacked both the French and American Embassies.  Clearly this was a calculated response to the visit of American and French diplomats to areas where anti-gveoernment protests have been met with violence.

Since nothing moves freely in Syria without the government’s blessing, perhaps we can spare a drone for one of the Assad compounds? (I’m kidding, but not a lot).

I Thought It Was An Overplayed Queen Record

By Mahons On July 11th, 2011 at 6:22 pm

The News of The World Scandal is curious to us Yanks.  Did the police in the UK betray the royal family and government?  As rotten as Gordon Brown may have been, are the medical records of his family really something that a journalist might think was ok to obtain?  Do you hack into the phones and voicemails of murder victims?  Sad, wild and I hope criminal. 

Apparently Murdoch’s billion dollar media deal has now been delayed.  Will that delay work to his benefit, or is the snowball rolling down the hill too big for even Murdoch to get out of the way?  


Shootout at the OK Pharmacy

By Mahons On July 11th, 2011 at 6:07 pm

Interesting tale out of Oklahoma where a Pharmacist has just been sentenced to life in prison for shooting one of the men who participated in an armed robbery of his place of business.

Apparently, the pharmacist Jerome Ersland was able to fend off two robbers and might under certain circumstances be considered a hero.  But the scenario though shows the line between self-defense and homicide.   He shot one in the head, chased the other out of the store, and then came back in, got another gun, and shot the unconscious robber five times.  It was caught on surveillance videotape.  he didn’t help himself by changing his story (to police and media) a few times. 

Had Ersland not shot the robber originally, he and his co-workers could be dead.  However, where he crossed the line (as determined by a jury) was in shooting the unconscious man on the ground.   While I do think he was correctly convicted, I would hope he would be a candidate for clemency in the future.   And your thoughts, gentle readers?

Where else?

By Mike Cunningham On July 11th, 2011 at 7:47 am


What else could one say but ‘No Comment’, apart from querying both the eyesight and the thought processes of the “fathers”, and the lunacies within Governments which have allowed this to be ‘Normal’!

Excuse me, When did you know?????????

By Patrick Van Roy On July 10th, 2011 at 4:50 pm

You have to highlight the html right click on it and click on open link…. I hate this editor

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lh37v_NkmM4&feature=fvsr Obama denying knowledge
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NqH88cSBqI Holder denying knowledge
Ogden saying The President, Holder and himself starting the Operation in 2009

I Love British SiFi

By Patrick Van Roy On July 10th, 2011 at 12:12 am

I got hooked as a kid on Dr Who during the Tom Baker days, I just loved it. I mean come on you had vacuum cleaners running around with toilet plungers sticking out of them screaming “EXTERMINATE” a barbarian chick in a leather bikini, and a guy wearing a Fedora, a twelve foot scarf, and offering people Jelly Babies. I mean what’s not to love. I have over the years seen every Dr Who show from the very beginning, right upto the current incarnation.

Then there was Blakes 7, an evil version of Star Trek with really bad sets. Paul Darrow as Avon was just perfect. I still use Avon as a role model today.

However last night Jack came back. Torchwood started on Stars. This Season is called Miracle Day, and it is excellent. The Team is all dead except Jack and the wonderful Bombshell Gwen, add 3 new players a neurotic black Male CIA agent, his blond assistant, and a raven haired female Doctor, and you have the heart of the new team. Ship them all  off to the states put them on cable and you have a hit.

If you haven’t seen it watch it.  You won’t regret it.


By David Vance On July 9th, 2011 at 8:08 am


Machine gun McGuinness may have won the adulation of the peace processors but his grim legacy remains;

Co First Minister Martin McGuinness was present at an event where young children were photographed dressed as terrorists holding guns, it has emerged. (Get that?)

A report by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB), which administers European ‘Peace’ funding, says that Mr McGuinness and another then executive minister, Conor Murphy, were present at the controversial event at the Ti Chulainn Centre in south Armagh.

A copy of the report, released to the News Letter under the Freedom of Information Act, says that photos of the children, which were subsequently posted online, were taken on Sunday, October 3, 2010. “On that date there was an event to unveil a monument to ‘remember the 24 men listed on the South Armagh Roll of Honour’,” the report says, in reference to dead IRA members. It adds: “Deputy first minister Martin McGuinness and minister Conor Murphy were among those that spoke at the event.”

And why not? Both men were terrorists one convicted of his crimes the other curiously not so. They are both proud of the IRA, and so it is natural that they would want to see kids pay tribute to terrorist scum. In Murder Inc, this is how it works and anyone with any moral hesitation about such matters must recant “Keep Moving Forward” and keep eyes wide shut.